2/3-Wrestling Night in the Heartland

-Kellie talks with Backman Taylor Powerdrive: Charlene Backman and Brianna Taylor before their match with The SEC’s Tori McGill and Poison Penny for a shot at the Women’s Tag Team title.
-Corporate Sports (Entertainment) Programming Nation (CSPN) interviews McGill and Penny.
-Backman Taylor Powerdrive defeat The SEC with an assist from the Missouri Valley Fight Club’s Harley Davisson and Carrieanne McDermott. Mr. McMann is not happy with the outside interference and vows to have words with MVW CEO Ray McAvay.
-Quick discussion on the ongoing Lani Harlot-Eva Perrin feud that’s spilled over and affected the SEC’s Christa Carmondy as she tries to move up the Women’s ranking.
-Kellie interviews ‘Charlie Wrestling’ Charlie Blackwell before his big match with ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson
-Video tape shows Kellie trying to interview Dickinson. Dickinson blows her up and Kellie confronts him about it.
-Dickinson defeats Blackwell to become the new #1 contender for the Men’s title. Dickinson then cuts a promo calling new MVW Men’s Champion ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews out. Dickinson vowed payback on Matthews for knocking him out two weeks ago and costing him his title shot against J.J. Bittinger.


Missouri Valley Wrestling
MVW’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv
Monday February 3rd, 2020
Taped Saturday January 25th, 2020
Hastings Civic Arena
Hastings, MN

Announcer: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall
Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski
Ring Announcer: Kimber Marshall

We cut right away to a video of “Big Money”  Darin Matthews lounging in beautiful, sunny Florida–the next leg of Mr. McMann’s gifted vacation to Matthews after securing the MVW Men’s Championship for the Sports Entertainment Corporation (SEC), throughly enjoying a Mango Margarita with women in bikinis sitting around him with hotel staff fanning them all.  Sweat pours down the gloriously tan body of Matthews as he slowly removes his sunglasses from his face. He motions for everyone to step out of the shot as he sits up.  He reaches for his towel and pats down his forehead for a minute. He slowly claps as the confidence oozes from his smile.

Darin Matthews:  Bravo!  Simply Bravo!  Bill Dickinson won a hard fought match last Monday against Charlie Blackwell.  He laid everything he had to seek retribution against me for my ‘actions.’

Matthews chuckles trying to hold back his pride and confidence.  But Matthews has a terrible poker face. He reaches over for an orange, taking a bite, simple enjoying the perks of a vacation; one he rightfully feels he deserves after busting his ass hard for 15 years.  Matthews doesn’t care about Dickinson’s statement.

Darin Matthews:  I’m sorry.  I just can’t.  Bill, what I did to you was business.  You wouldn’t understand that because you’re one of the good ole’ boys.  You’ve spent your entire career fighting, biting, clawing your way up the ladder waiting for the big time to give you a call.   I respect those traits really I do. I spent my entire career living that wrestling dream. I spent years of my life fighting like a good ole’ boy trying to earn the respect of wrestling organizations. I put my body on the line, giving fans my best in that ring.  I laid my body on the line trying to prove myself to those fans, those promoters.

Darin’s disappointment shows.  His head heavily hangs down just shaking, remember the years he spent as Zion climbing through the ranks of the Battle Arena to PWX to the big time with HOW.  Every memory continuing to plague him. He plays those moments back to come to a revelation.

Darin Matthews:  But let’s face it, Bill.  We both should know that dream is a facade.  I lived it Bill. I pissed on everyone who played politics in this business.  I begrudgingly carried bags. I loathed giving props to people and my comments got back handed.  I ruined my chances at my big redemption in HOW because I took those politics for granted. It wasn’t until Mr. McMann and the SEC took me under their wing and showed me the light where I understood everything.  Simply put: it’s just business.

Highlights of the shot to Darin taking the lead pipe to Bill Dickinson’s head and Darin dropping Dickinson straight on his head stiffly while his somber, relaxed tone continues to carry over the numerous replays.

