2/17-Wrestling Night in the Heartland

-Kellie Burkowski talks with Lisa Barbosa-Stevens about her match tonight against ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan. Barbosa-Stevens wants a clean match with no shenanigans.
-MATCH #1/Men’s Tag Team Title Match-The SEC © vs. The Southern Boys goes to a no contest due to outside interference on both sides.
-Kellie next speaks with Women’s Champion Sheline Carrigan and her manager E.J. Flack about Carrigan’s title defense tonight. Flack rejects the thought that Carrigan needs a clean win tonight.
-MATCH #2/Women’s Title Match-Lisa Barbosa-Stevens defeated Sheline Carrigan © via DQ for outside interference.
-Kellie tries to interview ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson but he’s not in the mood to talk.
-MVW Men’s Champion ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews cuts a promo about his title defense tonight against Dickinson.
-MAIN EVENT/Men’s Title Match-‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews © vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson-match thrown out when Dickinson attacked Matthews with a lead pipe.

Cut the opening music/video montage of wrestlers, wrestling action.


Missouri Valley Wrestling
MVW’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv
Monday February 17th, 2020
Taped Saturday February 15th, 2020
Peoria Civic Center
Peoria, IL

Hall and ThunderboltKellie and Kimber
Rick Hall, Thunderbolt Smith, Kellie Burkowski, Kimber Marshall

Announcer: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall
Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski
Ring Announcer: Kimber Marshall

Thunderbolt Smith: Welcome to the Peoria Civic Center for tonight’s edition of Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv!


Thunderbolt introduces himself and his broadcast partner ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall and gets right to it- the big incident that went down last week involving MVW Men’s Champion ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews.

(REPLAY: Last Week’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland)

The SEC procession is about halfway to the ring.

After ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews passes by a row of seats – Bill Dickinson stands up – hops the barricade – and blasts him in the back with a lead pipe…

McMann turns and his face contorts when he sees Matthews falling to the floor with Bill Dickinson and the lead pipe standing over him.

Williams, Miller, and Butler jump the SEC and there’s a big fight in the aisle.

McMann stands over the fallen Matthews as the SEC’s special medical crew sprints to the ring with a stretcher.


Matthews is loaded up into the stretcher and whisked away with Mr. McMann and Phil Finebaum following passing the MVW Security crew who are back up for a second time tonight to break up a fight between the SEC and the Southern Boys.


Thunderbolt and Hall talk about what happened. Finally, Bill Dickinson strikes back- something that we all knew was going to happen eventually.

Hall hopes that Dickinson and Matthews will actually have a match next week in Terre Haute, Indiana that’s worthy of being a title match.

Thunderbolt also notes that MVW CEO Ray McAvay is not at the show tonight- he is in Chicago for High Octane Wrestling’s 400th show.

(VIDEO: 2/15-HOW’s Refueled XVI)

The camera scans the section and finds some familiar faces from HOW’s past who are here tonight to commemorate the 400th show.

There’s former World Champion, 2 time ICON champion and LSD champion ‘Tin Cup’ Ray McAvay and his wife Dark (aka one half of Dark and Stormy- McAvay’s stripper friends who used to accompany him to the ring).

Other members of McAvay’s Les Miserables sit close by including HOW’s former chief sanitation engineer Bert the Janitor.

Also on hand, former LSD champion Dawn McGill (who also works with Joe Bergman now) and her husband Jackson C. Horne.

And of course, The Sunshine God Rah and his entourage: Happy Mango, Bob Nye-Foot Fetish Guy, and the BronzeBeach Bikini Suntan team are also seated in Section 214.


Thunderbolt runs down the show for tonight:

-‘Charlie Wrestling’ Charlie Blackwell vs. Average Joe (Truckin’ Average Company)

-Sports Entertainment Corporation: Victoria McGill, Poison Penny, and Christa Carmondy vs. ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin, Shizuko Yamazaki, and Lisa Barbosa-Stevens

-NON-TITLE-Women’s Tag Team Champions-Missouri Valley Fight Club: Harley Davisson and Carrieanne McDermott vs. Elaine Brazier and Tori Thomas

Thunderbolt Smith: Last week, Kellie Burkowski tried to interview ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson. This week, she actually does.

Kellie Burkowski stands with Dickinson backstage. Her first question? Why did you attack Matthews last week before the match when you had a title shot?

Bill Dickinson
‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson

Bill Dickinson: That’s a very good question. Sometimes you gotta send a message, Kellie. Darin Matthews cost me a title shot because he hit me a lead pipe. THEN, Matthews did it again the other week and that just ain’t going to fly. So I did what I did. The Southern Boys did what they did. So now, we settle this next Saturday night in Terre Haute.

