9/9-MVW Wrestling Night in the Heartland


The HOTv logo appears on screen.

Thunderbolt Smith (narration): Last week on MVW’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv, two warriors went at it for the MVW Men’s title…

(REPLAY: Last Week’s Show)

Dickinson spits in Blackwell’s eyes. Blackwell shoves Dickinson back. Trading strikes and both men light each other up. Dickinson misses with a wild right hand. Blackwell ducks and then grounds Dickinson. Basement dropkick snaps Dickinson’s head back.

Forearms follow. Dickinson uses his power to pull Blackwell to the ropes. Dickinson slaps on a hanging arm bar over the ropes. He literally pulls Blackwell over the top rope and then land on the floor.

Dickinson now attacks the arm. Blackwell grounded.   Dickinson snatches a Blackwell leg and cranks back on the champion. He then tries to transition to the STF but Blackwell leverages his way to the ropes.  Martin calls for the break. Is this one clean? Hell no.   This time Dickinson decides to kick the hell out of the champion and boots Blackwell out of the ring down to the floor.

Thunderbolt Smith: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson just kicked Charlie Blackwell out of the ring.

Rick Hall: That’s not a good place for Blackwell to be.

…Dickinson whips the champion into the corner. Dickinson charges forward like a runaway locomotive. Blackwell sidesteps and Dickinson plows into the corner turnbuckle.

Blackwell leaps over Dickinson.

Thunderbolt Smith: SUNSET FLIP!

Rick Hall: But can Blackwell pull Dickinson down?

Dickinson sits on Blackwell.

Thunderbolt Smith: Nope.

Martin in for the count.



Blackwell shoots the shoulder up!

…Dickinson decks him with a right hand. He lines Blackwell up and as soon as he turns around leaps and kicks both feet into his stomach. Blackwell is propelled back hard into the corner turnbuckle.

Thunderbolt Smith: I’m sorry, did Bill Dickinson just do the John Woo move?

Rick Hall: Yeah, and I’m really impressed he pulled that off.

The big guy fires up. Dickinson with a right. Blackwell sends a ballistic missile of a right hand in and snaps Dickinson’s head around with it.

Dickinson turns back to Blackwell and just smiles.

Thunderbolt Smith: I don’t usually swear over the air but I think Dickinson’s about to start *BLEEP*ing up Blackwell’s day.

Dickinson attacks with ferocious heavy strikes that drive Blackwell to the ropes.

Rick Hall: That he is doing.

But Blackwell is resilient and won’t go down. Dickinson rocks him with a nasty right hand. He lifts Blackwell up and body slams him to the mat. Cover…



Blackwell kicks out.

…Dickinson goes for a snap suplex. Blackwell keeps going over-land on his feet. He shoves Dickinson into the ropes and the big guy eats a Blackwell boot on the return. That pisses Dickinson off. He rushes forward at Blackwell. Blackwell bends down and in one fluid motion lifts Dickinson up by the legs- spins him around- and drives him neck first onto his thigh.

Thunderbolt Smith: Air Raid Neck Breaker by Blackwell!

Rick Hall: Blackwell used Dickinson’s momentum to get him in the air and then he hit the neckbreaker! What a move!

The champion drop toeholds Dickinson to the mat and locks on the Katahajime again.

Thunderbolt Smith: KATAHAJIME!

Rick Hall: He’s too close to the ropes!

Dickinson does fade though and barely makes the ropes.  Martin calls for the break and Blackwell obliges.

Dickinson throws a couple of desperate right hands that hit nothing but air. Blackwell comes back with kicks and the challenger is down again. Again, Blackwell slaps on the Katahajime.

Thunderbolt Smith: KATAHAJIME AGAIN!

Blackwell cinches it in tight and Dickinson, pretty much exhausted already, quickly fades. But he frantically tries to escape.

Rick Hall: This time he’s got him!

But Dickinson refuses to tap out.

Referee Ron Martin walks over and lifts Dickinson’s arm. It flops back down.

Thunderbolt Smith: That’s one.

Martin does it again- it flops back down again.

Thunderbolt Smith: That’s two.

Martin does it a third time. Dickinson’s arm falls to the mat.





Missouri Valley Wrestling
MVW’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv
Monday September 9th, 2019
Taped at MVW Television Studio
St. Louis Missouri

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall


Thunderbolt Smith and Rick Hall start the show from the MVW broadcast desk.

Thunderbolt Smith: Good evening everyone! Hello and welcome to tonight’s edition of MVW’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv. I am Thunderbolt Smith.

Thunderbolt points to himself.

Thunderbolt Smith: He is ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall.

Thunderbolt points to Hall next to him.

Rick Hall: Hey.

Thunderbolt Smith: We were at the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena in Independence, Missouri for an exciting night of Missouri Valley Wrestling action. But unfortunately, technical issues rose up and we are unable to bring you the show.

Rick Hall: Which is a shame as we were able to secure the services of one Blaire Moise – formerly of High Octane Wrestling- for the week.

Thunderbolt Smith: We enjoyed having Blaire back with us for the week. Here’s what you would have missed tonight. We had two big number one contender’s matches to bring you. First, The Southern Boys-‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams take on the rapidly rising team called Rough Justice: D.B. Ruff and Connor Justice- two former police officers fired for their extreme brand of justice.

