The Wrestling Guys’s MVWA 78 on Bro-Slam Show Recap

MVW Men’s Champion ‘Tin Cup’ Ray McAvay (standing) stalks challenger Charlie Blackwell during the main event of MVWA 78.

The Wrestling Guys’s MVWA 78 on Bro-Slam Show Recap
Sunday October 29th, 2017
Hosts: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Thunderbolt Smith: Last night, just over 4,500 people showed up at the St. Louis Convention Center and saw a title change and a whole lot of stuff go down at MVWA 78. The Sports Entertainment Corporation had a great night. Women’s champion Lisa Barbosa-Stevens successfully defended her title and P.M.C. Banks and newcomer ‘Canadian Bad Boy’ Justin Beaver defeated a Dawn McGill-less Island of Misfit Wrestlers: Rah and the “Luchador with Insanely Poor Oral Hygiene” Halitosis to win the MVW Tag Team title.

Rick Hall: Why was Dawn McGill not there? She lost to Khris Kardoucheian and as a result of the stipulation set down by ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann immediately left the building with Kardoucheian’s son Ken for a ‘dream date.’

Thunderbolt Smith: That match result reverberated through the rest of the show. The Tag match for one and especially the MVW Men’s title match between ‘Tin Cup’ Ray McAvay and challenger Charlie Blackwell. Also at last night’s show, Bo Stevens and SNAFU picked up big wins with Television title implications. Yosemite Samantha also got a nice win over Ninja Kitty and Regina McGill in the opening match.

Rick Hall: And Weapons of Mass Destruction’s A. Tom Bomb and Hy Drogen Bomb outgunned the Beer Bellied Softball Playing Ninja again and now they have an eye on the tag team title.

MVWA 78 Results:

Yosemite Samantha defeated Ninja Kitty and Regina McGill

Weapons of Mass Destruction (A. Tom Bomb and Hy Drogen Bomb with Daisy Cutter-Bomb) defeat The Beer Bellied Softball Playing Ninja (Hank and Tiny with Stan and April O’Neale)

Bo Stevens defeated ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido

SNAFU with Coach E.J. Flack defeated ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler

Khris Kardoucheian with the Kardoucheians (Ken, Koley, and Khourtney) defeated ‘Sinfully Delicious’ Dawn McGill

The Sports Entertainment Corporation: (P.M.C. Banks and ‘Canadian Bad Boy’ Justin Beaver with the SEC) defeat the Island of Misfit Wrestlers (Rah and ‘The Luchador with Insanely Poor Oral Hygiene’ Halitosis) © to win the tag team title.

Lisa Barbosa-Stevens of the SEC © defeated ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin

‘Tin Cup’ Ray McAvay © defeated Charlie Blackwell of the SEC


Ninja Kitty vs. Yosemite Samantha vs. Regina McGill

Thunderbolt Smith: At MVWA 77, Yosemite Samantha picked up a nice win over ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot and Kathryn Randall Collins. She didn’t have enough time to claw her way into a title match this time but still made the MVWA 78 show. The three-way match started fast with all three ladies trading and matching move for move in the early going. Ninja Kitty used her speed and agility to steer clear of the always charging Yosemite Samantha and Regina McGill does what she always does- fight and battle. After Ninja Kitty connected on a Hurricanrana DDT to Regina, Samantha finished Regina off with the Cannonball to eliminate her. Then she and Ninja Kitty played a ‘cat and mouse’ game for five minutes before Samantha finally caught and grounded her. The combustible red head then set Ninja up for the Cannonball and connected to pick up another big win.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: At some point, Yosemite Samantha is going to force her way into title consideration. That’s her second impressive win in four weeks at a big show and she’s only going to improve. I also think Ninja Kitty also should stay in the mix after another good performance. Her problem has always been her lack of strength and when her speed is negated she doesn’t have a viable plan B. Regina McGill has looked a little lost since she was booted from the SEC. I think Regina’s trying to figure out just where she fits in- especially when the women’s division is clogging up at the top.


