MVWA 74- Kansas City, MO Report



2/18 House Show- Iowa City, IA
-Ninja Kitty defeated Andrea Allen
-The O’Neders (Rita and Anita) defeat Gwen and Blake Varney
-Anna Conda defeated ‘High Flying Intercontinental Flight Attendant’ Amie Velasco
-‘Original’ Shanna Barrett defeated Prisoner #034291 (Sports Entertainment Corporation)
-The Missouri Valley Fight Club (Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson) defeat Kathryn Randall Collins/Yosemite Samantha
-NON-TITLE MATCH: MVW Tag Team Champions Angels of Death (Angel Casey/Angel Scott) vs. ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris/’Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin (Main Street USA)- no contest
-MAIN EVENT/HEARTLAND TITLE MATCH: Kari Ferguson (Main Street USA) defeated “Queen of the Trailer Park” Lani Harlot

2/19 House Show Des Moines, IA
-Rita O’Neder defeated Ninja Kitty -“High Flying Intercontinental Flight Attendant” Amie Velasco defeated Anna Conda
-Korey Korver defeated Daisy Cutter-Bomb
-Main Street USA (‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris/’Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin) defeat Missouri Valley Fight Club (Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson)
-Lisa Barbosa-Stevens defeated Anita O’Neder
-Christa Carmondy (Sports Entertainment Corporation) defeated Kirsten Canfield (Main Street USA)
-NON-TITLE: MVW Tag Team Champions Angels of Death (Angel Casey/Angel Scott) defeat Brandi and Wendi Bayless (Sports Entertainment Corporation) via DQ
-MAIN EVENT/NON-TITLE MATCH: MVW Champion Sheline Carrigan defeated Corrina Romanov

Sheline Carrigan and Christa Carmondy battled in the Main Event

Kemper Arena
Kansas City, MO
Sunday February 26th, 2017
Hosts: Mollie Myers and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall

Missouri Valley Wrestling returned to Kansas City to present the first big show since their return- an internet only two hour spectacular featuring five big matches on the card:

MAIN EVENT/MVW TITLE: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan © vs. Christa Carmondy (Sports Entertainment Corporation)

Preview: Mollie Myers (MVW Play-by-play): “Carrigan and Carmondy have been going at each other hard since July.   Even after MVW went dark in July, these two continued to wrestle each other at independent shows and put on some very good matches. Carrigan has been a strong champion who’s taken on all comers. Christa has been fighting for this moment dating all the way back to 2008.”

MVW TAG TEAM TITLE: Angels of Death-Angel Casey/Angel Scott © vs. Brandi and Wendi Bayless (Sports Entertainment Corporation)

Mollie Myers: “Five time MVW Tag Team champions Angels of Death can build on their title win three weeks ago and with a win tonight could possibly put an end to the Bayless Twins as a tag team. Can Brandi and Wendi, who’ve been at odds for the past couple weeks, pull it together again?”

Tessa Martin (Main Street USA) vs. Daisy Cutter-Bomb (Sports Entertainment Corporation)

Mollie Myers: “Tessa Martin is looking at using the SEC’s Daisy Cutter-Bomb as a stepping stone to springboard her back into a title picture. She’s wrestled with a new focus as illustrated by the tag win last weekend over the Missouri Valley Fight Club with Leah Iris. Daisy, on the other hand, is trying to right the ship after a series of subpar performances. A loss to Korey Korver in Des Moines last weekend certainly didn’t do her any favors with the Sports Entertainment Corporation Mr. McMann and the SEC.”

Lisa Barbosa-Stevens vs. Kathryn Randall Collins

Mollie Myers: “And finally, Lisa Barbosa-Stevens desperately wants to regain the momentum she had going into last July and a win over Kathryn Randall Collins. KRC herself would love to make one more run at a title. Whoever survives tonight has great starting point to put herself back in the mix.”

Dawn McGill Appreciation Night

Mollie Myers: “Last but not least, Missouri Valley Wrestling will pay tribute and thank former Executive Director Dawn McGill for everything she did for MVW.”



Ninja Kitty
AGE: 23 / HT: 5′ 2″ WT: 95 / HOME: Rio Rancho, NM / FIN: The Pounce
THEME MUSIC: “Ninja Cat Theme Song”

Yosemite Samantha “The roughest, toughest, rootinest, shootinest she-man hombre’ who ever crossed the Rio Grande”
AGE: 29 / HT: 5’1″ WT: 105 / HOME: Dodge City, KS / FIN:

Kirsten Canfield (Main Street USA)
AGE: 19 / HT: 5’10” WT: 114 / Wichita, KS / FIN: Wheatshocker Deluxe
THEME MUSIC: “International Harvester”- Craig Morgan


Yosemite Samantha lifts Kirsten Canfield.  Ninja Kitty on the deck.