Dickinson also says Matthews won’t be able to hide behind the SEC wall forever. He’s already proved he can sneak in and get his hands on the champion. Next Saturday in Terre Haute, there’s no one to stand in between him and what he wants- the MVW Men’s title. Matthews can’t hide and he sure as hell can’t run.

Cut back to the broadcast desk.

Thunderbolt notes that we will hear from the Men’s Champion later on in the show. He sends it to the ring for our first match of the night.



Houston, Texas
Osaka, Japan
– Wichita, Kansas
-Killeen, Texas
-West Plains, Missouri
-St. Louis, Missouri


Ring announcer Kimber Marshall is in the ring and ready to introduce the principals in the next match.

First, Kimber announces the ad-hoc team thrown together tonight and wrestling for the first time.

Lisa Barbosa-Stevens
AGE: ** / HT 6’0″ WT: 130 / HOME: Houston, TX
FIN: Toxic Sting
THEME MUSIC: “What Have You Done Now?” – Within Temptation
MGR: Ted Tebow- Tim Tebow’s long lost black sheep brother no one ever knew he had.
BODYGUARDS: The Stevens Dynasty
Shizuko Yamazaki “The Shadow Warrior”
AGE: 21 / HT: 5’4″ WT: 125 / HOME: Osaka, Japan
FIN: Cranial Contusion
Kirsten Canfield
AGE: 22 HT: 5’ 7” WT: 95 / HOME: Wichita, KS
FIN: Wheatshocker Deluxe

Kimber Marshall: And their opponents…

Sports Entertainment Corporation
Victoria McGill
AGE: 22 / HT: 6’ 2″ WT: 140 / HOME: Killeen, TX
FIN: McGill Bomb
Poison Penny
AGE: 27 / HT: 5′ 4″ WT: 155 / HOME: West Plains, MO
FIN: Imploding Senton Bomb/Poison Ki
Christa Carmondy
AGE: 29 / HT: 5′ 9″ WT: 150 / HOME: St. Louis, MO
FIN: Mean Girl Crush
WITH: Kirk Walstreit, P.M.C. Banks, Bobby Ricky Michaels, Marty Gibson-Lane, plus, Mr. McMann, and SEC Mouthpiece Phil Finebaum

Both teams warm up in their respective corners.

Bo Stevens climbs up the corner turnbuckle and shouts out: ‘BO-lieve!- Ted Tebow duly drops to one knee and bows his head while placing his balled left fist against his forehead (aka…‘Tebows’).

Thunderbolt and Hall discuss the match.

Rick Hall: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens has a meeting with Christa Carmondy next week- we’ll see how they interact. Shizuko Yamazaki just faced Carmondy and lost. McGill and Penny are a tag team. Canfield is the former Women’s Heartland champion. The SEC have the advantage of familiarity. But you know Barbosa-Stevens is looking for a little momentum going into her match against Carmondy.


Yamazaki and McGill to start out for both teams.

Thunderbolt Smith: We will be back with the match after these messages on HOTv.




February 22nd – Hulman Center / Terre Haute, IN

-#1 Contender’s Match/Women’s Tag Team:  Backman Taylor Powerdrive vs. The O’Neders
-#1 Contender’s Match/Women’s Title: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens vs. Christa Carmondy
-Men’s Tag Team Title Match-The Sports Entertainment Corporation: P.M.C. Banks and Kirk Walstreit © vs. The Southern Boys: ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams
-Men’s Title Match-‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews © vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson

February 28th – Sanford Pentagon / Sioux Falls, SD
#1 Contender’s Match/Women’s Heartland: Geena the Warrior Princess vs. Kirsten Canfield
-#1 Contender’s Match/Men’s Heartland: Ultratron-5.1 vs. Rah-The Sunshine God

February 29th – Pershing Center / Lincoln, NE
-#1 Contender’s Match/Men’s Tag Team: TBD vs. Truckin’ Average Company
-#1 Contender’s Match/Men’s Title: TBD vs. Average Joe

March 1st – North Platte High School Gym / North Platte, NE
Women’s Heartland Title: Victoria McGill © vs. TBD
-Men’s Heartland Title: ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler © vs. TBD
March 7th – Qwest Center Omaha / Omaha, NE
Women’s Tag Team Title Match: Missouri Valley Fight Club © vs.
-Women’s Title Match: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan © vs.

March 13th – Hale Arena / Mason City, IA
March 14th – Tyson Events Center / Sioux City, IA
March 15th – REC Coliseum / Fort Dodge, IA
March 21nd – Redbird Arena / Normal, IL
-Men’s Tag Team Title Match:
Men’s Title Match:


Cut back to the broadcast desk…

Thunderbolt Smith: While we were gone, this happened.


In the ring, Lisa Barbosa-Stevens is grappling with Christa Carmondy and there’s a lot of chirping going on back and forth.

