6/30-American Heartland PPV-Part 2


Missouri Valley Wrestling Presents
American Heartland PPV
Indiana Farmer’s Coliseum
Indianapolis, Indiana
Sunday June 30th, 2019
Announcers: Johnny Suave and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Cut to the broadcast desk.

Johnny Suave: All right. We are back at Missouri Valley Wrestling’s American Heartland PPV show from the Indiana Farmer’s Coliseum in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am Johnny Suave. He is ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall.

Rick Hall: Yo.

Johnny Suave: Let’s run down the earlier part of the show before we go to the ring for our next match.

-Shizuko Yamazuki defeated Ninja Kitty

Ninja Kitty somehow staggers back to her feet. Yamazaki rolls through like a freight train and blasts her with a shoulder block sending her flying backwards into the ropes. Ninja Kitty slingshots off and lands face first on the mat. Yamazaki wastes little time. She grabs Ninja Kitty by the arms and lifts her to an upside down position. Then she sits out and spikes Ninja Kitty to the mat.


Rick Hall: Game over.

-MVW HEARTLAND TITLE MATCH-Jack Frasier © vs. Ultratron-5.1 via countout when Dawn McGill became stuck in 1946 and Ultratron-5.1 walked out of the match.

Johnny Suave: I have no freakin’ clue what the hell just happened here. But am I right to think that Dawn McGill is somehow trapped in 1946 because of some stupid magical stone?

With McGill stuck at the hills of Irish na Dun…back in 1946, Ultratron-5.1 decides to just bail on the match all together. He climbs out of the ring and hightails it to the back before Fraiser and Rendell can get their hands on him.

Johnny Suave: Ultratron-5.1 is leaving and I don’t think we’re going to get a match.

Rick Hall: His plans totally blown up to smithereens, The ‘New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ decides to call it a night and takes a powder.

-Backman Taylor Powerdrive defeated The Hanson Sisters and the Korver Sisters

Melissa Hanson looks for the package piledriver to finish Brianna Taylor off. Suddenly…

Johnny Suave: IT’S THE KORVERS!

Kelly and Korey, bandaged up, hit the ring with steel chairs. *WHAM!* Kelly knocks out Andrea Hanson.   *WHAM!* Korey knocks out Melissa Hanson.

Charissa Hanson charges forward. She jumps up to the ring apron and- *WHAM* Charissa falls back off the apron.

The SEC is incensed. Finebaum charges up to the ring apron and he’s screaming at Brent Payson. McMann just stands in place with his arms wide open.

Backman in and holds up Andrea. Side facelock by Taylor!  She drops to the mat and drives Andrea face first to the canvas


Rick Hall: Taylor covers!





-MVW WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE MATCHMissouri Valley Fight Club: Harley Davisson and Carrieanne McDermott © defeated Angels of Death: Angel Scott and Angel Casey

McDermott then reaches over and grabs Casey’s other leg and places it on top of the trapped foot. McDermott does a forward roll while maintaining the hold.


Scott tries to crawl over but Davisson stomps at her. Keels asks Casey if she gives up. Casey screams no.

Rick Hall: Oh. She’s got nowhere to go.

Johnny Suave: Davisson has Scott trapped. Angel Casey has got to find a way out.

Casey desperately tries to find a way out. Again, Keels asks the question. Again, Casey screams back ‘No!’

Rick Hall: I don’t think she’s going to do it.

Johnny Suave: She’s fading.

Casey’s movement slows dramatically. Finally, she taps. Keels immediately calls for the bell.


-The Kings of Old School: Bobby Ricky Michaels and Marty Gibson-Lane managed by wrestling legend Jackson C. Horne are the mystery team and defeat Rah and William Daniels Bryan

Rah then takes off for a splash. Michaels ducks. Gibson-Lane spews a green mist into Rah’s eyes.


Rick Hall: That’s an old school move if I’ve ever seen one. Rah’s been blinded and that’s not a good thing.

Rah is whipped into the ropes by Gibson-Lane. Horne whaps him in the back of the head with the cornet.


Rah staggers forward. Michaels lifts the knee hits the Kings Old School Landing. Rah hits the mat.



Michaels covers and hooks the leg…1…2…3. The referee calls for the bell.

Johnny Suave: We’ve had an entertaining first half of the show. Let’s see how the second half goes. Three title matches to go.

-‘The Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan vs. ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot vs. ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas
-‘Red Solo Cup’ Ray McAvay vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson (SEC)
-MVW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH-Corporate World Inc.: Kirk Walstreit and P.M.C. Banks © vs. The Sports Entertainment Coalition: ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams
-MVW WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH-Christa Carmondy © of the SEC vs. Lisa Barbosa-Stevens
-MVW TITLE MATCH-Charlie Blackwell © vs. ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism

Cut to a video package:

Announcer: This match will be a three way dance- elimination match.

Sheline Carrigan ‘The Canadian Cyborg’
AGE: 25 / HT: 6’0″ WT: 145 / HOME:  Vilbank, SK
STR: 9.3 DEX: 6.8 CHR: 6.0 WORK: 7.4 INT: 7.2 END: 7.6
ALIGN: 59% Face / STYLE: Power-Technical / FIN: Canadian Destroyer
MGR: Coach E.J. Flack

-The Canadian Cyborg looks to springboard into position to get a title shot. Carrigan has feuded primarily with Lisa Barbosa-Stevens since her return to MVW. She’s been inconsistent inside the ring which is why she brought in the man who knows how to ‘Narfle the Garthok’ Coach E.J. Flack to manage her. Carrigan has shown flashes of the old form that made her a dominant champion in MVW a couple years ago.

‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot
AGE: 33 / HT: 5′ 10″ WT: 118 / HOME: Magnolia, AR
STR: 7.8 DEX: 6.8 CHR: 7.0 WORK: 6.2 INT: 5.5 END: 6.5
ALIGN: 51% Heel / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: White Trash Compactor (Inverted Body Crunch)
VALETS: The White Trash Posse (Shayne and Jaxson)

-Back again to take another swing at earning a title shot, the ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot. Harlot, backed as always by the White Trash Posse (Jaxson and Shayne), boasts one of the more devastating submission finishers in MVW in the White Trash Compactor (Inverted Body Crunch) which makes her an always dangerous opponent.

Texas Strangers
‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas
AGE: 32 / HT: 5’10 WT: 135 / HOME: Denton, Tx
ALIGN: 75% Face / STYLE: Power-Technical / FIN: Texas Lariat

-MVW Original ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas hasn’t wrestled as much over the past few years. But now that she’s joined up with Charlie Blackwell and ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler in the Texas Strangers, Dallas has decided to resume her in-ring career. She’s still shaking off the ring-rust but she’s more than capable of handling her business inside the ring. Watch out for her Texas Lariat.

Cut to the broadcast desk:

Johnny Suave: You know the Canadian Cyborg wants a piece of the winner of the Christa Carmondy-Lisa Barbosa-Stevens match later on tonight.

Rick Hall: But she’s going to have to get past Lani Harlot. Harlot works hard and she’s made herself into a real good wrestler. ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas is another MVW Original and she knows how to take care of herself inside that ring.

Johnny Suave: Let’s see who comes out of this three way elimination match.

MATCH SIX-‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan vs. ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot vs. ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas
Referee Brent Payson is satisfied after his pre-match check of all three wrestlers. He calls for the bell.


And there’s the bell.

Carrigan doesn’t move. She waits back in her corner with each arm draped on the top rope.

Harlot races out of her corner at Dallas. Drop toehold by Dallas takes her down. Harlot jumps back up. Standing drop kick by Dallas drives her back into the ropes. Carrigan comes out. She takes Dallas by the arm and whips her into the ropes. Belly to belly suplex by Carrigan when Dallas returns!   Dallas stays on the mat. Carrigan covers.


Two…Dallas kicks out.

Carrigan from behind.  Dallas escapes. But Harlot does not. Carrigan hits her with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Dallas to the top…twisting moonsault off the top turnbuckle connects on Carrigan. Dallas with the cover.

One…Carrigan easy kick out.

Johnny Suave: Fast action early on. Both Dallas and Carrigan not wasting any time looking for an early elimination.

Carrigan climbs to her feet and Harlot’s White Trash Posse (Shayne and Jaxson) both swipe at her from outside the ring. The distraction allows Harlot to tackle Carrigan and drive her to the mat. Harlot looks for her White Trash Compactor submission hold but Carrigan powers her way out.

Rick Hall: Harlot is going to have to find a way to wear her down before she can even think about using the White Trash Compactor.

Dallas launches a Texas Lariat that sends Harlot back into the ropes.  Harlot comes out and hits a drop toe hold on Dallas. She covers.

One…Harlot kicks out. Dallas again goes top rope. Jaxson takes her foot out and causes her to fall awkwardly to the mat.

Johnny Suave: All right. Where’s the referee?

Rick Hall: You knew that was going to happen when the White Trash Posse are at ringside. They’re not afraid to stick their two cents into a match.

