11/2-MVW Hot Springs, AR House Show Report


Missouri Valley Wrestling House Show Report
Bank of the Ozarks Arena
Hot Springs, AR
Saturday November 2nd, 2019

Could Missouri Valley Wrestling top last week’s histrionics? We found out earlier tonight at their single house show for the weekend.

MVW CEO Ray McAvay came out of retirement for a one shot appearance in the ring with the High Octane Wrestling World Champion Halitosis and the Sunshine God Rah for the main event.   Yosemite Samantha faced off against the promising youngster from Japan Shizuko Yamazaki. And Heartland Champion and the new Queen of the Trailer Park Eva Perrin, fresh off her win over Lani Harlot in the Trailer Park grudge match that took place last week, defended her title against the Wichita Wonder Kirsten Canfield.

MATCH #1-Charissa Hanson (Hanson Sisters) defeated Natasha ‘The Black Widow’ Littell with the Elbow @ 8:16
Hanson maintains her #5 ranking in the Women’s Heartland division.

MATCH #2-Captain Jack Darrow defeated Bullethead with the Pirate Plunder @ 12:11
Bullethead thought he had Captain Jack pinned but no, Captain Jack miraculously grabbed the bottom rope at the very last second. From there, Darrow handled the tiring Bullethead to pick up the win.

Post-match, Missouri Valley Wrestling CEO Ray McAvay comes out to make a major statement about MVW’s upcoming PPV show and a big announcement about the first MVW supershow of 2020.
Taped for Monday Night’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland

MATCH #3-The McGill Sisters: Victoria and Regina defeated Ninja Kitty and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas- Tori pinned Ninja Kitty after hitting the McGill Bomb @ 7:49
After a slow start, the McGill Sisters came on strong late to seal the win and maintain their top 5 status in the Women’s Tag Team Division.

MATCH #4-Truckin’ Average Company: Ken Worth-American Trucker and Brad Company defeated Georgia-Florida State Boundary: Skyler and Bryan- Company pinned Bryan after hitting the Company Line @ 14:22
The Corporate Country favorites came out hot at the outset and nearly ended the match in the first two minutes. Then Truckin’ Average Company scratched and clawed their way back and Brad Company nearly decapitated Bryan with a vicious Company Line to seal the deal.

Post-Match: The Southern Boys come out and cut a promo on the Kings of Old School
Taped for Monday night’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland

MATCH #5 Jack Fraiser defeated Pete Howe with the Canadian Railaway @ 11:59
Fraiser wrestled a smart match to neutralize the former English bartender turned pro wrestler even though Howe came on a bit towards the end.

MATCH #6-Yosemite Samantha vs. Shizuko Yamazaki
Women’s match #2 vs. #3- winner gets Lisa Barbosa-Stevens (#1 contender)
-Taped for Monday night’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland

MATCH #7/WOMEN’S HEARTLAND TITLE MATCH: Eva Perrin © vs. Kirsten Canfield
Taped for next week’s MVW’s Syndicated Studio Show

Post-match: before the main event, Eva McGill (Dawn McGill’s 8 year old daughter) comes out dressed as a street urchin to sing ‘Castles on a Cloud’ from the musical Les Miserables.
The song was dedicated to the “Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy and Eva’s performance was done within the guidelines of the State of Arkansas Child Labor Laws.

MAIN EVENT: Rah, Ray McAvay, and HOW World Champion Halitosis vs. Heartland Champion Ultratron-5.1 and the Dark Overlords of Wrestling: ‘Not just unbearable…not just intolerable…he is…’ Justin Sufferable and ‘The Raconteur of Road Rage’ Triple R’
Taped for Monday night’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland

November 8th – Landon Arena / Topeka, KS
Men’s Heartland Title Match: ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-5.1 vs. ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler
November 9th – Charles Koch Arena / Wichita, KS
Women’s Tag Team #1 Contender’s Match: Backman Taylor Powerdrive vs. People’s Front of Berea (KY)
Tag Team #1 Contender’s Match: Rough Justice vs. The Southern Boys
November 10th – United Wireless Center / Dodge City, KS
November 16th – Hyland Performance Arena / St. Charles, MO
Women’s Title #1 Contender’s Match: Yosemite Samantha/Shizuko Yamazaki vs. Lisa Barbosa-Stevens
-Men’s #1 Contender’s Match: J.J. Bittinger vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson
November 22nd – Black River Coliseum / Poplar Bluff, MO
November 23rd – JQH Arena / Springfield, MO
December 1st – Pay Per View / Hale Arena / Kansas City, MO
All titles will be on the line.
January 11th – Supershow / Chaifetz Arena / St. Louis, MO
Men’s Title Match
-Women’s Title Match
-Men’s Tag Team Title Match
-Women’s Tag Team Title Match


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