Mollie Myers: “Three of Missouri Valley Wrestling’s up and coming wrestlers doing battle. Ninja Kitty has long been one of MVW’s most exciting and charismatic wrestlers. Kirsten Canfield put on a terrific performance recently against Lisa Barbosa-Stevens that grabbed a few people’s attention. And then there’s the new gal- the combustible Yosemite Samantha. She also caught the eye of several people when in a fit of anger, she drilled Daisy Cutter-Bomb with a steel chair.”

Rick Hall: “I watched that match between Yosemite Samantha and Daisy Cutter-Bomb and was very impressed with the way she (Yosemite Samantha) handled herself against the larger woman (DCB). She’s very entertaining inside the ring and fun to watch. And speaking of fun to watch, Ninja Kitty is my favorite MVW wrestler. All she does is come out every week and puts on a show for our fans. Don’t fall asleep on Kirsten Canfield. She continues to grow in leaps and bounds. This will be a fun match.”


1st Minute:
Quick start-all three exchange moves on each other. Canfield Russian Leg sweeps both Ninja Kitty and Yosemite Samantha. Then a doubleteam on Ninja Kitty resulting in running bulldog on her by Yosemite Samantha. She tosses Ninja Kitty out of ring and concentrates on Canfield.

2nd Minute:
The action slowed down. Superkicks by Canfield to both Yosemite Samantha and Ninja Kitty. Canfield drove the point of her bony elbow into the back for both women and kept on the offensive.

3rd Minute:
Ninja Kitty finally got a little sustained offense in. Dropkick to Yosemite Samantha. Dropkick to Canfield. Top rope plancha to YS. Armdrag takedown to Canfield. First cover of the match- Ninja Kitty rolled up Canfield but Yosemite Samantha drove a double ax handle to her back to break up the pinfall.

4th Minute:
Now it’s Yosemite Samantha’s turn. She threw Canfield down face first to the mat. Running bulldog to Ninja Kitty. Russian sweep on Canfield. Ninja Kitty went top rope and took out both YS and Canfield with a top rope senton. Ninja Kitty hooked Canfield’s leg. Again, Yosemite Samantha made the save.

5th Minute:
Again, Yosemite Samantha on the warpath. She decks Canfield with a right hand. She decks Ninja Kitty with a right hand. Lariat to Canfield. Lariat to Ninja Kitty. Canfield tossed over the top rope. Cover on Ninja Kitty. Two count.

6th Minute:
Canfield played possum on the outside. Ninja Kitty played matador to Yosemite Samantha’s bull and the more she eluded the hot-tempered red head, the more angrier she became. YS finally cornered Ninja Kitty. NK grabbed the rope necessitating a break- which was called by the referee. Samantha pointed to something- the referee looked- and she popped Ninja Kitty with a right hand.

7th Minute:
Canfield back in. She clipped Ninja Kitty from behind and rolled her up. Yosemite Samantha made the last ditch save to keep the match going.

8th Minute:
Action slowed way down. Canfield started hitting moves on both women. Ninja Kitty grabbed her arm and went walking on the top rope and leapt- simultaneously hitting a headscissors takedown on Yosemite Samantha and an armdrag takedown on Canfield. Enraged, YS grabbed Ninja Kitty by the throat and tossed her across the ring. Cover. Ninja Kitty kicked out at 2.

9th Minute:
Armdrag takedown by Canfield to Yosemite Samantha. Slingshot Springboard Crossbody and cover by Ninja Kitty to Yosemite Samantha. She kicked out at two. Canfield dropped Yosemite Samantha with a Super Back Suplex. She covered. Ninja Kitty came off the top rope with another missile dropkick to make the last second save.

10th Minute:
Yosemite Samantha rolled out of the ring to the floor. Canfield hit an awkward Headscissors Takedown on Ninja Kitty. Cover. Ninja Kitty kicked out at two.   Yosemite Samantha on the top rope. She flew. Canfield ducked and YS clocked Ninja Kitty with a double ax handle to the head. Ninja Kitty tumbled to the mat.

11th Minute:
Canfield spun Yosemite Samantha around. Wheatshocker Deluxe! Cover. One. Two. Three.

WINNER: Kirsten Canfield @ 11:14

Mollie Myers: “Huge win for Kirsten. Huge.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: “Kirsten should be in the mix now for a Heartland title shot.”

Angels of Death Promo
Backstage, sitting on cases, MVW Tag Team champions Angels of Death (Angel Casey and Angel Scott) talked about the moment they realized they’d become five time…FIVE TIME…Missouri Valley Wrestling tag team champions. Casey said that the Bayless Twins had a great run but they rode the coattails of the Sports Entertainment Corporation.

Angel Casey: “That explains why they’ve imploded since losing the belts to us.”

Scott remembered the scene. Dawn McGill had just brought Main Street USA (‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris/Kari Ferguson/Kirsten Canfield) to the ring to stop the SEC from deliberately disqualifying the Bayless’s (the DQ would have kept the titles on them) and the chaos worked to their advantage.

