9/18-Blaire Moise Interviews MVW CEO Ray McAvay


Blaire Moise spent a few minutes yesterday with the CEO of Missouri Valley Wrestling Ray McAvay and here are the highlights.

Blaire Moise: Do you miss being in the ring?

Ray McAvay: No.


The biggest reason why is my neck has never been the same since the night Scott Stevens gave me piledriver after piledriver onto a chair at the next to last HOW show in 2016. I had surgery in early 2018 to repair the damage and my neck felt better for a while. But I never was quite the same after the surgery and I didn’t want to continue wrestling at a level below what I became used to. So, let’s just say I’m happy being on this side now.

Talk about the ‘McAvay Makeover’ you’ve given Missouri Valley Wrestling?

I cringe when I hear that. All I did was come in and make a basic change in philosophy. One, I want our fans who come out to our house shows to believe every match that takes place means something – no matter if the show took place in Effingham, Illinois or Chicago, Illinois – no matter if it was the first match of the show or the main event. And because our house shows become more important in determining who is challenging for our titles, it gives the casual fan more incentive to come out to one of our shows.

Two, I want our fans who watch us on HOTv to see us in our element- at the house shows. I feel it’s a better look aesthetically on television than the matches at the MVW studios before three hundred people.

That’s all I’ve really done.

And the association with HOTv?

That was Laura’s (MVW Chief Business Officer Laura Bergman) brainchild. Basically, I’m focused on and doing my best to improve the in-ring product. Laura is doing what she can to provide the biggest and best platform to showcase our wrestlers so they can be seen by as many people as possible. In fact, Laura just pulled off a huge deal – in the overall scheme of things – a new MVW syndicated show.

Are we breaking news?

Sure. As we were discussing earlier, with the changes we were originally going to do away with television tapings at the MVW studios. But Laura negotiated a deal with a Midwest-based syndicator to produce a weekly, thirty minute show and as a result, we are going to continue with the twice monthly television tapings and use it for the syndicated show to focus on building up our wrestlers.

Let’s talk about Halitosis. You seem to be celebrating his success at High Octane Wrestling.

Hell yes. I’ve known Joe (Halitosis) since 2011 when we were at PCW. He played an important part in MVW from 2017 to early 2019. He’s accomplished something each and every person in that locker room dreams of being able to do- wrestle and win titles at the highest level. Halitosis’s success gives our wrestlers something to aspire to.

And he’s training in St. Louis?

Yes. He’s been training in St. Louis since Laura started at MVW in order to be with his wife during the week. Halitosis being there has had an added benefit for our wrestlers who now get the benefit of his experiences and knowledge.

Are you ‘unofficially’ working with him?

Yeah. I worked with him on the Dragon Sleeper and helped with the game plan for John Sektor. I’m his ‘unofficial’ advisor but I will not be his official manager.

Back to Missouri Valley Wrestling, MVW just inducted their first Hall of Fame class.

That was Jill (former CEO Jill Berg’s) last official act and one I supported a hundred percent. These were the women who were there at the very beginning. Miss USA was the first ever MVW Champion. Valora Salinas was MVW’s Queen of Extreme…and MVW’s most dominant champion. Brooke Evans held court over the Television title division in the early years. Brooke’s ex-rival Carrieanne McDermott deserves to be in due to her longevity and ability to adapt to tag team wrestling. Angels of Death- no brainer. Six time tag team champions. And Christa Carmondy. She also was there at the beginning, has grown over the years, and continues to be one of MVW’s best female wrestlers.

The future?

We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing and try to make our product better.


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