MVW Rewind: 2/27/15 MVW Iowa City, IA House Show


Missouri Valley Wrestling House Show Results
Iowa City, Iowa
February 27th, 2015

In what ended up being an eventful evening of action, MVW hit Iowa City, Iowa and determined the two wrestlers who will meet Saturday night for the MVW Title.

Here are the results:

  1. Kalee Jones- The Eskimo Queen def. Anna Conda
    Too much Eskimo Queen.  After last week’s upset loss to giant killing Ninja Kitty, Jones came out on fire and defeated Conda in 5:33
  2. Lani Harlot def. Sheline Carrigan
    The Queen of the Trailer Park wins with the White Trash Compactor at 6:55.
  3. Katie Collins def. “Texas Cowgirl” Haley Dallas
    KRC makes it two in a row with a win over the Texas Cowgirl.  Gogoplata at 10:08 does it for Collins.
  4. Dr. Annabel ‘From Hannibal’ Lecker w/FBI Special Agent Charlize Starling def. Alicia Rowe
    Dr. Lecker makes it a sweep over the Pinups with an easy win over Rowe in 8:25.
  5. ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin def. Harley Davisson
    Martin uses the ‘pizza box of doom’ and then hits the Pizza Cutter to pick up the win at 8:04
  6. Angels of Death (Angel Scott and Angel Casey) def. The Kentucky Deerhunters (Kellyanne Morris and Bailey Foster)
    The AoD make themselves a date with the Korver Sisters this Saturday for the MVW Tag Team Title after defeating the Deerhunters in what can only be described as a war.  For all the shenanigans and talk over the past couple weeks, when the dust settled the AoD knew they were pushed to the limits by the Deerhunters.  Angel Death Drop on Morris gains them the pinfall at 17:17.
  7. Leah Iris def. Ninja Kitty
    Ninja Kitty’s run came to an end tonight as the Pittsburgh rocker Iris put on an impressive performance in her win in 11:22.  She will wrestle this Saturday night for the title.
  8. Jill Berg def. Dawn McGill (from Chicago, IL)
    This was a match in Chicago that was shown on the jumbotron.  In deference to McGill’s obligations there as the manager/valet to Ray McAvay, MVW agreed to hold the match at the Best Arena in Chicago, IL.

Berg came out with a briefcase filled with $100,000 in cash and an offer to McGill.  If McGill defeated her, she would give her the briefcase full of cash.  If Berg won, McGill would become her manager exclusively.

Here’s how it went down:

Footage from tonight’s HOW House Show in Chicago– 2/26/2015
Jill Berg, all five foot four and ninety pounds of her, stands in the ring with a briefcase in her hand surrounded by her security while McGill waits in the corner.

Jill Berg: “Dawn. I know you’re struggling to recoup the cash that you lost last year trying to restart PCW. I know that you’re struggling to put the money back into your daughter’s college fund that you used to help PCW. I sympathize with your situation and I’m here to offer you a chance to fix it right here and now. Today is my birthday and we could wrestle your typical mundane main event match. But I thought-but being the visionary that I am and because it is my birthday, I thought- why not spice it up just a little.”

Jill presents the briefcase.

Jill Berg: “Inside this briefcase is one hundred thousand dollars. If you defeat me, I will give you this briefcase.”

The crowd murmurs.

Dawn McGill: “Okay…and if you win?”

Jill Berg: “Dawn, I’ve always admired you and your talents over the years. I’m an ambitious woman and I’m used to getting what I want. If I defeat you in this ring tonight, I’ve decided that I want- you.”

Dawn McGill (confused): “Me?”

Jill Berg: “You.”

More rustling from the crowd. Jerry, Berg’s administrative assistant, enters the ring carrying a clipboard with what appears to be a booklet the size of a small novel on top of it. He hands it to Jill.

Jill Berg: “This…is a legally binding contract. If you sign this contract and you win, I will give you one hundred thousand dollars. If you sign this and you lose, I win your services for one year…no questions asked.”

Jill hands the document to Dawn. McGill begins to turn the pages and read through the verbiage.

Jill Berg: “Just to make sure you understand…”

Jill opens up the briefcase- one hundred thousand dollars in cash.

Jill Berg: “Hell, I’ll even agree to make this a hardcore match. Anything goes.”

Jill reaches over Dawn and with a pen makes the correction.