Rick Hall: Thunderbolt, the addition of Marshall Laww to Rough Justice has galvanized the team and they have exploded up the tag team rankings in the past month. And the Southern Boys were still chapped over Ray McAvay’s punishment of their compadre ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson because due to the ‘house arrest’ McAvay imposed on him, Dickinson would not be at ringside with them.

Thunderbolt Smith: That is correct. And then our main event tonight would have been the Women’s Title #1 Contender’s Match between ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan and the rising star from Japan Shizuko Yamazaki.

Rick Hall: That would have been fascinating Thunderbolt. We found out how much the Lisa Barbosa-Stevens match took out of Carrigan.  And we found out how Yamazaki would handle herself on the bigger stage.

Thunderbolt Smith: Here are the results from the show we originally were going to televise tonight:

Stan (Beer Bellied Softball Playing Ninja) defeated ‘The Most Uninteresting Man in the World’ Tom Smith and Stan the Appliance Man (Truckin’ Average Company)
Smith eliminated Stan the Appliance Man first after an evenly matched three way match. Now down to the BBSPN’s Stan and Smith, both men scratched and clawed to gain the advantage before Stan pulled out the win with his trusty softball bat and hit a Home Run to win the match.

Poison Penny defeated MacLean Oswald
Former Women’s Champion Penny toyed with the rookie before delivering her lethal kiss to win her return match to MVW.

MVW TAG TEAM TITLE #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: The Southern Boys-‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams defeated Rough Justice: D.B. Ruff and Connor Justice
Ruff and Justice ran into a buzzsaw in the Southern Boys and Rough Justice fell in relatively easy fashion. The Southern Boys get another shot at Corporate World, Inc.

MAIN EVENT/MVW WOMEN’S TITLE #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan defeated Shizuko Yamazaki
Yamazaki held her own in the only going even though Carrigan controlled the pace of the match. Then the young Japanese sensation faded in the final five minutes of the match and Carrigan put her away to earn herself another crack at the Women’s Champion Lisa Barbosa-Stevens.

Thunderbolt Smith: So tonight, we are going to go back in time back to March 2019 – one week after one half of the MVW Tag Team champions Halitosis signed on with High Octane Wrestling. We’ll be back right after these messages.




September 13th – Genesis Convention Center / Gary, IN
Night one of the MVW Women’s Heartland Tournament
September 14th – Redbird Arena / Normal, IL
MVW Tag Team Title match: Corporate World, Inc. © vs. TBD
-MVW Title #1 Contender’s Match: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson vs. Jake ‘The Bear’ Bittinger
-Night two of the MVW Women’s Heartland Tournament

September 15th – David S. Palmer Arena / Danville, IL
-Heartland Title Match: Rah © vs. Jack Fraiser
-Women’s Heartland Title Match: TBD vs. TBD

September 21st – Show Me Center / Cape Girardeau, MO
Women’s Tag Team Title Match: Missouri Valley Fight Club © vs. The People’s Front of Berea (KY)
-MVW Women’s Title Match: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens © vs. TBD

September 27th – Buccaneer Arena / Urbandale, IA
September 28th – McLeod Center / Cedar Rapids, IA
MVW Men’s Title Match: Charlie Blackwell © vs. TBD
September 29th – Five Flags Center / Dubuque, IA
October 5th – Tony’s Pizza Events Center / Salina, KS
October 11th – Eastern Kentucky Expo Center / Pikeville, KY
October 12th – SIU Arena / Carbondale, IL
October 13th – Gibson Arena / Rolla, MO





Missouri Valley Wrestling
Sunday Night Wrestling
Sunday March 10th, 2019
Taped at MVW Television Studios
St. Louis, Missouri

Thunderbolt Smith
‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall


Cut back to Thunderbolt and Hall at the broadcast desk.

REPLAY: MVWA 88/Ultratron-Five showdown with Ashton Flowers

…Ultratron-Five is about to flip the switch to start the machine that’s going to turn Dawn McGill into his mindless slave.

Ashton Flowers, dressed all psychedelically, runs in and judo chops ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine.’ Ultratron-Five fights back until his metal suit gets stuck…again…and Flowers sweeps in to result McGill.

Rick Hall: In fairness, I think McGill had taken Ultratron-Five as far as she could.

Thunderbolt adds Ultratron-Five could have been a little more ‘appreciative’ about the assistance she gave him.

Hall’s ‘not surprised’ at the way Ultratron-Five handled this.

Rick Hall: I think at this stage of her career, Dawn McGill just wants to enjoy her time in and out of the ring.

Thunderbolt agrees and throws it to Kimber Marshall in the ring to introduce the first match of the show.

MATCH #1 – Ashton Flowers- Man of Mystery International vs. Bobby Starr
Kimber introduces Bobby Starr who’s already in the ring.

*’BBC’- Ming Tea*

Ashton Flowers “Man of International Mystery”
AGE: 33 / HT: 5’ 10” WT: 209 / HOME: The 1960’s
FIN: Judo Chop

Flowers comes out with his manager Dawn McGill. Flowers is dressed in psychedelic 60’s-ish garb and McGill in a silver 60’s style mini-skirt with silver high heel go-go boots.

Thunderbolt Smith: So, tonight Ashton Flowers- Man of International Mystery makes his Missouri Valley Wrestling debut.

Rick Hall: We really don’t know a lot about Ashton Flowers or his background. Just that he’s a man of international mystery.

Thunderbolt Smith: What we do know is if Dawn McGill’s involved- this will be interesting.

Rick Hall: We are in agreement on that front.