Angel Scott: “We’re used to the chaos. We thrive on the chaos.”

Scott promised that the AoD would bring the chaos tonight and the Bayless Twins better learn how to deal with it.

MVW Champion ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan with Jill Berg Interview.
Backstage announcer Paige McGillicutty asked Carrigan for her thoughts on tonight. Carrigan gave Christa Carmondy plenty of credit for not just going home when MVW went on hiatus in last July and staying on the road. She added she knew that Christa was gunning for her and Christa also hoped to use the platform that being a part of the Sports Entertainment Corporation provided to push her across the finish line. Sheline vowed that Christa would have to bring her best tonight because the champion is primed and ready to do whatever it takes to hold on to the title.

Jill Berg augmented what the Canadian Cyborg said.

Jill Berg: “No matter what, Sheline’s had a great title reign. Perhaps Christa is the perfect opponent to push Sheline, to make her dig deeper than she’s ever had to dig to reach her goal- being MVW’s most dominant champion ever.”



Lisa Barbosa-Stevens
AGE: 30 / HT 6’0″ WT: 130 / HOME: Houston, TX / FIN: Toxic Sting
THEME MUSIC: “What Have You Done Now?” – Within Temptation

Kathryn Randall Collins “KRC”
AGE: 33 / HT: 5′ 11″ WT: 145 / HOME: Ft. Myers, FL / FIN: Gogoplata
THEME MUSIC: “For Your Life” – Led Zeppelin


KRC whips Lisa Barbosa-Stevens into the corner turnbuckle


Mollie Myers: “Two ring veterans. Barbosa-Stevens is on the way up and at her peak. KRC may be starting the long slide down but still is a force to be reckoned with inside the ring. I think we’ll see two wrestlers throw everything at each other and then some.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: “Lisa Barbosa-Stevens drew the short straw when MVW went dark. She had Sheline Carrigan in her sights and that would have been a match for the ages. Now, she’s dropped back a couple of notches but I believe you’ll see Barbosa-Stevens challenging for the title sooner than later.”


1st -3rd Minute: The first few seconds saw both women circle each other in the middle of the ring and size each other up. Slow build with plenty of collar and elbow tie ups as Barbosa-Stevens and KRC jockeyed for position and waited for an opening/mistake.

4th Minute: All KRC. Series of armdrag takedowns and then KRC connected with a Clothesline off the ropes and then went for the shock pin. Lisa easily rolled out. Back and forth action.

5th Minute: KRC launched Lisa into turnbuckle. Atomic drop by KRC and cover. Lisa’s hand grabbed the ropes. Coller and elbow tie up into side headlock by KRC. Lisa rallied with jawbreaker.


6th Minute: Lisa tried to follow up but KRC raked the eyes. KRC nailed her with a powerbomb. Cover 2 count. KRC kept the pressure on. Snapmare takedown. Belly to belly suplex into a pin- another 2 count.

7th Minute: KRC does Airplane Spin on Lisa and then dumps her on the mat. 2.5 count. Collins went to slap on the Gogoplata but Barbosa-Stevens rolled out of the ring just in the nick of time. She tried to collect herself on the outside.

8th Minute: Lisa back in the ring and hits an elbow off the ropes. Right hand sent KRC to the mat. Then Barbosa-Stevens went outside the ring and came back in with a Tope Atomico. Cover- 2 count. Lisa pulled KRC up and threw her through the ropes out of the ring.

9th Minute: Lisa hit a back drop on the floor. She took KRC by the back of the head and sat out, dropping her face first to the floor. Lisa laid in some boots for extra emphasis and returned to the ring before the 10 count.

10th Minute: Both back in the ring. Standing drop kick by Lisa and cover but KRC got a shoulder up at 2. KRC starting to tire now and Barbosa-Stevens finding her stride.

11th Minute: Last ditch Airplane spin by KRC slows Lisa down. But she can’t capitalize and eats a Roundhouse kick from Barbosa-Stevens.

12th Minute: Lisa nailed a Running Dropkick to KRC in the corner. Barbosa-Stevens covered but KRC somehow kicked out. She dragged KRC up to the top turnbuckle and dropped her with a Mega-Plex. Again, cover. Again, KRC miraculously gets her shoulder up. Lisa can’t believe it. Neither can the crowd.

13th Minute: Headlock takeover by Lisa and she keeps KRC on the mat.   KRC tried to get to the ropes.

14th Minute: KRC finally reached the ropes. Break called. KRC charged forward for a lariat. Lisa ducked and Collins ran the ropes. Back out, Lisa with a kick to the gut, then the Toxic Sting. Cover. Leg hooked. One. Two. Three.

WINNER: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens @ 14:30

Mollie Myers: Another huge win. This should put Lisa Barbosa-Stevens back into the MVW title picture.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: KRC gave it everything she could. Lisa had one more gear she could go to and that’s the difference in the match.”

