11/8 – Missouri Valley Wrestling House Show-Emporia, KS and News

Emporia House Show Results and News Concerning Ray McAvay’s Opponents at John Pariah Tribute Show

11/8- Missouri Valley Wrestling House Show – William L. White Auditorium in Emporia, Kansas

MVW rolled into Emporia, Kansas for a stacked mid-week house show featuring the return of MVW Men’s Champion ‘Tin Cup’ Ray McAvay following his recent wedding to Dark (aka…Stacee Perry)

The Missouri Valley Fight Club: Harley Davisson and Carrieanne McDermott defeated Blake and Gwen Varney- Davisson pinned Gwen with a roll up.

Jack Frasier with his Oootlander Blaire Rendell defeated Bobby Starr with the Canadian Crusher

The Hanson Sisters: Andrea, Charissa, and Melissa defeated Tori Thomas, Cheryl Parkman, and Elaine Brazier- Melissa pinned Brazier after hitting the Slap Shot

Bo Stevens defeated Rick Beam with the BO-Plex

The Island of Misfit Wrestlers: Rah and the ‘Luchador with Insanely Poor Oral Hygiene’ Halitosis with Regina McGill defeated the French Connection: Jobber D’Hut and obnoxious French sports talk show host Dan LeBasterd- Rah pinned LeBasterd after hitting the Eye of Rahhhh.

-Regina McGill cut a promo afterwards calling out the SEC and especially the new tag team champions P.M.C. Banks and ‘Canadian Bad Boy’ Justin Beaver- who were not at the show. Regina stated she’s taking up the cause of Rah and Halitosis for her sister Dawn and she’s determined to get them a rematch for the title.

Yosemite Samantha defeated Ninja Kitty with the Cannonball.

-Yosemite Samantha also cut a promo following her match and again popped off on the Women’s champion Lisa Barbosa-Stevens who was also not in the building tonight. Samantha declared that she was ‘gunning’ for the title and nothing was going to get in her way.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: A. Tom Bomb and Hy Drogen Bomb with Daisy Cutter-Bomb defeated the American Bikers: Big Paulie and Little Paulie- Big Paulie and Little Paulie got into an argument during the match and both men were counted out.

-Men’s Champion ‘Tin Cup’ Ray McAvay and his Deplorables including West Texas Adult Entertainment Legends Dark and Stormy and Bert the Janitor came out and cut a quick promo thanking the fans for coming out to the show and acknowledging the fact that he is now married to Dark. McAvay said he didn’t want to make too big of a deal over it and was happy to be back in the ring.

Men’s Champion ‘Tin Cup’ Ray McAvay defeated ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler with the Dragon Sleeper


Here is the schedule for MVW’s upcoming weekend house shows:
November 10th – Jefferson City, MO
November 11th – Carbondale, IL
November 12th – Murray, KY


McAvay was told backstage following the show that he would be facing fellow High Octane Wrestling Alumni ‘The Scorpion’ Scott Stevens, ‘The Hellcat’ Kirsta Lewis, and Chris Kostoff in a HOW LSD Rules Fatal Fourway Elimination Match.

McAvay’s history in HOW with Stevens is well known. He has never faced Kirsta Lewis or Chris Kostoff in the ring.

Here is the complete In His Name card announced last night:

Main Event
Civl War

Team Redefined (Jordan Ciserano (captain), Jordan Caliban, Declan Black, Al Envy, Johnny Ajax) vs. Team PWX (Darin Zion (captain), Brian Hollywood, John Ojeda, Val Lamb, and Noah Hanson)

Razor Wire Warfare Match
CJ Starkweather vs. Michael Norcia

Tag Team Street Fight
Julliet Brooks and Pat Gordon Jr. vs. Bad Attitude (Stryker and Tomkins)

30 Minute Hybrid Ironman Match
Bob Pooler vs. Jan Van Der Roost

Singles Match
Riley Owens vs .Izzy Anders

HOW LSD Rules: Fatal Fourway Elimination Match
Scott Stevens vs. “Tin Cup” Ray McAvay vs. Kirsta Lewis vs. Kostoff

Singles Match
Tweeder vs. Matt Prince

Tag Team Match
Nighthawk and Anton Chase vs. Elijah Black and Kolic

Singles Match
Allister Black vs. “Godly” Ken Davison

Opening 5 Fatal Five Way Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
Ness vs. Tyler Graves vs. Ty vs. Dazz vs. Axel Graves


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