1/21-St. Louis Supershow-Part Two

Thunderbolt Smith: And we are back to the St. Louis Supershow.  The Hanson Sisters put up quite a fight when they met Women’s Tag Team Champions Jill Berg Enterprises in the Carmondy Cup finals last month. 

Video Montage
various clips showing both teams hitting big moves on each other.
-the last clip is Sheline Carrigan hitting the Canadian Destroyer on Andrea Hanson and making the pinfall to make Jill Berg Enterprises the winners of the Carmondy Cup.

Thunderbolt Smith: Carrigan and Prisoner #034291 prevailed in an epic twenty-five-minute war over The Hanson Sisters last month.  Can they do it again?  We heard from both teams before the show.

Coach Reg speaks from inside a hotel room.  Behind her, Andrea, Melissa, and Charissa Hanson are playing with wrestling action figures in a toy wrestling ring in the middle of them. 

Coach Reg
Coach Reg

Coach Reg: Last month, The Hanson Sisters fought and fought hard against you in the Carmondy Cup finals.  Last month, The Hanson Sisters could have… and should have… defeated you.  But we didn’t.  We’ve been thinking about what happened… what should have happened.  And this is what we’re going to do.  Last month, we went for thirty minutes.  This time?  Whatever it takes.  Whatever it goddamn takes. Andrea and Melissa…

As she speaks, the action gets a little more amped up behind her and all three Hansons are bashing their wrestling action figures against each other and making quite the racket.

Coach Reg: …have trained for five weeks for tonight… over Christmas… over New Year’s.  They ain’t afraid of you Sheline Carrigan.  They ain’t afraid of you either Prisoner whatever your number is.   And they sure as hell ain’t afraid of you- Jill Berg-

Andrea yells as her action figure ‘kicks’ Melissa’s action figure in the groin- which only pisses her off so she throws her action figure at Andrea.

Coach Reg turns her head.


Andrea and Melissa continue to tussle on the floor.

Coach Reg: JBE.  My girls are ready for a fight.  Are you?

Cut back to the broadcast table.

Thunderbolt Smith: Well now.  It looks like the Hanson Sisters have a lot of pent-up energy coming into this match here in a few minutes.

Rick Hall: Thunderbolt, the Hansons came this close to winning back the tag belts at the Carmondy Cup finals.  I would not be surprised in the least if they did it tonight.  They are that amped up.

Thunderbolt Smith: All right.  We’ve heard from the Hansons; let’s hear from the MVW Women’s Tag Team Champions Jill Berg Enterprises.  Kellie Burkowski is with them backstage.  Kellie?

CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises- Jill Berg is with Sheline Carrigan, Prisoner #034291, and ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin.

Jill rolls her eyes.

Jill Berg
Jill Berg

Jill Berg:  What happened at the Carmondy Cup finals was a fluke. Nothing more. Carrigan and Prisoner #034291 had an off night.  They weren’t at their best.  But despite the fact they had an off night, the Hansons still couldn’t beat them. 

She shakes her head derisively.

Jill Berg: I want the wrestling world to listen because tonight you’re going to learn a few things.  Jill Berg Enterprises keeps getting stronger and stronger and we are going to continue to strengthen.  So, Hanson Sisters.  You had your shot.  You couldn’t beat us at the Carmondy Cup and you won’t beat us tonight.  Jill Berg Enterprises means business, and that’s bad news for you.

MATCH #2: Jill Berg Enterprises © vs. The Hanson Sisters-MVW Women’s Tag Team Title 
Cut back to the ring where Heather Cooper stands.

Heather Cooper: Ladies and gentlemen.  Our next match will be one fall and it will be for the Missouri Valley Wrestling WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE.


Heather Cooper: Introducing the challengers…

Warren Zevon’s “The Hockey Song” comes on over the loudspeakers. 

Coach Reg leads out Andrea and Melissa Hanson.  The hockey-loving Hanson Sisters always bring their hockey sticks to the ring and wear their thick black horn-rimmed glasses while dressed in their retro Charlestown Chief hockey uniforms.

Heather Cooper: Accompanied to the ring by Coach Reg and Charissa Hanson.  From Red Lake, Minnesota… weighing in tonight at a combined weight of 312 pounds.  Andrea and Melissa Hanson… THE HANSON SISTERS! 

Andrea Hanson
Andrea Hanson
AGE: 27 / HT: 5′ 11″ WT: 160 / HOME: Red Lake, MN
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Goon / FIN: High Stick
Melissa Hanson
Melissa Hanson
AGE: 28 / HT: 6′ 0″ WT: 164 / HOME: Red Lake, MN
ALIGN: Tweener / STYLE: Brawler-Goon / FIN: CHECK!-mate

Andrea and Melissa take off at a full sprint to the ring.  They dive under the ropes and run the ropes aggressively. 

Charissa Hanson and Coach Reg also arrive at ringside as the song finishes the first chorus. 

Heather Cooper: And their opponents…




Pop. Big…big pop.




The crowd erupts when the video screen shows the door to a dressing room in the back. A police escort is waiting at the door. One of the policemen knocks on the door.

Policeman: “Ms. Berg. It’s time.”

The door opens and eight male bodyguards walk out of the dressing room encircling a petite 95-pound woman and her male assistant in the middle. The woman, dressed in a smart, dark business suit and heels, is busy talking on her cell phone.   The man furiously scribbles down notes as the group makes their way toward the ring. 

‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan, Prisoner #034291, and ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin follow.




Heather Cooper: Accompanied by the Self-Made entrepreneur from New York City’s Financial District…

The procession emerges from the back and starts down the ramp.

Heather Cooper: …the phenomenon known as… Jill Berg.

Jill Berg Entrance

Two of the bodyguards use a fire extinguisher to create a fog-like effect as Jill walks through. Two others hold sparklers up in the air as she passes by.

Heather Cooper: Weighing in at a combined 330 pounds… Sheline Carrigan… Prisoner #034291… the MVW WOMEN’S TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.  JILL! BERG! ENTERPRISES!

Prisoner #034291
Prisoner #034291
AGE: 44 / HT: 6’3″ WT: 185 / HOME: Des Moines, IA  
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Monster / FIN: Two-Handed Choke Slam
Sheline Carrigan
Sheline Carrigan ‘The Canadian Cyborg’
AGE: 26 / HT: 6’0″ WT: 145 / HOME:  Vilbank, SK 
ALIGN: Heel / STYLE: Power-Technical / FIN: Canadian Destroyer

Carrigan and Prisoner #034291 roll into the ring and get warmed up.

Thunderbolt Smith: All right.  The referee will be Bailey Jenkins. 

Referee Bailey Jenkins
Bailey Jenkins

Thunderbolt Smith: It looks like she’s ready to go. JBE versus The Hanson Sisters.  Can the Hansons win the tag title back?

Rick Hall; We’re about to find out, Thunderbolt. 


Rick Hall: The Hansons said they were going to come out fighting tonight and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Thunderbolt Smith: All right.  The Hansons look good early on.  Can Jill Berg Enterprises get going?  We’ll find out after these commercial messages.

************************COMMERCIAL BREAK****************************

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