Post-Match Interview
Paige McGillicutty joined an exhausted Lisa Barbosa-Stevens in the ring for a couple questions after her win. McGillicutty asked her about the match. Lisa told her that she has nothing but respect for KRC. She knew she’d have to work hard to defeat her and make sure to stay off the mat and away from the Gogoplata. Mission accomplished. Paige asked her about the layoff. Lisa made it clear that she harbors no ill will towards Dawn McGill or anyone else about losing her momentum. She understood that MVW had to close their doors temporary and reorganize. Lisa appreciated that Dawn had an opportunity to restart Political Championship Wrestling (PCW) and chose to go in that direction. She’s hopeful that Jill Berg will prove to be an effective Executive Director and made it plainly clear that she wants the winner of Carrigan-Carmondy for the title.

SEC Theme song

Sports Entertainment Corporation Promo
‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann, SEC mouthpiece Phil Finebaum, Christa Carmondy, Brandi Bayless, Daisy Cutter-Bomb, Wendi Bayless, and Prisoner #034291 come to the ring.   The fans chant “AoD…AoD” as they walk out.

McMann ignored the chants and told the crowd that the spotlight was solely on the SEC tonight with Christa wrestling for the MVW title and the Bayless Twins trying to regain their MVW Tag Team belts. He promised the Kansas City fans that no matter what, tonight would be a historic night for Missouri Valley Wrestling because this will be the night that the SEC ascends to their rightful place at the top of the mountain.

Mr. McMann: “My advice to you, the fans, is to buckle up and hang on to your seats.”

Finebaum took the microphone and mocked the chants of the fans for chanting for Angels of Death. Finebaum doesn’t believe the hype over the AoD and never did. Angel Casey and Angel Scott never impressed him as pro wrestlers, five time MVW Tag champions or whatever. He declared that last week, they got lucky. Brandi and Wendi Bayless underestimated them. Tonight, the Bayless Twins will regain the tag titles and Christa Carmondy will finally put a merciful end to Sheline Carrigan’s MVW title reign.

Phil Finebaum: “My faction is better than your faction. Tonight, the SEC walks out of the Kemper Arena with ALL the hardware.”

Backstage Peek Former MVW Executive Director Dawn McGill shared a moment with the current Director Jill Berg and former owner Jason Carmondy.



‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin (Main Street USA)
AGE: 31 / HT: 5′ 8″ WT: 125 / HOME: Bowling Green, OH / FIN: Pizza Cutter
THEME MUSIC: “Dig In”- Lenny Kravitz

Daisy Cutter-Bomb (Sports Entertainment Corporation)
AGE: 30 / HT: 5’9″ WT: 135 / Killeen, TX / FIN: Daisy Cutter Powerbomb


Daisy Cutter-Bomb (foreground), Tessa Martin (background) fighting it out


Mollie Myers: “Can Daisy get herself back on the winning track? With Mr. McMann and the SEC at ringside, the heat is on and time may be running out on her.”

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: “Tessa Martin won a tag title in Missouri Valley Wrestling back in July of 2015 with ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas but has never won a singles title. She wants so badly to win a MVW singles title- something that’s eluded her. I haven’t seen Tess this focused and driven since 2009 when she wrestled in Dream Wrestling and nearly won the Women’s Title.”

Before the match began, Dawn McGill came to the ring to be in her long time friend’s corner. However, Tess’s body language indicated otherwise. She didn’t seem overly thrilled to have her in the corner.


1st Minute:
Daisy and Tess circled in the ring. Collar and elbow hook up. Daisy used her power to force Tess to retreat into a corner. Daisy with right hands. Tess finally ducked under the ropes and a break was called.

2nd Minute:
Tess with a side headlock. Daisy powered out and whipped Tess into the ropes. Daisy went for the back body drop but Tess delivered a boot to the face instead. Running Bulldog by Tess. Cover. One…two. Daisy kicked out.

3rd Minute:
Tess reached for her oversized pizza box of doom. Daisy tried to Pearl Harbor her from behind. Tess got the pizza box up in time and Daisy’s fist clanged off the box. Tess whipped around with the box and piefaced Daisy, sending her crumpling to the mat. Referee Ron Martin told her to get rid of the box- she did.

4th Minute:
With Mr. McMann and the rest of the SEC watching impassively from the outside, Tess took complete control of the match. Daisy tried real hard to get her hands on the Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl but Tess frustrated her to no end. Armdrag takedown into a Hammerlock. Daisy powered back up to her feet. Tess jumped on the second rope and swung her right leg around, catching DCB flush in the face. Cover. One…two Daisy kicked out.

5th Minute:
Tess up on the corner turnbuckle. She swung around and bounced off the top rope landing on Daisy with the Split-legged corkscrew moonsault. Cover. Daisy kicked out at 2.9. Tess then hung back and waited for Daisy to pull herself up. She finally did. Tess struck. Kick to the gut. Pizza Cutter. Hook the legs. One. Two. Three.


