1/20/19-Missouri Valley Wrestling Presents: Sunday Night Wrestling



Missouri Valley Wrestling
Sunday Night Wrestling
Sunday January 20th, 2019
MVW Television Studios
St. Louis, Missouri

Thunderbolt Smith
‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall


Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall welcome everyone to Sunday Night Wrestling. Smith runs down the card and then goes right into a discussion about the Oshkosh, Wisconsin incident involving MVW Champion Charlie Blackwell and former MVW Champion ‘Red Solo Plastic Cup’ Ray McAvay.


Smith introduces the video from last Saturday night in Oshkosh, Wisconsin when the simmering tension between Blackwell and McAvay exploded.

VIDEO: MVW House Show in Oshkosh, WI
‘Red Solo Plastic Cup’ Ray McAvay vs. P.M.C. Banks of the Sports Entertainment Corporation

McAvay has Banks in a Dragon Sleeper submission hold. Blackwell, who’d been watching the match unfold from outside the ring, suddenly jumps into the ring with a steel chair and plasters McAvay in the back of the head with it.

Referee Davey Keels immediately disqualifies Banks and awards the win to McAvay. Blackwell smacks McAvay in the back with the chair two more times before climbing out and looking underneath the ring. In the meantime, McAvay’s Les Miserables attacks the other members of the SEC at ringside (Kirk Walstreit, Mr. McMann, and Phil Finebaum) and things were getting tense. Blackwell returned to the ring with a baseball bat and strikes McAvay in the back. Blackwell then aims for McAvay’s surgically repaired neck when Stormy, one of McAvay’s valets and one half of West Texas Adult Entertainment Legends Dark and Stormy runs into the ring and grabs the bat. In the brief struggle that ensued, the bat accidently hits Stormy in the head and knocks her out.

At that point, everything falls apart and the Les Miserables jump into the ring. Blackwell immediately exits under the bottom rope and takes off for the back with the Les Miserables hot on his trail.

Blackwell comes out to the ring and is greeted with a thunderous chorus of boos. Once the crowd quiets down, Blackwell immediately owns up to hitting McAvay in the back with the baseball bat. But then he complains about the ‘double-standard’ he feels is in play.

“Charlie Wrestling”
Charlie Blackwell

Charlie Blackwell: No one complains when Ray McAvay uses a Big Bertha driver to knock out his opponent. No one ever calls Ray McAvay a bad guy for using a weapon. Why am I being singled out here for using a weapon to knock McAvay out? And where’s Ray tonight? I see he didn’t have the balls to show up here tonight after what I did to him last week.

Missouri Valley Wrestling CEO Jill Berg comes out to the stage. Berg tells Blackwell she’s not buying his whole ‘poor me’…’double-standard’ line of bull-*BLEEP*. She then points to the video screen.

MVW CEO Jill Berg

Cut to the concourse of the arena, Ray McAvay IS there next to a portable hot tub with his valets, West Texas Adult Entertainment Legends Dark and Stormy inside. They are signing autographs and posing for pictures for MVW fans waiting in a sizeable line.

Jill Berg: So much for that, Charlie. Ray McAvay doesn’t go out and deliberately try to hurt people. You were. I’m going to reiterate what I said last week. There is a lot of tension and bad feelings between MVW Champion Charlie Blackwell and ‘Red Solo Plastic Cup’ Ray McAvay but that does not excuse what Charlie Blackwell did. My preference would be for both men to settle their differences in the ring and I’m sure our devoted fans want to see that too.

Berg notes that the MVWA 87 super show is two weeks away. She books a rematch from the New Beginnings pay per view show between Blackwell and McAvay for the MVW Title and with a stipulation…

Jill Berg: No one and I repeat…NO ONE…lays a hand on, touches, or even goes near the other until February 2nd. You stay away from McAvay. McAvay stays away from you. And that goes for the Les Miserables, the SEC, and anyone who wants to piss me off and disregard my edict. Just try it if you really want to find out the hard way just how much of a bitch I can be if properly provoked. You got it?

Blackwell shakes his head and walks away.