Darin Matthews:  I did it to make my presence felt.  I made my gravitas of my debut in MVW count.  I made time stand still as I single-handedly disposed of the former MVW Men’s Champion in a record 2 minutes and 6 seconds.  I destroyed and weakened the biggest threat by whatever means necessary. I crumbled and burned the very foundation Ray McAvay built MVW around to show the wrestling world my impact.  I’ve single-handedly improve our ratings. People already have spent time on social media balking on Mr. McMann’s bold move to bring me in. I did this for MVW’s future. I brought you the gift of Big Money.

We cut back to Darin Matthews flicking through a stack of $100 dollar bills.  He takes a giant whiff of the money basking in his own glory. With stars in his eyes, he looks straight toward the sky soaking in the glorious sights that Mr. McMann generously gave him.

Darin Matthews:  The sky’s no longer our limit.  Our pay now increases with me on the card with everyone glued on MVW’s product thanks to me, thanks to the SEC, and thanks to Mr. McMann’s vision for the future.  Every tweet, click, mention of MVW promotes our product, promotes our shows, and makes us all richer. That’s a gift, not a personal shot. But…

Matthews pauses and sets his money down.  His frown slowly fading. His eyes burn with intensity.  Matthews cracks his knuckles and pops his neck. Playtime is over with his imminent match with Bill Dickinson coming up; his first title defense.  The proverbial gloves come off. Now Darin Matthews means business. Darin’s tone goes from excited to serious in a matter of seconds.

Darin Matthews:   You want to make this personal.  Fine. We can make this personal.  You want to threaten Big Money. You promise the crowd “you’ve got something in store for me.”  We can play that game. You want to put targets on myself, Mr. McMann and our SEC family for revenge after we’ve given everyone in MVW our gift of me…that’s cool.

Cockily, Matthews stares down at his watch and taps it a few times indicating he’s going to make shorter work of Dickinson than he did Bittinger.

Darin Matthews:  I won’t need 2 minutes and 6 seconds to destroy your career too.  See, I’m not going to go out there and give those MVW fans match of the year candidates.  I’m not in this to make people leave happy. I came to MVW strictly for business. Mr. McMann gave me a lucrative contract to destroy anyone in my path once I won the MVW Men’s Championship and you happen to stand in that path.  I’m not here to put on a clinic and impress Ray. I’m here to wrestle, destroy and continue to make an impact. I’m here to ruin anyone who wants to stop the SEC. I’m here to bring prestige to MVW Men’s Championship to make it the premier belt in all of professional wrestling.  And if I have to take the great MVW legend of Bill Dickinson out to pasture to do so. I will do it by any means necessary to keep this championship around my waist. And we both know, Bill, that what Big Money wants; Big Money gets.

Matthews picks up his MVW Men’s Championship and places it on his shoulder.  He stands up and looks into the camera before walking off.

Darin Matthews:  You’ll see soon enough, Bill, you’ll see soon enough.

The video ends and we cut back to Thunderbolt and Hall in the ring.

Thunderbolt welcomes everyone to Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland from Hastings, Minnesota.   Thunderbolt does the quick introductions of him and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall and gets right to it. Two matches on tonight’s card and here they are:

The Southern Boys: The Southern Boys-‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams
Truckin’ Average Company: Ken Worth-American Trucker and Brad Company

Rick Hall: The Southern Boys want nothing more than to get another crack at the Sports Entertainment Corporation and only Truckin’ Average Company stand in their way.   You should never underestimate the Truckin’ Average Company – they’re good wrestlers – but I think the Southern Boys are on a mission to destroy the SEC.