Starr starts out hot taking down Flowers with a clothesline. But resilient as ever, Man of International Mystery jumps back to his feet in no time and rushes Starr. Flowers gets a little payback with a vertical suplex DDT. Cover. One…tw- Starr kicks out. Flowers does a quick dance in the ring and gets clocked. Starr leverages Flowers into the corner and traps him. He delivers an assortment of high and mid kicks, building up a rhythm while Flowers tries to escape. Dawn does her part to help and clapping to get the crowd into the match. Flowers throws a few punches back. After a while, Flowers finally acts as Starr is drawing back his fist to punch. Making his move, Flowers drives his knee into the midsection.   He steps away from the turnbuckle and lets Starr stumble back and then double over. Flowers follows up with a back elbow to the face that has Starr falling back into the ropes. Flowers blindly rushes in and the two end up going over the ropes and landing on the ground to the outside.

Thunderbolt Smith: Neither man has really taking control of the match so far.

Rick Hall: Flowers may want to curb the dance part of his act and keep his focus on Bobby Starr.

The referee begins the count. Starr gets to his feet. So does Flowers. The two begin elbowing one another while heading for the ring to try to get the other out of the way. Starr charges towards him and runs right into a front kick. Flowers goes up top and hits a standing shooting star press. Flowers for the win. One…two…NO! Starr stays alive. Flowers prematurely celebrates and dances again in the ring. He gets nailed with a discus elbow smash. McGill shouts at Flowers to focus. Flowers looks quizzically over at her. Starr hoists Flowers into the air and drives him back to the mat with a spinebuster. But before Starr makes the cover, McGill grabs Flower’s arm and pulls him out of the ring.

Thunderbolt Smith: Smart move by McGill.

Rick Hall: Ashton dances well. But Bobby Starr can wrestle so he needs to stay on task. That’s exactly what Dawn McGill is telling him right now.

Thunderbolt Smith: I think somehow, Ashton Flowers knows exactly what he’s doing here.

McGill gives The Man of Mystery International more instructions. Once back in the ring, Starr makes a beeline for Flowers. The two begin throwing blows until Starr’s right hand makes Flowers take a step back. Starr reaches into his trunks and discreetly pulls out a foreign object. McGill jumps on the ring apron and shouts to alert Flowers. Starr walks over to Flowers. Flowers unloads a judo chop and flattens Starr.

Thunderbolt Smith: Told ya.

Rick Hall (facetiously): Booooooo.

Dawn’s jaw drops as she’s surprised by Flower’s reaction. She smiles and jumps down. The referee makes the count…One…Two…THREE.

Thunderbolt Smith: Ashton Flowers gets the win!

The crowd cheers as Kimber Marshall climbs into the ring to make it official.

WINNER: Ashton Flower- Man of Mystery International @ 4:30

Rick Hall: A good wrestler knows how to take care of business. That’s what Ashton Flowers did. McGill gave him a heads up on the foreign object and Flowers did the rest.

Thunderbolt Smith: That judo chop dropped Starr like a pack of potatoes.

Rick Hall: Whatever gets the job done.

There’s a commotion.

‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-Five
AGE: ? / HT: 5’ 10″ WT: 200 / HOME: Parts Unknown
FIN: The Disintegrator (modified F-5)

Thunderbolt Smith: Ohhhh no. Here comes Ultratron-Five.

Rick Hall: He’s still not happy about what went down last weekend.

Ultratron-Five tries to climb into the ring. But as usual, the crappy metal costume gets stuck mid-movement and Ultratron-Five gets hung up in the ropes.

Dawn McGill snatches the foreign object Bobby Starr tried to use off the mat, wraps her fist around the foreign object, and pops Ultratron-Five in the schnozz.

Thunderbolt Smith: WHOA!

Ultratron-Five falls off the ring apron and down to the floor. McGill shrugs and drops the foreign object.

Rick Hall: Ouch. Effective use of a foreign object.

Thunderbolt Smith: Oh it totally was.

Rick Hall: Ultratron-Five shows a complete lack of respect for Dawn McGill.

Thunderbolt Smith: And now you know how the American taxpayer feels.

Rick Hall (caught off guard by this random comment): What?

Thunderbolt Smith: Sorry, went off topic there. Let’s enjoy.

As the theme from ‘Austin Powers’ plays, McGill and Flowers dance in the ring.

A very unhappy and despondent Ultratron-Five trudges to the back with the assistance of Todd- one of Missouri Valley Wrestling’s backstage techs.

Paige McGillicutty returns as MVW’s backstage reporter.

Paige doesn’t even get two words out before Ultratron-Five begins to rant about Ashton Flower’s attack on him last week. Ultratron-Five decries Flower’s ‘cowardly’ attack and then turns on Dawn McGill for popping him in the ring. He calls MVW security a complete joke.

Ultratron-Five: When someone of importance is at your small time show, you’d think security would be increased to make sure insignificant fleas…like Dawn McGill…don’t take cheap shots on you when you’re not looking.

Todd: Or when you’re stuck in the ropes.

Ultratron-Five: …or when I’m stuck in the ropes…

Ultratron-Five stops himself and smacks Todd on the shoulder.

Ultratron-Five: Shut up!

Ultratron-Five vows never to set foot at a MVW show ever again because of the ‘unsafe’ working conditions. Then he turns to Todd- the backstage technician.

Ultratron-Five: And youyou will become my new assistant.