On the outside of the ring, the SEC attacks and Poison Penny gives Kirsten Canfield a Poison Kiss- she’s knocked out and done.

Shizuko Yamazaki comes to her aid- Tori hits Yamazaki with the Gutwrench Facebuster. Then Tori pulls Yamazaki back up to her feet and Poison Penny finishes her with another Poison Kiss.


Which leads to a three woman beat down of Barbosa-Stevens. That gets Bo and George Stevens and Ted Tebow in action. The trio move to intervene and run into a SEC roadblock in Walstreit, Banks, Michaels, and Gibson-Lane.

Thunderbolt Smith: The SEC is just mugging Lisa Barbosa-Stevens here and the Stevens Dynasty can’t get by Walstreit and Banks.

Rick Hall: This may come as a surprise to you Thunderbolt, but this appears to have been all planned out from the beginning.

Thunderbolt Smith: I believe you are correct.

Referee Ashland Carney calls for the bell and throws out the match.

Rick Hall: Also no surprise there.

Tori hits her Gutwrench Facebuster finisher on Lisa and drives her face first to the mat.

Then Christa hits the Mean Girl Crush next.

Thunderbolt Smith: Bo and George are desperately trying to get past the SEC.

The men keeping the Stevens Dynasty at bay allows Tori and Christa to hold up a dazed Barbosa-Stevens for Poison Penny.

Rick Hall: She’s going to give Lisa the Poison Kiss-

Thunderbolt Smith: HERE COMES HELP! IT’S…

Geena the Warrior Princess
AGE: 33 / HT: 6’ 1” WT: 145 / HOME: Sioux City, IA
FIN: Brainbuster

Backman Taylor Powerdrive
Charlene Backman
AGE: 27 / HT: 6-1 WT: 175 / HOME: Detroit, MI
Brianna Taylor
AGE: 28 / HT: 5-11 WT: 170 / HOME: Flat Rock, MI
FIN: Sledgehammer (DDT)


*’Rednecker’ by Hardy*

The crowd pops when they hear the official theme song of the Southern Boys.  They rise to their feet and shout when they see…

The Southern Boys
‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson “The 330 Pound Southern Brawler”
AGE: 37 / HT: 6′ 1″  WT: 330 / HOME: Troy, AL
FIN: Southern Fried Powerbomb
‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller
AGE: 28 / HT: 6’ 0” WT: 240 / HOME: Columbus, GA
FIN: Southern Cross
‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams
AGE: 42 / HT: 6’ 5” WT: 252 / HOME: Wimberley, TX
FIN: Devil’s Triangle (Triangle Choke)
‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler
AGE: 31 / HT: 6′ 4″  WT: 255 / HOME: Beaumont, TX
FIN: Texas Lariat

…charging towards the ring.

McMann screams at McGill, Carmondy, and Penny to call off the attack and orders a full SEC retreat towards the back.

Thunderbolt Smith: Oh, you know the Southern Boys want to get their hands on the SEC.

Rick Hall: McMann knows that too. Hence the quick fall back.

Bo and George Stevens immediately climb into the ring to check on Lisa.

Kimber Marshall also climbs into the ring for the final pronouncement from referee Ashland Carney.

WINNER: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens, Shizuko Yamazaki, and Kirsten Canfield via DQ @ 6:55 (edited to 4:00 for TV)

Thunderbolt Smith: Well, the question is did the SEC accomplish what they set forth to do?

Rick Hall: Probably not Thunderbolt. But they certainly sent a message. The SEC’s biggest problem is going to be this- is Christa Carmondy back to championship level yet or not? If no, then she’s going to have a tough time getting past Barbosa-Stevens next week.

So the SEC don’t get the win but perhaps they did have a plan tonight to do as much damage to Barbosa-Stevens before her match with Carmondy next week. But due to the response from Backman Taylor Powerdrive, Geena the Warrior Princess, and of course the SEC’s arch-enemies The Southern Boys, the SEC may not have done enough to prepare the battlefield for next week.

Backstage with Corporate Sports (Entertainment) Programming Nation reporters Reese Anderson and Rebecca Morris, Christa has a few words about her match next week.

Christa Carmondy
Christa Carmondy

Christa Carmondy: Once again, the SEC flexed their muscle and proved that even with the Stevens Dynasty at ringside that Lisa Barbosa-Stevens is still a target we can hit and hit at will.

She states next week is not about redemption against the woman (Barbosa-Stevens) who dethroned her from the MVW Women’s title not once but twice. Christa states she’s defeated Barbosa-Stevens before and she knows she can do it again.

There’s a commotion.

A squabble.

Lisa Barbosa-Stevens
Lisa Barbosa-Stevens

Then Lisa Barbosa-Stevens interrupts the CSPN broadcast. She rips the microphone out of Rebecca Morris’s hand and tells Carmondy direct she’s here not to fight tonight but to talk.

