10/6-MVW Studio Show


Missouri Valley Wrestling
MVW’s 60 Minute Syndicated Show
Wednesday November 6th, 2019
Taped November 1st at MVW Television Studios
St. Louis, Missouri

MATCH #1- Pete Howe defeated Willie Zane with the UK Lock (Run Time: 4 minutes)
The former English bartender gets the victory over Zane- who spent much of the match wandering around the ring shouting ‘I HAVE A CHILD!’

MVW CEO Ray McAvay discusses last week’s title matches/upcoming PPV (Run Time: 4 minutes)
-McAvay books a rematch between Sheline Carrigan © and Lisa Barbosa-Stevens and the rest of the matches for the upcoming Evening of Champions pay per view show.
-‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann comes out and criticizes the McAvay Makeover of MVW for rewarding wins and losses as if pro wrestling was actually a sport.  McMann says he makes stars and the McAvay Makeover does not.

Blaire Moise Recaps Last Monday’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland (Run Time: 3 minutes)
-J.J. Bittinger talks his match w/MVW Men’s Champion Charlie Blackwell last week
-Shizuko Yamazaki defeats Yosemite Samantha
-The Southern Boys vent-‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson is upset at McAvay for not booking him in the title match at the PPV.
-Charlie Blackwell talks J.J. Bittinger and ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson
-MAIN EVENT/6 MAN TAG SPECIAL ATTRACTION MATCH: Rah, Ray McAvay, and Halitosis defeat Ultratron-5.1, The Dark Overlords of Wrestling: Justin Sufferable and Triple R
-Post-match: Dickinson and the Southern Boys attack McAvay. The Kings of Old School then run-in and brawl with the Southern Boys.




November 8th – Landon Arena / Topeka, KS
Men’s Heartland Title Match: ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-5.1 vs. ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler
November 9th – Charles Koch Arena / Wichita, KS
Women’s Tag Team #1 Contender’s Match: Backman Taylor Powerdrive vs. People’s Front of Berea (KY)
Tag Team #1 Contender’s Match: Rough Justice vs. The Southern Boys
November 10th – United Wireless Center / Dodge City, KS
November 16th – Hyland Performance Arena / St. Charles, MO
Women’s Title #1 Contender’s Match: Shizuko Yamazaki vs. Lisa Barbosa-Stevens
-Men’s #1 Contender’s Match: J.J. Bittinger vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson
November 22nd – Black River Coliseum / Poplar Bluff, MO
November 23rd – JQH Arena / Springfield, MO
December 1st – Evening of Champions Pay Per View / Hale Arena / Kansas City, MO
-Men’s Title Match: Charlie Blackwell © vs. J.J. Bittinger
-Women’s Title Match: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan © vs. Lisa Barbosa-Stevens
-Men’s Tag Team Title Match: Corporate World, Inc. © vs. The Southern Boys
-Women’s Tag Team Title Match: The Missouri Valley Fight Club © vs. Backman Taylor Powerdrive
-Heartland Title Match: ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-5.1 © vs. Rah
-Women’s Heartland Title Match: Eva Perrin © vs. Kirsten Canfield
January 11th – Supershow / Chaifetz Arena / St. Louis, MO
Men’s Title Match
-Women’s Title Match
-Men’s Tag Team Title Match
-Women’s Tag Team Title Match


MATCH #2-Lisa Barbosa-Stevens defeated Cheryl Parkman with the Toxic Sting (Run Time: 2 minutes)
Barbosa-Stevens demolishes Parkman in less than a minute. 

IN RING INTERVIEW: Blaire Moise with Lisa Barbosa-Stevens (Run Time: 4 minutes)
-Lisa thanks Ray McAvay for giving her an immediate rematch with ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan after what happened last week.
-She describes what went through her mind when she saw her husband’s rival Scottywood on the ring apron.  She reviewed the tape of the match and doesn’t blame Carrigan for doing what she did.  Lisa admitted she’d probably do the same thing.
-Barbosa-Stevens tells Blaire that win or lose, she’s not going anywhere.  She’s going to win the title back.

‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann Promo (Run Time: 2 minutes)
McMann promises that the Kardoucheian Empire is about to be resurrected.
-He again bashes the ‘McAvay Makeover’ of MVW and says the star power of the Kardoucheians cannot be measured in rankings.

MATCH #3-The Kardoucheian Empire: Khourtney and Koley Kardoucheian defeated Bobby Starr and Tim Machine (Run Time: 3 minutes)
The Kardoucheians roll past Starr and Machine with little trouble.  ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann approves.





HOW Presents – Rumble at the Rock 9
November 9th, 2019
Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California

Infirmary Match for the World Championship/Icon Title
World Champion Halitosis vs. Dan Ryan vs. Icon Champion Cecilworth Farthington
-1st fall decides the World Champion
-2nd fall decides the Icon Champion

Solitary Confinement Match
Christopher America vs. Michael Lee Best

Prison Yard Match for the LSD Championship
MJ Flair © vs. High Flyer vs. Maximillian Kael vs. Evan Ward

Crucifixion Match
Scottywood vs. Scott Stevens

Guard Tower Match for the Tag Team Championships
The Industry: Lindsay Troy & Dan Ryan © vs. The Order: Darin Zion & Brian Hollywood