January 26th – Wings Event Center / Kalamazoo, MI
February 1st – Effingham Performance Center / Effingham, IL
‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson defends Heartland title
February 2nd – MVWA 87 @ Peoria Civic Center / Peoria, IL
-MVW Title: Charlie Blackwell © vs. Ray McAvay, Christa Carmondy defends Women’s title, Dork Dynasty defends tag title.
February 3rdDavid S. Palmer Arena / Danville, IL
February 9th – Eastern Kentucky Expo Center / Pikeville, KY
-‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson defends Heartland title
February 15th – Vilaero Event Center / Kearney, NE
February 16th – Pershing Center / Lincoln, NE
February 17th – Eihusen Arena / Grand Island, NE


Thunderbolt Smith: Last week on Sunday Night Wrestling…

REPLAY: Last Week’s Sunday Night Wrestling

Christa Carmondy in the ring talking to the MVW fans.

Christa Carmondy: I’m so glad I came back to Missouri Valley Wrestling. I was tired of being something I wasn’t and around people who I didn’t agree with their values. I’d rather be here with people like you than to be around a bunch of fake, phony, plastic people- OOOOF…

Thunderbolt Smith: IT’S YOSEMITE SAMANTHA!

Out of nowhere, Yosemite Samantha runs down and tackles Carmondy in the ring.


Yosemite Samantha and Carmondy roll around the ring trying to throw punches. The referee tries to get in between the two and gets shoved away.

The crowd buzzes as the two women brawl.

Christa has the MVW Women’s belt around her waist. She talks about defeating Lisa Barbosa-Stevens back in May 2018, her six month title reign, and how satisfying it’s been. Christa says she’s defended the title against great wrestlers in the past six months such as Ninja Kitty, Harley Davisson, ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin, and yes, Yosemite Samantha.

MVW Women’s Champion
Christa Carmondy

Christa Carmondy: Yosemite Samantha? Okay, you’ve got my attention. Look I’ve been in your position. I’ve been the hungry up and coming wrestler. I’ve coveted the women’s title belt. I’ve been willing to do anything in my power to win the belt. So, here’s the scoop. You want this? You need to defeat the ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin to get your chance. She’s the number one contender at the moment.   You need to get past her before you get a chance at the belt.

Carmondy hints that she’ll stick around at ringside to watch Yosemite Samantha in action and joins Thunderbolt and Hall at the broadcast desk.

Thunderbolt Smith: I just got word from Jill Berg that Yosemite Samantha will face the ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin on January 26th in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It will be a number one contender’s match with the winner facing Christa Carmondy at MVWA 87 for the women’s title.

Smith throws it to Kimber Marshall to introduce the first match of the show. Kimber introduces Tori Thomas who is already in the ring.


Yosemite Samantha “The roughest, toughest, rootinest, shootinest cowgirl who ever crossed the Rio Grande”
AGE: 30 / HT: 5’1″ WT: 105 / HOME: Dodge City, KS
FIN: Shotgun Knee/Cannonball Combo

*“Moth into a Flame” – Metallica*

Yosemite Samantha, sporting a big ten gallon cowboy hat and a holster complete with gun, walks out onto the stage and gives the audience the ol’ stinkeye. She also has a microphone.

Yosemite Samantha: Christa, I’ll take care of the ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ in Kalamazoo, Michigan on January 26th. And then I’m coming for you.

With an intense look on her face, Yosemite Samantha drops the mic on the stage and marches down to the ring. She leaps onto the ring apron and takes aim at her opponent. Samantha removes her cowboy hat and gun holster and leaves them in the corner.

MATCH #1 Yosemite Samantha vs. Tori Thomas
Both women go nose to nose and exchange heated words.

Thunderbolt Smith: Neither woman is backing down!

Yosemite Samantha takes Thomas down and stomps her. She stomps Tori’s hand. And again. Thomas back up. Samantha with a right. Tori throws one back. Samantha blocks and drives a knee to Thomas. Thomas hits the ropes and Samantha sends her over the top. Yosemite Samantha slams Thomas into the ring post. She puts the groggy Thomas on a chair and runs all the way around the ring before barreling into her.

Samantha drags her back into the ring.