Jill Berg (to the fans): “What do you think? I think the fans of the Best Arena right here in Chicago, Illinois want to see an old fashioned hardcore, anything goes match, don’t you?”

The crowd agrees and cheers.

Slightly overwhelmed and put on the spot, Dawn tries to speed read through all the pages.

Jill Berg: “Make sure you read the fine print. I’d hate for you to sign without knowing all the conditions and expectations of the contract.”

Dawn McGill (quizzically): “One hundred thousand dollars?”

Jill Berg: “One hundred thousand dollars. Would solve a lot of your problems.”

Now the crowd urges Dawn to sign as she rapidly skims through the pages.

Jill Berg: “Look, this is just about you and me. You could use the money. I just want…you. What do you say?”

Vexed by the complex verbiage, McGill finally skips to the last page.

Dawn McGill (exasperated): “Fine. Okay.”

She takes the pen from Jerry and signs the contract. Then she hands it back to Jill.

Jill Berg: “Done. Ring the bell.”

The bell rings.

Dawn walks back to her corner and reaches down for her kendo stick. One of the bodyguards, who appears slightly larger than the others, jumps on the ring apron, grabs her by the back of the neck, and leaps to the floor. Dawn’s neck hits the top rope and her body slingshots her in the other direction through the air landing hard on her back. The bodyguard takes off his helmet- it’s HOW’s Austin Reeves.

Stunned on the mat, Dawn rolls left and rolls right trying to regain her bearings. Reeves walks over and pulls her up by her hair. He launches her head first into the corner turnbuckle. Hitting the corner post hard, the impact drops her to her knees and she leans her head forward on the turnbuckle. Reeves then directs the other bodyguards to set up a table. Two bodyguards pull a table out from under the ring and set it up while Reeves pulls Dawn back up and climbs the turnbuckle to the top rope. On the top, Reeves lifts her up to a sitting position on his shoulders and leaps off the top with great force and power bomb her through the table on the floor. The inertia of the impact sends her legs up and over and she lands face first on the remnants of the table.

Reeves walks over and pulls her limp body up off the floor. He rolls her back into the ring and presents her to Jill. Standing over Dawn, Berg smirks and sticks her foot on McGill’s chest. The referee make the count…1…2…3.

The ring announcer climbs into the ring.

Ring Announcer: Here’s your winner, the phenomenon known as JILLLLL-BERGGG!

The crowd boos and throws things into the ring as the referee hands her the title belt.

With her title belt over her shoulder, Jill ignores the debris and walks back to her corner. One of the bodyguards hands her a large inkpad and an old fashioned stamp. Grinning, she goes over to Dawn and puts the stamp on the inkpad. She takes the stamp and presses it down on Dawn’s stomach- it reads “Property of Jill Berg Enterprises.” She puts another one on her torso, shoulders, legs, anywhere where there’s exposed skin. Jill rolls her over and then repeats.

She motions to Reeves.

Jill Berg: “We’re done here. Take her to the limo.”

Outside the Arena Fifteen Minutes Later

Jill Berg: I am so happy. First I defeat Dawn McGill which mean I now get a change to wrestle for the MVW title. Now, I have a special birthday present wrapped up and waiting for me in the limo. I wonder what…or who it could be?” She peeks into the back of the limo through the open passenger side rear door. “Is everything all set?

The bodyguards all nod yes.

Jill climbs into the back seat of the limo. The video camera follows her inside and pans to the right showing Dawn, handcuffed to the coat hook above her head, gagged, sitting with her legs draped across the seat opposite from Jill. She’s wearing apparently nothing but multi-colored ‘Happy Birthday’ wrapping paper from just below her armpits down to her knees- complete with a large bow on her stomach. Still slightly groggy, Dawn notices the camera and tries to look away.

Jill turns Dawn’s face towards her and laughs. The camera light shows a shiner on her left eye and a red mark on the side of her face where Jill had kicked her.

Jill Berg: Happy Birthday to me.

She pulls the gag out of Dawn’s mouth.

Dawn McGill: You. Reeves. This was all a set up.

Jill Berg: Of course it was. You don’t get to the top of the corporate pyramid by playing nice. I knew your weakness and exploited it. Corporate 101.

Dawn McGill: Why?