General Population Match
‘Crash’ Rodriguez vs. Brenton Cross



Ultratron-5.1 / Dawn McGill Segment (Run Time: 5 minutes)
Video plays showing what happened backstage after the six man tag team title match main event on Wrestling Night in the Heartland.  A tired Dawn McGill walks down a hall, carrying her heels in one hand.  She walks by an open door.  Someone grabs her and yanks her into the room. The camera rushes over to film Poison Penny kissing McGill with the Poison Kiss. Dawn’s legs give out and she falls to the floor.  We get a quick glimpse of Ultratron-5.1 standing triumphant over McGill before the door slams.
-The video ends and Ultratron 5.1 comes out on stage.  He notes his upcoming title defense next Friday in Topeka, Kansas against ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler but what he wants to talk about is Evening of Champions on December 1st– his match against Rah.  Ultratron-5.1 says Rah and his team won the battle last week but he will win the war.  He’s got an insurance policy.  Todd the Backstage Technician wheels out Dawn McGill on an industrial sized dolly.  McGill, handcuffed/shackled to the dolly and gagged, does not look happy.  Ultratron-5.1 says he will keep McGill until he leaves Evening of Champions as the Heartland champion. 

MATCH #4-Rough Justice: D.B. Ruff and Connor Justice- two former police officers fired for their extreme brand of justice defeated Mr. Wrestling XXXIV and The Mononaghelian Stomper via count-out (Run Time: 4 minutes)
Ring veterans Mr. Wrestling XXXIV and The Mononaghelian Stomper put up a game effort but Rough Justice was too much in the end.  Plus, Rough Justice had the numbers advantage with Marshall Laww and Lt. Katrina Atcheson of the Kansas Highway Patrol on the outside.  Atcheson tasered the Stomper on the outside and he was counted out.

IN RING-Women’s Heartland Champion Eva Perrin with Lani Harlot (Run Time: 2 minutes)
Quick promo by the Women’s Heartland Champion showing off her new bodyguard and promising to do Kirsten Canfield tonight what she did to Harlot.  Eva’s husband Colonel Perrin is also there and approves.




MVW Champion: ‘Charlie Wrestling’ Charlie Blackwell

#1 Contender: J.J. ‘The Bear’ Bittinger

2. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson (Southern Boys)
3. Jack Fraiser
4. Pete Howe
5. Average Joe (Truckin’ Average Company)

Women’s Champion: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan
#1 Contender:
Lisa Barbosa-Stevens

2. Yosemite Samantha
3. Shizuko Yamazaki
4. ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot
5. ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris

Tag Team Champions: Corporate World Inc. (Kirk Walstreit and P.M.C. Banks)
#1 Contender:
The Southern Boys-‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams
2. Rough Justice: D.B. Ruff and Connor Justice
3. Truckin’ Average Company: Ken Worth-American Trucker and Brad Company
4. Georgia-Florida State Boundary: Skyler and Bryan
5. The Kings of Old School: Bobby Ricky Michaels and Marty Gibson-Lane

Women’s Tag Team Champions: The Missouri Valley Fight Club (Harley Davisson and Carrieanne McDermott)
#1 Contender:
Backman Taylor Powerdrive: Charlene Backman and Brianna Taylor

2. People’s Front of Berea (KY): Kellyanne Morris and Bailey Foster
3. The Hanson Sisters: Andrea and Melissa
4. ‘Former Hooter’s Waitress’ C.J. Lewis and “Queen Cool” Leah Iris
5. The McGill Sisters: Victoria and Regina

Heartland Champion: ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-5.1
#1 Contender:
‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler
2. Rah- The Sunshine God
3. ‘The Most Uninteresting Man in the World’ Tom Smith
4. Captain Jack Darrow
5. Bullethead

Women’s Heartland Champion: ‘The Argenta (IL) Rose’ Eva Perrin
#1 Contender:
Kirsten Canfield
2. Poison Penny
3. Delaney Foster (People’s Front of Berea- KY)
4. Victoria McGill
5. Charissa Hanson (Hanson Sisters)


MAIN EVENT/WOMEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE MATCH: Eva Perrin © vs. Kirsten Canfield (Run Time: 11 minutes)
Perrin and Canfield lock up early.   They work into counters and eventually end in a standoff. The challenger picks up the pace and Canfield hits a back elbow. She follows with chops and hits a northern lights suplex for 2.  Perrin fires back with right hands.  She sends Canfield out of the ring.  Colonel Perrin directs Harlot to attack- she whips Canfield to the barricade and punishes her on the floor.  Colonel Perrin and Harlot then toss Canfield back in.  Perrin goes top rope and the missile dropkick connects for 2.  Then the Women’s Heartland champion grounds the action.  Canfield fights back to her feet.  Perrin unloads with strikes and kicks.  She hits a German suplex for 2.  Canfield fires back again and then gets stunned off the ropes by a cheap shot from Harlot.  Perrin kicks her in the face for another close 2.  Canfield makes another comeback with a half and half suplex and nearly steals the match with a surprise roll up.  She follows with the tope con hello, and follows with a spear.  Canfield on the ascendancy – she hits with the running knee strike for 2.  But Perrin goes low and the follows with a huge lariat follows.   Tornado DDT gets 2.  Perrin finishes her off with the Overthrow.  1…2…3.

Post match, Perrin orders Harlot to lock Canfield in the White Trash Compactor.  She does until Delaney Foster of the People’s Front of Berea (KY) and Victoria McGill run down to make the save. 

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