Carrigan walks over and delivers an European uppercut to Harlot. She lays the boots in to Dallas. Carrigan pulls Dallas up and Irish whip into the ropes. Dallas comes back and Carrigan swings her leg out and takes out her legs. Carrigan with a leg drop…and another. Dallas tries to get back to her feet but Carrigan uses clubbing right hands to the back to drive her down to the mat. She cinches in an armbar and drives her flat on her face. Carrigan takes Dallas’s arm and holds it bent against her back, and forces her hand upwards towards the neck.

Johnny Suave: Lani Harlot is just waiting back. She’s willing to let Carrigan do some of the heavy lifting here.

Rick Hall: Harlot knows that Carrigan will be one of the two left standing after the first elimination. She’s hoping to be the other one still in the match.

Harlot’s White Trash Posse shout encouragement. Dallas tries to unlock the Hammerlock but Carrigan keeps the pressure on.

Rick Hall: Harlot is doing exactly what she wants to do.

Dallas reaches for the ropes but her hand’s about a foot and half away. She tries to inch closer. Finally, Carrigan whaps her in the back of the head and pulls her to the middle of the ring. Dallas tries to kick her way out but Carrigan again uses clubbing right hands to drive her back down. She sits on her back and grabs hold of her wrists. Carrigan crosses Dallas’s arms under her chin and pulls back on the arms.

Johnny Suave: Straitjacket.

Rick Hall: Now, Haley Dallas is in trouble.

Dallas tries to use her legs to extricate herself from the hold. Carrigan holds firm.

Rick Hall: Carrigan’s not letting up and Dallas is starting to run out of gas.

Johnny Suave: Does Haley have one last burst left?

Carrigan carefully pulls her up to a standing position. She puts Dallas’s head between her legs and leaps up over her.


Rick Hall: Good night!

Carrigan covers and hook the legs.




Kimber Marshall (outside the ring): ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas is eliminated at six minutes and thirty seconds.

Harlot charges in. Carrigan feigns a spear and Harlot backs right away.

Johnny Suave: Harlot has good size but Carrigan has the strength advantage.

Rick Hall: Harlot’s best chance is if this turns into a brawl. Otherwise, Carrigan is too technically gifted and she’ll pick her apart.

Lock up in the middle of the ring. Carrigan drives Harlot into the corner. Referee calls for a break. Carrigan backs up…Harlot tries to sneak in a right hand that Carrigan avoids. The referee admonishes Harlot who ignores him and skips away. Harlot advances in. Carrigan sweeps the leg and knocks Harlot off her feet. Harlot right back up and eats a Thrust kick that glances off Harlot’s shoulder. Carrigan spins and hits a back elbow. Kick to Harlot’s knee. Another leg sweep dumps the Queen of the Trailer Park to the mat. Double foot stomp by Carrigan right on Harlot’s stomach. Harlot reaches for the ropes to get a break but Carrigan sidekicks her to the side of her temple and that dazes her. Carrigan tries to hook Harlot’s legs and turn her face down but Harlot manages to escape and rolls out of the ring.

Rick Hall: All Carrigan. She’s exposing Harlot right now.

Johnny Suave: Coach E.J. Flack has been quiet so far.

Rick Hall: Which means Carrigan is doing everything she’s supposed to be doing.

Speaking of Coach Flack. He turns to the crowd and randomly shouts out ‘NARFLE THE GARTHOK!’


Harlot walks back and forth and confers with Shayne and Jaxson. Harlot finally climbs back onto the ring apron. Carrigan takes off and leaps through the middle rope and spears Harlot sending both flying off the apron onto the floor.

Johnny Suave: HOLY CRAP! Carrigan is totally outclassing Harlot right now.

Rick Hall: She looks motivated Johnny. That’s not good news for the rest of the division.

Carrigan back to the ring. Shayne and Jaxson pick Harlot up, help her to the ring apron, and roll her back in. Harlot holds on to the rope. Carrigan grabs both feet and pulls back lifting her into the air. She releases her feet and Harlot lands hard on her back.

Johnny Suave: Ouch.

Rick Hall: I’m telling you, this is the Sheline Carrigan who demolished MVW. She looks fabulous.

Harlot gropes at the ropes again. Carrigan grabs her feet again and pulls her away from the ropes. Carrigan wraps her legs around the opponent, crossing her ankles and tightens her grip by squeezing together her thighs.

Johnny Suave: Now she’s going with the body scissors and she’s trying to suck the life out of Harlot.

Rick Hall: Textbook wrestling by the Canadian Cyborg. Harlot may be out of her depth tonight.

Carrigan tells the referee to ‘ask her.’ Harlot shakes her head no.

Johnny Suave: She’s just wearing her down.

Harlot tries to swipe at Carrigan. Carrigan releases the hold and stands up. Harlot slowly gets up and snaps off a desperation spinning heel kick. Carrigan ducks. Puts Harlot’s head between her knees. Carrigan launches herself forward and spikes Harlot’s head on the mat.]


The crowd rises. Carrigan hooks the legs.





Johnny Suave: Wow! Sheline Carrigan demolishes the Queen of the Trailer Park Lani Harlot.

Kimber Marshall in the ring.

Kimber Marshall: Your winner at eleven minutes and fifty-nine seconds…THE CANADIAN CYBORG SHA-LEEEEEEEN CARRIGAN!

Rick Hall: That is Sheline Carrigan’s best performance in a long time.

Johnny Suave: Do you think either Christa Carmondy or Lisa Barbosa-Stevens should be taking note of this performance?

Rick Hall: Well, not tonight. I’m pretty sure Christa and Lisa are focused on their match. But yes, the champion is going to have to deal with Sheline Carrigan soon.

There’s a bit of a commotion.

Ultratron-5.1, upset over the fact that he lost his valet Dawn McGill when she was trapped behind the magic rock at the hill of Irish na Dun, has apparently chosen her successor.

He carries an unconscious Delaney Foster over his shoulder and heads back to his lair somewhere in the building. Todd- the backstage technician follows.

Todd: Um sir. Sir?

Ultratron-5.1 runs into his lair.

Todd: I don’t think this is a good idea.

Ultratron-5.1 grabs Todd by the arm and yanks him inside.


Cut back to the broadcast desk.

Johnny Suave: Oh dear. This is getting even more bizarre.

Rick Hall: Yes. He’s a dick.

Cut to the next video package.

Announcer: ‘Red Solo Cup’ Ray McAvay and ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson have been at each other’s throats since the 330 Pound Southern Brawler cost McAvay and Rah the MVW Tag Team Title at MVWA 89. Since then, McAvay has interfered and cost Dickinson and the Sports Entertainment Corporation a chance at the MVW title. At MVWA 91, McAvay got his revenge on the SEC when his interference cost the SEC’s ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams the MVW tag team belts.

The Deplorables
‘Red Solo Cup’ Ray McAvay
AGE: 38 / HT: 6’-3” WT: 215 HOME: Fort Stockton, TX
STR: 6.0 DEX: 6.7 CHR: 6.5 WORK: 9.4 INT: 6.9 END: 7.5
ALIGN: 65% Face / STYLE: Brawler-Technical / FIN: McGill Bomb
VALETS: West Texas Adult Entertainment Legends Dark and Stormy
MGR: Bert the Janitor

-McAvay is not the wrestler he was back in 2016 when he was riding high in High Octane Wrestling. Injuries and age have begun to slow down the former MVW Champion. But as long as he has access to a Big Bertha Driver or leave yourself open for the McGill Bomb (a move named after McAvay’s ex-wife the aforementioned Dawn McGill), McAvay is still a wrestler to be reckoned with.

‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson “The 330 Pound Southern Brawler”
AGE: 37 / HT: 6′ 1″  WT: 330 / HOME: Troy, AL
ALIGN: 55% Heel / STYLE: Brawler-Power / FIN: High Crossbody into a Powerbomb

-Dickinson? His experience with the SEC has not turned out like he hoped it would. Dickinson saw the SEC as the gateway to the MVW title. Instead, he’s been mired in a feud with McAvay- one that Dickinson singlehandedly instigated when he cost McAvay a share of the tag belts. Now, Dickinson wants to settle all accounts with McAvay once and for all and get back on track to challenging for the MVW Title.

Johnny Suave: These two have been at each other’s throats for the past two months and it’s hurt Dickinson.

Rick Hall: It’s hurt Bill Dickinson because he has designs on the MVW Title and instead he’s been caught in this fracas with Ray McAvay. A loss tonight to McAvay would be a killer to Dickinson’s title aspirations.

Johnny Suave: We’ll see what happens. Let’s go to the ring.

MATCH SEVEN-‘Red Solo Cup’ Ray McAvay vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson (SEC)
Again, the SEC is at ringside for this match along with the CSPN camera crew.

And as always, McAvay is accompanied by his wife, and one half of the famed West Texas Adult Entertainment duo Dark and Stormy, Stacee (Dark) Perry and her partner Paige ‘Stormy’ Reynolds and of course, Bert the Janitor.

Referee Ron Martin calls for the bell and we’re off.


Dickinson moves forward and cuts McAvay off. They lock up. Dickinson pushes forward and drives McAvay into the ropes. Ray grabs the rope and Martin calls for a break. Dickinson steps back and circles.

Johnny Suave: This will be an interesting match. Dickinson wants to brawl. McAvay wants to brawl as well- to a point.