Jill Berg: It’s all strictly business. We both had mutual desires. He wanted you out of the picture at HOW. I wanted payback on Ray McAvay. You were the common denominator. This really wasn’t about me and you. This is about McAvay and me- you were just collateral damage. Unfortunate for her- for me…

She runs her fingers through Dawn’s hair.

Jill Berg: …I’m definitely getting the good end of this deal. It’s good business.

Dawn McGill: Explain to me why am I handcuffed in the back of your limo and wearing just wrapping paper?

Jill Berg: Did you read the contract, the fine print- especially the final few pages?

Dawn looks down…and eventually shakes her head no. Jill shows her the contract and opens the booklet up.

Jill Berg: Well, the handcuffs are because I thought you might get a little upset when you discovered what you agreed to…and I’m a little kinky too. Just ask Ray McAvay, oh…wait, you can’t because as of this moment, you work for me exclusively. No more Ray McAvay. No more HOW. No more anywhere else. Just…me.

Jill puts her reading glasses on and flips through the contract to the fine print provisions page in the back.

Jill Berg: Plus, this contract also states that not only would I win your services for one year, but it also states that you, Dawn McGill, by virtue of your signature on this legal and binding document, are now subject to the ‘manager with benefits’ provisions and other ‘personal services’ listed in the contract you are now obligated to perform for my benefit.

She removes her glasses and raises her eyebrows.

Jill Berg: That’s why you’re dressed in just wrapping paper.

Dawn’s face turns beet red but she does not respond other than to pull desperately on the handcuffs above her head.

Dawn McGill: You don’t think for a second that I’m going to go along with this.

Jill Berg: Thought you might say that.

Jill puts the reading glasses back on.

Jill Berg: Furthermore, if you do not comply with the all the provisions of the agreement, that you signed, not only will you not to be paid you whatever measly amount that a lower level corporate underling makes, you don’t get paid anywhere. That’s not going to make your financial situation any better. So you might want to think about that before you make your next bad decision. Do you understand?

Dawn glares back- no response. Jill leans in closer and uses her hand to makes McGill look into her eyes.

Jill Berg: I said…do you understand?

Dawn McGill: Jill, when this is all over, I promise I am going to- MMPHHHH!

Jill puts the gag back in and leers at Dawn. McGill stares daggers back at her in return.

Jill Berg: You know, you might want to save some of that passion and energy. It’s a long drive across town to our Chicago office for your new employee orientation. I’m going to spend the time enjoying the best birthday present ever. And let me tell you, it’s going to take a long time to open this present up.

She bangs on the window to get the limo driver’s attention.

Jill Berg: Let’s go!

Her bodyguards close the rear door and the limo takes off into the night.


Saturday night at MVWA 59 in Chicago:
MVW Title Match:
Jill Berg vs. Leah Iris

MVW Tag Team Title Match:
Angels of Death vs. The Korver Sisters (c)

MVW Heartland Title Match:
Dawn McGill vs. Ninja Kitty vs. Carrieanne McDermott (c)

Extra Added Feature Match:
Katie Collins vs. ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin vs. Dr. Annabel ‘From Hannibal’ Lecker


March 22nd – MVW Studio / St. Louis, MO (Taping matches for syndicated show)
March 27th – Cook Center / Olathe, KS
#1 Contender’s Match/Women’s Heartland Title: Kirsten Canfield vs. TBD
-#1 Contender’s Match/Men’s Heartland Title: ‘The Most Uninteresting Man in the World’ Tom Smith vs. TBD

March 28th – Adhearn Field House / Manhattan, KS
March 29th – Tony’s Pizza Events Center / Salina, KS
Women’s Heartland Title: Victoria McGill © vs. TBD
-Men’s Heartland Title: ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler © vs. TBD

April 4th – McLeod Center / Cedar Rapids, IA
-#1 Contender’s Match/Men’s Tag Team: TBD
-#1 Contender’s Match/Men’s Title: TBD
-Women’s Tag Team Title Match: The Missouri Valley Fight Club © vs. TBD
–Women’s Title Match: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens © vs. TBD

April 5th– MVW Studio / St. Louis, MO (Taping matches for syndicated show)
April 10th – John Macinnes Student Ice Arena / Houghton, MI
April 11th – Berry Events Center / Marquette, MI
April 12th – K.B. Willett Ice Arena / Stevens Point, WI
April 18th – SIU Arena / Carbondale, IL
April 19th – MVW Studio / St. Louis, MO (Taping matches for syndicated show)


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