Todd: What? But-

Ultratron-Five yanks Todd by the arm and drags his assistant with him.

Cut back to Thunderbolt and Hall at the broadcast desk.

Thunderbolt Smith: So, ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ is a little upset.

Rick Hall: And he has a new ‘assistant’?

Thunderbolt Smith: I wonder what Todd thinks of this idea.

Cut to backstage.

Ultratron-Five continues to drag Todd down the hallway.

Todd: Um, sir? I have things to do. Sir? Sir! SIR!

Cut back to Thunderbolt and Hall.

Rick Hall: Sucks to be him.

Thunderbolt Smith: So there might be a period of adjustment involved.

Short and sweet with no entrance. Jill Berg comes out to the stage.

Jill Berg: I am pleased to announce to all you…the Missouri Valley Wrestling faithful here…that we have signed the following new wrestlers…’Starz N. Stripes’ Kevin Scott and ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism!

The crowd applauds.

Berg further explains that both wrestlers will be a huge additional to the men’s division and Missouri Valley Wrestling is very fortunate to get their signatures on a contract.

Cut back to Thunderbolt and Hall.

Thunderbolt Smith: Well! This is big news indeed.

Rick Hall: These guys are former champions at other independent promotions. The MVW title picture just became a whole lot crowded.

Thunderbolt Smith: Now that MVW Champion Charlie Blackwell has finished his series with Ray McAvay, could it be one of these two wrestlers who’ll be the next one who challenges Blackwell? We’re going to see one of them in action right after this.

Thunderbolt sends it to a commercial break


Men’s Champion: ‘Charlie Wrestling’ Charlie Blackwell (SEC)

#1 –
‘Red Solo Cup’ Ray McAvay
#2 – ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson
#3 – Rah

Women’s Champion: Christa Carmondy
#1 –
Yosemite Samantha
#2 – ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot
#3 – Lisa Barbosa-Stevens
#4 – ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan

Tag Team Champions: Island of Misfit Wrestlers: Rah and Halitosis
#1 –
The Dork Dynasty: Leonard and Sheldon Robertson
#2 –
Weapons of Mass Destruction: A. Tom Bomb and Hy Drogen Bomb
#3 –Corporate World Inc.: Kirk Walstreit and P.M.C. Banks
#4 –
Truckin’ Average Company: Average Joe and Brad Company

Women’s Tag Team Champions: The Missouri Valley Fight Club: Harley Davisson and Carrieanne McDermott
– The Korver Sisters: Kelly and Korey
#2 – ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan and Ninja Kitty
#3 – ‘Former Hooter’s Waitress’ C.J. Lewis and “Queen Cool” Leah Iris
#4 – Backman Taylor Powerdrive: Charlene Backman and Brianna Taylor

Heartland Champion: SNAFU
#1 –
Sheline Carrigan
#2 –
‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler
#3 –
Average Joe
#4 – ‘Canadian Bad Boy’ Justin Beaver


Thunderbolt sends it right to the ring for our second match of the night.

MATCH #2 ‘Starz N. Stripes’ Kevin Scott vs. ‘My Idol…Your Idol’ Willie Idol
Ring announcer Kimber Marshall is back in the ring. She introduces Willie Idol who’s already in the ring.

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent…

*”Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue’- Toby Keith*

‘Starz N. Stripes’ Kevin Scott
HT: 6′ 3″ WT: 250, HOME: Ottumwa, IA
FIN: American Stars and Fujiawa Arm Bar

Scott comes out in his red, white, and blue wrestling tights. He acknowledges the crowd’s cheers and starts down towards the ring.


The bell rings and fans rally for Scott. He circles with Idol. Idol shoots the leg but Scott counters to a facelock. Scott pushes Idol to the ropes and gives a clean break. The fans applaud and the two start again. Tie up and Scott wrenches to a wristlock. Idol reverses. Scott handsprings and cartwheels to reverse the wrench. Idol roll and rolls and rolls, but only makes the wristlock worse for himself. Idol rolls once more but Scott shifts to a hammerlock. Scott transitions to a headlock but Idol slips out. Scott eggs Idol on and baits him into a dropkick and sends Idol through the ropes to the outside.

Thunderbolt Smith: Kevin Scott looks fluid and economical in the ring.

Rick Hall: He’s a very good technical wrestler. Everything he does sets up his finisher- the American Bar and Fujiwara Arm Bar.

Scott patiently waits as the ring count climbs. Idol makes it back in at 8. Scott pounces on him with a cravat. He jams his shoulder in and stalks Idol to a corner. Over-the-shoulder backbreaker! Cover…one…two…kick out by Idol. He sits up but Scott kicks him back down. Cover…one…two…again Idol kicks out. Scott snapmares and cranks the neck. Scott goes to a chinlock and grinds away at Idol.   Idol finally fights his way up and fights out. He tries to run. Scott pulls him back into the chinlock! Idol reaches for the ropes and gets a ropebreak with his leg! Scott steps back. Hits a right hand and gets an atomic drop on Idol. Takedown and cover. One…two…th-NO! Idol gets the shoulder up at the last second.

Thunderbolt Smith: Scott is being methodical here.

Rick Hall: He’s not rushing things. It’s like he’s checking through a list of things to do.

Idol’s eyes are wide and glazed. Scott fires up and runs in! Double knees! Idol slumps over. Scott goes fireman’s carry into a pop-up powerslam. Cover…one…two…NO! Idol somehow survives. Scott drops down and takes the arm…

Thunderbolt Smith: American Stars and Fujawara Arm Bar!