Rick Hall: Yeah, I don’t think it’s in Ray’s best long term interest to get into a pier six brawl with Bill Dickinson. That’s suicide.

McAvay studies Dickinson and thinks about his next move. Lock up again. Dickinson with a side headlock. McAvay reverses out into a hammerlock into a headlock of his own. Dickinson pushes McAvay off and into the ropes. McAvay comes back, ducks a lariat and goes all the way across. McAvay bounces off the other ropes and charges towards Dickinson. Dickinson again goes for a lariat. McAvay slides in between Dickinson’s legs and goes under him. McAvay up quickly and tries to lock in a full nelson. Dickinson with a back elbow. A second back elbow staggers McAvay back. Dickinson throws McAvay to the mat and locks in an armbar and catches his breath.

Johnny Suave: Quick sequence of moves there. That’s how McAvay can win this.

Rick Hall: Not sure trying a full nelson on Dickinson was the wisest choice, though.

Dickinson moves to a hammerlock and wrenches McAvay’s hand up towards his neck. He holds the hammerlock and drops a couple of knees on McAvay’s back.

Johnny Suave: Knee strikes by Dickinson and that’ll rearrange a few vertebrae.

McAvay pulls himself forward along the canvas and latches on to the bottom rope. Martin calls for a rope break and Dickinson complies.

Rick Hall: Johnny, Dickinson looks very poised to start. WHOA!

After Dickinson breaks the hold, he kicks McAvay in the gut. Dickinson lifts him up and spins him around before kneeling and slamming his back across his knee.


Rick Hall: That came out of nowhere, Johnny.

Dickinson covers…Keels counts…


Two…McAvay kicks out. Dickinson pulls McAvay up and whips him into the ropes. He loads up his right hand and blasts McAvay coming back.

Johnny Suave: Dickinson caught McAvay coming off the ropes. Cover.

Dickinson again covers.


Two…McAvay kicks out again. Dickinson takes McAvay’s legs and spreads them…then drops the leg straight down. McAvay holds his groin and rolls back and forth.

Johnny Suave: Nasty knee by Dickinson and Ray McAvay is thankful that he’s already had his children.

Rick Hall: Um…yes.

Dickinson pulls him up and puts McAvay’s head between his legs. He picks him up by the torso and then slams McAvay back down. Dickinson again hooks the leg.


Two…shoulder up.

Johnny Suave: It is all Bill Dickinson so far.

Rick Hall: Dickinson’s not fooling around tonight. McAvay hasn’t had an answer for him yet.

McAvay tries to roll out but Dickinson grabs him by the back of his trunks and pulls him right back. Dickinson picks him up from behind and brings him back down on his knee.

Johnny Suave: Atomic Drop.

McAvay winches in pain. Dickinson fireman’s carries him up and then jackhammer slams him back down. Cover


Two…McAvay gets a foot on the rope.

Johnny Suave: Ray McAvay doesn’t know what’s hit him. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson is on fire and McAvay is having problems dealing with him.

Dickinson tackles McAvay and again hooks the leg. Martin slides in.



Two point nine…McAvay just barely gets the shoulder up.

Rick Hall: Dickinson is relentless and that’s good. He knows he’s got McAvay in big trouble and he’s not letting up for a second.

McAvay again tries to roll out of the ring. Dickinson grabs a leg and pulls him towards the center of the ring. McAvay kicks out with his free leg and connects on the side of the 330 Pound Southern Brawler’s face.

Dickinson releases the leg and McAvay quickly scrambles out of the ring.

Rick Hall: And that’s a good idea too. Ray desperately needs a break to try and collect himself.

Dickinson paces back and forth in the ring. McAvay confers with Bert the Janitor but more so makes Dickinson wait.

Johnny Suave: And making Dickinson cool his heels for a few extra seconds isn’t a bad idea.

Rick Hall: Ray had lost complete control of the match.

Referee Ron Martin starts to count. That prompts McAvay to get back into the ring. He locks eyes with Dickinson and both men walk around in a circle. They lock up. McAvay with the arm wringer. Dickinson reverses and tries to go to a hammerlock. McAvay reverses back to an arm wringer. Dickinson tries back elbows. McAvay avoids and cinches in the arm wringer even more. Dickinson moves to the corner and crunches McAvay into the corner turnbuckle. McAvay lets go.

They circle again.

Johnny Suave: McAvay slowing the pace down a bit and trying to give Dickinson something different to look at.

Rick Hall: You can’t account for the experience that McAvay has. He’s seen a lot of things inside that ring and can make in-ring adjustments on the fly. That’s what he’s doing here. Slow the pace. Get Dickinson out of his groove.

Dickinson chops McAvay with a loud smack.

Johnny Suave: Ow.

Rick Hall: Well, until Dickinson does that.

Second chop by Dickinson. McAvay retaliates with a chop of his own. Dickinson shrugs it off and chops back. McAvay feigns a chop but then kicks at his leg. McAvay takes a side headlock and moves Dickinson towards the center of the ring. He places his foot inside Dickinson’s and tries to take her down backwards. The problem is Dickinson is so big. Dickinson wraps his arms around McAvay…back body drop. McAvay rolls through and gets back to all fours. Dickinson drops an elbow on McAvay.   Dickinson rolls him over and covers.


Two…kick out by McAvay.

Johnny Suave: Another near fall for Bill Dickinson.

Rick Hall: Nothing is working for Ray tonight.

So McAvay rakes the eyes. Dickinson turns away. McAvay comes up from behind and bulldogs Dickinson face first to the mat. He covers.

One…Dickinson kicks out.

Dickinson jumps right up and rocks McAvay with a right hand. Dickinson then moves around and slaps on a rear chin lock while jumping up to place both his knees against McAvay’s back and falls backward to the ground, forcing his knees to push up into Ray’s back.

Johnny Suave: Double Knee Backbreaker and now it’s Dickinson back on the ascendancy.

Dickinson wastes no time and covers. Martin counts.



Two point seven- McAvay just gets the shoulder up.

But he has a hard time getting back to his feet. In a last ditch desperation move, McAvay’s valets and West Texas Adult Entertainment Legends Dark and Stormy climb up to the ring apron to distract the referee. Bert the Janitor gets the Big Bertha driver out to slip to McAvay.

Johnny Suave: It’s the final throw of the dice.

Rick Hall: And tonight, Dickinson isn’t having it.

Nope. Dickinson runs right over to the corner and bumps Dark and Stormy off the ring apron.

The referee sees Bert with the driver and warns him.

McAvay tries to get away but Dickinson doesn’t allow that either. He pulls McAvay up and puts his head in between him legs. Lift…powerbomb to the mat.

Johnny Suave: That’s got to be it. I don’t think McAvay is going to get up from that one.

Dickinson again hooks the legs.





Johnny Suave: And that will do it. Bill Dickinson didn’t give McAvay any openings tonight.

Kimber Marshall steps into the ring for the official pronouncement.

Kimber Marshall: The winner at twelve minutes and fifteen seconds- ‘REDNECK’ BILL DICKINSON!

Rick Hall: A dominating performance by the 330 pound Southern Brawler. I’m sure ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann, the SEC and CSPN are pleased with-

Johnny Suave: HE’S NOT DONE YET!

Dickinson starts stomping away on McAvay. He pulls McAvay up, puts his head between his legs, and powerbombs him to the mat.

Johnny Suave: He’s snapped and this is not good.

Rick Hall: Bill is frustrated about not getting title shots and he’s going to take out on Ray McAvay tonight.

McMann can’t believe what he’s seeing. The CSPN camera crew film everything.

Johnny Suave: And here comes the Deplorables!

Immediately, the Deplorables storm the ring: General DeBauchery, Al Cahall, and Nic Koteen.

‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams begin to move towards the ring. McMann screams at them not to get involved.

Rick Hall: Miller and Williams have a match coming up. There’s no way they should be getting involved in this.

Dickinson belts General DeBauchery with a right hand- he’s down.

Dickinson nails Cahall with a right- he’s down.

Rick Hall: On the other hand, not sure the Deplorables should have involved themselves either.

Dickinson wipes out Koteen with a third right hand. Koteen’s out. Then Dickinson picks McAvay up and powerbombs him a second time.

And then he does it a third time.

Johnny Suave: They’ve got to get help down there and fast.

Rick Hall: Where is Rah and William Daniels-

Johnny Suave: HERE THEY COME!

Rah and William Daniels Bryan sprint down to the ring.

Dickinson sees the calvary coming and rolls out of the ring. He flips off McAvay and leaves followed by the CSPN. The rest of the SEC trail the group. Mr. McMann does not look overjoyed after the match.

Rick Hall: That’s what I call a statement Johnny.

Johnny Suave: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson catapults himself back into the MVW title picture with a decisive win over Ray McAvay tonight.

Medical personnel come to the ring to check McAvay out.

Johnny Suave: While the medical staff makes sure McAvay is okay, let’s watch a video package for the upcoming MVW Tag Team title match.

Cut to video package:

Announcer: Corporate World Inc. vs. Sports Entertainment Coalition is a rematch from MVWA 91 when Corporate World Inc. dethroned the SEC with an assist from Ray McAvay’s Deplorables.

