Regina McGill Wins the Heartland Title: 4/10-MVW House Show Report

Heartland Champion Tessa Martin about to sideslam her challenger Regina McGill in their match.

Big doings over the weekend with a title change and the tag team division begins the process of determining the new number one contender for the title.


Ninja Kitty defeated Andrea Allen of the Young Guns w/“Disco Loving, Jet Setting International Playboy from the East” Sheik Yorbouti
-The former Heartland Champion is edging back into title contention. No dancing though after the match from the Disco Loving, Jet Setting International Playboy from the East. That would have to wait…

Bethany Stewart of the Young Guns w/“Disco Loving, Jet Setting International Playboy from the East” Sheik Yorbouti defeated Tori Thomas
-…until Stewart brought home yet another win. Then there was much dancing in the ring.

‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot defeated Kirsten Canfield of Main Street USA
-Harlot did not have to worry about Eva Perrin at ringside as she was not in the arena Saturday night. As a result, she completely focused on Canfield. Kirsten’s awkward offense kept Harlot off balance at the outset but the end saw Canfield submit to the White Trash Compacter in the end.

Yosemite Samantha defeated Kari Ferguson of Main Street USA
– “The roughest, toughest, rootinest, shootinest she-man hombre’ who ever crossed the Rio Grande” just keeps on winning. This time, Samantha took down the former Heartland champion Ferguson with the Shotgun Knee/Cannonball combo.

NON-TITLE MATCH: C.J. Lewis defeated Heartland Champion ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin of the Sports Entertainment Corporation
-The former Hooter’s waitress picked up an upset win over the Heartland Champion with a little assist from Regina and Dawn McGill. The sisters McGill came to the ring towards the end of the match and definitely got Tess’s attention. Even with Angels of Death and the SEC’s mouthpiece Phil Finebaum at ringside, Tess became unnerved enough that Lewis caught her napping with the Last Round to steal a victory.

Post-match, an annoyed Tess challenged Regina to a match at the MVW house show Sunday night in Carbondale with one stipulation- no Dawn McGill at ringside. Regina agreed and the match was set.

NON-TITLE MATCH: Tag Team Champions Angels of Death: Angel Casey/Angel Scott of the SEC defeat The Missouri Valley Fight Club: Harley Davisson/Carrieanne McDermott
-The SEC took out their frustrations on the MVFC. Casey and Scott methodically controlled the match. Davisson and McDermott may have had their eye on Sunday night when they were to face Main Street USA’s C.J. Lewis and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris in a mini-tournament to determine the AoD’s next opponent at MVWA 75.

MAIN EVENT: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens defeated Kathryn Randall Collins
-With MVW Champion, and opponent at MVWA 75, Sheline Carrigan again at ringside scouting her, Lisa continued her preparation for her MVW Title opportunity at MVWA 75 with good win over a quality foe in former champion KRC.


Gwen and Blake Varney defeat Cheryl Parkman and Elaine Brazier
-Fun opener. The Varneys pick up a rare win.

Bethany Stewart of the Young Guns w/“Disco Loving, Jet Setting International Playboy from the East” Sheik Yorbouti defeated Anna Conda
-Stewart continues her march upward with her best win to date over the veteran Anna Conda.

Yosemite Samantha defeated Tori Thomas
-just promoted to the main roster, Tori put up a game fight but Yosemite Samantha has her eyes set on a Heartland title opportunity and picked up her second win of the weekend.

‘Argenta Rose’ Eva Perrin defeated ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot
-Eva picked up her second win in a row over Harlot. Harlot was clearly frustrated and angered after the match, glaring at the victorious Perrin celebrating with her husband Colonel John Perrin after the match.

C.J. Lewis/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris of Main Street USA defeat The Missouri Valley Fight Club: Harley Davisson/Carrieanne McDermott

C.J. Lewis (in white) delivering heavy damage to Harley Davisson

-in the first match of the mini-tournament to determine the new #1 contender, Lewis and Iris pull off a mini-upset over the MVFC. C.J. Lewis continues to show massive improvement and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris nailed Carrieanne McDermott with a beautiful Pittsburgh Plunge to cinch the win. Who will they face next week in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a shot at the MVW Tag Team title?

The O’Neders: Rita and Anita defeat Housewives of Chaos: Major Svetlana Kovaleski/Dr. Annabel ‘From Hannibal’ Leckor w/Dawn McGill

Rita O’Neder sends Dr. Annabel Leckor for the ride

-The O’Neders survive and advance in a thirty minute war with Housewives of Chaos in a match that had the Carbondale fans up on their feet. The O’Neders dominated the early and late part but were in extreme peril during the middle section when Kovaleski and Dr. Leckor used their superior strength to push them to the limit. In the end, The O’Neders hit ‘That Thing They Do’ and will face Main Street USA next week for a shot at the tag belts.

HEARTLAND TITLE MATCH: Regina McGill defeated ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin © of the Sports Entertainment Corporation to win the Heartland Title

Regina McGill keeping the pressure on the Heartland Champion

-Tess came out a house of fire, charging from her corner BEFORE the bell rang and smacking Regina in the jaw. But McGill kept her composure and gradually turned the momentum in her favor. Regina absorbed everything Tess threw at her and hit the Pepsi Plunge out of nowhere to score the win and the title.

The victorious Regina McGill with her new Heartland Title belt

Post-match, the SEC were so stunned at the sudden turn of events that they simply returned to their dressing room following the match.

MAIN EVENT/NON-TITLE MATCH: Kathryn Randall Collins defeated MVW Champion Sheline Carrigan
-KRC threw down the gauntlet that she should not be an afterthought in the MVW title picture. With Lisa Barbosa-Stevens watching at ringside, Carrigan can be faulted for looking ahead to what will be an epic showdown with her at MVWA 75. But to fall asleep against KRC? Not good. Interesting food for thought for the challenger with their match three weeks away.


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