Rick Hall: And he taps right out!

Idol frantically taps and that’s all.

WINNER: ‘Starz N. Stripes’ Kevin Scott @ 4:45

Paige McGillicutty joins ‘Starz N. Stripes’ Kevin Scott in the ring and asks him why he’s here.

Kevin Scott: Easy Paige. I’m here in Missouri Valley Wrestling for the competition.

Paige asks Scott about the competition.

Kevin Scott: There are so many good wrestlers here. Charlie Blackwell has blossomed into a complete wrestler. I’ve known Ray McAvay for years. SNAFU’s a tough opponent and Coach E.J. Flack makes him even more formidable of an opponent. I’m intrigued with ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson and the new SEC. This is a challenge and a challenge I’m willing to embrace.

Paige changes the topic to tonight’s match.

Kevin Scott: Willie Idol is another tough opponent. But in order to get where I want to be, I have to be focused. If I keep winning matches, soon I’ll the number one contender for the MVW title…check. If I can get a title shot against Charlie Blackwell…check. One step at a time.

Scott thanks Paige.

Paige McGillicutty: ‘Starz N. Stripes’ Kevin Scott looking for MVW gold.

Backstage, Mr. McMann, flanked by Dickinson, Williams, Miller, and the Mouth of the SEC Phil Finebaum, is interviewed by the Corporate Sports(Entertainment) Programming Nation aka..CSPN.

CSPN’s Reese Anderson asks McMann why Dickinson? Why Williams? Why Miller?

Mr. McMann: It comes down to this. Wins and losses. Bill Dickinson has a proven track record of success. Dan Williams and Dave Miller are an established tag team who are focuses on one thing- winning the PCW Tag Team titles.

CSPN’s Rebecca Morris asks McMann about letting MVW Champion Charlie Blackwell go.

McMann says the SEC hasn’t forgotten Blackwell.

Mr. McMann: Charlie Blackwell walked out on the SEC. Blackwell was poached by ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler. The SEC hasn’t forgotten that. There will be a reckoning. But first things first.

Anderson asks about Justin Beaver, Miley Vyrus, and Taylor Switt.

Mr. McMann: Gone.

Rebecca Morris: So no women’s wrestler in the SEC?

McMann wants to rebuild the brand first.

Mr. McMann: Now that we’ve cut the ‘overhead,’ CSPN CEO Mark Splitter is more inclined to bankroll a big money expenditure to bring in a top women’s wrestler. My first task, though, is to fix the damage to the brand caused by the malaise over the past few months.

Morris wants to know how he plans to do that.

McMann goes to elaborate but ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson interrupts.

Bill Dickinson: With all due respect, y’all, you don’t need a ‘brand.’ What you need is…

Dickinson balls his right fist and shows it off.

Bill Dickinson: …a good right hand. A nasty disposition. And the ability to put your opponents shoulders on the mat and have the referee count…one…two…three. I can do it.

Dickinson points over to Miller and Williams.

Bill Dickinson: They can do it. Charlie Blackwell’s living on borrow time. And Rah and Halitosis. They’re coming for those tag belts…soon.

Cut back to Thunderbolt and Hall at the broadcast desk.

Thunderbolt Smith: Do you see a little culture shock happening there…on both sides?

Rick Hall: Yes. But if Dickinson can bring gold to the SEC, you’ll be surprised with what they’ll put up with.

Paige McGillicutty has Coach E.J. Flack with her. But Flack isn’t there to discuss the Heartland Champion SNAFU.

Paige McGillicutty: Coach Flack, you’ve apparently gained a new client.

Flack says he has.

E.J. Flack: This wrestler was so impressed with the way I’ve guided SNAFU to the Heartland title, she reached out to me. We talked. And came to an agreement.

Paige asks who it is.

‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan walks into the frame.

E.J. Flack: Some people were born to talk. Some people were born to…NARFLE THE GARTHOK! I’ll handle the talking. Sheline will take care of the ass-kicking in the ring.

Paige then queries Carrigan if this arrangement works for her.

Carrigan nods.

Paige McGillicutty: There you have-


Flack leads Carrigan away.

Paige McGillicutty: …it. Back to you Thunderbolt.

Let’s send it Kimber Marshall for our next match.

MATCH #3: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan vs. Miley Vyrus
Kimber Marshall brings out the wrestlers for the next match.

*“Party in the USA”- Miley Cyrus*

Miley Vyrus
AGE: 29 /HT: 5′ 8″ WT: 120 /  HOME: Hollywood, CA
FIN: Hollywood Blockbuster

Vyrus comes out with Pop Songstress Taylor Switt and Switt’s guitar that’s overloaded with white powder and leaves a trail behind her. Vyrus twerks on stage.

Vyrus starts down to ringside with Switt in tow…white powder leaking out leaving a trail behind her.

Kimber Marshall: And her opponent…

*”Roll the Bones”- Rush*

Sheline Carrigan ‘The Canadian Cyborg’
AGE: 23 / HT: 6’0″ WT: 145 / HOME:  Vilbank, SK
FIN: Canadian Destroyer
THEME MUSIC: “Roll the Bones”- Rush

Manager E.J. Flack leads Carrigan out.

Thunderbolt Smith: So, E.J. Flack will be Sheline Carrigan’s new manager.

