Fallout from Last Night-‘Big Money’ Speaks to CSPN


(REPLAY: Last Night’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland)

The SEC procession is about halfway to the ring.

After ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews passes by a row of seats – Bill Dickinson stands up – hops the barricade – and blasts him in the back with a lead pipe…

McMann turns and his face contorts when he sees Matthews falling to the floor with Bill Dickinson and the lead pipe standing over him.

Williams, Miller, and Butler jumps the SEC and there’s a big fight in the aisle.

McMann stands over the fallen Matthews as the SEC’s special medical crew sprints to the ring with a stretcher.


Matthews is loaded up into the stretcher and whisked away with Mr. McMann and Phil Finebaum following passing the MVW Security crew who are back up for a second time tonight to break up a fight between the SEC and the Southern Boys.


We cut to the backstage area with Darin Matthews standing with Corporate Sports (Entertainment) Programming Nation (CSPN)’s Reese Anderson with his head taped up.  Darin’s eyes look completely glazed over after the ordeal this past weekend with “Redneck” Bill Dickinson bashing him unceremoniously over the head with a steel pipe in his successful title defense over Dickinson.  Darin looks completely enraged over the whole ordeal, including over Ray McAvay’s actions of booking him in yet another title defense.  Reese looks over at Darin with compassion sporting his SEC blazer.  Reese’s face shows disgust over the heinous actions from this past weekend as well.

Reese Anderson:  It pains me to see our MVW Men’s Heavyweight Champion looking this way.  It’s just disgusting that some primitive, Neanderthal redneck like Bill Dickinson gets handed another championship match over his actions this past week.  Let’s roll the footage from our Tulsa house show this weekend.

We cut to where Dickinson leaves the ring and grabs the steel pipe and continually bludgeons Matthews over the head multiple times before we cut to a scene where the SEC comes in to pull Matthews out of the ring, conveniently edited to show no wrong doing by the SEC attacking the Southern Boys member after the match, to the disgust of the fans booing in the background.  We flash back to Darin holding his head in, selling the attack, trying to play the victim.

Reese Anderson:  It’s no wonder why MVW is in such terrible shape with Ray McAvay in control.  Just look at how Bill Dickinson victimized Big Money with that attack.  It’s treason!  Treason to this organization!  He leveled our Savior of Superstardom, the Tyrant of the Territories, Big Money!  He’s not fit to defend his championship in two weeks and…

Big Money Darin Matthews stops Reese Anderson midsentence by placing his hand over Reese’s mouth.  Matthews takes a moment to take a deep breath in, savoring Anderson’s compliments as the audio from the arena pipes in the chorus of boos.  Matthews confidently smiles, yet still struggles to focus straight ahead to the cameras, looking a little off balance, but his confidence still holds.

Darin Matthews:  Reese, my friend.  Big Money isn’t afraid of drawing Missouri Valley Wrestling some more money for this pathetic shit hole ran by a pathetic washed up has been wrestler who couldn’t cut it in High Octane Wrestling.  I’m Mr. HOW.  I’m the Messiah of Missouri Valley and like you said, I’m the Tyrant of the Territories.  I make Big Money for any wrestling promotion I step my two feet into and wrestle for…yet…

Matthews pauses for a moment almost toppling over with Reese starting to hold him up.  Matthews recovers and rebounds, kneeling on the ground, riling in pain. Matthews’ tone changes to the innocent victim.

Darin Matthews:  Yet these companies still don’t treat me with any respect.  Look at what Ray did!!!!  Last Saturday, I became the victim.  I innocently stepped between those ropes to give the crowd what they demanded I give them.  I wanted to defend my MVW Men’s Heavyweight Championship in a quick, dominant match defeating “Redneck” Bill Dickinson in 2 minutes flat…singlehandedly beating my own record that I set to win this title to proudly represent the Missouri Valley as it’s Messiah.  To bring MVW back to its glory days.  I did nothing wrong to “Redneck” Bill Dickinson.  I simply made an impact to establish my dominance here in MVW.   Yet that stupid redneck throws away his championship match for no apparent reason.  Where I come from…when Dickinson does that…. he moves to the back of the line and doesn’t get gifted any more opportunities.

Mathews coughs a few times before Reese helps him stand to his own two feet.  Reese’s eyes beam with compassion looking at the Men’s Heavyweight Champion with compassion.

Reese Anderson:  Exactly!  How could Ray not see what he did before hand?  That’s partiality at it’s finest.  Ray clearly forgets how wrestling works these days.  That’s why Mr. McMann should control everything.  Mr. McMann is a genius.  He’s a compassionate individual!  He cares about his performers.  Just look at how the SEC works.  Mr. McMann pulled you out of harm’s way!  He preserved your career.

Darin Matthews:  And I thank him for that.  He’s clearly a saint.  He knows my value unlike Ray, but it’s whatever.  Water under the bridge!  I’m a fighting champion!  I’m the unsung, unpraised hero of high octane.  I was crucified to be Missouri Valley’s Messiah.  I’ll defend my championship against “Redneck” Bill Dickinson and expose him for the fraud he is.  While Ray values that brash, violent nature that makes Bill such a man’s man in professional wrestling; Bill doesn’t have the wits like I do.  He doesn’t have the business savvy to finish the job like I do.  I’ve got more tenacity than his grizzled ass has in any hairs that cover his ugly body.  And February 22nd…I’ll prove why I am the most dominant Men’s Champion in MVW’s history when I toppled the threat he poses to MVW.

Matthews motions for Reese to put down the microphone to help him to help him back to the locker room.  Reese places the Microphone down on the ground and we fade as Matthews gets guided to the locker room by Reese Anderson as we fade to black.

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