Shizuko Yamazaki
Lisa Barbosa-Stevens

Rick Hall: Shizuko Yamazaki has risen fast up the ranks of the MVW Women’s division. She faced Women’s Champion Sheline Carrigan a couple weeks back and her inexperience showed. Now, she has to face off against Lisa Barbosa-Stevens – whom Yamazaki defeated in November to become the #1 contender. Barbosa-Stevens wants another crack at Carrigan after nearly winning back the women’s title belt in their last match at Evening of Champions. Yamazaki is ambitious and wants the belt. But Barbosa-Stevens is just as motivated and she’s been there a few more times.

Thunderbolt Smith: We’ll find out soon enough who will be earning title shots. Now. Remember this from last week?

(VIDEO: Last Week’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland)

Dickinson walks down the hall with the rest of the Southern Boys (‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller, ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams, ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler).

Kellie walks right up to him and tries to ask him a question. Dickinson mumbles he ain’t talking and moves on.

Kellie Burkowski: Come on Bill! I haven’t done a damn thing to you but yet you treat me as if I’ve done something horrible to you. Why won’t you talk to me and more so, what’s it going to take for you to talk to me?

To everyone’s great surprise, Dickinson stops. He turns around.

Bill Dickinson: I don’t trust folks with a microphone much. Meet up with us at the bar afterwards and we’ll see.

Kellie shoots back that if he wins tonight, she will. But then he gives her an interview.

Dickinson mulls the thought. He nods.

Bill Dickinson: Deal.


Thunderbolt confirms that Kellie Burkowski did in fact accompany the Southern Boys to the Bar Draft House in downtown Hastings after the show and they did in fact close the bar down.

(VIDEO: Last Week-Bar Draft House)

‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson, ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller, ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams, ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler, and Kellie Burkowski sit at round table. There’s two pitchers of beer in the middle of the table and shot glasses in front of everyone…

…Kellie does shots with the boys and more than holds her own with them…

…Dickinson and Miller do bad karoake…

…so does Kellie and the ‘Cowboy’…

…at the end of the night, Dickinson carries Kellie back to her hotel room and the Southern Boys make sure she safely returns to her hotel room -ring announcer Kimber Marshall shares Kellie’s hotel room and helps her into bed.


Cut back to the MVW broadcast center (this segment was taped yesterday)

Thunderbolt Smith: So that’s how that went. Now, we heard from the MVW Men’s Champion ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews earlier – I can tell you that we will also hear from ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson tonight as well. Why?

(VIDEO: Saturday night at the MVW House Show in Evansville, Indiana)


Kellie Burkowski walks down the hallway and someone calls out her name.

She stops and turns – it’s ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson.

‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson: Thanks for hanging out with us last week.

Kellie thanks him.

‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson: I owe you an interview. How about now?

Kellie smiles.


Thunderbolt states we will have the interview with Bill Dickinson tonight before our main event. The first match of the night is next – after these commercial messages.




February 8th – Chisholm Trail Coliseum / Enid, OK
-Women’s Tag Team Title: The Missouri Valley Fight Club © vs. Backman Taylor Powerdrive
-Men’s Tag Team Title: The Sports Entertainment Corporation © vs. TBD
-Women’s Title: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan © vs. TBD
-Men’s Title: ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews © vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson

February 14th – Carson Center / Paducah, KY
February 15th – Peoria Civic Center / Peoria, IL
February 16th – BMO Harris Bank Center / Rockford, IL
February 22nd – Hulman Center / Terre Haute, IN
February 28th – Sanford Pentagon / Sioux Falls, SD
February 29th – Pershing Center / Lincoln, NE
March 1st – North Platte High School Gym / North Platte, NE
March 7th – Qwest Center Omaha / Omaha, NE


Thunderbolt Smith: We are back and it’s time for our first match.

“Everlong” – Foo Fighters

‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller of the Southern Boys comes out first wearing plain black trunks and a black elbow pad on his right arm. Then…

“Screw You, We’re From Texas”- Ray Wylie Hubbard

‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams joins him. He’s wearing a black singlet with elbow pads on both arms. Also coming out to join their brethren- ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson and ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler.