Rick Hall: This is a good arrangement for Sheline Carrigan. She’s never been much of a talker. She’s always done her communicating inside the ring.

Thunderbolt Smith: Carrigan’s never been comfortable with the limelight. Perhaps Flack will deflect some of it away from her.

Rick Hall: She was MVW Champion with Jill Berg being her manager. It’s a good fit and good idea.


Carrigan has a conversation with Flack before the match begins. Vyrus gets impatient and swipes at Carrigan. Finally both women are in the ring and circle cautiously. Vyrus shoots the leg and takes Carrigan down. Carrigan rolls away and says it’s just fine. Collar and elbow tie up. Carrigan wins the strength battle, but Vyrus uses her quickness to get an advantage. Carrigan reverses into a hammerlock. Vyrus slips through to headlock and takeover. Carrigan gets the ropebreak and Vyrus lets go. Carrigan backs off and fans applaud the sportsmanship. Collar and elbow tie. Vyrus transitions into an arm wringer and then a snapmare takedown! Cover…one…Carrigan kicks out easily.   Vyrus goes for another snapmare. Carrigan blocks. Fireman’s carry. Death Valley DDT! Cover, one…two…!

Thunderbolt Smith: A nice series of moves by Carrigan but somehow Vyrus kicks out!

Rick Hall: Sheline Carrigan needs to get it in gear. Vyrus is using her quickness to negate her power advantage.

Carrigan pulls Vyrus up. Fisherman lift…no…Vyrus lands on the other side of her. Into the ropes…roll up and over…one…two…NO!! Carrigan survives. Vyrus hauls Carrigan up quick. Carrigan fights out of an arm bar. Vyrus drives a knee to the gut. Irish whip…reversed and stopped by Carrigan. Lift…vertical suplex! Cover…one…two…Vyrus gets the shoulder up. Carrigan pulls Vyrus up again…cradle counter by Carrigan…one…two…NO! Vyrus escapes at the last second!

Thunderbolt Smith: Carrigan taking control of the match.

Rick Hall: Thunderbolt, Vyrus is doing everything she can. She’s working hard but there’s no payoff because Carrigan is just that strong.

Carrigan in the ascendancy. Big palm strike! And another! Vyrus retreats. Dropkick by Carrigan.   Sunset flip…cover…one…two…AGAIN, Vyrus gets the shoulder up!

Thunderbolt Smith: Carrigan’s closing in on the match.

Rick Hall: Vyrus is in trouble!

Carrigan sneaks a glance at E.J. Flack at ringside, grits her teeth, and pushes forward. Vyrus launches herself at Carrigan and what could be best described as a Kamikaze attack. Carrigan hits a drop toehold and drops the leg across Vyrus’s back.   Carrigan sits down on her back and pulls Vyrus’s head back into a Cobra Clutch.

Thunderbolt Smith: COBRA CLUTCH!

Rick Hall: This is new.

Carrigan’s goal is to drain the remaining energy from Vyrus. With Flack clapping on the outside, Carrigan bears down and Vyrus fades.

Finally, Taylor Switt climbs into the ring to make the save and raises her guitar. Flack shouts to Carrigan to warn her.

Switt goes to strike. Carrigan moves at the last second. Switt el-kabongs Vyrus instead. The guitar explodes in a bright white explosion of powder.

Carrigan leaps up to her feet and clotheslines the hell out of Switt. She’s done.

Carrigan pulls Vyrus up and places her in position. Leaps up and over…

Thunderbolt Smith: CANADIAN DESTROYER!

Rick Hall: That should do it.

And Vyrus is done. She’s splayed out on the mat. Carrigan hooks the leg. One…two…THREE.


WINNER: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan @ 4:57

Referee Ron Martin holds up Carrigan’s arm.

Thunderbolt Smith: Well. It wasn’t easy but ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan overcame Miley Vyrus to win the match.




September 13th – Genesis Convention Center / Gary, IN
Night one of the MVW Women’s Heartland Tournament
September 14th – Redbird Arena / Normal, IL
MVW Tag Team Title match: Corporate World, Inc. © vs. TBD
-MVW Title #1 Contender’s Match: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson vs. Jake ‘The Bear’ Bittinger
-Night two of the MVW Women’s Heartland Tournament

September 15th – David S. Palmer Arena / Danville, IL
-Heartland Title Match: Rah © vs. Jack Fraiser
-Women’s Heartland Title Match: TBD vs. TBD

September 21st – Show Me Center / Cape Girardeau, MO
Women’s Tag Team Title Match: Missouri Valley Fight Club © vs. The People’s Front of Berea (KY)
-MVW Women’s Title Match: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens © vs. TBD

September 27th – Buccaneer Arena / Urbandale, IA
September 28th – McLeod Center / Cedar Rapids, IA
MVW Men’s Title Match: Charlie Blackwell © vs. TBD
September 29th – Five Flags Center / Dubuque, IA
October 5th – Tony’s Pizza Events Center / Salina, KS
October 11th – Eastern Kentucky Expo Center / Pikeville, KY
October 12th – SIU Arena / Carbondale, IL
October 13th – Gibson Arena / Rolla, MO




Thunderbolt and Hall return.

Thunderbolt Smith: We are back and MVW Champion Charlie Blackwell is in the ring with Paige McGillicutty.

Cut to Paige in the ring with Blackwell.

Blackwell is in the ring with new Texas Strangers stablemates ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas.

First topic Paige asks about- the MVWA 88 match with ‘Red Solo Cup’ Ray McAvay.