WINNER: Yosemite Samantha @ 1:49

Yosemite Samantha jumps up and pumps her fist in the air. Then she stares down at Christa Carmondy at the broadcast table.

Thunderbolt Smith: How impressive is that.

Rick Hall: Very impressive Thunderbolt. She wants that women’s title badly and tore Thomas apart.

Thunderbolt Smith: Yosemite Samantha made a statement tonight…that’s for-

Smith is interrupted when Carmondy jumps up from the table and rushes the ring. The Women’s Champion spears Yosemite Samantha and starts raining punches on her…and vice versa. Carmondy gets the advantage. She lifts Samantha in the air…drives her to the mat with the Mean Girl Crush.

Carmondy points at the belt. She then turns and heads to the back.

Thunderbolt Smith: And speaking of statements. Christa Carmondy just made one of her own.

Rick Hall: Christa still has a little of that mean streak in her, doesn’t she?

Thunderbolt Smith: Yes. Yes she does.

Jill Berg’s office. Jill sits at the head of a large table. On one side, Ultratron-Five and Dawn McGill. On the other side, ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and Corporate SportsEntertainment Programming Nation CEO Mark Splitter.

The issue? Mr. McMann thinks he should have had first dibs on Dawn McGill’s service when she returned to MVW. Instead, McMann calls what ‘happened’ to her a sham.

What happened to her?

REPLAY: MVW New Beginnings PPV
Ultratron-Five Captures Dawn McGill

The camera pulls back. The new age cybertronic criminally insane rogue sentient wrestling machine Ultratron-Five sticks a cheesy-looking, rudimentary ‘blaster’ in Dawn’s back.]

Ultratron-Five (in cheesy, bad B-movie metallic voice): Earthling, Ultratron-Five needs a companion to assist him in his wrestling endeavors. I have chosen you.

Dawn McGill (facetiously in horror): Oh no! Me? Oh. What will I do?

Fast forward-Dawn’s strapped down to a long board with Ultratron-Five hovering above her.

Ultratron-Five pulls down on the lever. The ‘machine’ starts and Dawn stiffens up as if something is actually happening to her. The ‘machine’ stops. Ultratron-Five unties Dawn and she stands up. Her face is blank.

Dawn McGill: I must help Ultratron-Five take over Missouri Valley Wrestling.

Jill shrugs. McMann calls it a farce.

Jill asks Ultratron-Five for a comment.

Ultratron-Five (cold, metallic voice): You are all PATHETIC. HOPELESS. You are nothing but mere FLEAS. An infection that rages through Missouri Valley Wrestling for which there is only ONE cure- THE RAGE OF ULTRATRON-FIVE!

Ultratron-Five goes to stand so he can pound his fist on the table. Except the ‘suit’ gets stuck halfway up and his arm is locked into position above the table.

Ultratron-Five: Dammit.

McGill rolls her eyes. Discreetly as possible, she whaps Ultratron-Five in the back and unsticks him. McMann immediately jumps to his feet and tells Berg she’s clearly faking.

Mr. McMann: Last year, she played Sports Entertainment Barbie to get out of working with the SEC. Now she’s pretending to be Ultratron-Five’s damsel in distress. There’s no way in hell Dawn McGill is under any sort of mind control by this crackpot pretending to be a robot.

So Berg asks McGill if she’s pretending.

Dawn McGill (cold, emotionless voice): I must help Ultratron-Five take over Missouri Valley Wrestling.

That’s enough for Jill Berg.

Jill Berg: Well, that settles it.

McMann slams his hands on the table in frustration.

Mr. McMann: GAH!

He stomps out of the room.