Oh, and she has the Stevens Dynasty with her, too.

Lisa Barbosa-Stevens: You know that woman that I defeated for the Women’s title last June (Christa)? That’s not the same woman I’ll face next week. While you were off, Lisa Barbosa-Stevens has become faster and stronger than she was before while you took time off. So Christa, you may have lucked into your free ticket back towards the top by joining the SEC but believe it or not – and whether you like it or not – I am the one who will win next week – I’m the one who’ll be getting that title back.

Barbosa-Stevens drops the mic and leaves.

Bo leans into Reese Anderson’s microphone.

Bo Stevens: BO-LIEVE!

Ted Tebow drops to one knee again and bows his head while placing his balled left fist against his forehead (aka…‘Tebows’).

Average Joe stands with Kellie Burkowski backstage before his match. Just minutes before he steps into the ring with Charlie Blackwell for a title shot, Average Joe tells Kellie he’s not worrying about Blackwell tonight. With the Truckin’ Average Company supporting me, tonight Average Joe will settle things with Blackwell and put himself in position for a possible title opportunity.

Average Joe

Average Joe: Tonight, Average Joe will strike a warning shot across the bow of complacency and inertia. And then I will teach ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews the very same lesson when I face him in March.

Average Joe ends by saying he will do whatever he has to in order to take that next step.

Cut back to the broadcast desk…

Thunderbolt Smith: Well? Here we go. Average Joe versus Charlie Blackwell. Let’s go to the ring and Kimber Marshall.



– Defiance, Ohio
-Dallas, Texas


Kimber Marshall: Our next match is one fall…

Crowd: ONE fall!

Kimber Marshall: Introducing first…

Average Joe
AGE: 40 / HT: 6′ 2″ WT: 220 / HOME: Defiance, OH
FIN: Average Slam
WITH: Brad Company, Ken Worth-American Trucker

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent…

‘Charlie Wrestling’ Charlie Blackwell
AGE: 29 / HT: 6′ 4″  WT: 224 / HOME: Dallas, TX
FIN: Katahajime
VALET: ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas

Referee Ron Martin will be the man in charge.

Thunderbolt Smith: This is a #2 versus #3 match. The winner will get a chance to wrestle for a chance at the Men’s title.

Hall notes that for a long, period of time Charlie Blackwell ruled the Men’s division with an iron fist. But ever since the loss to J.J. Bittinger in December, Charlie’s hit a bit of a lull. Charlie Wrestling states it’s his time again- but can he bring his game up and get by Average Joe who is never an easy out?

Rick Hall: And this is an opportunity for Average Joe too. He’s been around for a long time. He knows how to handle himself in the ring. And he won’t be overwhelmed by the occasion.

Martin calls for the bell…


The two stare each other down to start.

Then Blackwell gets to work. Whip to the ropes – Blackwell hops over Average Joe and goes on – then he slides under Average Joe on the return and pops up. Average Joe shoves him back. Blackwell goes for a swinging neckbreaker but Average Joe avoids – Spinebuster by Average Joe. Things keep moving fast. Average Joe decks Blackwell with an average dropkick. The average one grins and puts Blackwell in the corner.   Pull on the arms by Average Joe. Chop to the chest! Average Joe whips Blackwell to ropes and pops him up for an average kick.

Thunderbolt Smith: Average Joe has been aggressive early on and Blackwell’s about a step behind right now.

Rick Hall: That spinebuster that Average Joe just hit really scrambled Blackwell’s sensibility.

Continuing the pressure, Average Joe puts Blackwell over the top rope backwards and then clubs away from all sides. Then Blackwell finds himself in the Tree of Woe. Average Joe then runs corner to corner for the basement drop kick.

Thunderbolt Smith: He’s definitely in trouble.

Blackwell is down. Cover…


Two…NO! Blackwell gets a shoulder up and rolls to the apron.

Average Joe keeps his eyes on Blackwell. He’s is on the apron. Average Joe stomps at him until Ron Martin comes over and orders a break.

Average Joe complies and steps back.

Blackwell back in. He shoves Average Joe and runs the ropes – Average Joe with the big boot. Cover…


Tw- Blackwell gets a shoulder up.

Single leg takedown by Average Joe. Hook the legs.


Tw- again Blackwell kicks out.

‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas claps her hands outside and shouts encouragement to Blackwell.

Thunderbolt Smith: So far it’s been all Average Joe in this match. Can Charlie Blackwell find a way to climb back into contention? We’ll find out here in just a few minutes. Back after these messages on HOTv.