Thunderbolt Smith: The rumor floated around that MVW CEO Jill Berg told Ray he should apologize at Wednesday night’s house show in Hannibal, Missouri and get it over with. However, McAvay decided to wait until the big show because he wanted the apology to be in the same building with Dawn. McGill did not appear in Hannibal. So that’s what he did. McAvay apologized to Dawn first…then Dark (aka Stacee Perry)…and the fans. He said this by no means makes up for what happened and fully admitted that he was far from a perfect person. Ray added that he could make excuses but he wasn’t going to let himself off that easy.

Rick Hall: I’ll give Ray credit here. McAvay could have taken the easy way out and apologized at the Hannibal House show but chose to do it on a bigger stage with Dawn McGill in the house at MVWA 78.

The Beer Bellied Softball Playing Ninja (Hank and Tiny with Stan and April O’Neale) vs. Weapons of Mass Destruction (A. Tom Bomb and Hy Drogen Bomb with Daisy Cutter-Bomb)

Thunderbolt Smith: WMD set the tone early on again by executing their game plan…being overly aggressive…not allowing the BBSPN to utilize their ninja softball skills…and cruised to a decisive win. A-Bomb and H-Bomb would deliver heavy damage to Hank and Tiny and then tag out to let the fresh man take over. A-Bomb flattened Hank with an Atomic Powerbomb and then let H-Bomb deliver the finisher…a devastating Hydrogen Powerbomb to seal the win.

Rick Hall: For a match billed as a deathmatch, it didn’t really get too extreme because the WMD controlled things from the opening bell. It’s taken a little while but A-Bomb and H-Bomb are starting to develop some consistency in their in-ring performances and it showed last night. Again, A-Bomb and H-Bomb came out with a game plan and followed it to a ‘T’. They kept a fresh man in the ring at all times and used their power game effectively to grind down the BBSPN. Got to think that the WMD are eyeing a title shot at MVWA 79. If not, they should be.

Bo Stevens with Ted Tebow- Tim Tebow’s long lost black sheep brother no one knew he ever had vs. ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido

Thunderbolt Smith: Once again, Bo Stevens went to school against the wily veteran Chris Escondido in a rematch from MVWA 77 that went to a time limit draw. This time, Stevens applied what he’d learned from the first match and the student came away with the victory over the teacher. Stevens mixed in BO-plexes and BO-dogs against Escondido and even threw in a couple stupid karate moves he called Tai-BO. He finished Escondido off with a BO-flex (chicken wing) submission to come away with the win.

Rick Hall: Bo passed his first big test in getting past Escondido. Now that he’s finished with Escondido will now set his sights on a title shot against Television Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson. Last weekend, he made clear he had his eye firmly fixed on the Television title when he skirmished with ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler on last week’s MVW Sunday Night Wrestling show.


Thunderbolt Smith: Well, speaking of ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler, he came down after the match and attacked Stevens. Tebow tried to help but Butler tossed him through the ropes and to the floor. Butler had the upper hand on Stevens when SNAFU and Coach E.J. Flack ran in and attacked the Cowboy.

Rick Hall: SNAFU also wants a Television title match against TV Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson and made that clear last Sunday night.

Thunderbolt Smith: Yep, so MVW CEO Jill Berg finally came down. Since the Extreme Deathmatch didn’t go as long as she thought it would, Berg booked an impromptu match between Butler and SNAFU. The winner would then face ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson for the TV title next Sunday on MVW Sunday Night Wrestling.

‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler vs. SNAFU with Coach E.J. Flack

Thunderbolt Smith: SNAFU struggled in the three way title match with Butler and Dickinson a few weeks back. However, in a one on one battle with Butler, SNAFU found his game. He went extreme whenever he could get away with it. SNAFU grounded Butler and tried to wear him down with the Camel Clutch. Butler tried taking him to the top rope midway through but SNAFU fought his way out and then nailed a Super Hurricanrana off the top. He used the Springboard Leg Lariat off the top rope as well to keep Butler off balance and put the Cowboy away with the American Facebuster to claim the win.

Rick Hall: SNAFU seemed more confident this time around and he played more to his strengths in this match. Coach E.J. Flack now has some time under his belt with SNAFU and the difference between this match and the three way dance for the TV title a few weeks back is striking.

Thunderbolt Smith: So, next Sunday night, SNAFU versus ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson for the MVW Television Title. But wait…


Thunderbolt Smith: …speaking of the Television champion, he would make an unscheduled visit to the ring following the match. This time, no extracurricular activity or brawling.