Men’s Champion: ‘Charlie Wrestling’ Charlie Blackwell (SEC)

#1 –
‘Red Solo Plastic Cup’ Ray McAvay
#2 – P.M.C. Banks (SEC)
#3 – ‘Wall Street Market Analyst with the Man Crush on ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit’ Kirk Walstreit
#4 – Rah

Women’s Champion: Christa Carmondy
#1 –
‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin
#2 – Yosemite Samantha
#3 – ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot
#4 – ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris

Tag Team Champions: The Dork Dynasty: Leonard and Sheldon Robertson
#1 –
Island of Misfit Wrestlers: Rah and Halitosis
#2 –
Sports Entertainment Corporation: Kirk Walstreit and P.M.C. Banks
#3 –
Weapons of Mass Destruction: A. Tom Bomb and Hy Drogen Bomb
#4 –
Perfectly Average Company: Average Joe and Brad Company
#5 – Beer Bellied Softball Playing Ninja: Hank and Tiny

Heartland Champion: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson
#1 –
Jack Fraiser
#2 –
#3 –
‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler
#4 –
‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller
#5 –
Average Joe


Waiting backstage, nerdy master’s students and duck call, decoy fabricators the Dork Dynasty- the Missouri Valley Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

MVW Tag Team Champions The Dork Dynasty
Sheldon Robertson and Leonard Robertson

Sheldon talks about their upcoming opponents at MVWA 87- former MVW Tag Team Champions the Island of Misfit Wrestlers. He predicts that with the help of science the Dork Dynasty will defeat their non-scientific opponents and remain the Tag Team champions for some time to come.

Sheldon Robertson: We are standing on the shoulders of great scientific wrestlers…Bruno Sammartino…Karl Gotch…and I am better than all of them combined. If I can hack into a government supercomputer to come up with a new design for a duck call, we can overcome any obstacle the Island of Misfit Wrestlers present and we will keep the tag team title for a long time to come. We are invincible!

Leonard doesn’t seem as sure…but he nods in the affirmative.

Sheldon notices Leonard’s less than effusive concurrence and raises up the voluminous ‘Tag Team Partnership Agreement’- a 627 page hardcover bound book and reminds Leonard that he’s obligated to agree with him.

So, Leonard agrees with him.

Leonard Robertson: Look folks. You don’t want to get into it with him. He’s one lab accident away from becoming a super villain…or worse.

Leonard blows a duck call.

Blair Moise has Jack backstage for a quick interview.

Backstage Interviewer
Blair Moise

Blair asks him where his Oootlander Blaire Rendell is.

Jack Fraiser: Blaire is somewhere in time…behind the standing stones on the hill of Irish na Dun in Scotland.

Blair Moise: Oh. I see.

She quickly moves on and asks about his upcoming match with Bill Dickinson for the Heartland title. Jack responds that he’s going to give everything he’s got. He knows that he’s given Dickinson fits before in the ring and hopes he can find the magic to defeat him tonight.

Fraiser pops open a Molson and exits.


Right to the ring for a non-title match. Kimber introduces the wrestlers.

Average Joe (Perfectly Average Company)
AGE: 40 / HT: 6′ 2″ WT: 220 / HOME: Defiance, OH
FIN: Average Slam

*“Ordinary Average Guy” – Joe Walsh*

Average Joe comes to the ring in his yellow ‘Average Joe’ t-shirt and gym shorts.

‘Charlie Wrestling’ Charlie Blackwell (Sports Entertainment Corporation)
AGE: 29 / HT: 6′ 4″  WT: 224 / HOME: Dallas, TX
FIN: Katahajime

*“As If” – Van Halen*

Blackwell turns his back and shows off his robe which also says ‘Charlie Wrestling’ on the back.

Blackwell walks down escorted by the SEC: P.M.C. Banks, Kirk Walstreit, ‘Canadian Bad Boy’ Justin Beaver with ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and ‘the mouthpiece of the SEC’ Phil Finebaum. Miley Vyrus and ‘Country…er…Pop Songstress’ Taylor Switt also join the group

Thunderbolt Smith: Can Average Joe pull off the big upset here tonight?

Rick Hall: I don’t know. Charlie Blackwell is focused as hell right now. He wants to put an end to Ray McAvay and he can’t afford any slip ups along the way.


Average Joe vs. MVW Champion Charlie Blackwell


Early exchanges. Average Joe wrestles to a stalemate. Shoulder block by Blackwell. Average Joe avoids a second shoulder block and drop toeholds Blackwell to the mat. Both back up. Blackwell charges again and Average Joe drop toeholds him to the mat again. Annoyed, Blackwell takes a breather on the apron. Average Joe propels himself off the rope and dropkicks Blackwell off the apron.