Refueled 17
Saturday February 22nd, 2020
Allstate Arena
Chicago, IL

The Lee Best Invitational continues with six matches in all four groups:

Alex Redding vs. Rick Dickulous-Group A

Brian Hollywood vs. Steven Solex-Group A

Black Mamba vs. Chris Kostoff-Group B

Max Kael vs. Brenton Cross-Group C

MJ Flair vs. Lindsay Troy-Group D

High Flyer vs. Mike Best-Group D



MATCH (continued)
…both men on the floor.

Average Joe crawls towards the steps. Blackwell climbs back into the ring. Joe’s teammates Brad Company and Ken Worth-American Trucker help him up and back into the ring.

Thunderbolt Smith: After a slow start, Charlie Blackwell has come on strong here in the last couple minutes.

Rick Hall: That’s correct. Now it’s Average Joe who seems a little unsteady here after he went to the floor to confer with Company and Worth and Blackwell hit him with a top rope plancha to send everyone scattering.

Blackwell feels it and runs at Average Joe- right into a SUPERKICK! Crowd pop. Blackwell staggers back but hits the ropes and runs out- Average Joe lariats him. Blackwell drug back up to his feet – lifts – AVERAGE SLAM- NO! Blackwell flips through- Scorpion Death Drop. Cover…


Tw- Average Joe kicks out.

Thunderbolt Smith: Amazing move by Blackwell.

Rick Hall: Out of desperation.

Thunderbolt Smith: Oh yeah. Average Joe hits that and it’s all over.

The Peoria fans make a thunderous noise as Blackwell gets up and drags a wobbly Average Joe to his feet. Blackwell with a right hand. Average Joe fires back with a right.  Blackwell, another right. Average Joe returns the favor. Back and forth they go – Blackwell – Average Joe – Blackwell – Average Joe – Joe ducks and gets the edge. He spins, NECKBREAKER. Cover…


Tw-Blackwell kicks out.

He springs up and runs the ropes right into an Average Joe boot. Again, Blackwell up – rebounds right back into another boot. Average Joe tries to cover but Blackwell falls out of the ring to the floor.

Thunderbolt Smith: I’m starting to think Average Joe can win this thing.

Rick Hall: He’s going for it!

Average Joe builds speed across the ring and dives onto Blackwell on the outside.

Thunderbolt Smith: He is most certainly going for it Rick.

Both men are down and Peoria goes nuts again!

Thunderbolt Smith: Average Joe’s hurt too.

Ron Martin starts the ten count.

Rick Hall: Now someone’s got to get back to the ring.

Again, Company and Worth haul Average Joe back to his feet at 5 and toss him back in at 7.

Then they go out to fetch Blackwell to throw him back in.

Thunderbolt Smith: A little sportsmanship displayed on the part of Truckin’ Average Company.

But sportsmanship goes only so far. Blackwell gets hung up in the ropes. Average Joe drags him towards him and lets him fall face first to the mat. Suplex by Average Joe. Cover…



Blackwell kicks out and tries to get back to his feet.

Lock up. Blackwell- SMALL PACKAGE!


Two- Average Joe pushes Blackwell off.

Thunderbolt Smith: Another terrific counter by Blackwell.

Rick Hall: It was but Average Joe seems to have the answer for every question Blackwell asks.

Right hand by Blackwell. Boot to the gut by Average Joe. He wraps his arms around Blackwell’s waist- belly to belly suplex. Cover…


Tw- Blackwell kicks out again and crawls to the safety of the bottom rope.

Martin calls for the break.

Rick Hall: But Charlie just won’t give up. He’s somehow figured out a way to get back into this match.

Blackwell up and both men circle. He springs to life to hit a cutter. Underhook and up – Average Joe is upside down – Blackwell slams him face first to the mat. Cover…




Thunderbolt Smith: WOW! Charlie Blackwell just planted Average Joe with a big time facebuster and Average Joe somehow kicked out of it.

Rick Hall: Charlie’s back in the match though.

Blackwell drives his knee into the back of Average Joe. And again. Blackwell tries to slap on the Katahajime but Average Joe fights back. Blackwell claws and tries to get the leverage – Average Joe grabs the bottom rope.

Thunderbolt Smith: He just made the ropes. Blackwell came this close to getting the Katahajime applied and that would have been it.

Rick Hall: This has been tremendous. No one expected Average Joe to put on a performance like this but he’s been very good tonight. Can he finish this-

Thunderbolt Smith: YES! AVERAGE SLAM!

As both men approached each other, Blackwell tried to throw a right hand – Average Joe slipped the punch and came in – wrapped his arm around a leg – took an arm – lift – twist – and took down Blackwell.

Thunderbolt Smith: He covers!



THREE! Martin calls for the bell as the crowd explodes.



Kimber Marshall climbs into the ring to make it all official.

WINNER: Average Joe @ 18:43 (edited down to 14:45 for television)

Martin raises Average Joe’s hand in victory.

