The Wrestling Guys Report: Missouri Valley Wrestling Madness 2017

Angel Casey (right) suplexes Harley Davisson from the top rope

Thunderbolt Smith: Angels of Death: Angel Casey and Angel Scott (Sports Entertainment Corporation) and the Missouri Valley Fight Club: Harley Davisson and Carrieanne McDermott brought the house down in the main event of Missouri Valley Wrestling Madness pay per view show in St. Louis, Missouri last night.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: That’s right. On a night where the SEC had mixed results, the final match of the show saw two determined challengers take on an in-form at the top of their game MVW Tag Team Champions in Angels of Death. How would Davisson and McDermott fare? And what role, if any, would Mr. McMann and the SEC play in the match?

Angel Scott (right) is about to suplex Harley Davisson

Casey and McDermott would start off. The Scot wasted no time in taking the action to the outside. McDermott, the technician, rammed Casey’s head against the ringpost and then tagged in Davisson, the brawler. Mr. McMann knew keeping the high flying Casey out of her aerial game would be the MVFC’s plan and he shouted at Referee Davey Keels to get the action back in the ring. Casey squeezed away and tagged in Angel Scott- the brawn behind the high flyer. Davisson greeted Scott with a backbreaker and followed up with a huge back body drop for the match’s first cover- Scott easily kicked out after one.

Carrieanne McDermott about to give Angel Scott an unpleasant trip down to the mat.

More brawling from Davisson and then she tagged McDermott back in. McDermott used her technical prowess to try to negate Scott’s power. She rolled up Scott for a pinfall for another two count. Casey then tagged back in and hit a missile drop kick to McDermott- who promptly wheeled around and brought Davisson back in. Scott wrapped up Davisson in a bear hug and tried to squeeze the life out of her. With McDermott helplessly watching, Scott dominated the next few minutes using a series of power moves to take the starch out of Davisson. But Scott slipped up and Davisson made the hot tag to McDermott.

Harley Davisson working on a seated Angel Casey

The Scot almost scored a shock pin on Scott and tagged Davisson right back in. Both women brawled back and forth, throwing heavy shots without any consideration to referee Davey Keels who warned both repeatedly about the illegal punches. McDermott then tagged in and the MVFC delivered a double gutbuster to Scott that left her on the mat. Glasgow Handshake to Scott left her dazed and McDermott went for the win. Casey made the save and hit a hurricanrana on McDermott for good measure. Scott followed up with sitout powerbomb and hooked the leg- McDermott got the shoulder up at two. Casey tagged back in for the AoD and hit a Shining Wizard on McDermott and she made a cover. This time, Davisson ran in and made the save.

Angel Scott (left) takes Harley Davisson to the mat

The SEC then got involved. Prisoner #034291 stepped into the ring and pitched Davisson through the ropes out of the ring. Referee Keels immediately ejected the SEC’s enforcer from the ring. Casey DDT’d McDermott and covered for a close two count.   Scott in the ring and the AoD threaten an Angel Death Drop but instead Casey goes top rope with McDermott. Top rope suplex by Casey followed by a Slingshot Senton. Casey crawled over and tagged Scott back in. Scott whipped McDermott into the ropes while Casey went top rope. Prisoner #034291 snuck around and stopped Davisson from interfering and Scott and Casey hit the Angel Death Drop. Scott hooked the legs and Davey Keels made the three count.

WINNER AND STILL MVW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Angels of Death: Angel Scott and Angel Casey @ 15:37

Still MVW Tag Team Champions- Angels of Death: Angel Scott and Angel Casey

Thunderbolt Smith: The SEC survive a tough match with the gritty Missouri Valley Fight Club and hang on to the tag belts. Earlier in the night, the Heartland title was up for grabs with the new champion ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin (SEC) facing off against the sister of her, now, hated rival- former best friend Dawn McGill- Regina McGill.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: Regina, just back in MVW, had a knock down drag out fracas that resembled a bar brawl more than a wrestling match. MVW Executive Director Jill Berg booked this match for St. Louis Madness after the SEC’s Prisoner #034291 and Angels of Death intervened and swung the match in Tessa’s favor. Before the match took place, this happened.

Missouri Valley Wrestling Madness- Mr. McMann Talks with Dawn McGill
After the Housewives of Chaos-O’Neders match, Sports Entertainment Genius Mr. McMann came out with Prisoner #034291 and met McGill outside the ring.