(REPLAY: MVWA 91 Sports Entertainment Coalition © vs. Corporate World, Inc.)

Dickinson returned late to ringside and the Hanson Sisters started up with referee Brent Payson. Things became chaotic.

Walstreit hit the Stock Market Plunge on Miller and hooked the legs. Payson was busy jawing with the Hanson Sisters. Dickinson started to climb into ring again to intervene but Ray McAvay’s Deplorables ran in and pulled him right back out.

Walstreit hit a second Stock Market Plunge on Miller. The Deplorables kept Williams and the Hansons at bay and Walstreit got the three count.

Corporate World Inc.
P.M.C. Banks
AGE: 30 / HT: 6′ 1″ WT: 230 / HOME: New York City, NY
ALIGN: 75% Heel / STYLE: All-Around / FIN: Bank Statement Overdraft (Standing Tornado DDT)
Kirk Walstreit
– ‘Wall Street Market Analyst with the Man Crush on ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit.’
AGE: 34 / HT: 6’ 2” WT: 220, HOME: New York City, NY
ALIGN: 70% Heel / STYLE: All-Around / FIN: Stock Market Plunge
MGR: ‘King of Greed’ Gordon Guyko
ASST: Melissa

-Walstreit and Banks were unceremoniously dismissed from the SEC by ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and immediately picked up by the ‘King of Greed’ Gordon Guyko. Guyko’s leadership turned their fortunes around and capped off with them defeating the SEC for the tag belts.

Sports Entertainment Coalition
‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller
AGE: 28 / HT: 6’ 0” WT: 240 / HOME: Columbus, GA
ALIGN: 65 % Heel / STYLE: Brawler / FIN: Southern Cross
‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams
AGE: 42 / HT: 6’ 2” WT: 252 / HOME: Wemberly, TX
ALIGN: 75% Heel / STYLE: Power / FIN: Devil’s Triangle (Triangle Choke)
MGR: ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann
MGR #2: ‘Mouthpiece of the SEC’ Phil Finebaum
VALETS: Andrea, Melissa, and Charissa Hanson aka…The Hanson Sisters

-Like the Hanson Sisters and Bill Dickinson, Miller and Williams find themselves at a crossroads with the SEC. They, too, aren’t happy with the way things are going. Yes, they won the tag belts. But then CWI came along and ended their two month run at the top. Rumor has it CSPN (Corporate Sports-entertainment Programming Nation) CEO Mark Splitter is not happy with Dickinson, Miller, or Williams and their in-ring and out of ring behavior.

Announcer: Can Miller and Williams pull it together to win back the tag team title? Or will Walstreit and Banks continue their good run of form and consolidate their title?

Cut back to the broadcast desk:

Thunderbolt Smith: Rick? It’s been a mixed bag for the SEC so far tonight.

Rick Hall: That’s right. The Hanson Sisters lost earlier on to Backman Taylor Powerdrive. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson just wiped out Ray McAvay a few minutes ago. I think the SEC wants this one badly and I believe you will see them pull out all the stops on this one.

Thunderbolt Smith: Let’s cut backstage for a moment.

‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and CSPN CEO Mark Splitter are talking to ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams before the match.

Mark Splitter: I don’t know how to make it any clearer. CSPN has paid a lot of money to cover the SEC. The SEC are the elite of the elite. We expect results.

Mr. McMann: You guys have to win this match. No excuses. We will do everything in our power to make sure both of you win tonight.

Miller and Williams understand. But they aren’t overly happy about the pressure that’s being heaped on them.

Cut back to the broadcast table.

Thunderbolt Smith: Okay. We are about to find out how this is going to go. Kimber Marshall is in the ring.

MVW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH-Corporate World Inc.: Kirk Walstreit and P.M.C. Banks © vs. The Sports Entertainment Coalition: ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams
Kimber is in the ring and ready.

Kimber Marshall: Our next match is a one fall…

Crowd: ONE fall!

Kimber Marshall: …and it is for the Missouri Valley Wrestling Tag Team Titles. Introducing the challengers.

SEC ESPN Network Theme Song”

The Sports Entertainment Coalition come out again. First, ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann. Second, the SEC’s Mouthpiece Phil Finebaum with CSPN CEO Mark Splitter. The Women’s Champion Christa Carmondy follow along with The Hanson Sisters.

Kimber Marshall: Representing the Sports Entertainment Coalition…

‘Everlong’- Foo Fighters

Kimber Marshall: …and hailing from Columbus, Georgia. Weighing in a two hundred and forty pounds- ‘DASTARDLY’ DAVE. MILLER!

Miller walks out to the stage to a chorus of boos.

Kimber Marshall: And his tag team partner…

“Screw You, We’re From Texas”- Ray Wylie Hubbard

Kimber Marshall: From Wimberley, Texas. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifty-two pounds. DANGEROUS. DAN. WILLIAMS!

Williams comes out next. He fist bumps Miller on the stage and then the pair walk to the ring.

Kimber Marshall: Their opponents.

Gordon Guyko’s voice (over the loudspeakers)“Greed. Greed is good. Greed is…really, really good.”

Kimber Marshall: Led to the ring by the ‘King of Greed’ Gordon Guyko! Weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and sixty pounds. Please welcome the team of P.M.C. Banks and Kirk Walstreit…CORPORATE WORLD INC!

The ‘King of Greed’ Gordon Guyko and his Executive Assistant Melissa lead P.M.C. Banks and Kirk Walstreit out to the stage and down to the ring. Both wrestlers hold up their tag team title belts.

Once in the ring, Walstreit walks around holding up a velvet painting of ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit.

Kimber Marshall: Your referee will be Davey Keels!

Johnny Suave: Corporate World, Inc. won the title earlier this month at MVWA 91. The SEC want the title back.

Rick Hall: The big difference between Banks and Walstreit now compared to a couple months ago is that they’ve got confidence. It took a little time for Guyko to build these two back up after Mr. McMann kicked them out of the SEC.

Johnny Suave: But the pressure’s actually on Miller and Williams of the SEC.

Rick Hall: Yes it is. The SEC expects results. CSPN really expect results because they want to televise ‘winners’ and ‘excellence.’ The SEC does not want to leave Indianapolis without two of the three big titles.

Keels calls for the bell.


Walstreit and Miller to start. Lockup in the middle of the ring. Side headlock by Miller. Reversed by Walstreit into hammerlock. Reversed back by Miller to a side headlock. Miller whips Walstreit to the ropes. Walstreit ducks under the clothesline and runs the opposite ropes. Miller leaps up and allows Walstreit to pass underneath. Miller goes for a dropkick-Walstreit grabs the ropes and Miller lands harmlessly.

Johnny Suave: Stalemate.

Rick Hall: Not much of a feeling out process. More like trial and error.

Miller drives his shoulder into Walstreit’s stomach. He steps back and… *SLAP*

Johnny Suave: ‘Dastardly Dave Miller just slapped the crap out of Kirk Walstreit!

Walstreit’s face contorts. Miller whips him into the rope and raises the knee causing Walstreit to go airborne and land hard on the mat. Then Miller drops the leg across the groin area.   He climbs up onto the corner turnbuckle and jumps off landing his knees on Walstreit’s right leg.

‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams jumps in the ring. He spins Walstreit around and takes him down with a lariat. P.M.C. Banks runs in and pulls Miller out towards the center of the ring…sets…and then drops an elbow. Banks gets right back up and drops a second elbow down. Keels starts a count to clear the ring.

Walstreit back up but Williams drives a forearm to his back sending him to the mat. Williams mounts and starts throwing punches down at Walstreit. Banks spins around and slams Miller into the corner turnbuckle. Banks takes off and leaps forward, cannonballing into Miller in the corner.

Banks covers. Keels waves it off because Banks is not the legal man.

Johnny Suave: Lot’s of fast action early on.

Rick Hall: I think this will come down to if Corporate World, Inc. can ride out the early storm. The SEC will be very aggressive.

Keels is successful in getting the ring cleared-it’s back to Miller versus Walstreit.

Walstreit follows with strike and chops. Miller fires back with right hands. Walstreit goes for a side kick. Miller catches. Walstreit then goes enziguri. Miller staggers back. Walstreit follows with a high cross. Hook the legs.


Two…Miller kicks out. He rolls over and tags ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams in.

Johnny Suave: Walstreit wasn’t going to pin Miller that easily.

Rick Hall: No. But it keeps the SEC occupied and on the defense.

Williams teases a superkick. He goes up to Walstreit and rakes the eyes. Banks come in. Miller climbs back into the ring. They brawl. Williams superkicks Banks and sends him reeling through the ropes. Banks gets a head of speed up and dives over the top rope onto Williams. Banks gets a little too close to the SEC. The Hanson Sisters strike. They whack Banks with their hockey sticks and he has to run for it.

Johnny Suave: The Hansons sure love their hockey.

Rick Hall: Banks will learn fast not to get too close to them during the match.