Miller and Williams fist bump and then start down to the ring. Dickinson and Butler follow.

Rick Hall: The Southern Boys look very confident and relaxed as they walk towards ringside.

The music switches…

“Bad Company”- Bad Company

Brad Company comes out next wearing camouflage pants, black boots, and a green shirt.

“Eastbound and Down”- Jerry Reed

Then his partner- Ken Worth- The American Trucker walks on stage. Trucker’s hat. Black t-shirt. Blue Jeans.

Average Joe joins them and the trio make their way to the ring.

Kimber Marshall stands in the ring and she’s ready to go.

The Southern Boys
‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller
AGE: 28 / HT: 6’ 0” WT: 240 / HOME: Columbus, GA
FIN: Southern Cross
‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams
AGE: 42 / HT: 6’ 5” WT: 252 / HOME: Wimberley, TX
FIN: Devil’s Triangle (Triangle Choke)
WITH: ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler and ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson “The 330 Pound Southern Brawler”

Truckin’ Average Company
Brad Company
AGE: 39 / HT: 6′ 4″ WT: 225 / HOME: Stone Mountain, GA
FIN: The Company Line
Ken Worth- “American Trucker”
AGE: 39 / HT: 6′ 2″ WT: 225 / HOME: Gary, IN
FIN: Jake Brake
WITH: Average Joe



Columbus, Georgia
Wimberly, Texas
-Gary, Indiana
-Stone Mountain, Georgia


Thunderbolt Smith: Your referee for this match is Brent Payson.

Payson calls for the bell.


Worth and Company rush across the ring.

Thunderbolt Smith: And here we go. Winner faces the SEC for the Men’s Tag Team title.

Worth brawls with Williams while Company engages with Miller! Payson tries to restore order. Miller rakes Company’s eyes and throws him out. Worth and Williams exchange forearms. Williams even slips in a slap. Miller on the floor now and sends Company into railing. Williams knees low and bends Worth over. He throws more forearms. Williams then taunts Worth. But Worth puts his hands down and dares Williams to swing at him. Williams accepts and throws a heavy right hand. Worth ducks – throws forearms back. Now it’s Williams who dares him to keep going. Worth rolls his eyes and then kicks Williams in the balls. Williams staggers but then tries to laugh it off.

Thunderbolt Smith: Well, he dared him.

Rick Hall: What Truckin’ Average Company lack in talent and physicality, they make up with hard work and singleminded tenacity.

Williams throws a forearm. Worth with a right hand. Soon they’re brawling again throwing rocking shots back and forth, back and forth with neither man backing down. Williams headbutts Worth. Worth headbutts Williams back. Worth mocks Williams. Williams boots him in the gut. Worth boots Williams right back. Worth spins to forearm but Williams keeps hitting back. Williams with forearms, Worth delivers a chop. Williams rocks Worth with big right hands. Worth staggers around the ring but somehow stays standing. He winds up with his right hand while Williams waits, only for Worth to slip in a slap to the face. And Worth gives him the double bird. Fans cheer Worth’s guts. Williams wraps his hands around Worth’s throat for a blatant choke. The ref counts but Williams pushes Worth to the ropes. The ref reprimands Williams and counts but Williams lets go at 4.

Thunderbolt Smith: Give Ken Worth credit. He is not backing down from the Southern Boys.

Rick Hall: Even better, he’s really getting under ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams’s skin.

Williams drives a right hand to Worth and then slams him to the mat. Knee drop follows and then he tags in Miller.

Thunderbolt Smith: ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller now in and we’ll see what he’s got in store for Ken Worth.

Miller toys with Worth. Miller clubs Worth with a right hand. Worth boots Miller in the balls and powers him to the corner.

Rick Hall: Ken Worth is not fooling around tonight. That’s twice he’s gone the low route on the Southern Boys.

Company drops Miller with a neckbreaker. Cover…



No. Miller kicks out and Company clamps on with a chinlock. Miller endures. The fans cheer as Miller works hard to break the hold.