Mr. McMann: Dawn. Here we are again. One year later after the greatest MVW pay per view show ever- last year’s St. Louis Madness. Do you remember?

McGill doesn’t respond.

Mr. McMann: Look. I’m not going to jog your memory by showing those photos from that glorious night we spent together in Rolla the night before the show.

Check that. McGill glared back Mr. McMann.

Mr. McMann: I’m not going to focus on the myriad of bad choices you’ve made over the past year…your failed marriage to Ray McAvay, and the fact that Political Championship Wrestling is staying alive by its fingernails. No. I’m here to throw you a lifeline Dawn. I’m here to help.

McMann produced a skimpy, spaghetti stringed white top with ‘Assimilated’ on the front of it in black.

Tessa Martin: Come on, Dawn. It would look good on you.

The crowd gasped as Tess walked out onto the stage with a handful of Regina McGill’s hair. Tess whipped Regina off the stage and she landed hard on the floor.

Mr. McMann: This doesn’t need to happen.

Dawn took a step towards McMann but Prisoner #034291 stepped in between.

Thunderbolt Smith: And with that, Tess drug Regina down to the ring and Referee Ron Martin called for the bell.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: How much did Tessa Martin’s pre-match beatdown take out of Regina?

The match was all Tessa in the early moments. Vertical suplex by the Heartland Champion who then eschews the cover and throws Regina out of the ring. Tess and Regina brawl on the floor. Tess dragged Regina to the barricade and slammed her repeatedly into the steel. Tess then draped Regina over the barricade and went back to the ring apron. She jumped from the edge and nailed a guillotine leg drop that sent Regina flipping over and landing face first on the floor. Tess started over but Dawn ran in and got to her sister first. Referee Ron Martin started a ten count and Tess decided to hang back. Dawn helped Regina beat the count and the challenger returned to the ring.

Regina McGill (right) delivers a forearm shot to the back of the Heartland Champion

Finally, the younger McGill began to fight back. She connected on a couple looping right hands that referee Martin warned her about afterwards. Regina sent Tess for the ride into the ropes and whiffed on a clothesline on the return. Tess hit the other ropes and came back with a big boot when Regina tried to go back body drop on her. Tess scrambled up to the top turnbuckle and hit a sweet Senton onto her opponent for a two count.

Tessa Martin sentoning onto Regina McGill

Tessa whipped Regina to the ropes and snapped off a tilt-a-whirl head scissors takedown. Again she hooked the leg for the pinfall. Regina somehow got a shoulder up at the last possible second.   This time, Tess gave a sour stare at the referee to demonstrate her displeasure at the count.  She put Regina in the tree of woe and stuck her boot right in her throat.

Regina got her second wind and started to nail Tess with right hands. Boot to the gut. Regina went for a neckbreaker but Tess kicked her clear. Regina ran the ropes and went for a clothesline. Tess ducked through. Both women spun around. Tess delivered a boot to the gut and turned to hit the Pizza Cutter. Regina down. Dawn tried to get into the ring but Tess hooked the leg and Martin made the count.

WINNER AND STILL HEARTLAND CHAMPION: ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin @ 6:11

Thunderbolt Smith: Good win for the Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl.’   I think Regina’s still trying to work off some of the ring rust.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: I thought Regina did well. Look, Tess has somehow found a whole different gear in the past few months and she’s wrestling as well as she did back in 2009. So, hate the fact that she joined up with her former arch-enemy and his Sports Entertainment Corporation all you want to, but you can’t deny the fact that Tessa is wrestling at a much higher level right now than she’s ever wrestled.

Thunderbolt Smith: It’s the best she’s ever wrestled, period.   No doubt about it. Two big wins for the Sports Entertainment Corporation. Could Christa Carmondy make it a clean sweep?

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: To say that Christa is under the gun here is an understatement. Especially after Mr. McMann had this to say before her match.

Missouri Valley Wrestling Madness- Mr. McMann Talks About Christa Carmondy
Backstage, Corporate Sports (Entertainment) Programming Nation- CSPN is the worldwide corporate forerunner in sports entertainment with a track record of focusing on specific charismatic athletes and teams and ramming them down our viewer’s throats – correspondents Reese Anderson and Rebecca Morris lobbed a few softball questions towards Mr. McMann about the Christa Carmondy-Lisa Barbosa-Stevens match. Here is how he responded.