Rick Hall: From the beginning, Average Joe looked dangerous and Charlie Blackwell not so much.

Thunderbolt Smith: Average Joe will now face the loser of next week’s MVW Men’s Title match between champion ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews and challenger ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson.  I just got word from Laura Bergman backstage that we are in fact going go over tonight so we’re taking another commercial break now and then we will have our main event.   Be back right after these messages.




Evolution 76
Tuesday February 25th, 2020
Scotiabank Centre

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Terry Gould vs. Jason Ryan

Vince Espinoza vs. Konrad Rabb

Bryan Reed(w/Ryan Reed) vs. PJ Blake(w/Autumn Raven)

Zolton & Kyuseishu vs. Johnny Graves & Freddie Styles



Cut back to the broadcast desk…



-Chesterfield, Missouri
-Effingham, Illinois
-Omaha, Nebraska
-Glasgow, Scotland UK


Thunderbolt welcomes everyone to ‘overtime’ and sends it right to the ring.

Kimber Marshall is there.

Kimber Marshall: This match is a one fall-

Crowd: ONE fall!

Kimber Marshall: And is a non-title match. Introducing first…

Kimber introduces the team of Elaine Brazier and Tori Thomas who are already in the ring.

Kimber Marshall: And their opponents…

*“Cut Me Some Slack”- Paul McCartney and Nirvana*

That’s the cue for Harley Davisson to ride out to the stage on her Harley Davidson motorcycle.

She parks the bike on the stage, dismounts, and poses for the fans. Then the heavy metal music transitions into traditional bagpipe music.

“Scotland the Brave”- Traditional

Carrieanne McDermott walks out with a group of bagpipers and joins Davisson on stage.

McDermott and Davisson fist bump and then walk towards the ring.

Missouri Valley Fight Club
Carrieanne McDermott
AGE: 32 / HT: 5′ 9″ WT: 138 / HOME: Glasgow, Scotland
FIN: Glasgow Kiss or Indian Death Lock
Harley Davisson
AGE: 33 / HT: 5′ 10″ WT: 129 / HOME: Omaha, NE
FIN: Kick Start (Detonation Kick)

Thunderbolt Smith: Your referee will be Corrina Romanov.

Romanov does the pre-match checks and calls for the bell.


Thunderbolt Smith: This is our main event and it is under way.

Davisson and Brazier to start. Davisson blocks Brazier’s takedown attempt and drops a couple elbows and followed by a knee. Davisson waistlocks. Brazier tries to wiggle free – Davisson slams her down to the mat and stomps away at her.   Brazier finally kicks Davisson’s leg out from under her and tags Tori Thomas in.

Thunderbolt Smith: A no nonsense start to the match.

Rick Hall: I don’t think Davisson and McDermott will waste much time here.

Thomas rushes right into a forearm.  Belly to belly suplex by Davisson followed by a little ground and pound. Thomas returns a couple forearms. Davisson knees away and finally pulls Thomas to her feet – gut wrench suplex! She tags in McDermott who walks right in and hits a suplex. McDermott to the top turnbuckle – corkscrew senton. McDermott slaps on a short arm scissor on Thomas and works on her bicep.

Thunderbolt Smith: Again, Davisson is the brawler- McDermott is more technical.

Fans fire up as McDermott continues to work the arm. Thomas escapes and takes a headlock – McDermott slips out. The pace quickens – Thomas whips McDermott to the ropes – McDermott ducks through a clothesline attempt and runs the ropes some more. Again, McDermott ducks and a wild right hand – she turns and gets her arm – wrenches to a hammerlock – and drives Thomas down to the mat.

Thunderbolt Smith: Beautiful move by McDermott.

Rick Hall: This is what McDermott does best.

McDermott tags Davisson back in. Davisson pulls Thomas up- KICK STAND!

Thunderbolt Smith: And Davisson’s really good at that.




THREE! Romanov calls for the bell and that’s it.


WINNER: The Missouri Valley Fight Club @ 3:22

Thunderbolt Smith: No problem for the Missouri Valley Wrestling Women’s Tag Team champions tonight.

Rick Hall: Nope.

Thunderbolt Smith: Well? We went a little over tonight and-

Male voice: Hold on a second.

“The Man” by Aloe Blacc’s opening bridge queues up on the PA System along with a chorus of boos pours in as “Big Money” Darin Matthews’ music blares louder to drown them out.

“Well you can tell everybody
Yeah you can tell everybody
Go ahead and tell everybody
I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the man
Yes I am, yes I am, yes I am
I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the man” 

However, instead of confidently striding out and taunting the crowd as usual, “Big Money” Darin Matthews gets wheeled out to the ring in a wheel chair by the “Sports Entertainment Genius” Mr. McMann, wearing a neck brace, and a bandage over his head from the vicious attack given to him by “Redneck” Bill Dickinson.