WINNER: ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin @ 5:45

Mollie Myers: “Dominating performance by ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin. Daisy Cutter-Bomb’s days with the SEC are numbered.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: ‘Again, I remember Tess back in Dream. She had the ‘eye of the tiger’. She was focused on the prize- the women’s title. And she went full bore after her goal. That’s what I’m seeing here again. A newly dedicated Tess ready to challenge for gold once again.”

Dawn McGill Appreciation Night
The match was barely over when Tessa found herself shunted off to the side after her huge win. MVW Executive Director Jill Berg and former owner Jason Carmondy came to the ring to honor McGill. Berg told the crowd that even though they got off to a rough start in their relationship (see MVW-Iowa City Show and MVWA 59) and had their differences, she always respected Dawn for the professional way she always carried herself. Jill noted that Dawn’s involvement with bringing up the younger wrestlers was huge and there’s a few of her protégée’s doing big things in MVW (see Heartland Champion Kari Ferguson and Kirsten Canfield). Berg also admired her passion- towards keeping MVW going and restarting PCW.

Jason Carmondy echoed what Jill said. He noted that she went to great lengths after she gave birth to twins last year to come back when MVW needed her. Jason noted that the decision caused major personal issues for her (see last year’s MVW Arch Wrestling Madness).

Jason Carmondy: “In retrospect, I wished that things could have been handled differently given the upheaval in your marriage that took place. But you’ve always loved the business and you wanted Missouri Valley Wrestling to succeed- that’s clear.”

Jill presented Dawn with a commemorate plaque. Then Dawn gave a few remarks. She thanked Jill, Jason, and all the women in Missouri Valley Wrestling past and present. She remembered the good times, the bad times, but in the end, the fact is MVW is still up and running and that’s what matters the most.  Dawn thanked everyone once again and prepared to exit the ring.

Man’s voice: “Hold on there.”

‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann, who stayed at ringside to watch the ceremony, climbed into the ring. McMann congratulated McGill for keeping MVW alive despite ‘your amateurish and outdated booking that caused MVW to run into the ground.’ McMann called McGill ‘a person with a great resume who’s actually accomplished little of note.’ He noted that for all of ‘alleged accomplishments’ her greatest achievement took place not in MVW but in High Octane Wrestling when she took a no-name wrestler (Ray McAvay) and somehow turned him into a semi-viable wrestler.

Mr. McMann: “But of course, you blew that partnership up because of poor decision making and isn’t that the real legacy of Dawn McGill? Let’s see, there’s the Jill Berg incident in 2015 when she ‘won’ your services because you were stupid enough to take the bait and sign a contract for a shot at one hundred grand. Then there’s the time you married an island dictator (Generalissmo Tomas) back in 2009 when you were possibly one of the hottest properties in wrestling and had a child with him- only to find out that the guy was an island dictator and a really bad guy. How did that one work for you?”

Dawn glared at McMann as he continued.

Mr. McMann: And there’s what happened last year when you didn’t tell your husband (Ray McAvay again) that you had decided to go back to work at MVW after having twins AND were moving back to St. Louis. Then when things went south in your marriage and we had that…little thing…that happened in Rolla, Missouri.”

McMann jabbed her again by having the people in the booth put a few of the photos he had taken last year in the Rolla, MO hotel showing Dawn in semi-compromising situations up on the video screen. By then, McGill fumed and her left hand balled into a fist (the right hand held the plaque Jill Berg had given her).   McMann zinged her by opining that incident was by far her most notable accomplishment in pro wrestling. She could have been a huge star but she didn’t want to do it the right way- the sports entertainment way.

Mr. McMann: “But then, you sullied your reputation because you couldn’t make up your mind. You retired. Then you didn’t. You weren’t going to step foot in the ring after you got pregnant, you McGill-Bombed Scott Stevens a week later. You were taking time off to spend with your newborns- nope, you’re back to work full time within two weeks. You’re out. You’re back in. No wonder Ray McAvay couldn’t deal with it anymore and left you!”

McGill handed Tessa the plaque and marched over to McMann. She smacked the microphone out of his hand and then they went verbally toe to toe. This went on for fifteen or so seconds. McMann and McGill did a 180 turn while shouting at each other while Jill Berg, Jason Carmondy, and Tessa all awkwardly stood there and watched. Finally, Tessa made eye contact with Dawn- a signal of sorts given- and raced forward with the plaque. The target was the back of McMann’s head. But the ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ ducked out of the way at the very last second and Tessa piefaced McGill with her plaque. Dawn took two stumbling steps back and then collapsed to the mat.

A hush fell over the crowd. Tessa went right to her and asked if she was okay. Jill Berg and Jason Carmondy also attended to her and soon helped her back to a seated position. Tessa apologized profusedly and then pulled McGill back to her feet. She asked Dawn again if she was okay. Dawn was a little wobbly but indicated she was fine. Tessa nodded, kicked McGill in the gut, and then hit the Pizza Cutter.