Thunderbolt Smith: WOW! What a move by Average Joe!

Rick Hall: Average Joe has a few tricks up his sleeve as well.

Blackwell tries to get back in but eats an enziguri and ends up landing on the ring steps. The crowd cheers Average Joe and he takes a bow. Blackwell back in. Average Joe continues to ride the momentum and works on Blackwell’s creaky knees. Average Joe with a neckbreaker. Average Joe Irish whips Blackwell into the ropes and goes for another drop toehold but Blackwell manages to counter. Blackwell goes for a suplex and Average Joe slips out the back door. But he suddenly slows noticeably allowing Blackwell to nail a body slam and a jumping elbow drop. Average Joe blocks another body shop but still takes an inverted DDT. Average Joe elbows free of a fireman’s carry but can’t escape a German suplex by Blackwell. Average Joe rolls out of the ring. He looks winded.

Thunderbolt Smith: Average Joe threw everything he had at Charlie Blackwell and yet, Blackwell doesn’t seem fazed.

Rick Hall: Bad news for Average Joe.

Meanwhle, Blackwell has now taken complete control of match. Average Joe gets away and tries another drop toehold…Blackwell clotheslines Average Joe and then drags him to the top rope. He sets Average Joe up for the Katahajime.

Thunderbolt Smith: Blackwell’s got him!

Rick Hall: I’m going to get flowers for Average Joe…I’ve seen this story before and he’s about to die.

Blackwell locks on the submission.

Thunderbolt Smith: THAT’S IT!

Average Joe tries to fight it…but he taps out.

WINNER: Charlie Blackwell at 5:52

Thunderbolt Smith: The Champion with a dominant win over Average Joe here on Sunday Night Wrestling.

Thunderbolt Smith: Last week on Sunday Night Wrestling, ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann revealed that the SEC was unable to come to terms on deals to bring ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin or the MVW Women’s champion Christa Carmondy back to the fold. Who will he bring in?

REPLAY: Last Week’s Sunday Night Wrestling

Mr. McMann: The track record of the wrestler I’m looking to bring into the SEC speaks for itself. The SEC will only look for the best. This wrestler was the best in Missouri Valley Wrestling before…and once she comes in, I’m quite confident she’ll be the best again.

McMann is in CSPN CEO Mark Splitter’s office and tries to explains why it is imperative the SEC brings in a woman wrestler to compete against Christa Carmondy and Tessa Martin. He adds that the woman he is looking to bring into MVW is willing to sign but wants a lucrative deal and there’s no way Jill Berg will splash the cash.

Splitter is skeptical. He points out the Dawn McGill debacle last year. CSPN spent two million dollars in an attempt to tie her to the SEC and has nothing to show for it.   McMann protests. Splitter suggests pushing either Miley Vyrus or ‘Country…er…Pop Songstress’ Taylor Switt and use the talent that’s on hand.



January 26th – Wings Event Center / Kalamazoo, MI
-Yosemite Samantha v. Tessa Martin-Women’s #1 Contender Match
February 1st – Effingham Performance Center / Effingham, IL
‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson defends Heartland title
February 2nd – MVWA 87 @ Peoria Civic Center / Peoria, IL
-MVW Title: Charlie Blackwell © vs. Ray McAvay
February 3rdDavid S. Palmer Arena / Danville, IL
February 9th – Eastern Kentucky Expo Center / Pikeville, KY
-Christa Carmondy defends Women’s title, ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson defends Heartland title
February 15th – Vilaero Event Center / Kearney, NE
February 16th – Pershing Center / Lincoln, NE
February 17th – Eihusen Arena / Grand Island, NE


Heartland Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson joins Blair Moise backstage before his title defense.

MVW Heartland Champion
‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson

Blair doesn’t even bother asking a question. She just points the microphone in Dickinson’s direction and lets him go.

The Heartland Champion says Jack Fraiser caught him by surprise when they met before.

Bill Dickinson: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. There’ll be no surprises tonight.

And with that, Dickinson moves on.

Ring Announcer Kimber Marshall is in the ring to introduce the main event.