Charlie Blackwell: I have a lot of respect for Ray McAvay. If you remember in 2017, I was the one who did everything in my power to get that belt off of him…and failed. This year, Ray chased me. He gave it everything he had. I was fortunate to get out of the ring last weekend still the MVW Champion.

Second topic- the formation of the Texas Strangers

Charlie Blackwell: I…ya…I’ve known ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler for awhile now. I’ve known Haley Dallas for a long time. With the SEC disintegrating like it was, I felt it was the right time to make the move. I chose stability of the Texas Strangers over the unstable atmosphere at the SEC.

Third topic- what went wrong with the SEC

Charlie Blackwell: What usually goes wrong when a faction splits? Ego.   Lack of focus. When I joined the SEC in 2017, it was the right move at the right time. Now, it’s the right time to move on. Mr. McMann will be just fine. He’s already reloaded…and don’t think I’m not aware that because I chose to jump before I was fired that I now have a bullseye on my back from the SEC.

Final topic- the addition of ‘Starz N. Stripes’ Kevin Scott and ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism.

Charlie Blackwell: Big names. I’m familiar with their work at PCW. The road gets harder. I’ll have to work even more harder to hold on to this belt. Now. Let’s go wrestle.

Paige thanks Blackwell and Kimber Marshall steps in to introduce tonight’s main event.

MAIN EVENT: The Texas Strangers: MVW Champion Charlie Blackwell and ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler vs. Corporate World, Inc.: P.M.C. Banks and Kirk Walstreit
Kimber introduces the Texas Strangers first.

Kimber Marshall: Managed by the Texas Cowgirl…Haley Dallas!

Haley tips her Cowgirl hat to the crowd.

‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler (Texas Strangers)
AGE: 31 / HT: 6′ 4″  WT: 255 / HOME: Beaumont, TX /
FIN: Texas Lariat

‘Charlie Wrestling’ Charlie Blackwell (Texas Strangers)
-MVW Champion
AGE: 29 / HT: 6′ 4″  WT: 224 / HOME: Dallas, TX
FIN: Katahajime

Butler and Blackwell high five.

Kimber Marshall: And their opponents…brought to the ring by the ‘King of Greed’ Gordon Guyko and his executive assistant Melissa.

Guyko comes out impeccably dressed in an expensive black suit. Melissa comes out in an equally impressive black pants suit. She has a bluetooth phone in her ear and keeps a close watch on her tag team.

Kimber introduces the teams…

P.M.C. Banks (Corporate World Inc.)
AGE: 30 / HT: 6′ 1″  WT: 230 / HOME: New York City, NY
FIN: Bank Statement Overdraft

Kirk Walstreit (Corporate World Inc.)
– ‘
Wall Street Market Analyst with the Man Crush on ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit.’
AGE: 34 / HT: 6’ 2” WT: 220, HOME: New York City, NY
FIN: Stock Market Plunge

Thunderbolt Smith: This ought to be a good one.

Rick Hall: This is Banks and Walstreit’s first match since they were dismissed by Mr. McMann. I’ve heard that there was discord and discontent between Walstreit’s longtime manager Gordon Guyko and McMann. We shall see if this revitalizes Walstreit and Banks’s partnership.

Referee Davey Keels calls for the bell.


Thunderbolt Smith: And we’re off.

Blackwell and Banks to start. The former stablemates start slowly. Circling. Guyko scowls as he observes the action. Melissa takes notes. Collar and elbow tie. Blackwell goes wristlock. Banks reverse into a hammerlock. Blackwell reverses back. Irish whip. Banks ducks going through. Banks blocks the hip toss. Blackwell blocks a hip toss. Both release and there’s a stand off. The crowd applauds.

Thunderbolt Smith: Okay. No one got the better of that exchange.

Rick Hall: No one’s backing down either.

Blackwell backs up and tags in ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler. Banks turns and tags Walstreit in.

Rick Hall: We’ll see how Walstreit decides to attack when he’s giving up thirty pounds to Butler.

Tie up. Butler pushes Walstreit into a neutral corner. Right hand. Right hand. Walstreit takes the easy way and punts Butler in the balls.

Thunderbolt Smith: And that’s one way to do it.

Butler doubles over. Walstreit grabs him by the back of the head and drives him to the mat with a running bulldog. Roll over and cover…one…Butler powers out.

Rick Hall: He wasn’t going to get it done that easy.

Drop toehold by Walstreit. Butler pushes himself right back up. He misses a wild right hand. Walstreit ducks under and hiptosses Butler to the mat.

Butler back up. He runs the ropes but Melissa snags a leg and takes Butler off balance. Walstreit runs through with a clothesline. Quick tag to Banks. He goes top rope and hits an elbow. Hooks the legs. One…two- Butler kicks out with authority.   Butler clubs Banks and then stares Melissa down. Melissa shrugs and plays innocent. Banks turns around to get run over by Butler. He tags Blackwell back in. Again, they circle cautiously.

Thunderbolt Smith: Neither team really getting a foothold on this match.

Rick Hall: The best thing you can say is that Walstreit and Banks look much better in the ring than the last time we saw them with the SEC.

Blackwell stalks Banks along the ropes. Forearms to the back. Banks falls over. Cover by Blackwell…one…two…Banks kicks out.   More forearms by Blackwell. Banks hits back. Blackwell clubs him down again. Blackwell stands Banks up and whips, Banks comes back and gets big back dropped. Banks bails out and falls to the floor. Blackwell tags Butler back in while Keels starts a ring count and it passes 6 before Banks really moves.