Crowd: “GASP!”

Jill’s jaw dropped. Jason Carmondy did a doubletake. Tessa hovered over the downed McGill and stared down at her with distain. Jill Berg then went over and spun Tessa around to give her a piece of her mind. Tessa kicked Berg in the gut and then followed with the Pizza Cutter. She motioned to Prisoner #034291- she climbed into the ring and drug the Executive Director back up. Prisoner #034291 lifted her up by the throat with two hands and slammed her hard to the mat. Jill Berg was knocked out.

The crowd, up to this point stunned in disbelief, roared when the MVW Champion Sheline Carrigan raced out from the back and hit the ring. She ran right at Tess to clothesline her. Tess ducked, picked up the plaque, and when Sheline turned around blasted her in the face with it. Staggering but not down, Sheline tried to reorient herself and go after Tess again. Tess kicked her the gut and then put her down with the Pizza Cutter. Again, Prisoner #034291 walked over. She lifted the champion up by the throat with two hands and slammed her to the mat.

Christa Carmondy tossed a table into the ring and then set it up by a corner turnbuckle. Carrigan was dragged to the corner by Prisoner #034291 and lifted up to Christa standing on the top of the ring post. Christa then powerbombed her through the table.

Sheline was out cold in the kindling of what used to be the table.

Prisoner #034291 went over to Dawn, lying face down on the mat, and put her in the Camel Clutch, wrenching hard on her chin, putting pressure on her head and neck and to her back. Tessa came over and slapped Dawn in the face.

Tessa Martin: “You want to know why I’m doing this? Here’s why?”

The video screen fired up again…

(REPLAY- Dream Wrestling Federation Insomnia- October 20th, 2009- Lora KirK © vs. Tessa Martin- DWF Women’s Title Match)
KirK back in the ring and Tessa works on her arm again. Tessa grounds KirK and drives her knee into the shoulder. Kirk powers to her feet. Tessa works the arm and backs KirK into a corner. She chops the hell out of her again before KirK ducks out of the corner and breaks away. Reverse Irish whip by KirK throws Tessa into the corner. KirK advances on Tessa. Tessa calls for her oversized pizza box. Dawn McGill grabs the box. KirK gets closer. Tessa again calls for the box. Dawn climbs up on the apron, raises the box, and then blasts Tessa in the face with it.


Capp: “I can’t believe it either.”


The referee immediately calls for the bell. Dawn climbs in the ring and lifts Tessa up and power-bombs her to the mat. The crowd can’t believe what they are seeing.

Lucien Walker: “Winner of this match by disqualification, T E S S A M A R T I N. Still DREAM Women’s Champion, Lora KirK!”

McGill mouths to Tessa. “I’m sorry. It’s not personal. It’s business.”

Sin: “Tessa will win the match by disqualification but Lora retains the title.”

Capp: “See. I told you Lora would come through.


Dawn drags an unconscious Tessa back up.


She slams Tessa down a second time with enough force that Tessa’s body bounces several inches up off the canvas and the momentum sends her over to a corner ring post. Tessa’s leg whiplashes off the ring post with a sickening ‘crack’. The referee immediately raises his arms in the ‘X’ signal to the back.

Capp: “She’s hurt.”

Sin: “You could hear that sound all over the arena.”

A stunned Dawn looks down at Tessa. She bends down to check on her. Lora KirK runs up from behind and rams Dawn, who goes through the ropes out to the floor. EMT’s rush by Dawn and pile into the ring to attend to Tessa.

Sin: “This is not good. Look at McGill. McGill is now standing. Her hand is on her forehead as she looks on in disbelief. Debris flies at her from all directions. She finally backs her way up the aisle towards the back.

Tessa bent down and shouted ‘Do you remember that?’ at the dazed McGill.

Tessa Martin (yelling): “I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE DREAM WRESTLNG WOMEN’S CHAMPION! And I wasn’t because of YOU! I should have had a much bigger singles career. But I didn’t because you busted my femur on the ringpost! Because it was business.”

Tess pulled Dawn’s face up by her hair and forced her to look at her.

Tessa Martin: “Tonight. This is about business.”

Tess then went over to Jill Berg who lay prone on the mat. She said Jill became the next Dream World Champion because Dawn took her out of the picture. Tess claimed she should have been the one who wrestled Miss USA to unify the Dream Wrestling Women’s title and the Missouri Valley Wrestling title. She pulled Jill’s dead weight up off the mat and launched her head first through the ropes to the floor. Tess returned to Dawn, her back bent at a severe angle thanks to Prisoner #034291’s Camel Clutch hold.   She knelt down and got as face to face close as she could.

Mr. McMann, clearly enjoying himself, strolled over with a contract on a clipboard. Tess took the contract and signed off on the dotted line- officially becoming a member of the Sports Entertainment Corporation. She handed the contract and clipboard back to McMann and grabbed her oversized pizza box of doom.