Mr. McMann: This match isn’t about Lisa Barbosa-Stevens. This match is about Christa Carmondy. Failure is not an option. Period. The Sports Entertainment Corporation does not accept failure. Christa knows what she needs to do. Christa knows what will happen if she fails once again. Lisa Barbosa-Stevens is a good wrestler- but she’s not elite. The SEC is elite. Christa Carmondy has to prove tonight that she is worthy of being part of the elite.

Winner becomes the new #1 Contender for the MVW Title.

Christa walked to the ring with the SEC with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Pressure? Christa cracked Barbosa-Stevens coming out of a break with a cheap shot. Pressure? Christa took Lisa outside and rammed her repeatedly into the steel ringpost. Pressure? Christa took every liberty that she could to get any advantage she could get. Once Referee Davey Keels finally got both wrestlers back into the ring, Christa threw her up and over the top rope back out to the floor again. This time, Lisa cut Christa off as she climbed out of the ring and hit a standing drop kick that sent Carmondy hard into the ringpost. The momentum of the match changed right there.

Lisa Barbosa-Stevens with a wristlock on Christa Carmondy

Lisa staggered Christa with a knee lift and nailed a Tiger Bomb for a near fall. Basement dropkick by Lisa followed a clothesline got another near fall. Now fighting with desperation, Christa raked the eyes and hit a drop toehold to send Lisa down. Christa then launched Lisa shoulder first into the corner ringpost. Carmondy kept Lisa grounded for a bit with an armbar. Lisa escaped out but was whipped to the corner by Christa. Lisa avoided a charge, spun around, and delivered a corner spear that bent Christa in half. Lisa hit a neck flip for the near fall on Christa. Lisa went for the kill. Mounted punches. Lisa stunned her off the ropes and hit a cobra clutch slam.

Carmondy steamrolls Barbosa-Stevens

Lisa locked a chinlock in but Christa fought back. Lisa ran over her with a lariat. Christa bounced back up and desperately charged at Lisa. But Barbosa-Stevens slipped aside and Christa posted herself. She staggered backwards, Lisa booted her in the gut and followed with the Toxic Sting.

No movement whatsoever from the SEC on the outside.

Lisa hooked the leg and that was all. One. Two. Three.


Post-match, Christa just sat there on the mat with her head down. Mr. McMann signaled to the SEC and they simply turned and walked to the back.

Thunderbolt Smith: She’s been so close and yet when the moment of truth arrives come up short.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: Well, a little vindication for Lisa Barbosa-Stevens. Once again, when MVW went dark last July, Lisa was right there to challenge Sheline Carrigan for the title. Now, she’s right back in the title mix.   I am looking forward to Carrigan vs. Barbosa-Stevens.

Thunderbolt Smith: Let’s run down the other results from Arch Wrestling Madness.

Ninja Kitty and “High Flying Intercontinental Flight Attendant” Amie Velasco defeat The Young Guns: Adrienne Banks and Bethany Stewart @ 17:36

Thunderbolt Smith: Surprisingly enough, this ended up being a war of attrition. Amie Velasco secured the win with a neat bridging pin on Adrienne Banks.

Main Street USA: C.J. Lewis, ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris, and Kirsten Canfield defeat The Korver Sisters: Kelly and Korey and Yosemite Samantha @ 15:50

Yosemite Samantha (red), Kirsten Canfield, Korey Korver (on the mat) and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris (standing)

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: All six women cycled through this match a few times but the action really ratcheted up when Yosemite Samantha and Leah Iris stepped into the ring and went at it. Later on, Kelly Korver got the hot tag and went on a rampage, cleaning house, and taking names. There was an obligatory referee bump and all six women were in the ring late. Kirsten Canfield hit the Wheatshocker Deluxe on Kelly Korver to give the victory to Main Street USA.

‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris prepares to lay the elbow to a prone Yosemite Samantha

No Holds Barred Match: ‘The Argenta Rose’ Eva Perrin with Colonel John Perrin defeated ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot @ 9:03

‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot locks up with Eva Perrin

Thunderbolt Smith: Well, this feud blew back up real fast the second Eva Perrin set foot in a Missouri Valley Wrestling ring. Eva came back with her eye on gaining revenge on Lani Harlot for the way that she was dumped out of MVW last year. Lani picked up a win a couple weeks back but Eva was out to prove a point against Harlot. But Lani at the opening bell, came out and mauled Perrin at the outset. A shell-shocked Colonel John Perrin could only watch as Lani beat her from pillar to post all over the ring for the first five minutes. Then Eva fought back and hit a huge belly to back suplex on Lani. The match changed when Lani went for a front face slam and Eva reversed it into a roll up pin attempt. Both women took a trip to the outside.   Lani tried to splash Eva against the steel barricade but Colonel John Perrin pulled Eva out of the way at the last moment. Back in the ring, Eva locked in the White Trash Compactor and earned a hard fought win. This feud is definitely not over.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: Earlier in the night, Dawn McGill and her Housewives of Chaos (Major Svetlana Kovaleski and Dr. Annabel ‘From Hannibal’ Lecker arrived at the arena with their children in tow.

Missouri Valley Wrestling Madness- Backstage
McGill arrives with her five year old daughter Eva and her twin one year children R.K. and Gracie. Kovaleski walks in with her young boy, seven year old Sergei, and Dr. Lecker with her daughter Marleena (eight years old) and five year old son Andrew. The trio leave the children in the makeshift daycare center set up in the backstage area.

Housewives of Chaos: Major Svetlana Kovaleski and Dr. Annabel ‘From Hannibal’ Lecker w/Dawn McGill defeat The O’Neders: Rita and Anita @ 11:55

Dr. Annabel Lecker sideslams Anita O’Neder while Svetlana Kovaleski watches

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: At the bell, the always unorthodox Dr. Lecker rushed across the ring and clocked Anita O’Neder. She eventually took the action to the outside where Dr. Lecker is always dangerous and kept up the pressure. Eventually though, Dr. Lecker tires and the O’Neders grow into the match. Major Kovaleski then comes in and puts a stop to the O’Neders momentum. She rides roughshod all over Anita O’Neder until Anita somehow makes the hot tag to Rita. Rita goes nuts for the next minute clearing the ring and getting a gratuitous shot in on Dawn McGill as well. But the adrenaline rush runs out and Major Kovaleski flips Rita onto her back and Gory Bombs her face first to the mat. Game. Set. Match.

Svetlana Kovaleski sends Anita O’Neder to the mat while Dr. Lecker and Dawn McGill (on the floor) watch

Thunderbolt Smith: So, as we noted earlier, it was a mixed bag of results for the Sports Entertainment Corporation. The SEC’s Angels of Death retains the Tag belts and Tessa Martin the Heartland. However, the Christa Carmondy experiment in the SEC seemingly has come to an end after she lost to Lisa Barbosa-Stevens tonight. Barbosa-Stevens is now the number one contender for ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan’s MVW Title.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: Main Street USA picked up a nice win tonight with Kirsten Canfield continuing her in-ring improvement and the ‘Argenta Rose’ Eva Perrin rekindled a simmering rivalry with ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot with a win at Missouri Valley Wrestling Madness.

-Ninja Kitty and “High Flying Intercontinental Flight Attendant” Amie Velasco defeat The Young Guns: Adrienne Banks and Bethany Stewart @ 17:36
-Main Street USA: C.J. Lewis, ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris, and Kirsten Canfield defeat The Korver Sisters: Kelly and Korey and Yosemite Samantha @ 15:50
-NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH: ‘The Argenta Rose’ Eva Perrin with Colonel John Perrin defeated ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot @ 9:03
-Housewives of Chaos: Major Svetlana Kovaleski and Dr. Annabel ‘From Hannibal’ Lecker w/Dawn McGill defeat The O’Neders: Rita and Anita @ 11:55
-HEARTLAND TITLE MATCH: ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin © defeated Regina McGill @ 6:11
-#1 CONTENDER’S MATCH/MVW TITLE: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens defeated Christa Carmondy (Sports Entertainment Corporation) @ 8:47
-MAIN EVENT/MVW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Angels of Death: Angel Casey and Angel Scott © (Sports Entertainment Corporation) defeat The Missouri Valley Fight Club: Harley Davisson and Carrieanne McDermott @ 15:37


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