Williams back in. Williams and Walstreit circle slowly. Walstreit then turns and tags Banks in. Banks then locks up with Williams. Williams pushes back. Banks grabs his arm and yanks it behind him. Williams elbows Banks once…twice. Hold released. Williams whips around lands a pair of forearm shots to Banks’s forehead and shoves him to the ropes. Williams goes to send him across. Banks reverses and tries to whip Williams across. HE reverses and sends Banks to the ropes. Miller sneaks in a cheap shot to Banks’s back at the ropes. Williams runs the ropes and follows with a shoulder block sending Banks through the ropes to the floor- on the SEC.

Johnny Suave: P.M.C. Banks in the wrong place.

Miller jumps Banks. The Hanson Sisters attack Banks. Banks ends up taken a few hockey stick shots.

Finally, Walstreit grabs a chair and goes around the ring. Miller charges forward.


Miller gets walloped by a chair and stumbles backwards into a wall. The Hansons scatter. Williams runs the ropes and comes off on the other side. Williams leaps through the ropes and spears Walstreit on the floor.

Johnny Suave: HOLY CRAP! ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams!

Rick Hall: Dan Williams is not known for his high flying but he turned himself into a human missile to take out Kirk Walstreit.

Johnny Suave: Here comes Banks!

Banks on the top turnbuckle. He jumps and drops an elbow on Williams.

Johnny Suave: And all four men on the floor!

Williams rakes the eyes. Banks staggers to the corner.

Miller with kicks to Walstreit. He whips Walstreit into ring post.

Williams charges- Banks somehow gets the foot up and smacks him in the face. Williams does an about face. Banks takes the back of Williams’s head and slams him face first to the floor.

Johnny Suave: Running Bulldog by Banks on the floor.

Keels starts the count. He’s up to five.

Williams and Banks return to the ring. Banks holds out his hand and tags in Walstreit. Walstreit tries to catch Williams sleeping- nope. Williams grabs him…turns him…and scoop slams him to the mat. Walstreit holds his back and tries to roll towards her corner. Williams grabs Walstreit by the leg and pulls him back towards the SEC corner. There he mounts Walstreit and starts throwing lefts and rights. Immediately, Keels starts a five count.

Williams relents and backs away at the count of three. He starts a conversation with Keels and allows Miller to sneak in even more cheap shots on Walstreit.

Finally, Keels catches wind of what’s going on and kicks Miller out of the ring.

Williams walks over lays the boots on Walstreit again. Once…twice…a third time.. Methodically, Williams drags him up by the hair and places him in the corner. Kick to the midsection by Williams. A second kick. Williams pulls him to the middle of the ring. Snap mare takedown followed by a leg drop. Williams covers.




Johnny Suave: Walstreit somehow gets up!

Rick Hall: The SEC is carrying the action, Johnny. But I believe that’s the strategy of Corporate World, Inc’s. They’re going to counter.

Williams tags in Miller. Miller and Walstreit lock up. Miller grounds the action so Walstreit has to fight to his feet. Lockup. Both men work to the ropes. Williams gets in a cheap shot and Miller follows with chops. Walstreit tries to fire back but Williams dumps him to the floor as Miller attacks Banks.

Miller lays in chops on the floor.   The Hanson Sisters again interfere and attack Walstreit. Walstreit pushes them away and rolls back in.

‘King of Greed’ Gordon Guyko is jawing at Keels about keeping order.

Johnny Suave: The SEC are getting away with some extracurricular stuff at ringside.

Rick Hall: They’re getting away with a LOT of stuff at ringside. The SEC is going all out to win back the tag belts.

Williams tags in Miller.  Miller works over Walstreit along the ropes. Walstreit fires back with rights and left. Walstreit then goes for a sunset flip- Miller counters with the sit-down splash.




Walstreit kicks out.

Williams tags back in. Neck breaker by Williams and he covers.



Walstreit kicks out again. Miller tags back in for the SEC.

Johnny Suave: Miller and Williams are using quick tags to keep a fresh guy in there.

Williams pulls Walstreit up allowing Miller to lay the boots on the midsection. Referee Keels admonishes both SEC men. Miller hits a Half Nelson legsweep and follows by taking Walstreit’s legs and bending them at the knees, crossing them, placing one ankle in the other leg’s knee-pit before then turning around so that they are facing away from Walstreit and places one of his feet into the triangle created by the opponent’s crossed legs. The wrestler then places the opponent’s free ankle under their knee-pit and bridges backwards to reach over their head and locks their arms around the opponent’s head.

Johnny Suave: Muta lock! This could be it!

Rick Hall: We could have new champions!

Banks hits the ring and clubs Miller.

Johnny Suave: NO! P.M.C. Banks makes the save.

Miller dumps him over the top rope and tags Williams back in.

Rick Hall: The SEC using quick tags very effectively. They are staying fresh while wearing Kirk Walstreit down.

Guyko knows it as well. He exhorts Walstreit to get to the corner to take Banks in.

Williams starts cutting Walstreit down with clotheslines. He then stomps on him, Walstreit tries to fire back, avoids a charge and eats a dropkick to the knee by Williams. Williams hits the DDT. Cover.



NO- Walstreit just gets a shoulder up.

Williams decks him with a running elbow. Cover.



Again, Walstreit gets the shoulder up.

Johnny Suave: Walstreit in trouble!

Rick Hall: He needs to get to the corner and tag Banks in.

Williams tries to slap on the Devil’s Triangle finisher.

Rick Hall: If Williams gets the Devil’s Triangle, it’s over.

Walstreit fights him off. Williams tries a second time to slap on the submission hold. Walstreit holds him off. Clothesline by Williams and cover.



Johnny Suave: Walstreit kicks out again.

This time, Williams exhibits frustration and slams his hand on the mat.

Rick Hall: Walstreit needs to tag out- badly. But the SEC is starting to show a little irritation because they can’t put Corporate World away.

Williams goes for a right hand. Walstreit ducks under and dives towards his corner. *SLAP*

Johnny Suave: BANKS IN!

Hot tag to Banks who rushes in. Williams throws a wild right. Banks ducks under and slides in behind. Belly to back suplex. Williams back up. Drop toehold by Banks. Miller in. Banks with a boot to the gut. Fireman’s carry. Knee extension. Banks brings Miller’s neck down on the knee.


Banks covers Williams.


Two…Williams kicks out.

Banks covers Williams again.


Two…NO! Williams just kicks out a second time.


‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson, fresh from his demolition of Ray McAvay earlier in the night, runs down to ringside.

‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann now up on the ring apron and he’s got Davey Keels’s attention.

Guyko is screaming at Keels from the other side.

Williams pokes Banks’s eyes and shoves Banks to the ropes. Dickinson up to the ring apron.

Dickinson swings at Banks as Banks suddenly reverses and flings Williams into the ropes just as Dickinson’s right hand arrives.

Johnny Suave: HE GOT WILLIAMS!

Rick Hall: Dickinson can’t believe what happened. McMann can’t believe what just happened.

Dickinson stands there with his mouth wide open. Walstreit races across the ring and dropkicks Dickinson off the ring apron. Walstreit then pops Miller in the mouth with a right hand. He slides through the ropes, grabs Miller, and jumps.


Rick Hall: That takes out ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller.

Banks on the top turnbuckle. He leaps forward and swings around Williams, falls backwards, and drops Williams’s head into the mat.


Rick Hall: And that should take care of ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams.

McMann’s on the ring apron. Hands at his cheeks. Stunned at the turn of events.

Banks hooks the legs. Keels for the count.




Keels calls for the bell.



But to make things neat and official, Kimber Marshall climbs into the ring.

Kimber Marshall: Your winner at eighteen minutes and fifty-one seconds- and STILL MISSOURI VALLEY WRESTLING TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! CORPORATE. WORLD. INCORPORATED!

Johnny Suave: P.M.C. Banks and Kirk Walstreit hold off a stiff challenge from the SEC tonight.

Rick Hall: Miller and Williams and the SEC threw everything they had at the champions but one mistake cost them.

Johnny Suave: Bill Dickinson clocked Dan Williams by mistake and P.M.C. Banks hit the Bank Statement Overdraft to finish off the SEC.

Williams leans on the top rope looking down at the rest of the SEC. Miller is just coming around on the floor. McMann looks distraught. Splitter turns and stomps to the back. The Hanson Sisters just stand around.

Rick Hall: The SEC had a game plan tonight. But so did Corporate World, Inc. They patiently waited for their chance. It came. And they struck.

Johnny Suave: Unbelievable. This time, Bill Dickinson’s interference backfires big time on the SEC.

Rick Hall: There’s going to be hell to pay. CSPN’s Mark Splitter was livid when he went to the back.

Johnny Suave: Let’s look at a video package for the Christa Carmondy-Lisa Barbosa-Stevens match.

Cut to a video package:

Announcer: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens owns two consecutive wins over Christa Carmondy at MVWA 90 and 91.


Barbosa-Stevens dropped Carmondy with the Toxic Sting. McMann immediately sent the Hanson Sisters into the ring to attack Barbosa-Stevens knowing the referee would disqualify Carmondy but she’d remain the champion.

And that’s what happened. But McMann didn’t account for was the Stevens Dynasty- Bo and George Stevens running around the ring and going after him.

The Hanson Sisters peeled off Barbosa-Stevens and provided interference as McMann and SEC Mouthpiece Phil Finebaum ran for their lives to the back.