Williams has grabbed a few chairs from ringside and has them on stand-by.

Thunderbolt Smith: One more thing for Brent Payson to keep an eye on.

Miller gets a ropebreak with a leg and Company lets up.

Williams and Worth bark at each other on the outside but the ref gets them to return to their corners. Company returns to Miller with a scoop and slam, then a slingshot. Miller avoids the senton and boots him, but Company fires forearms. Miller kicks but Company forearms, and repeat. Now these two battle back and forth. Company just shrugs off the kicks and gives forearms back. They keep going back and forth but Miller snap back suplexes Company. Williams throws chairs at Worth and Payson tries to throw them right back out as fast as they fly in. Williams whips Worth into railing. Miller throws Company out. Williams takes Worth into the crowd and gives him a seat. Williams goes punching bag on Worth. Miller whips Company into the railing. Miller tosses Company over the barricade into the crowd.

Brent Payson starts a ten count on both wrestlers.

Thunderbolt Smith: I get that Worth and Company want to stand up to the Southern Boys. But they are playing right into their hands.

Rick Hall: Truckin’ Average Company simply can’t get into an all out brawl with the Miller and Williams- they just can’t do that.

Worth fires off on Williams. Williams fires back. Williams knees low then puts Worth in a corner. The American Trucker reverses the whip but Williams comes back with a clothesline! Williams gets Worth back up into spin-out backbreaker. Cover…



NO! Worth survives and ends up in a Cloverleaf then into a Figure Four.

Williams cinches in the modified hold. Worth reaches for the ropes but Williams rolls him away and turns it into an STF.

Thunderbolt Smith: ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams is showing his technical side here.

Rick Hall: He is capable of utilizing technical moves here and there.

Worth powers up and bites Williams in the arm! Williams shoves him back. Then he takes a side headlock and bites Worth’s FACE! Payson reprimands Williams. Williams backs off and then short clotheslines Worth. Cover…



Kick out!

Worth survives again. Miller in but Worth decks him. He grabs at Williams at the ropes and fans anticipate what’s coming. Worth for a suplex but Williams fights out and tries to slap on the Devil’s Triangle but Worth is too close to the ropes and grabs on. The ref counts, Williams lets go at 4. Williams wrenches for a takedown and puts on the cross armbreaker. Company tries to get into the ring but Miller keeps him clear.

Rick Hall: Williams clearly is trying to wring out whatever energy Ken Worth has left here.

Worth reaches out with his legs.

Worth just touches the rope to get the ropebreak called by Payson. Williams reluctantly releases the hold before a count. He throws Worth into an open corner and stomps away at him.

Thunderbolt Smith: ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams is just grinding Ken Worth into dust here.

Rick Hall: Worth needs to tag out real bad now.

Williams grinds his boots but Payson steps in and backs him off.

The count only stops Williams for a moment. He comes back with more. Worth fights his way up to his feet. Williams runs in, Worth desperately lariats Williams and sends him down. The crowd explodes as both men are down. Worth gets up first and calls for the Jake Brake. Miller in and he rakes Worth’s eye! Miller back kicks Worth. Company swoops in and goes for another Company Line. Miller ducks but runs into Company’s uppercut. Company whips Miller to the ropes- but Miller grabs the ropes and denies Company the dropkick. Miller gets Company for a huge back body drop! Worth dropkicks Miller out of the ring. Williams is up and stalking behind Worth with a smile on his face. Worth turns around to get forehead to forehead. They exchange words again. Williams forearms. Worth forearms. Williams forearms. Worth forearms. Williams staggers Worth with a right hand then headbutts him. Double bird by Williams and he shoves Worth to the mat to the Devil’s Triangle.

Thunderbolt Smith: DEVIL’S TRIANGLE!

Rick Hall: Ken Worth is in big trouble!

Worth reaches for the ropes. Williams has it in deep though and Worth fades.

