MVW News: Christa Carmondy Out of the SEC- Returns Home

Christa Carmondy (left) takes a right hand from Lisa Barbosa-Stevens at Arch Wrestling Madness

A simple one sentence press release came out today from the Sports Entertainment Corporation.

Christa Carmondy has been relieved of her duties and is no longer a part of the SEC.”

So following another crushing loss, this time at the hands of Lisa Barbosa-Stevens in her hometown of St. Louis, Christa Carmondy finds herself at a crossroads. Since her return to MVW, Christa has tried several different tacks to get to the top of the Missouri Valley Wrestling mountain. She’s had peek after peek after peek at the promised land only to come up excruciating short of her objective.

The question is- now what does she do?

After Arch Wrestling Madness ended, Christa told MVW Executive Director Jill Berg that she is taking some time off and returned home where she will regroup and figure out her next move. No word on when Christa will return.



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