The SEC’s ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams, already pissed off about losing their belts earlier in the night, race out to try and attack the Stevens Dynasty. That proves to be a bad idea when Bo and George Stevens destroy them.

In the confusion, Barbosa-Stevens hits the Toxic Sting on Carmondy. Referee Ron Martin makes the count but the Hanson Sisters pull him out of the ring and knock him out with hockey stick shots.

Barbosa-Stevens becomes irate and pulls Carmondy up a second time and hits another Toxic Sting. She flips off Christa and leaves with Tebow, Bo and George Stevens.

Announcer: With that in mind, MVW CEO Jill Berg decided the winner of the match no matter what (DQ and count out included) will be the women’s champion. Christa Carmondy’s escape card has just been revoked.

Lisa Barbosa-Stevens
AGE: ** / HT 6’0″ WT: 130 / HOME: Houston, TX
ALIGN: 55% Face / STYLE: All Around / FIN: Toxic Sting
MGR: Ted Tebow- Tim Tebow’s long lost black sheep brother no one ever knew he had.
BODYGUARDS: The Stevens Dynasty-Bo and George Stevens

-Barbosa-Stevens, wife of High Octane Wrestling, Defiance, and OCW superstar Scott Stevens, is closing in on her second MVW Women’s title reign. She clearly outwrestled Carmondy at MVWA 90 and 91. Now with the loophole closed for this match, Barbosa-Stevens is gunning for the Women’s title.

Christa Carmondy (Sports Entertainment Coalition)
AGE: 29 / HT: 5′ 9″ WT: 150 / HOME: St. Louis, MO
STR: 7.3 DEX: 7.2 CHR: 8.5 WORK: 7.2 INT: 8.5 END: 8.1
ALIGN: 66% Heel / STYLE: All-Around-Technical / FIN: Mean Girl Crush
MGR: ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann
MGR #2: ‘Mouthpiece of the SEC’ Phil Finebaum
VALETS: Andrea, Melissa, and Charissa Hanson aka…The Hanson Sisters

-The always mercurial Carmondy finds herself backed up against the wall with her title hanging in the balance. With no more escape hatches to fall back to and the SEC or anyone else prohibited from being at ringside to interfere, can Christa find a way to raise her game and hold off the charging Barbosa-Stevens? She’s done it before. Carmondy defeated Barbosa-Stevens for the title over a year ago in Springfield, Missouri at MVWA 83. The question is- can she do it again?

Cut back to the broadcast desk.

Johnny Suave: Well?

Rick Hall: Christa Carmondy has to come out tonight and wrestle. The SEC will not be at ringside. She has got to come out and fight to hold onto her title. Why? Because Lisa Barbosa-Stevens really wants it. And tonight is her golden opportunity to do it. Yes, there’s no Stevens Dynasty at ringside. They’ll be up in a box with Lisa’s husband and High Octane Wrestling, OCW, and Defiance Wrestling superstar Scott Stevens.

Quick cut to the box containing: Scott Stevens, Bo Stevens, and George Stevens. Two boxes down, the members of the SEC begin to file in. The SEC box is NOT a happy place to be.

Johnny Suave: Let’s go to the ring. Kimber?

MATCH NINE/MVW WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH-Christa Carmondy © of the SEC vs. Lisa Barbosa-Stevens
Kimber Marshall nods at Suave.

Kimber Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen. Our next match is a one fall…

Crowd: ONE fall!

Kimber Marshall: …and it is for the Missouri Valley Wrestling Women’s title! MVW CEO Jill Berg has stipulated that there will be no one at ringside, any interference will result in an immediate disqualification, and the title WILL change hands if the challenger wins the match- no matter what. First, let’s bring out the challenger!

“What Have You Done Now?” – Within Temptation

Kimber Marshall: From Houston, Texas.

Lisa Barbosa-Stevens comes out to the stage.

Kimber Marshall: Weighing in at one hundred and thirty pounds. She is a former MVW Women’s champion- LISA. BARBOSA-STEVENS!

Barbosa-Stevens raises her arms and receives a rousing ovation.

Quick cut up to the box- all three Stevens are standing and applauding.

Kimber Marshall: And her opponent.

“Party Town”- Glenn Frey

The cheers turn to boos.

Kimber Marshall: Weighing in tonight at one hundred and fifty pounds. She is the current MISSOURI VALLEY WRESTLING WOMEN’S CHAMPION! From the fighting city of St. Louis, Missouri! CHRISTA! CARMONDY!

Carmondy steps out onto the stage.

Kimber Marshall: Ron Martin is your referee.

Carmondy methodically walks down to the ring. She and Barbosa-Stevens lock eyes and they stare at each other the entire time Carmondy strides towards her. Carmondy climbs into the ring and the stare off continues.

Johnny Suave: Again, Jill Berg has decreed any interference of any sort will result in an immediate disqualification and that the title WILL change hands tonight due to a disqualification or count-out. The winner of the match will be the Women’s champion.

The crowd stands up as Martin calls for the bell.


Johnny Suave: Alright folks here we go. No DQ…no count-outs…for the Women’s Title.

Rick Hall: It doesn’t get much bigger than this.

Carmondy charges right away and clotheslines Barbosa-Stevens over the top rope.

Johnny Suave: WHOA!

Rick Hall: That’s a statement of intent.

The momentum of Carmondy sends her over as well and the two hard to the outside. The crowd is already buzzing.

Johnny Suave: That completely caught Barbosa-Stevens by surprise.

Rick Hall: Christa’s been so cautious in the prior two matches. She’s definitely changing it up because she knows she has no other choice.

Both women start to get to their feet. Carmondy is up first, and she delivers a wicked kick to the head and it sends Barbosa-Stevens back to the floor.

Rick Hall: She’s fighting as if she knows everything is on the line tonight.

Johnny Suave: It is.

Carmondy stays on the offensive and grabs Barbosa-Stevens by the back of the head and walks her over to the steel steps and attempts to bounce her head off the steel. Barbosa-Stevens blocks the move with a quick elbow to the gut of Carmondy. Then Barbosa-Stevens drives the head of the Women’s Champion hard into the steel ring steps……and she does it again…and again…and again.

Martin starts a ten count.

Johnny Suave: Christa’s busted open already.

Rick Hall: Johnny, that’s a nasty looking cut.

Barbosa-Stevens lets Carmondy go and the Women’s Champion slumps down to the floor. Blood flows from a gash on her forehead. The challenger goes to climb back into the ring. She gets a step in. Carmondy comes back to life and grabs her other leg and pulls Barbosa-Stevens back out. Both women exchange right hands. Carmondy punts Barbosa-Stevens in the gut and whips her hard back first into the ring barrier surrounding the ring.

The fans in the front row have already and taken several steps back to give the wrestlers space. Carmondy pulls Barbosa-Stevens up and proceeds to and drop her throat first across the top of the steel ring barrier.

Johnny Suave: This has become really chippy really fast.

Rick Hall: Christa Carmondy looks like a completely different wrestler tonight.

Barbosa-Stevens falls to the ground, gasping for air, holding her throat and writhing in pain.

Martin restarts the count again.

Carmondy reaches over the ring barrier and grabs an empty chair. She wipes some of the blood off her forehead and proceeds to draw a bloody “X” on the chair. She motions for Barbosa-Stevens to get up. Barbosa-Stevens does but she swings her foot around and takes Carmondy off her feet.

Carmondy gets back to all fours. She looks up just in time to see Barbosa-Stevens swinging the chair Carmondy drew an X with her own blood coming right towards her…


Barbosa-Stevens drives the steel chair straight down on the top of Carmondy and the Women’s Champion falls to the ground.

Johnny Suave: HOLY CRAP!

Barbosa-Stevens drags Carmondy, who’s dead weight by this point, back to the ring and rolls her in. Lisa makes a cover. Martin goes to start the count.




Johnny Suave: I don’t friggin’ believe it!

Rick Hall: How did Christa get her shoulder up?

Johnny Suave: I thought for sure Barbosa-Stevens had this match won but- CARMONDY WITH A ROLL UP!

Barbosa-Stevens stood up, shocked that Carmondy got her shoulder up in time, and Carmondy came up from behind and rolled her up. Martin with the count.



Barbosa-Stevens kicks out, jumps up to her feet, and unloads a right hand to Carmondy that sends her reeling once again into the ropes. Carmondy rolls out of the ring and tries to regain her bearings.

Johnny Suave: She’s still bleeding up a storm.

Rick Hall: I can’t believe Christa’s standing.

She’s not. Carmondy drops to a knee and looks up at Barbosa-Stevens who’s impatiently pacing back and forth in the ring awaiting her return.

Johnny Suave: We’re only six plus minutes into this and Christa already looks like she’s been through a war- HOLY CRAP!

Barbosa-Stevens’s patience runs out. She takes off and dives over the top rope and nails Carmondy with a suicide dive causing both to tumble and hit the ring barrier.

The crowd immediately starts a HOLY SHIT chant. Both women are sprawled out on the floor against the barrier.


Rick Hall: They both hit that steel barrier hard.

Ron Martin starts a ten count.

Johnny Suave: What happens if both women can’t get back to the ring. Double count-out?