Rick Hall: He’s toast, Thunderbolt.

Finally, Worth taps and that’s all. Payson calls for the bell.


Kimber Marshall climbs back into the ring for the final pronouncement.

WINNER AND #1 CONTENDER’S FOR THE MEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE: The Southern Boys @ 14:19 (edited to 12:00 for television)

Thunderbolt and Hall quickly wrap up the match and go to commercial.




Refueled 15
Saturday February 8th, 2020
Allstate Arena
Chicago, IL

The Lee Best Invitational continues with eight matches in all four groups:

Buck Yates vs. Alex Redding- Group A

Steve Solex vs. Rick Dickulous- Group A

Teddy Palmer vs. Deacon- Group B

Chris Kostoff vs. Crash Rodriguez- Group B

Max Kael vs. Austin Reeves- Group C

Joe Bergman vs. Brenton Cross- Group C

Dan Ryan vs. M.J. Flair- Group D

Michael Best vs. Lindsay Troy- Group D


Frozen Over VIII
Tuesday February 11th, 2020
’e Pepsi
Quebec City, Quebec

Most Known Unknowns(Nina & Omar Martinez) vs. Dauntless(Bryan & Ryan Reed) vs. PJ Blake and Autumn Raven

Jason Ryan vs. Konrad Rabb

Sean Fuller vs. Zolton

Johnny Graves © vs. Jeff Jackson

Silas Artoria © vs. Freddie Styles vs. Kyuseishu



Cut back to the MVW Broadcast Center…

Thunderbolt annouces that Kellie Burkowski got her interview with ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson and here it is.

Kellie has the #1 contender for the Men’s title with her.

Dickinson apologizes to Kellie for the way he’s treated her. He’s not a fan of bull-*BLEEP* and most interviewers that he’s encountered are looking for exactly that. Dickinson recounts how he roamed the independent wrestling companies in territories near and far.

Bill Dickinson: I ain’t never backed down from a fight from no one. I’ve taken on anyone and everyone. Been in the ring with some great wrestlers. Won a few matches…lost a bunch. But that’s okay.

Kellie asks about next week’s showdown with the new champion ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews. Dickinson tells her that Matthews’s accomplishments are impressive. But now he’s down here in the meat grinder. Young wrestlers looking to learn their craft. Wrestlers like Dickinson looking for a chance to move up.

Bill Dickinson: The only reason Matthews is down here is because the so-called ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann found out it’s hard to be a genius without good wrestlers in your faction.   That’s why he splashed the cash to bring Matthews in.

McMann didn’t have the balls to stick with him and the other Southern Boys because they weren’t ‘corporate’ enough. He’s tried and failed repeatedly. Dickinson adds McMann knows this is his last chance- that Corporate Sports (Entertainment) Programming Nation CEO Mark Splitter won’t give him any more money if McMann fails this time.

Kellie asks Dickinson what winning the title would mean to him.

Bill Dickinson: It means you’re the best of the best. That’s what I want.

Cut to Thunderbolt and Hall at ringside in Hastings, Minnesota.

Thunderbolt Smith: It’s main event time.


Osaka, Japan
– Houston, Texas


“Clock Strikes”- One OK Rock

And here comes Shizuko Yamazaki with her red and black hair, red and black face point, red and black top, and red and black wrestling shorts.

She poses on the stage with her manager Daniel-San standing to the left to her.

Yamazaki and Daniel-San then go to the ring.

“What Have You Done Now?” – Within Temptation

That brings out former two-time MVW Women’s Champion Lisa Barbosa-Stevens dressed in red tonight. She’s accompanied by the Stevens Dynasty: Bo and George Stevens and Ted Tebow.

After a brief stop on stage, Barbosa-Stevens leads Bo, George and Tebow down to the ring.

Kimber Marshall steps into the ring for the introductions.