Jack Fraiser
HT: 6”3” WT: 205 / HOME: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
FIN: Canadian Crusher
Valet: ‘Oootlander Blaire Rendell

The video screen comes to life:

It’s 1946 in the Scottish Highlands.

On the hill of Irish na Dun, British nurse Blaire Rendell hears the tell-tale buzzing sound as she approaches the standing Bills. This makes her very happy.]

Blaire Rendell (Scottish accent): Soon, I’ll be back with my true love Jamie and I will be truly happy once again in eighteen century Scotland.

Blaire goes to the standing Bills where the buzzing sound gets louder and louder. Soon she faints and falls to the ground. When she wakes up…

Blaire nearly jumps in the air when she encounters the source of the voice. He is dressed in heavy plaid lumberjack shirt, a warm coat, and a tuque.

Blaire Rendell: Wh-who the hell are you?   And where the hell am I?

Jack Fraiser: My name is Jack Fraiser. You are in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.

Blaire Rendell: Saskatoon…Saskatchewan Canada? That can’t be true. I’m supposed to be in Scotland.

[A hockey puck comes flying by just barely missing both of them.]

Blaire Rendell: What the *BLEEP*!

Jack Fraiser: Nope. This is definitely Canada.

Then Kimber brings out the Heartland Champion.

‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson “The 330 Pound Southern Brawler”
AGE: 37 / HT: 6′ 1″ WT: 330 / HOME: Troy, AL
FIN: High Crossbody into a Powerbomb

*“White Trash” – Chris Janson*

Dickinson walks out holding up the Heartland Title belt in one hand…a shot of Jack Daniels in the other.


‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson © vs. Jack Fraiser


Thunderbolt Smith: And here we go. Dickinson versus Fraiser for the Heartland title.

Dickinson and Fraiser trade punches out of the box. Dickinson doubles up on right hands and drives Fraiser into the corner. Chop by Dickinson.   Second chop by Dickinson. Fraiser grabs Dickinson and spins him into the corner. Fraiser with a chop in return. Second chop.

Both men trade punches and chops. Dickinson gets a rake of the eyes but runs into a forearm from Fraiser. Fraiser lands a few blows. But Dickinson cuts him off with a clothesline. Dickinson covers.



Fraiser with the easy kick out. Arm drag takedown by Dickinson who holds on to the arm and turns it into an armbar to keep Fraiser grounded.

Fraiser makes it back to his feet. Dickinson hits a jumping front kick that sends Fraiser back down. Dickinson covers.



Fraiser kicks out again. He stands and charges into another arm drag takedown from Dickinson. Again, Dickinson transitions into an armbar.

Thunderbolt Smith: So far, Bill Dickinson’s experience in these type of matches is showing. Jack Fraiser seems out of sorts. He doesn’t look comfortable. Dickinson is controlling and dominating the match. Rick, what do you think?

Rick Hall: Jack Fraiser was able to frustrate Bill Dickinson at MVWA 85 and caused the Heartland champion to get himself disqualified. Tonight, Dickinson is all business and he’s not giving Jack anything.

Dickinson works a chokehold. Fraiser turns into it but Dickinson drops down and tries gets the hold back but Fraiser escapes. Low Dropkick by Fraiser. Fraiser pulls Dickinson down but the Heartland Champion lifts Fraiser and suplexes him. But Fraiser lands on his feet. High kick by Fraiser. He goes for a second kick, but Dickinson pushes the leg out from under him and Fraiser stumbled into the corner turnbuckle head first.

Dickinson stomps the hell out of Fraiser. He stomps away at the challenger, pulls him up, and takes a chinlock from behind. Again Fraiser escapes…SUNSET FLIP…1..2..NO!!! Dickinson tries to grind Fraiser down with a rest hold. Elbow by Dickinson. Overhead kick by Fraiser who tries to get out of the ring. Dickinson pulls him back in. Right hand from Fraiser. He whips, reversed, right hand to Dickinson! Shoots the legs. But Dickinson stomps his back and flattens him.

Thunderbolt Smith: Again, every time Jack Fraiser gets something going, Bill Dickinson puts a quick stop to it.

Rick Hall: For all his size and girth, you forget that Dickinson is actually a very smart and astute wrestler. He’s not letting Jack Fraiser do anything he wants to do.

