MVW Rewind: Rah Matches in HOW


Barbi Kostoff and Chris Kostoff
Rah and Kirsta Lewis
High Octane Wrestling
Thursday Night Turmoil
Thursday August 19th, 2010

We cut back to ringside where a hustling Hortega has slid into the ring and right behind him Rah is slowly making his way to the ring with his massive entourage following behind or carrying him, in some cases. The crowd gives him a warm welcome as the over the top personality of Rah amuses both small children and adults who pick up on some of the more adult themes running through his act. As the procession continues we cut to Benny Newell and Joe Hoffman.

Joe Hoffman: I am not so sure that Hortega’s new amigo is that much of an amigo if you know what I mean…but anyway…as you can see we are being treated to the elaborate, if time consuming entrance of HOW new comer, Rah. What do you think of this new competitor here Benny?

Benny Newell: RAH!

Joe Hoffman: ..not this again..

Benny Newell: I’m just fuckin’ with you Hoffman… RAH!

Joe Hoffman: You make it very hard to be considered a real journalistic commentator, you know that right?

Benny Newell: You make it really hard to be.. like.. hard. You know that? And thi8s time it’s not whiskey dick, I swear!

Rah poses in the ring as Joe Hoffman makes surprised and offended sounds over his microphone while Benny laughs. Next out is Kirsta Lewis who rides her bike down to the ring and around it while the crowd boos loudly. When she removes her helmet a large white bandage can be seen over her temple where Barbi had hit her with the steel stairs at CPII.

Once she gets into the ring she storms over to Rah, shoving him into the corner as she barks orders at him. Rah seems confused and merely poses back t her, unsure if she was demanding more great posing from him. This only acts to further infuriate Kirsta who slaps Rah across the face causing the big man to twist to the side, spit splattering all over Joel Hortega. The fans once again laugh at the pair before the laughs turn into cheers.

Back up at the top of the ramp the Kostoff’s can be seen charging toward the ring to take advantage of the fact that Rah and Kirsta Lewis seem to be having a little internal strife.

Benny Newell: What the fuck is this!? The Kostoff’s are attacking an obviously ill prepared RAH! and Lewis! This is so typically

Joe Hoffman: If Kirsta and Rah could but their egos slash psychotics on hold for a moment they wouldn’t be in this situation!

Benny Newell: RAH!

Chris and Barbi slide into the ring to a chorus of cheers as they charge forward, Barbi tackling Lewis from behind while Chris launches himself into Rah sending himself and his target tumbling between the top and bottom ropes! The fans are on their feet as the action starts off heavy. With Kirsta and Barbi in the ring Hortega signals for the bell while Rah and Kostoff exchange blows on the outside.

Barbi takes an early advantage, working Kirsta over in the corner before whipping her into the ropes where she hits a powerful shoulder block take down! She drops down and goes for a quick pinfall..



Kirsta rolls outside of the ring after kicking out to gather her thoughts while Barbi poses inside the ring. Chris gets up into the corner and works the crowd up into their favor as well. Kirsta checks her jaw and then the small white bandage on her temple while Rah can be seen signing autographs with various people at ring side. Lewis flips him off and climbs back into the ring.

Barbi charges but catches a shoulder to the gut before getting laid out with a stiff knee to the side of the head. Kirsta takes on a dominate advantage, slamming Barbi’s head into the mat several times before hitting a series of stiff suplexes near the center of the ring. She bridges over into a German Suplex..




Barbi manages to twist her body free as Kirsta snaps back up to her feet, dragging Barbi by her hair toward Kostoff’s corner. She dumps her there and motions for Kostoff to enter before Kirsta stalks back over to her own corner, leaning out and slapping Rah in the back of the head, snatching his attention away from his autograph signing.

Chris is quick to oblige Kirsta’s offer and tags himself in, roaring toward Kirsta who ducks out and away, scampering toward Rah as she points to the ring telling him he has to get in now. Rah looks at Chris Kostoff glaring down at him from inside the ring and decides that signing autographs seems more fun. Kirsta, furious with him, sends a stiff foot between Rah’s legs causing the big man to fall to the side screaming.

She drags him up to his feet and rolls him into the ring where Chris drops down to attempt a pin fall!




Rah manages to throw his shoulder up as Kirsta climbs back up into her corner looking unimpressed with her partner. Kostoff picks Rah up and hammers away on the side of Rah’s head before hitting a few stiff power moves. Rah seems heavily strained by the attacks while Kirsta looks on with a kind of zealous joy.

Kostoff backs Rah into the corner and climbs the turnbuckle before reigning down a few stiff fists..








Kostoff flies backwards threw the air and smashes down to the mat back first as Rah over powers Kostoff with a massive release power bomb! Rah, groggy from Chris’s assault, moves forward and drops down for a pin fall..




Once again the Kostoff’s refusal to get pinned keeps them in the fight. Rah turns and tags in Kirsta who slithers into the ring giving Rah a glare. Kirsta works Chris over before sling shotting him into the corner with a thud. Kirsta slowly gets back up to her feet, sneering at the crowd..


Kirsta doesn’t have time to react as Chris hurls himself into her back closelining her across the back of the head! She is knocked down as Kostoff stumbles toward his corner, tagging in Barbi with the last of his strength as he collapses to the mat. Barbi jumps in and drags Kirsta up to her feet, tossing her into the ropes before she goes for a closeline of her own!



Out of now here Kirsta ducks under Barbi’s arm and fires off a vicious kick to her chin flooring her! Kirsta looks wild eyed as she backs up not sure what exactly has happened as she works off pure instinct.. She doesn’t even notice it when Rah slaps her on the back to tag himself in!

Kirsta goes for the cover…

Hortega refuses to count and tries to explain that she is not the legal person! Kirsta looks furious as she is unsure what the hell Hortega is babbling about in Spanish however Rah quickly steps into the ring and shoves Kirsta to the side, casually dropping down into a cover..





Rah immediately jumps up to his feet as confetti rains down from the ceiling. Kirsta looks beside herself as Rah just took credit for all her hard work. Music blares all around the arena as Rah’s entourage return to the ring to help in the celebration of Rah’s “victory”.


Joe Hoffman: Well, good job on the pin, but even that was lazy. Good work is owed to Kirsta who really fired off a killer offensive from the onset of the match to the end. Rah…well…Rah is Rah…

Benny Newell: RAH IS A WINNER!

Rah is seen being mobbed by his people as we cut backstage…


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