5/10/19-MVW Rockford, IL House Show Report


Missouri Valley Wrestling House Show Report
BMO Harris Bank Center
Rockford, IL
Friday May 10th, 2019

The final show before Missouri Valley Wrestling’s MVWA 90 took place last night in Rockford, Illinois, fifty miles northwest of Chicago where tonight’s supershow will take place.

MVW CEO Jill Berg kicked off the show with an in-ring segment where she announced the full card for tonight’s MVWA 90 show.

MVWA 90 Full Card:
Ninja Kitty vs. Rough Justice’s Lt. Katrina Atcheson of the Kansas Highway Patrol vs. Miley Vyrus vs. Regina McGill vs. Gwen Varney

‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-Five vs. Ashton Flowers ‘The Man of Mystery International’

Five Time MVW Tag Team Champions Angels of Death: Angel Scott and Angel Casey vs. Two Time MVW Tag Team Champions The Korver Sisters: Kelly and Korey

‘Starz N. Stripes’ Kevin Scott vs. ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson from the SEC

The Dork Dynasty: Sheldon and Leonard Robertson vs. Truckin’ Average Company: Ken Worth-American Trucker and Brad Company

The Sports Entertainment Coalition: ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams © vs. Corporate World Inc.: Kirk Walstreit and P.M.C. Banks

Christa Carmondy of the SEC © vs. Lisa Barbosa-Stevens

‘Charlie Wrestling’ Charlie Blackwell © vs. William Daniels Bryan

Missouri Valley Wrestling Rockford, IL Results:
MATCH #1-Housewives of Chaos: Major Svetlana Kovaleski and Dr. Annabel ‘From Hannibal (MO)’ Lecker defeated Robin the Wonder Girl and Desiree Davis- Kovaleski pinned Davis with the Gory Special
MATCH #2-Tom Smith-The World’s Most Uninteresting Man defeated Bobby Starr with the Dull Roar

Women’s Champion Christa Carmondy comes out with The Hanson Sisters and the SEC and cuts a promo on Lisa Barbosa-Stevens.

Barbosa-Stevens and the Stevens Dynasty (Bo and George Stevens) come out to the stage and there’s a tense staredown.

MATCH #3- Weapons of Mass Destruction: A. Tom Bomb and Hy Drogen Bomb defeated Rough Justice: D.B. Ruff and Connor Justice-two former police officers fired for their extreme method of law enforcement via DQ. Ruff and Justice both taser A-Bomb and H-Bomb to cause the disqualification.
MATCH #4-The Hanson Sisters: Andrea and Charissa with Melissa defeated Gwen and Blake Varney via countout.
MATCH #5-‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson of the SEC defeated ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism with the Powerbomb.

‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann leads the SEC out for an ‘interview’ with CSPN reporters Reese Anderson and Rebecca Morris. McMann complains that ‘outside forces’ kept Bill Dickinson from being in the MVW title match at MVWA 90…ie…Ray McAvay’s interference last weekend when he took out Dickinson with a Big Bertha golf club.

CSPN CEO Mark Splitter says the MVW Title Match has been weakened considerably with the omission of a SEC wrestler from the match.

‘SEC Mouthpiece’ Phil Finebaum then cuts a promo on behalf of the MVW Tag Team Champions: ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams.

MATCH #6-‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot defeated ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas with the White Trash Compactor.
MATCH #7-‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler of the Texas Strangers defeated Average Joe with the Texas Lariat

MVW Champion Charlie Blackwell comes out and talks about his title defense at MVWA 90 against William Daniels Bryan.

MATCH #8-‘Red Solo Cup’ Ray McAvay and Rah-The Sunshine God defeat Georgia-Florida State Line: Skyler and Bryan- Rah pinned Bryan with the Eye of Rahhhh.
MAIN EVENT/HEARTLAND TITLE MATCH: Jack Fraiser © defeated SNAFU with the Canadian National Railaway.

Berg comes out again and thanks everyone for coming out. She says she hopes to see everyone in Chicago on Saturday night for MVWA 90.

May 11th – MVWA 90-Joseph Gentile Center / Chicago, IL
May 12th – Grossinger Motors Arena / Bloomington, IL
May 18th – La Crosse Center / LaCrosse, WI
May 24th – Hyland Performance Arena / St. Charles, MO
May 25th – Charles Koch Arena / Wichita, KS
May 26th – Cook Center / Olathe, KS
June 1st – Thornton Gymnasium / Aurora, IL
June 7th – Expo Square Pavilion / Tulsa, OK
June 8th – MVWA 91-JQH Arena / Springfield, MO
June 9th – Nellis Hall / Coffeyville, KS
June 30th – Pay Per View Show-Indiana Farmer’s Coliseum / Indianapolis, IN



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