11/24 – Missouri Valley Wrestling’s MVWA 79 Preview

This week: MVWA 79 at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri


Weapons of Mass Destruction: A. Tom Bomb and Hy Drogen Bomb with Daisy Cutter-Bomb vs. Farmer John and the New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine…Ultratron-Five

Already penciled in to wrestling the winner of the MVW Tag Team Title Match between the champions the Sports Entertainment Corporation: Rah and ‘The Luchador with Insanely Poor Oral Hygiene’ Halitosis MVWA 79, the WMD tune up and look to keep their momentum on the ascendancy against Farmer John and the new age cybertronic criminally insane rogue sentient robot wrestling machine…Ultratron-Five.

‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin vs. Kathryn Randall Collins

Tessa and KRC had some epic battles dating back to 2008 when both were in Political Championship Wrestling. Now nine years later, these two old foes will lock up once again in Missouri Valley Wrestling with the hope of clawing back into the Women’s title picture.

Tess looks to shake off a disastrous detour to a short run with the SEC and regain her footing. KRC sees her window of opportunity closing and would love nothing more than to get one last chance at the MVW Women’s title.

Bo Stevens vs. ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler vs. SNAFU with Coach E.J. Flack

Coming off a hard fought loss to Television Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson, Bo Stevens looks to rebound at MVWA 79 against two other TV title contenders ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler and SNAFU. Butler, the first MVW Television champion, has slipped down the ladder since losing the belt to Dickinson. SNAFU took his shot against Dickinson three weeks ago and came up a little short against the three hundred and thirty pound Southern brawler.

Now at MVWA 79, the winner of this match will once again move to the head of the line and wrestle Dickinson again for the TV title.

The Hanson Sisters: Andrea and Melissa Hanson with Charissa Hanson vs. ‘Young Hollywood’ Miley Vyrus and ‘Country…er…Pop Songstress’ Taylor Switt of the Sports Entertainment Corporation

The Hansons have been plying their trade at MVW house shows over the past few weeks, gaining valuable experience, and getting used to life on the road. Then they hooked up with Yosemite Samantha and delivered a ‘message’ to Women’s Champion Lisa Barbosa-Stevens from her that resulted in Barbosa-Stevens’s SEC teammates Miley Vyrus and Taylor Switt responding in kind.

The SEC attacked the Hansons last Saturday night in Des Moines, Iowa and duct taped them to benches inside their dressing room to take them out of commission and leave Yosemite Samantha on an island against Barbosa-Stevens, Vyrus, and Switt when they attacked her following her win over Tessa Martin.

As a result, MVW CEO Jill Berg booked this match as a warm up to Barbosa-Stevens’s title defense against Yosemite Samantha later on in the night.

The Sports Entertainment Corporation: P.M.C. Banks and ‘Canadian Bad Boy’ Justin Beaver © vs. Island of Misfit Wrestlers: Rah and ‘The Luchador with Insanely Poor Oral Hygiene’ Halitosis with Regina McGill

Three weeks ago, the Island of Misfit Wrestlers were lost. Dawn McGill had been shanghaied to the SEC after losing to Khris Kardoucheian at MVWA 78. Without McGill in their corner, Rah and Halitosis lost the tag belts to Banks and Beaver later on in the night. The conventional wisdom had the Island of Misfit Wrestlers dead in the water.

Then two weeks ago, Regina McGill walked into the dressing room and gave the Island of Misfit Wrestlers the swift kick in the ass they needed. Rah and Halitosis picked up a pair of wins over the SEC at two house shows. With those wins in hand, CEO Jill Berg decided to grant the IMW’s wish for a rematch and booked the match for MVWA 79.

Can Regina McGill lead Rah and Halitosis back to the tag team summit? Or will the SEC use their corporate power to keep Banks and Beaver on top?

Lisa Barbosa-Stevens © of the SEC vs. Yosemite Samantha

Since winning the Women’s title nearly two months ago at MVWA 77, Lisa Barbosa-Stevens has developed a meaner disposition and mastered the Ken Shamrock Ankle Lock to become the dominant figure in the MVW women’s division. She fended off a spirited challenge from ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin at MVWA 78 and now is faced with another potentially explosive opponent in Yosemite Samantha.

Barbosa-Stevens used the Ankle Lock on Yosemite Samantha this past weekend in a post-match attack and the question that will have to be answered at MVWA 79 is how bad is Samantha’s ankle and will it stand up to a full match?

If Yosemite Samantha’s foot is not an issue, Barbosa-Stevens may be looking at her stiffest challenge yet in MVW.

‘Tin Cup’ Ray McAvay © vs. Charlie Blackwell of the Sports Entertainment Corporation

This is the third time around for McAvay and Blackwell- two former best friends turned bitter foes.

At MVWA 77, McAvay received an assist from his Deplorables- West Texas Adult Entertainment Legends Dark and Stormy and Bert the Janitor to pick up the win.

At MVWA 78, in a match where no one was allowed to be at ringside, McAvay, angry at Blackwell over his role in costing Dawn McGill her match earlier in the show and for Blackwell’s involvement in trying to coerce McGill over to the SEC, punished Blackwell for several minute by hitting multiple McGill Bombs on him. Finally, the SEC threw the towel in by sending the cavalry down to make the save.

What will MVWA 79 bring? More of the same. Blackwell will be backed by the SEC and — most shockingly — McAvay’s ex-wife Dawn McGill. McAvay will have his Deplorables back at ringside- including West Texas Adult Entertainment Legend (and new wife) Dark aka…Stacee Perry. Emotions will be running high. Can McAvay tune it all out and get the business done? Or can Blackwell parlay the turmoil surrounding his cousin Dawn into winning the MVW Men’s title?

Catch all the action on Bro-Slam. It’s MVWA 79 on Bro-Slam this Saturday night from the Municipal Auditorium Kansas City, Missouri. Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall will recap the show this Sunday night on MVW Sunday Night Wrestling.


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