Tessa Martin: “I’m sorry. It’s not personal. It’s business.”

Tess clocked the pizza box into Dawn’s face- opening a cut above her eye. She called for another table. Christa Carmondy went and procured one and set it up at another corner. Prisoner #034291 then dragged a semi-conscious McGill over where she was loaded up to Christa- Christa then powerbombed Dawn through the table.

Dawn lay unconscious in the ruins of the table.

Then Mr. McMann spoke. He said with the addition of a new member (Tessa Martin) that means there’s a subtraction. Daisy Cutter-Bomb, still groggy from taking Tess’s Pizza Cutter during the match, was brought over to Prisoner #034291 by McMann’s hired goons- Bo Stevens and Timothy Allen Tebow- no, not THAT one. Prisoner #034291 placed two hands on her throat, lifted, and choke slammed her.   Christa was busy getting another table to set up in the ring so Brandi and Wendi Bayless set Daisy up. Wendi went low; Brandi went high- and botched the Total Makeover. Brandi lost her balance and didn’t get much on the kick. The Bayless Twins started to argue again. Prisoner #034291 pushed both of them out of the way and drug Daisy to the corner where Christa powerbombed her through the table from the top rope.

Daisy was knocked out cold in what was left of the table.

Then Tessa posed with McMann, Finebaum, Prisoner #034291, Christa, and the Bayless Twins and medical personnel swarmed to the ring to attend to McGill, Berg, and Daisy Cutter-Bomb.

Mollie Myers: “Stunned. Simply stunned. Tessa Martin and Mr. McMann were such bitter rivals dating all the way back to 2006. Tessa and Dawn McGill were friends spanned numerous wrestling companies. For her to turn on Dawn like that and align with Mr. McMann is just…unthinkable.”

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: “I’m not going to condone what Tessa did to Dawn McGill. But, I can kinda see why she did it. Clearly she has some unresolved issues with Dawn that have festered for eight years.   Secondly, and I believe this is really what’s driving this, Tess sees her time running short. She hasn’t won a singles title since winning the PCW Women’s belt nine years ago. She hasn’t come close to winning a belt with Main Street USA. Tess has been lights out in the first few weeks of MVW’s return. I think she’s going for it. I’m not sure she’s going about it the right way; but I think she’s going all-in on getting another title.”



ANGELS OF DEATH © ‘Terminatrix’ Angel Scott
AGE: 30 / HT: 5′ 11″ WT: 167 / HOME: Morgantown, WV / FIN: Angel Death Drop (ADD)
‘Ms. Lethal Weapon’ Angel Casey
AGE: 30 / HT: 5′ 6″ WT: 115 / HOME: Portales, New Mexico / FIN: Angel Spiral Drop (ADD)
THEME MUSIC: “If You Want Blood”- AC/DC

Brandi Bayless
AGE: 27 / HT: 6′ 1″ WT: 115 / HOME: Century City, CA / FIN: Total Makeover
Wendi Bayless
AGE: 27 / HT: 6′ 1″ WT: 120 / HOME: Century City, CA / FIN: Total Makeover


The Bayless Twins riding high early on.


Mollie Myers: “Well, after all the high drama, how will the Bayless Twins respond? They’ve just witness what happened to a fallen SEC member (Daisy Cutter-Bomb) and must know that if they fail to win back the tag belts that they’ll more than likely face the same fate. Angels of Death have defeated the Bayless’s repeatedly in February- they’ll be very confident going into the match.”

‘Long Haul’ Rick Haul: “I completely agree. We’ll know in the first few moments of the match if Brandi and Wendi are up for this. If not, I can’t see Mr. McMann keeping them on. They’ve run out of chances.”


1st Minute:
Again, Mr. McMann and the SEC at ringside. The bell rang and Brandi and Wendi argued about who would start the match while the AoD just watched. Wendi won out. Brandi climbed out of the ring and started for the back. Wendi stood by the ropes and shouted at Brandi to come back. Angel Casey raced across the ring and sent Wendi flipping over the top rope to the floor.

2nd Minute:
Wendi took a few seconds to gather herself and get back into the ring. Casey worked her over with martial arts moves to soften her up. Then she tagged Scott in. Scott bludgeoned Wendi with right hands. No sign of any SEC interference in the match.

3rd Minute:
Wendi bailed out to the floor and called out to Brandi. Referee Davey Keels began to count her out. Eventually, Wendi returned. Belly to back suplex by Angel Scott. German suplex by Angel Scott. Gutwrench suplex. Cover. One. Two. Wendi kicked out.

4th Minute:
Casey tagged back in. She laid in the chops and drove Wendi back to the corner. Casey ran at her and leapt, wrapped her feet around Wendi’s neck, and hurricanrana’d her to the mat. Cover. One. Two. Again, Wendi kicked out.