Mr. McMannDarinZion_full
‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann, ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews

Thunderbolt wonders what he’s up to. We’d find out soon enough.

The crowd immediately erupts into a “Dickinson” chant to the dismay of Matthews and McMann, both look completely disgusted the crowd keeps chanting his name.  Mr. McMann pulls a microphone out of his coat pocket and lectures the crowd.

Mr. McMann:  How dare you!  How dare you all cheer for this man’s injuries!  You’re all a bunch of sick pathetic losers here in Peoria, IL tonight.  Cheering for “Big Money’s” pain and torture he suffered for you.  He got crucified by Bill Dickinson with a lead pipe for every single one of you because he loves this business.  He died for your sins, saving MVW and becoming YOUR messiah.

Crowd:  You suck!  You suck!  You suck!

Mr. McMann:  I can’t believe the bloodlust of these people, Matthews!  They’re cheering for some redneck hick who threw away his championship shot for shallow revenge.  They don’t deserve to see you in action tonight.

Matthews coughs loudly into the microphone and struggles to speak, even though everyone can clearly tell he’s fine.

Darin Matthews:  It’s fine…I’ve been abused like this for years by these ungrateful pests.  I’m a fighting champion.  It doesn’t matter if I’ve got a concussion, a cracked vertebra, a twisted ankle, dizziness; you name it; I’m fighting.  Don’t worry about me, Mr. McMann.  I’ll go out here and die for these ungrateful, worthless, pieces of crap here in Illinois.  I…

Matthews struggles but falls back into his seat as Mr. McMann grabs and sits him down and pats him on the back as he rolls him further down the ramp right beside ringside.  He consoles Matthews, allowing the boos to grow for a moment before speaking, shunning the crowd for their actions.

Mr. McMann:  Nonsense!  You have the rest of the night off tonight, Matthews.  Clearly a Messiah like you deserves a night off, unlike these worthless pigs.  They’re all skipping work like a bunch of losers chastising you for all your hard work and dedication you put into our business.  MVW doesn’t deserve a man like you.

Crowd:  Bulls#!^!  Bulls#!^!  Bulls#!^!

Darin Matthews:  Thank you Mr. McMann!  You’re truly a gentleman and a scholar.  You’re a better father figure than Ray McAvay will ever be!  It’s a crime what Ray’s doing to someone of my caliber.  He…he…he…

Matthews sputters and coughs while Mr. McMann rips the microphone away from Matthews’ weak and frail hands.  Matthews takes the SEC blanket draped across his legs and warms himself up, getting comfortable, trying to conserve his energy from the injury.  Mr. McMann finishes his promo for him while pulling a paper out of his coat.

Mr. McMann:  You’re right, Matthews; he’s unfit to run this place.  Look at how he’s putting his MVW Men’s Heavyweight Champion in harm’s way.  Matthews’ has a grade A concussion and shouldn’t have to defend the MVW Men’s Heavyweight Championship for at least a full month.  His doctors clearly me a medical release saying he’s unfit to compete after Dickinson’s attack on him.  Yet, Ray throws him back to the wolves.  Out of spite for me and the other members of the SEC; he forces Matthews to defend his title after Dickinson rabidly left Matthews for dead in that ring a week ago.  He can barely hold the title on his waist let alone fight.  That’s why “Big Money” Darin Matthews will take Ray McAvay to court.  And when he does…

Matthews coughs and sputters before Chief Business Officer Laura Bergman comes out and she does not look the least bit pleased to be out there..  She looks pissed off at both men.  She sternly speaks into the microphone as she glares at both men.

Laura Bergman
Laura Bergman

Laura Bergman:  I find myself wanting to vomit in my mouth for saying this right now…but you’re right, Mr. McMann.  Matthews’ isn’t fit to compete tonight in Peoria.  I’ll give him the night off…because I’m suspending him without pay until his next match.  With Ray gone; I’m not putting up with this crap in my ring.  You want to complain and gripe about working; you suffer the consequences.

The crowd immediately pops and chants “nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, good bye” to both men.  Matthews still sits in his chair selling the effects of the beat down from Dickinson while Mr. McMann’s fuming, turning beat red in the middle of the ring.  He retorts back at her and starts screaming into the microphone.

Mr. McMann:  This is unacceptable.  This is an ethical violation to suspend Darin Matthews.  He’s…

Laura Bergman:  I don’t want to hear how injured Mr. Matthews is after his last title defense.  You reap what you sow.  When the cats go away the rats come out to play!  And you’re the biggest rat of them all.  I can smell the sewer water all over your leather jacket from up here.  But I’ll tell you what!  I’m a fair woman.  If Mr. Matthews is too injured to wrestle; he can have next week off…

Mr. McMann and Matthews both look at each other perplexed.  Laura cuts a methodical smile on her face much to the delight of the fans in Peoria, IL.  She nods her head as she speaks.