Thunderbolt Smith: Blackwell and Butler are teaming up real well here.

Rick Hall: Walstreit and Banks need to find another idea. What they’re doing is not working and hasn’t worked for a long time.

Suffice to say, Gordon Guyko has the same thought as he’s talking to both Banks and Walstreit on the outside. He breaks off when the count reaches 15. Butler drags Banks up. Banks hits back with forearms! Butler swings but Banks dodges and tags Walstreit in. Walstreit tries and manages a scoop, but Butler’s weight brings him down! Cover…one…two…Walstreit kicks out. Butler drops an elbow on his back.

There’s a commotion at ringside.

Thunderbolt Smith: WAIT A MINUTE!

‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson “The 330 Pound Southern Brawler” (Sports Entertainment Coalition)
AGE: 37 / HT: 6′ 1″  WT: 330 / HOME: Troy, AL
FIN: High Crossbody into a Powerbomb

‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller (Sports Entertainment Coalition)
AGE: 28 / HT: 6’ 0” WT: 240 / HOME: Columbus, GA
FIN: Southern Cross

‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams (Sports Entertainment Coalition)
AGE: 42 / HT: 6’ 2” WT: 252 / HOME: Wemberly, TX
FIN: Devil’s Triangle (Triangle Choke)

Thunderbolt Smith: IT’S THE SEC!

Dickinson, Miller, and Williams invade the ring with CSPN camera following their every move. Dickinson tosses Butler up and over the top rope to the floor. Miller and Williams double team suplex Walstreit.

Banks runs in. Dickinson cuts him off and decks him with a right hand.

Williams locks in the Devil’s Triangle on Walstreit. Miller drops Banks with the Southern Cross and lays him out.

‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and ‘Mouthpiece’ of the SEC Phil Finebaum climb into the ring. Finebaum has a microphone…

Phil Finebaum: My faction is better than your faction and the SEC is the best of the best. That’s why Dickinson, Miller, and Williams were brought in. That’s why soon, the SEC will control the two biggest belts in PCW.

He hands the mic to McMann.

Mr. McMann: Charlie Blackwell. Take a good look. This is coming YOUR way soon.

Blackwell and Butler aren’t sure what to do. Dallas tries to get both men to retreat to the back. Which would have been a good idea until Blackwell turned around and nearly has a stroke.

Male Voice: And I certainly haven’t forgotten about you.

William Daniels Bryan‘The Prairie Populist’
-Former MVW Champion
HT: 5’10″ WT: 180, HOME: Platte, Nebraska
FIN: Cattle Mutilation/Crane Kick

Bryan unleashes a Crane Kick that connects on the button. Blackwell’s eyes roll up and he sinks to the floor.

Thunderbolt is shocked at who he sees.

Thunderbolt Smith: HE’S BACK!

Rick Hall: We haven’t seen William Daniels Bryan since mid-October of 2018 when Charlie Blackwell and the SEC broke his leg at a house show in Rolla, Missouri and put him out of commission.

Thunderbolt adds that no one has seen or heard anything from Bryan in a few weeks.

Thunderbolt Smith: We knew he was working hard to get back. He looks fantastic.

Close up on Bryan- he looks tanned and rested. He’s joined by ‘Red Solo Cup’ Ray McAvay and the rest of the Les Miserables who provide protection for him as he heads to the back.

Cut to Thunderbolt and Hall backstage at last night’s MVW House Show in Salina, Kansas.

Thunderbolt discusses the breaking news concerning Halitosis- one-half of the MVW Tag Team Champions.

Thunderbolt Smith: As some of you may already know, Halitosis signed with High Octane Wrestling and will be a part of their twenty-three person HOW World Title tournament that kicks off on April 8th. As a result, we have new tag team champions…

REPLAY: MVW House Show- Salina, Kansas
Rah and ‘Red Solo Cup’ Ray McAvay vs. The Dork Dynasty: Leonard and Sheldon Robertson
MVW Tag Team Title Match

…Rah rallies with Leonard and fires off a strike fest. Leonard tries to sweep the sliding knee! Leonard kips up, springboards, and hits a leaping knee strike! Cover…one…two…McAvay breaks the count. Rah stomps Leonard then gets back to his corner. Leonard tries to stop him but runs into an elbow. McAvay tags in and sees an opening. He grabs Leonard by the neck…Neckbreaker! Ray again grabs him by the back of the neck…Running Bulldog…aka the Shakin’ and Stirred combo. McAvay with the knee drop and hooks the leg. One…two…Leonard kicks out.

On the ring apron, Sheldon grows frustrated with Leonard. He shouts at him to tag out. McAvay tries to set up for the McGill Bomb but Leonard back drops out and lands on his feet. Leonard stumbles forward right into the Dragon Sleeper.

Sheldon tells Amy to run in. She takes a step forward but gets dumped out by McAvay’s West Texas Adult Entertainment Legends valets Dark and Stormy. McAvay locks in the Dragon Sleeper and Leonard taps.

Thunderbolt announces Rah and Ray McAvay as the new Missouri Valley Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

Rick Hall: Congratulations to the new champions. Congratulations to Halitosis. He’s been given a great opportunity to do his thing on a much bigger stage.

Thunderbolt agrees and wraps up the show for this week.

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