Shizuko Yamazaki “The Shadow Warrior”
AGE: 21 / HT: 5’4″ WT: 125 / HOME: Osaka, Japan
FIN: Cranial Contusion
MGR: Daniel-San

Lisa Barbosa-Stevens
AGE: ** / HT 6’0″ WT: 130 / HOME: Houston, TX
FIN: Toxic Sting
MGR: Ted Tebow- Tim Tebow’s long lost black sheep brother no one ever knew he had.
BODYGUARDS: The Stevens Dynasty

The fans of Hastings, Minnesota are fired up as the two women stare each other down. Referee Corrina Romanov does the pre-match checks and then calls for the bell.


Barbosa-Stevens circles with Yamazaki.

Tie up. Yamazaki has a slight edge in power. They swing around and end up in the ropes. Romanov calls for the break.

Circle again. Another tie up. Yamazaki takes a headlock. Barbosa-Stevens powers out and sends Yamazaki to the ropes. Shoulder block sends Barbosa-Stevens to the mat. Back up and right back ot the ropes. The second shoulder block is a stalemate. Yamazaki kicks then runs the ropes. She rams Barbosa-Stevens with a shoulder – Barbosa-Stevens rebounds and rams her right back. Yamazaki comes back with another shoulder block. Barbosa-Stevens does not fall. So Yamazaki throws a forearm. Barbosa-Stevens fires one right back. Now we have a brawl and it speeds up. Barbosa-Stevens gets the edge then runs, but Yamazaki follows. Barbosa-Stevens gets a fireman’s carry but Yamazaki slips out the back door.

Thunderbolt Smith: Both women are trying to establish their game plan here.

Rick Hall: So far, so good for both Yamazaki and Barbosa-Stevens.

Yamazaki tries to slap on the dragon sleeper but Barbosa-Stevens manages to wriggle free. Yamazaki whips Barbosa-Stevens to the ropes – Yamazaki avoids the sliding lariat – Barbosa-Stevens avoids the buzzsaw kick. Waistlock by Barbosa-Stevens – Yamazaki elbows free. Yamazaki runs the ropes for a shoulder block – Barbosa-Stevens slides between her legs and comes back up but Yamazaki short arm lariats her down. Fans cheer as Barbosa-Stevens kips up but gets hit by a Yamazaki elbow. Barbosa-Stevens down. Yamazaki covers.


Barbosa-Stevens shoots the shoulder up.

Yamazaki clamps on a chinlock. Barbosa-Stevens moves back and forth trying to get loose. Yamazaki drives an elbow into the forehead and sends her down. Barbosa-Stevens manages to force her way to a corner. Yamazaki releases the hold and stomps away. Forearms by Yamazaki. Barbosa-Stevens turns it around and drives forearms of her own to Yamazaki. Barbosa-Stevens shoves Yamazaki back. Yamazaki uncorks a right hand – Barbosa-Stevens ducks under and spears her to the mat. She hooks a leg for the cover.


Tw-Yamazaki kicks out.

The crowd get loud as Yamazaki runs the ropes – Barbosa-Stevens dodges – both hit the ropes and come back – DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!

Thunderbolt Smith: Both women are down.

Rick Hall: They both tagged each other hard.

Fans rally up as both women begin to stir.

Barbosa-Stevens sits up. So does Yamazaki.

Both women find the strength to stand. Yamazaki retreats to a corner. Barbosa-Stevens runs in and hits a corner clothesline. Fireman’s carry – body slam by Barbosa-Stevens. Cover.


Two…Yamazaki again kicks out.

Barbosa-Stevens drags Yamazaki to the top of the turnbuckle. Lift. SUPERPLEX!

Thunderbolt Smith: Beautiful maneuver by Barbosa-Stevens! Cover.



NO! Yamazaki kicks out. She still lives and the fans are amazed. Barbosa-Stevens gets back up and wants to end it now. But Yamazaki fights back with haymakers and body shots. Barbosa-Stevens gives big forearms and a headbutt! Barbosa-Stevens hits a DDT.