Rick Hall: Just a friendly hello to make sure SNAFU knows ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson has his eye on him. Nothing more.


Thunderbolt Smith: Dawn McGill ran into Charlie Blackwell backstage right before her match and confronted about the management or mismanagement of her financial affairs. Blackwell again tried to deflect her so Dawn handed him a ‘cease and desist’ order and fired him as her financial advisor. Blackwell did not take the news very well.

Rick Hall: That would lead to this…

‘Sinfully Delicious’ Dawn McGill vs. Khris Kardoucheian with the Kardoucheians (Ken, Koley, and Khourtney)

Thunderbolt Smith: And now this match that echoed throughout the rest of the show. The stipulation was simple. If Dawn won, it’s the end of the Kardoucheian Empire’s world famous, high rated reality show ‘Krampin’ Up with the Kardoucheians.’ If Khris won, Dawn would go on a dream date with Ken Kardoucheian to be taped for their reality show.

Rick Hall: Dawn looked terrific. She’s dropped some weight over the past year and gotten herself in the best shape she’s been in a long, long time. But Dawn hasn’t wrestled competitively in over two years so there’s the question about ring rust and stamina. Conversely, Khris has never been a wrestler so he was an complete unknown.

Thunderbolt Smith: So, McGill came out at the bell and dominated the hell out of Khris Kardoucheian. Khris tried to overpower her early but Dawn kneed him three times in the groin and put a stop to that. She rammed his head into the corner turnbuckle over and over and over again busting him wide open.

Rick Hall: His face was a bloody mess.

Thunderbolt Smith: Dawn then walked through her repertoire of submission holds one by one and had Khris in massive pain. The Kardoucheian sons on the outside kept referee Davey Keels busy and actually hurt their father’s cause because when Keels’s attention was diverted from the match Dawn would ‘skirt the line of legality’…ie…apply blatant choke holds and dish out extra abuse. But the key point of the match came when McGill made a cover on Khris…Keels reached two…and she pulled him up before Keels reached three. That would prove to be a costly mistake.

Rick Hall: She let her emotions get the better of her. Dawn had the match won. She knew it. The Kardoucheians knew it. Everybody in the St. Louis Convention Center knew it. But in her current frame of mind…everything that’s happened over the past few weeks…Dawn wanted to put an exclamation point on the win. And it ended up costing her the match.

Thunderbolt Smith: It all started when Dawn climbed up to the top turnbuckle and prepared to splash Khris Kardoucheian- who was laying on the mat. While Ken and Koley Kardoucheian distracted referee Keels, a ‘visitor’ suddenly appeared…

‘The Scorpion’ Scott Stevens at ringside

Scott Stevens stunned the forty-five hundred people in the building by suddenly appearing at ringside. McGill saw the Scorpion and demanded to know what he was doing there. They exchanged words which allowed Charlie Blackwell, still stinging from being fired by McGill as her financial advisor a few moments before, to sneak in and pop up on the ring apron. Dawn realized Blackwell was there just as he swung a steel chair towards her and caught her flush in the face.   Dawn toppled down to the mat. As the stunned crowd watched, Khris rolled over and put his hand on Dawn’s stomach. Keels, alerted to the cover by the Kardoucheians, made the count and Khris won the match.

Rick Hall: If you want to know just how much Corporate SportsEntertainment Programming Nation (CSPN) CEO Mark Splitter wanted payback on McGill after she completely embarrassed him a couple weeks ago, you found out when Scott Stevens showed up at ringside last night. No one…NO ONE…expected Scott Stevens to show up at MVWA 78. It’s not McMann who splashed the cash for Stevens, it was Splitter flexing his corporate muscle to bring him in again.

Thunderbolt Smith: And then there’s Charlie Blackwell…he was under intense pressure to deliver Dawn McGill to the Sports Entertainment Corporation.

Rick Hall: Which is why he betrayed her by handing the match to Khris Kardoucheian. And without McGill in the Island of Misfit Wrestler’s corner, it makes it a lot easier for the SEC to win the Tag Team title.


Thunderbolt Smith: The Kardoucheians whisked McGill from the Convention Center right away into a waiting limousine and roared off into the night on her ‘dream date’ with Ken Kardoucheian. As Rick mentioned, McGill’s absence would have major ramifications on the Tag Team title match that followed.

