3/24/19-MVW Sioux Falls, SD House Report


Missouri Valley Wrestling House Show Report
Sanford Pentagon
Sioux Falls, SD
Sunday March 24th, 2019

The final night of MVW’s three show, three state swing through Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota ended in Sioux Falls, South Dakota last night.

Before the show, it was announced that Angels of Death…

Angel Casey “Ms. Lethal Weapon”
AGE: 36 / HT: 5’ 6” WT: 115 / HOME: Portales, NM
STR: 8.0 DEX: 5.2 CHR: 5.0 WORK: 7.9 INT: 6.8 END: 5.5
FIN: Angel Death Drop
THEME MUSIC: “If You Want Blood”- AC/DC

Angel Scott “The Terminatrix”
AGE: 37 / HT: 5’ 11” WT: 167 / HOME: Morgantown, WV
STR: 4.5 DEX: 9.4 CHR: 5.5 WORK: 8.0 INT: 8.0 END: 7.2
FIN: Angel Death Drop
THEME MUSIC: “If You Want Blood”- AC/DC

…signed a short term deal with the Sports Entertainment Coalition until MVWA 89 with an eye on a full-time gig.

Also, Jack Fraiser’s Oootlander Blaire Rendell made her in-ring debut Sunday night.

Missouri Valley Wrestling Sioux Falls, SD Results:
MATCH #1-Ninja Kitty defeated ‘Oootlander’ Blaire Rendell with the Hurricanrana DDT
MATCH #2-Ashton Flowers defeated Bo Bevens- Down at the Barn with the Judo Chop
MATCH #3-Housewives of Chaos (Svetlana Kovaleski/Dr. Annabel ‘From Hannibal’ Lecker) defeated The O’Neders (Rita and Anita)- Svetlana pinned Rita after hitting the Gory Special.
MATCH #4-MVW Tag Team Champions Rah/‘Red Solo Cup’ Ray McAvay and William Daniels Bryan defeated The Couch Potato/’The World’s Most Uninteresting Man’ Tom Smith/Millennial Mark- Bryan submitted Mark with the Cattle Mutilation
MATCH #5-‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler defeated Jack Fraiser with the Texas Lariat.
MATCH #6-Lisa Barbosa-Stevens/C.J. Lewis/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris defeated ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan/Miley Vyrus/’Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas- Lisa Barbosa-Stevens pinned Vyrus with the Toxic Sting
MATCH #7-Yosemite Samantha defeated Lt. Katrina Atcheson of the Kansas Highway Patrol with the Cannonball
MAIN EVENT/NON-TITLE MATCH: MVW Champion Charlie Blackwell defeated Average Joe with the Katahajime

March 30th – Mayo Civic Center / Rochester, MN
April 5th – Buccaneer Arena / Urbandale, IA
April 6th – MVWA 89 McLeod Center / Cedar Rapids, IA
April 7th – McElroy Auditorium / Waterloo, IA
April 13th – Bank of the Ozarks Arena / Hot Springs, AR
April 19th – Owensboro Sportscenter / Owensburo, KY
April 20th – SIU Arena / Carbondale, IL
April 21st – Gibson Arena / Rolla, MO
April 27th – Berry Events Center / Marquette, MI

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