TH-Yamazaki grabs the bottom rope.

Barbosa-Stevens doesn’t let up. She drags Yamazaki back to her feet and spins her around, but Yamazaki grabs the ropes again.

This time, Yamazaki holds on to the ropes until Romanov starts a five count.

Yamazaki throws a right hand. Barbosa-Stevens evades and counters with a suplex. She drapes Yamazaki for a draping inverted GTR. Cover



Yamazaki kicks out.

Thunderbolt Smith: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens has taken it up a notch or two. She’s really overwhelming Yamazaki.

Rick Hall: When they met in November, Yamazaki was able to dictate the pace of the match and not allow Lisa to get comfortable. Tonight, it’s Barbosa-Stevens who’s dictating the pace and she’s forcing her will onto this match.

Barbosa-Stevens with swift kicks to the chest and sends Yamazaki down. Cover. Barbosa-Stevens puts the legs on the rope.


Referee Corrina Romanov stops the count and calls for a break.

Barbosa-Stevens stands and Yamazaki slowly rises. Barbosa-Stevens drags Yamazaki up to pump handle, but Yamazaki slips out! Yamazaki dragon sleepers but Barbosa-Stevens spins around to suplex. She gets it. Cover.


Tw-Yamazaki kicks out.

Yamazaki stands on wobbly legs but Barbosa-Stevens rises. Barbosa-Stevens sits up, Yamazaki uncorks a desperation buzzsaw kick that connects. Yamazaki drags Barbosa-Stevens up but Barbosa-Stevens headbutts! Double headbutt! Barbosa-Stevens then throws elbows from all sides! She staggers Yamazaki. Barbosa-Stevens slaps. Now Yamazaki slaps back. Jab by Barbosa-Stevens. Jab by Yamazaki. Both women ram heads again! Yamazaki headbutts over and over and over. She goes for the Cranial Contusion – Barbosa-Stevens blocks. Barbosa-Stevens fights it off – Yamazaki swings her around in a ripcord -Barbosa-Stevens counters to pump handle and lift, Pumphandle slam. Cover.




Thunderbolt Smith: But how?!?

Rick Hall: Yamazaki is a tough customer and Barbosa-Stevens herself can’t believe she kicked out!

Fans reach that fever pitch. Barbosa-Stevens locks up with Yamazaki. Barbosa-Stevens with a quick pop to the face. Step back – turn – grab the back of Yamazaki’s neck – drop.

Thunderbolt Smith: TOXIC STING!

Rick Hall: She’s got it!

Is this the moment that Lisa Barbosa-Stevens gets another shot at the Women’s title?





Thunderbolt Smith: Yes. Lisa Barbosa-Stevens has done it. She will face the ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan for the MVW Women’s Title.


Thunderbolt Smith: Next week on Wrestling Night in the Heartland, these will be the three matches we will have:

-Women’s Tag Team Title: The Missouri Valley Fight Club © vs. Backman Taylor Powerdrive

-Men’s Tag Team Title: The Sports Entertainment Corporation © vs. The Southern Boys

-Men’s Title: ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews © vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson

Thunderbolt Smith: And then next week on our Wednesday syndicated show – newly titled MVW Lock and Load:

-Women’s Title: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan © vs. Lisa Barbosa-Stevens

Thunderbolt says goodbye and leaves us with one last film clip from last Saturday night’s house show in Evansville, Indiana

Cut to…

(VIDEO: Evansville, IN House Show last Saturday Night)

Following ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson’s win over Bullethead, the crowd pops.

New MVW Men’s Champion ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews runs down and smacks Dickinson from behind with a lead pipe. This time though, Dickinson senses danger and turns at the last second and doesn’t get the full force.

A pull apart brawl follows.

The leader of the SEC ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann screams at Bobby Ricky Michaels and Marty Gibson-Lane to get Matthews away from Dickinson and out of the ring to ‘protect the SEC’s major investment.’



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