Island of Misfit Wrestlers: Rah and ‘The Luchador with Insanely Poor Oral Hygiene’ Halitosis © vs. The Sports Entertainment Corporation: P.M.C. Banks and ‘Canadian Bad Boy’ Justin Beaver

Thunderbolt Smith: How would the Tag Team Champions fare without Dawn McGill? Well? Not well. With the full might of the SEC at ringside looking on and fully expecting a win, Banks and Beaver went right to work jumping on the Island of Misfit Wrestlers early and never letting up. They worked over Halitosis for several minutes until he finally escaped and tagged Rah in. Rah tried his best to rally but the Sunshine God’s in-ring stamina has never been all that good and eventually Banks and Beaver wore him down. He tagged Halitosis back in. Banks hit the Bank Statement on Halitosis for the win and the SEC won the tag team title.

Rick Hall: The title reign of the Island of Misfit Wrestlers comes to an end. I’m not sure that Dawn McGill could have saved Rah and Halitosis last night. I think she merely postponed the inevitable four weeks ago when she forced a disqualification in the title match against P.M.C. Banks and Scott Stevens at MVWA 77. Banks and ‘Canadian Bad Boy’ Justin Beaver are still in work in progress as a tag team but the SEC can paper those cracks in the short term as the team jells. The big question is will Rah and Halitosis continue to tag together? And who’s going to be the next team who steps up to challenge for the title?

Lisa Barbosa-Stevens © vs. ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin

Thunderbolt Smith: Lisa threw down a marker last Sunday night when she introduced a new finisher- the Ken Shamrock vintage Ankle Lock in her twenty-seven second demolition of Shea Ghackerman. Tess does what she does. She perseveres. She pushes forward no matter if she’s going with the current or pressing on against the tide. Again, the full SEC accompanied Barbosa-Stevens to the ring. With those odds stacked against her and outnumbered, Tess stunned everyone but racing to the middle of the ring at the bell and tilt-a-whirl head scissoring Lisa to the mat. She rained down lefts and rights…trapped the champion in a headscissors on the ground. Lisa gets to the ropes but Tess presses the attack. She dropkicks Lisa to the floor and the SEC go to her aid. Both ‘Young Hollywood’s Miley Vyrus and ‘Country…er…Pop Songstress’ Taylor Switt and her guitar that incessantly leaks out white powder from inside dare Tess to come to the floor as well. Tess declines.

Rick Hall: Tessa started fast to make clear she was not going to just roll over for the new champion. But she knew going in that with the numbers game decidedly against her she would have a steep mountain to climb to reach the title.

Thunderbolt Smith: Lisa came back in and went to work. She worked kicks and a spinning gut wrench suplex on Tess. Then Lisa targeted Tess’s leg with dragon screw leg whips and slapped on the Ankle Lock. Tess desperately latched on to the bottom rope and referee Ron Martin called for the break- which Lisa obliged at the count of 4.9.   The damage done, Tess limped through the rest of the match. Lisa swept her good leg out from under her and Tess collapsed in a heap. Lisa tried to slap on the Ankle Lock again but Tess scrambled away into the ropes. Lisa laid in the boots to wear Tess down even more. Tess tried a last ditch missile dropkick that came up short. Lisa trapped her in the Ankle Lock again in the middle of the ring and that was the end of Tessa.

Rick Hall: Decisive win for Lisa Barbosa-Stevens. Once she got the Ankle Lock on Tess the first time it was just a matter of time. Lisa seems to be finding her stride since becoming the Women’s champion. She’s got a new killer submission hold, a nastier attitude, and the full backing of the SEC which doesn’t bode well for the division going forward.

Thunderbolt Smith: Lisa refused to break the Ankle Lock after the bell. Regina McGill, the other female wrestler let go by the SEC, came down with a steel folding chair to come to Tessa’s aid. Lisa broke the hold and rolled out of danger by the time Regina hit the ring. But while checking Tess, Miley Vyrus and Taylor Switt attacked her from behind. While Vyrus held Regina, Switt destroyed another guitar over Regina’s head and sprayed white powder all over the ring. Vyrus then twerked over Tessa and Regina to rub more salt into the wound.

Rick Hall: This was shaping up to becoming a really good night for ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and the Sports Entertainment Corporation.