Rick Hall: It would be a draw and Christa would retain.

Knowing that she’s got to get back to the ring, Barbosa-Stevens scrambles to pull herself up. She crawls over Carmondy to the edge of the ring and grabs on to the ring apron for leverage. She pulls herself up to her feet.

Quick cut to the Stevens box. Scott Stevens is on his feet urging his wife on.

Carmondy begins to stir.

Quick cut to the SEC box. It’s empty.

Christa rolls towards the ring.

Johnny Suave: The count is up to five.

Barbosa-Stevens manages to roll into the ring.

Rick Hall: Lisa’s back in. Now the question is can Christa get back in?

Carmondy tries to haul herself up to the ring apron. She tries once. No go.

Johnny Suave: I don’t know if she’s got enough strength left.

Carmondy tries again. No go.

Rick Hall: I think she’s run out of gas.

Martin reaches nine.

Carmondy uses every bit of strength she has left and somehow pulls herself up to the apron and rolls into the ring.

Johnny Suave: She just made it.

Rick Hall: Barely. But does she have anything left?

Barbosa-Stevens goes over and immediately covers Carmondy.



TH-NO! Carmondy grabs the bottom rope.

Martin calls for a break.

Rick Hall: Christa is too close to the ropes for Barbosa-Stevens to get a clean pin.

Christa desperately tries to climb up to her feet.

Barbosa-Stevens hiptosses Carmondy to the center of the ring. She then walks over the Women’s champion and pulls her back up. Boot to the gut. Carmondy bends over. Barbosa-Stevens turns and drops.

Johnny Suave: TOXIC STING!

Rick Hall: COVER!





Johnny Suave: NEW CHAMPION!

Rick Hall: SHE DID IT!

Lisa collapses to the mat and nearly falls into Kimber Marshall’s path.


The crowd continues to stand and applaud both wrestlers as referee Ron Martin hands Lisa the MVW Women’s title belt. She takes it and lies back down on the mat.

Johnny Suave: The crowd on their feet as Lisa Barbosa-Stevens has just become a two-time MVW Women’s champion!

Rick Hall: Christa Carmondy’s reign ends at one year, eighteen days. That’s still an impressive achievement.

Johnny Suave: Yes it is.

Meanwhile, ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and CSPN CEO Mark Splitter reach the ring and they check on Christa- she’s starting to move.

Rick Hall: But give all the credit in the world to Christa Carmondy. She didn’t give up the title without a fight.

Something in the ring gets Suave’s attention.

Johnny Suave: What’s going on?

In the ring, Splitter berates the former women’s champion who’s just got herself back up to a sitting position.

Johnny Suave: What the hell is he doing?

Rick Hall: I don’t know Johnny but what’s already been a bad night for the SEC is about to get worse it seems.

Splitter demands a microphone. Kimber throws one at him…no, literally throws it at Splitter.

Mark Splitter: This is not acceptable. McMann? You told me you brought in elite talent.

McMann just stands there and does not respond.

Mark Splitter: First, ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson failed and got into a war with an insignificant wrestler instead of focusing on his job- winning the MVW Title. Then, the three women you promised me were ‘diamonds in the rough’ in the women’s tag team title division- the Hansons- proved they weren’t ready for prime time tonight. The tag team you assured me would run roughshod over the tag division, Miller and Williams, lost to a pair of wrestlers who couldn’t cut it in the SEC- twice. And then, last but not least, finally this debacle involving Christa Carmondy losing the women’s title to an inferior wrestler- someone who also couldn’t hang with the elite wrestlers who were supposedly in the SEC.   Mr. McMann, you promised champions and right now, the SEC has no wrestlers who can call themselves champion. So, I’m sorry but I have no other choice here. Mr. McMann, CSPN CANCELS the SEC!

Splitter pulls out the contract and rips it up. Then he turns to leave. Carmondy, who’s heard enough from Mr. Splitter, jumps up and pushes him and he runs right into- Scott Stevens!

Johnny Suave: So. I wonder if Scott Stevens has any issue with Mark Splitter calling his wife an ‘inferior’ wrestler.

The crowd erupts when Stevens boots Splitter in the gut and drops the CSPN CEO with the Toxic Sting.

Rick Hall: I would say- yes. He does.

McMann attempts to slither away unnoticed. He’s definitely noticed.

Stevens grabs him, spins him around- Toxic Sting. Again the crowd pops.

Scott pulls Lisa up and they hug in the ring. She raises the women’s title belt and sticks her boot on the back of Mark Splitter who’s laying face first on the mat.

Johnny Suave: All right. One match to go. Let’s look at the video on tonight’s main event.

Cut to video package:

Announcer: The era of Charlie Wrestling remains strong as Charlie Blackwell closes in on one year as the MVW Champion. Blackwell held off William Daniels Bryan at MVWA 91 to retain the title in a hard fought match and has really come into his own as a wrestler over the past six months.


After grounding Bryan in the middle of the ring, Blackwell slapped on the Katahajime and the exhausted challenger has to tap out.

Post-match staredown between both men. Finally, Charlie offered a hand. Bryan paused and thought about it for nearly a minute. Then he shook Blackwell’s hand and raised the champions arm in victory.

‘Charlie Wrestling’ Charlie Blackwell
AGE: 29 / HT: 6′ 4″  WT: 224 / HOME: Dallas, TX
STR: 6.5 DEX: 8.0 CHR: 8.5 WORK: 8.0 INT: 7.5 END: 9.4
ALIGN: 55% Face / STYLE: Technical-All Around / FIN: Katahajime

Announcer: -Now, it’s the ‘One Man Hollywood A-List’s’ turn to take his shot against Blackwell. Stone Chism has been around the block a few times. He’s been a champion elsewhere.

(REPLAY: Last Week’s Sunday Night Wrestling)

With the Hansons busy dismantling Chism’s valets, Dickinson trying to clear the cobwebs and Chism’s leg not 100%, the crowd roars when from the back, ‘Red Solo Cup’ Ray McAvay walks downs to the ring.

McAvay and Dickinson make eye contract- which enrages Dickinson. The big man goes over to the ropes and starts yelling at McAvay. McAvay just stands on the outside and grins.

With Dickinson distracted, Chism comes up from behind and rolls him up.




Dickinson kicks out a split second too late. Keels calls for the bell.

‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism
HT: 6′ 2″ WT: 225 / HOME: Hollywood, CA
STR: 7 DEX: 7 CHR: 9.5 WORK: 7.1 INT: 7.8 END: 7.5
ALIGN: 65% Heel / STYLE: All-Around / FIN: Hollywood Blockbuster
Valets: Miley Vyrus and Taylor Switt

Announcer: Can Stone Chism parlay that into defeating Blackwell at American Heartland? Or will the Blackwell express continue to be unstoppable.

Cut back to the broadcast desk.

Johnny Suave: We will find out soon e-




Pop. Big…big pop.




Johnny Suave: That sound can only mean-

The crowd erupts when the video screen shows the door to a dressing room in the back. A police escort is waiting at the door. One of the policemen knocks on the door.

Policeman: “Ms. Berg. It’s time.”

The door opens and eight male bodyguards walk out of the dressing room encircling a petite 95 pound woman and her male assistant in the middle. The woman, dressed in a smart, dark business suit and heels, is busy talking on her cell phone.   The man furiously scribbles down notes as the group makes their way towards the ring.




Johnny Suave: It’s the MVW CEO and self-made entrepreneur from New York City’s Financial District- Jill Berg!

A huge roar greets the procession as it emerges from the back onto the stage and starts their way down the ramp.

The crowd is rocking and a chant of “JILLLLLLLL-BERGGGGGG! JILLLLLLLL-BERGGGGGG!” fills the bar.

Two of the bodyguards use a fire extinguisher to create a fog like effect as Jill walks through. Two others hold sparklers up in the air as she passes by.

Jill stops at the edge of the stage.

Jill Berg: Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for being here tonight!

Berg pauses for more applause.

Jill Berg: Tonight has been a rousing success. Thank you. And thanks to our wrestlers who’ve put on a great show tonight.

Jill claps her hands. The arena does the same.

Jill Berg: So. Why am I out here? I have news I need to share with you. It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that I will be stepping down at MVW CEO effective August third. My replacement and new MVW CEO will be announced at MVWA 92. I will have more to say about this later on. Thank you for allowing me to present my vision of Missouri Valley Wrestling to you. And now, let’s get to the main event.

Cut back to the broadcast desk.

Johnny Suave: So with Jill’s announcement, who do you think owner Jason Carmondy will choose to be the next CEO.

Rick Hall: I really don’t know. I think Jason will have a few candidates at his disposal to take Jill’s place. We’ll see what direction he decides to go.

Johnny Suave: All right. It’s time. Blackwell versus Chism for the MVW Title. Let’s go to Kimber Marshall.

MVW TITLE MATCH-Charlie Blackwell © vs. ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism
Kimber raises the microphone to her mouth.

Kimber Marshall: And now, ladies and gentlemen, this will be our main event!

The crowd cheers.