Mr. McMann:  Really?  Thank you for seeing things our way.  I’ve always said you’re a fair businesswoman.  We all knew it was a punishment to have Matthews defend when he didn’t do anything.  He was the victim.  Clearly Ray…

Laura cuts him off midsentence without hesitation.

Laura Bergman:  Yes, he can have next week off if he hands over that MVW Men’s Championship over to me right now.  He’s clearly too injured to compete and needs to surrender the belt like a man would do.

Matthews has had enough and immediately pops out of his seat before Mr. McMann throws him back down with Matthews now sitting up.   The adrenaline’s pumping through his veins.  His cocky, arrogant smile now is replaced with a dirty look he keeps shooting right back at Laura Bergman’s dead glare into his eyes.  You can feel everything around both heating up as the rivalry heats up.  Mr. McMann takes a deep breath and relents.  He wheels Matthews up the ramp towards her wanting to make peace and discuss things with her, but she halts him right in his place.

Laura Bergman:  I don’t feel like having some private business meeting right now.  You both deprived these fans of a main event tonight.  These people deserve someone who has the true heart of a champion.  Someone who isn’t afraid to compete in MVW.  Someone who deserves to hold that belt right now. J.J.! Come on out.

Thunderbolt Smith: J.J.?

*‘Whiskey Man’- Molly Hatchet*

J.J. Bittinger
J.J. Bittinger

J.J. ‘The Bear’ Bittinger
AGE: 29 / HT: 6′ 4″ WT: 265 / HOME: Cherokee, NC
FIN: Bear Hug or the Bear Trap

The crowd erupts as J.J. Bittinger, out since mid-January thanks to the SEC, walks out on stage.

Close up on McMann and Matthews. Jaws dropped. ‘Oh shit’ expressions on their faces.

Oh, and J.J.’s accompanied on stage by the Southern Boys.

The Southern Boys
‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson “The 330 Pound Southern Brawler”
AGE: 37 / HT: 6′ 1″  WT: 330 / HOME: Troy, AL
FIN: Southern Fried Powerbomb
‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller
AGE: 28 / HT: 6’ 0” WT: 240 / HOME: Columbus, GA
FIN: Southern Cross
‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams
AGE: 42 / HT: 6’ 5” WT: 252 / HOME: Wimberley, TX
FIN: Devil’s Triangle (Triangle Choke)
‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler
AGE: 31 / HT: 6′ 4″  WT: 255 / HOME: Beaumont, TX
FIN: Texas Lariat

Rick Hall:  J.J. Bittinger is back and he looks like he’s ready to kill Matthews.

J.J. storms past Laura and walks by Darin Matthews motioning for a rematch before Matthews just glares at him from his chair as Bill Dickinson comes by and glares at the belt.

Hall mentions Bittinger wasn’t scheduled to return until early March.

Thunderbolt Smith: And it looks like J.J. made peace with the Southern Boys.

Rick Hall: Or at the least, a temporary truce.

McMann motions to the back and the SEC retreat. Matthews actually gets up from his chair and sprints backstage as the show comes to an end.


February 22nd – Hulman Center / Terre Haute, IN

-#1 Contender’s Match/Women’s Tag Team:  Backman Taylor Powerdrive vs. The O’Neders
-#1 Contender’s Match/Women’s Title: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens vs. Christa Carmondy
-Men’s Tag Team Title Match-The Sports Entertainment Corporation: P.M.C. Banks and Kirk Walstreit © vs. The Southern Boys: ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams
-Men’s Title Match-‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews © vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson

February 28th – Sanford Pentagon / Sioux Falls, SD
#1 Contender’s Match/Women’s Heartland: Geena the Warrior Princess vs. Kirsten Canfield
-#1 Contender’s Match/Men’s Heartland: Ultratron-5.1 vs. Rah-The Sunshine God

February 29th – Pershing Center / Lincoln, NE
-#1 Contender’s Match/Men’s Tag Team: TBD vs. Truckin’ Average Company
-#1 Contender’s Match/Men’s Title: TBD vs. Average Joe

March 1st – North Platte High School Gym / North Platte, NE
Women’s Heartland Title: Victoria McGill © vs. TBD
-Men’s Heartland Title: ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler © vs. TBD
March 7th – Qwest Center Omaha / Omaha, NE
Women’s Tag Team Title Match: Missouri Valley Fight Club © vs.
-Women’s Title Match: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan © vs.

March 13th – Hale Arena / Mason City, IA
March 14th – Tyson Events Center / Sioux City, IA
March 15th – REC Coliseum / Fort Dodge, IA
March 21nd – Redbird Arena / Normal, IL
-Men’s Tag Team Title Match:
Men’s Title Match:


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