‘Tin Cup’ Ray McAvay © vs. Charlie Blackwell

Thunderbolt Smith: At least McAvay didn’t have to worry about the SEC’s usual numbers advantage as both the SEC and McAvay’s Deplorables were banned from ringside. How would McAvay, who’d had a week he wanted to forget, block it all out and focus on Blackwell? Easy. From the opening bell, McAvay engaged in a search and destroy mission and Blackwell was his target. McAvay relentlessly attacked and hit a neckbreaker early on. He pounded on Blackwell and then set him up in the corner and hit clothesline after clothesline on the challenger. McAvay then deliberately…blatantly…low bridged Blackwell and continued to ruthlessly dismantle his former friend. McAvay nailed him with the McGill Bomb not once but three times and continued to punish Blackwell…shouting at him towards the end with every right hand he landed…and telling him at one point ‘you send this back to Mr. McMann’ before hitting yet another McGill Bomb on Blackwell. Finally, Mr. McMann sent the SEC down to trigger the automatic disqualification of Blackwell to stop the match.

Rick Hall: I was stunned. The fans at the Convention Center were stunned. This wasn’t ‘Man of the People’ Ray McAvay. This Ray McAvay I’ve seen in certain instances. The Austin Reeves match at High Octane Wrestling’s March to Glory in early 2015. Ryan McKenna at HOW’s March to Glory at 2016. Scott Stevens at the final HOW show in July 2016. Whatever happened between him and Dawn McGill over the past year and a half, the fact was McAvay was still on good terms with her…well, at least until last Sunday at MVW’s Sunday Night Wrestling when Blackwell betrayed him and divulged the story about his one nighter with Dark last year during Ray and Dawn’s separation. I’m not surprised that McAvay would respond like this after Blackwell betrayed McGill as well earlier in the night. Both men made it intensely personal and Mr. McMann, who’s SEC won the tag team belts thanks to Blackwell taking McGill, mercifully threw the towel in before he took any more punishment from McAvay.


Thunderbolt Smith: Well, we do know that Dawn McGill did in fact left to go on her ‘dream date’ with Ken Kardoucheian after the match and was returned to her hotel at ten o’clock this morning. MVW’s backstage interviewer Blair Moise was on scene when she was dropped off.

Blair Moise: Yes I was, Thunderbolt. When Dawn came back into the hotel, I tried to get a word with her but she just walked past me. She checked out a few minutes later and caught a flight back to Dallas, Texas in the afternoon. I do know that after they stitched Khris back together following the match, he and the other Kardoucheians partied big time at the 400 Olive Bar and Grill following the show.

Rick Hall: And speaking of partying, the Sports Entertainment Corporation celebrated their success in their penthouse suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown St. Louis…without Charlie Blackwell.

Blair Moise: That’s right. While the SEC toasted their good fortune in bringing the tag belts to the fold and Dawn McGill’s defeat at the hands of Khris Kardoucheian, Blackwell spent the night at Mercy Hospital on the outskirts of St. Louis after getting pummeled by McAvay. Charlie was discharged earlier this evening and caught a late flight to Dallas.

Thunderbolt Smith: ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin also made a trip to the emergency room to get her ankle looked at after Lisa Barbosa-Stevens wrenched the hell out of it. She’ll be out for a couple weeks. All right. Any last thoughts, Rick?

Rick Hall: MVW CEO Jill Berg has to be really pleased with how this show came off. Lots of drama throughout the night. Decisive wins for the Men’s champion Ray McAvay and Women’s champion Lisa Barbosa-Stevens last night. A big night for the SEC. New Tag Team champions. Yosemite Samantha and Weapons of Mass Destruction get huge wins that could propel them to title shots. New challengers rising up to challenge for the Television Title in Bo Stevens and SNAFU.   Lots of questions to be answered in the next few weeks as we head towards MVWA 79 on November 25th from Kansas City, Missouri.

Thunderbolt Smith: Next Sunday night on MVW Sunday Night Wrestling, SNAFU challenges Television Champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson for the TV title. Bo Stevens wrestles against ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler. And lots of fallout from MVWA 78. Missouri Valley Wrestling tapes television this Wednesday night in St. Louis and then returns to the road this weekend as we head towards the end of 2017. We’ll see you next Sunday night.


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