A very frustrated Fraiser confers with his Oootlander Blaire Rendell on the outside.

Thunderbolt Smith: Fraiser is going to have to try something different to get back into this match.

SNAFU appears with Coach E.J. Flack and heads towards ringside. Dickinson, waiting for Fraiser to come back in, sees SNAFU coming and becomes distracted by him.

Thunderbolt Smith: What is he doing here?

Rick Hall: SNAFU also gave Bill Dickinson a tough match at MVWA 86. It looks like he’s at ringside scouting both men.

Thunderbolt Smith: And then there’s also ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler in the mix as well.

Fraiser back in and they lock up. With Dickinson keeping an eye out on Daniels, Fraiser gets an arm wringer and hits a belly to belly suplex. Fraiser covers.



Dickinson kicks out and immediately looks towards SNAFU on the outside.

Thunderbolt Smith: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson needs to keep his focus on Jack Fraiser.

Rick Hall: It’s given Jack Fraiser an opening. The question is can he take advantage of it?

Fraiser lays in the boots on Dickinson. Fraiser lands a series of rights then a jumping forearm shot and a jumping boot that drives Dickinson to the corner. Fraiser charges in…he runs into a right hand.

Fraiser gets another head of steam. Dickinson counters into a Samoan drop. He climbs to the top rope but Daniels walks towards him and Dickinson stops and stares at him. Fraiser back up. He crotches Dickinson on the top rope and leaves him hanging on the rope. Fraiser spins Dickinson around and drops to the mat snapping Dickinson’s neck over the top rope. Dickinson rebounds off the apron to the floor.

Thunderbolt Smith: SNAFU is driving the Heartland Champion to distraction and Jack Fraiser is taking full advantage of the situation.

Rick Hall: Once again, Fraiser has a shot now. Can he do it?

Fraiser climbs to the top turnbuckle. But Dickinson has already tackled SNAFU and starts laying in the boots.

Thunderbolt Smith: HERE WE GO!

Fraiser is unsure what to do. The crowd suddenly roars.



Williams races down and shoves Flack aside. SNAFU sees him and tries to get back to his feet. He doesn’t quite make it and Williams drives his shoulder into SNAFU’s gut and crashes against the steel barricade around the ring.


Williams and SNAFU brawl into the crowd.

Rick Hall: Thunderbolt, that was our first look at Dangerous Dan Williams and he made quite the impression. Is he affiliated in some way with Bill Dickinson.

Thunderbolt Smith: I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Bill Dickinson back in control and Fraiser is running out of gas.

Dickinson sets Fraiser up for a vertical suplex…and hits it. Cover.



Fraiser desperately gets the shoulder up.

Thunderbolt Smith: I don’t know how much Fraiser has left in the tank.

Rick Hall: Jack Fraiser needs a miracle now.

Dickinson whips Fraiser into the ropes…he drops him with a High Crossbody.

Thunderbolt Smith: HIGH CROSSBODY!

Rick Hall: And we know what’s next.

What’s next is the powerbomb. Dickinson lifts and powers Fraiser to the mat.

Thunderbolt Smith: POWERBOMB!

Rick Hall: And that’s that.

Dickinson rolls the legs.




Thunderbolt Smith: Bill Dickinson remains the Heartland Champion!

Kimber Marshall in the ring with the pronouncement.

WINNER AND STILL HEARTLAND CHAMPION: ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson @ 10:44

Fraiser slaps his hand on the mat. Dickinson takes the belt from referee Davey Keels and thrusts it high in the air.

Thunderbolt quickly runs down the prospective card for MVWA 87 on February 2nd.

MVW Title Match: ‘Charlie Wrestling’ Charlie Blackwell © vs. ‘Red Solo Plastic Cup’ Ray McAvay

MVW Tag Team Title Match: The Dork Dynasty © vs. The Island of Misfit Wrestlers

MVW Women’s Title Match: Christa Carmondy © vs. the winner of ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/Yosemite Samantha-match to be held next Saturday in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Thunderbolt Smith: We’ll see you next time. For ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall, I’m Thunderbolt Smith. Good night everyone!

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