Kimber Marshall: This match is a one fall…

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Kimber Marshall: …and it is for the MISSOURI VALLEY WRESTLING TITLE! Introducing first…

‘No Smoke Without a Fire’ – Bad Company

Kimber Marshall: …from Hollywood, California. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty-five pounds. He is the ‘One Man Hollywood A-List!’- STONE! CHISM!

Valets Miley Vyrus and Taylor Switt walk out first.

Then a Hollywood film crew comes out.

‘The Director’: ACTION!

Stone Chism emerges on stage while the crew film his grand entrance.

Chism leads the parade down to the ring.

Kimber Marshall: And his opponent.

‘As Is’- Van Halen

Kimber Marshall: From Dallas, Texas. He weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty-four pounds. He is the MISSOURI VALLEY WRESTLING CHAMPION!

The arena lets loose with a loud cheer when Charlie Blackwell pops out on stage.

Kimber Marshall: …and representing the Texas Strangers. He is CHARLIE WRESTLING! CHARLIE BLACKWELL!

Blackwell turns his back and shows off his robe which also says ‘Charlie Wrestling’ on the back. ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas then join Blackwell.

Johnny Suave: Charlie Blackwell has been the MVW Champion since July 21st, 2018. If he wins tonight, he will most likely make it to the one year mark.

Rick Hall: But he has to get by Stone Chism first. This is not going to be a gimme. Chism is more than capable in the ring. But Blackwell is operating at a very high level right now and he’s going to be real hard to beat.

Johnny Suave: Okay. Davey Keels is the man in charge.


Johnny Suave: And we are under way for the Missouri Valley Wrestling Title.

Both men come out of the corners quickly but Blackwell is faster. He takes it to Chism in the early going with a side headlock and backs the One Man Hollywood A-List to the ropes. Blackwell whips him across and catches him with a running elbow on the rebound. Chism quickly gets back to his feet before Blackwell can go for a cover. Chism then blocks an incoming punch with a kick to the gut. Chism nearly levels Blackwell with a huge left. He goes for a vertical suplex but Blackwell blocks. The champion steps back and lands a boot to the gut of his own! Snapmare takeover on Chism. Blackwell backs to the ropes, gaining momentum before dropkicking Chism on the back of the head. Cover. Keels slides in.


T- Chism kicks out.

Johnny Suave: Blackwell goes for the first pinfall of the match and Chism kicks out comfortably.

Rick Hall: Blackwell going right to work.

Chism puts himself in between the ropes. Keels calls for the break. Blackwell backs up and waits as Chism takes his time climbing back into the ring. Chism finally pushes the referee aside only to walk into a standing lariat from Blackwell. Chism pops right back up. Blackwell tosses him with a Northern Lights Suplex.



Chism sweeps Blackwell’s legs out and goes for the shock pin.


T-Blackwell kicks out quickly and energetically.

Johnny Suave: Chism tried a snap pin attempt but Blackwell escapes.

Rick Hall: Chism knows a few tricks so Blackwell can’t let his guard down.

Chism tries to keep Blackwell on the ground with a few elbow shots to Blackwell’s shoulder before getting to his feet. He pulls up the champion and again knees him in the gut. Chism goes for a belly-to-belly suplex but again Blackwell blocks it. Blackwell hits Chism with a headbutt, breaking his grip. Blackwell hits Chism with a few forearms, backing Chism to the center of the ring. Chism tries to stop this with a kick, but Blackwell catches his foot, spins Chism around, lifts and brings Chism down on his knee.

Johnny Suave: Atomic drop by Blackwell.

Chism’s face contorts and falls forward to the mat.

Rick Hall: Blackwell again prevented the belly to belly and ended up with an atomic drop that stopped Chism in his tracks.

Chism tries to get back to his feet. Blackwell charges and drops him with a running neckbreaker! Blackwell hooks the far leg!



Johnny Suave: Chism kicks out with authority!

Blackwell with a stomp to the chest. Then another stomp to the chest. He pulls Chism up to a seated position and backs up to the ropes. Blackwell hits a dropkick to the back of the head. But before Blackwell can capitalize, Chism rolls out of the ring.

Rick Hall: Smart move by Stone Chism. His original game plan isn’t working. Step out and think of a plan B.

Keels starts a ten count as Chism uses the crowd barricade to pull himself up. Blackwell runs off the far ropes and charges, flying out of the ring with a Suicide Dive aimed at Chism. But Chism steps aside!

Johnny Suave: Suicide Dive misses!

Rick Hall: Blackwell nearly broke through the barricade on that one! Question whether he really needed to do that.

Chism looks down at the crumpled heap that is Charlie Blackwell along with everyone else on the front row. Stevens restarts the count and gets up to five before Chism rolls Blackwell underneath the ropes. Chism slides into the ring and immediately goes for the pin.




Johnny Suave: CLOSE! Nearly a huge upset.

Rick Hall: Talk about a quick change of momentum. Chism hadn’t done anything until Blackwell tried to kill himself with that suicide dive.

Chism argues with Keels about the count. Blackwell crawls over to the corner, Chism gets back up and pulls him upright again using his hair. Chism derisively slaps Blackwell. Then he hauls the champion up onto the top turnbuckle.

Johnny Suave: Now it’s Chism who’s going high risk. Let’s see how that works out.

Chism steps up to the middle turnbuckle and tries to hook in an Exploder suplex but Blackwell tries to fight out. Chism tries to keep his balance and his grip. Blackwell breaks free and headbutts Chism. Another headbutt sends Chism crashing to the mat. Blackwell now on top. Chism back to his feet. Blackwell flies.

Johnny Suave: Top rope Hurricanrana!

Rick Hall: Chism’s high risk move blows up in his face.

Johnny Suave: Blackwell is going for the pin!




Johnny Suave: Chism barely kicks out!

Blackwell rolls off to the side. Chism tries to collect his breath. Then he grabs the ropes to pull himself up. Chism waits for Blackwell to get up. Just as Blackwell gets back to his feet, Chism leaps to the top rope and springboards off for a clothesline!

Blackwell sees him coming and leaps in the air.


Rick Hall: Every time.

Chism tumbles to the mat and doubles over in pain. Blackwell doesn’t waste time sliding down behind him and slapping on a half nelson. Forearm across Chism’s throat. Blackwell wraps his legs around Chism’s torso and leans back.

Johnny Suave: KATAHAJIME!

Rick Hall: And he’s got it on good!

Chism flails about but Blackwell cinches the submission hold even tighter.

Finally, Chism taps. Keels calls for the bell.


Johnny Suave: And that’s going to do it. Charlie Blackwell remains the MVW Champion.

Kimber Marshall climbs into the ring for the final time tonight.

Kimber Marshall: Your winner at nine minutes and fifteen seconds and STILL MISSOURI VALLEY WRESTLING CHAMPION – CHARLIE WRESTLING! CHARLIE. BLACKWELL!

Keels raises Blackwell arm in victory. ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas join him in the ring.

Johnny Suave: Charlie Blackwell got a bit of a test from Stone Chism tonight. But he’s just at a different level right now.

Rick Hall: Charlie’s in his prime, no doubt. He did make that one mistake early on in the match where he foolishly tried to hit a suicide dive on Chism. He didn’t need to do that- Charlie was already in control of the match. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson looked really good against Ray McAvay and you know he’s going to be back in the title picture. William Daniels Bryan is getting close to one hundred percent. And I know Stone Chism is capable of a better match than the one he put on tonight. No time for Charlie to get complacent.

Johnny Suave: Well? It’s been a long night but it’s been a good one. We have a new Women’s champion in Lisa Barbosa-Stevens. Jack Fraiser retains the Heartland title. The Missouri Valley Fight Club retain their Women’s Tag Team title in a great match against Angels of Death. Corporate World, Inc. defeat the SEC- the SEC then implodes afterwards. And Charlie Blackwell will make it to MVWA 92 as the MVW Champion for over a year. Rick?

Rick Hall: Decisive win for Charlie Blackwell tonight. You won’t see Women’s matches as hard hitting as we did with the Christa Carmondy-Lisa Barbosa-Stevens match. I thought two wrestlers sent huge message tonight- ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson to Charlie Blackwell tonight with his demolition of Ray McAvay and ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan after she dominated ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas in a three way elimination match. Shizuko Yamazaki’s first match was a success as was the Kings of Old School with Jackson C. Horne. Now going forward? What happens to the SEC? Where in time is Dawn McGill? And who is going to be the next MVW CEO when Jill Berg steps down at MVWA 92?

Johnny Suave: That’s going to do it for us. This has been Missouri Valley Wrestling’s American Heartland Pay Per View show. I am Johnny Suave. For Rick Hall, thanks for tuning in and MVW returns this Sunday night with Sunday Night Wrestling. Good night everyone.

July 4th – Chisholm Trail Coliseum / Enid, OK
July 6th – Athletics-Recreation Center / Valparaiso, IN
July 7th – Allen County War Memorial Coliseum / Fort Wayne, IN
July 19th – Louisville Gardens / Louisville, KY
July 20th – Roberts Stadium / Evansville, IN
July 21st – Carson Center / Paducah, KY
July 27th – Rushmore Plaza Civic Center / Rapid City, South Dakota
August 3rd – MVWA 92 Redbird Arena / Peoria, IL

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