5th Minute:
Angel Scott in the ring. Casey whipped Wendi across the ring. Scott grabbed her and lifted her up in the air. Casey grabbed her by the back of the neck and drove her to the mat. Angel Death Drop or A.D.D. Casey hooked the legs.


One. Two. Three.

WINNER AND STILL MVW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Angels of Death (Angel Casey/Angel Scott) at 5:23

Post-match, Mr. McMann climbed into the ring and tsk’d tsk’d Wendi Bayless- laying on the mat still stupefied after taking the Angel Death Drop from the champions. Outside the ring, Prisoner #034291 dragged Brandi Bayless back to the ring (Brandi had walked out on the match early on) and forced her back into the ring. McMann produced not one, but two contracts on clipboards and announced that they were already signed prior to the match. He then introduced Angels of Death as new members of the SEC and again, with the addition there must be a subtraction.

Angel Scott whipped Brandi into the ropes and on the return lifted her up and Angel Casey grabbed her behind the neck and brought her to the mat. Prisoner #034291 cleaned up the mess and rolled Brandi out of the ring. There was consultation amongst the group about giving a second A.D.D. to Wendi. But Prisoner #034291 simply rolled her out of the ring. Again, the SEC pose in the ring and Mr. McMann was very happy.

Before the main event, the big question backstage was could Sheline Carrigan wrestle? Paige McGillicutty tried to get someone to confirm if she could go or not.

The SEC waited in the ring to see if Carrigan would come out for the match. She did.



‘The Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan © AGE: 20 / HT: 6’0″ WT: 145 / HOME:  Vilbank, SK / FIN: Canadian Destroyer THEME MUSIC: “Face to Face” Hundred Mile House

Christa Carmondy AGE: 25 /HT: 5′ 9″ WT: 150 / HOME: St. Louis, MO / FIN: Mean Girl Crush THEME MUSIC: “Get On This”- Chicago


Carmondy (L) vs. Carrigan (R)


Mollie Myers: “How much did the SEC’s attack on Sheline take out of her? If she’s had enough time to gather herself and pull things together, she could win. If not, Christa is primed and ready for this moment.”

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: “Look, before the match, I thought Christa had a real good shot of winning. If Sheline’s not 100 percent, I think Christa will win in a walk. And SEC connection and the way Christa goes about things withstanding, if she defeats Sheline Carrigan tonight and wins the MVW title- seeing how close she’s come to doing it in the past- it’s going to be a special moment.”


1st Minute:
Sheline started slow-as expected. Christa dispensed with the collar and elbow start and went to a side headlock. Carrigan threw her off and instinctively threw right hands. Christa searched for an armbar variation and finally whipped the champion into the ropes- kneelift to Carrigan on the return. Forearm shot to the jaw.

2nd Minute:
Christa pressed the advantage and shoved Carrigan into the corner. Carrigan fired a right hand that slowed Christa down. Another kneelift to the champion. Right hands by Christa. Then she shot the legs and took Carrigan down. Ground and pound. Forearms shots to the face. Christa kept the pressure on and Carrigan still appeared slow and groggy.

3rd Minute:
Irish whip by Christa and Carrigan hit hard in the corner. Christa went for the splash and Carrigan sidestepped her. Now Carrigan charged in- Christa lifted her legs up and headscissored Carrigan’s head. She scooted over on the top rope and then bent back to an upside down position and draped Carrigan’s neck over the top rope- deliberate choke. Referee Ron Martin finally started a five count and at 4.5 Christa broke the hold.

4th Minute:
Schoolgirl by Christa but Carrigan powered out at two. Russian leg sweep by Christa and another cover. Carrigan kicked out again at two. Leg drop by Christa. Another cover- another two count.   Christa whipped Carrigan into the ropes and nails her with a springboard European uppercut. Christa then ran at her and hit Carrigan with a running European uppercut. Cover. One. Two. Th- Carrigan’s foot made the ropes.

5th Minute:
Christa took Carrigan’s foot and slapped a Grapevine Ankle hold on. The champion used her upper body strength to drag Christa to the ropes and again force the hold to be broken. Christa pulled her back out to the middle of the ring and made another cover. The champion kicked out at two.   Christa slammed her hand on the mat in frustration.

6th Minute:
Mr. McMann, Phil Finebaum, and the other SEC members watch and show a little concern. Christa tried to grapevine the leg again but Carrigan kicked her in the gut. Christa lifted her up and body slammed her to the mat. Then Christa pulled her up again and put Carrigan in the tree of woe in the SEC’s corner. Carrigan tried to get out but Christa jumpe down from the top rope.


‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin placed her oversized pizza box of doom in front of Carrigan’s face. Before the referee could remove the box, Christa baseball slid into the box and into Carrigan. Carrigan toppled off the turnbuckle. Christa covered. One. Two. Th-NO! Carrigan’s foot on the ropes again and Christa couldn’t believe it. She got in Ron Martin’s face about the count.

7th Minute:
As Christa argued with the referee, Carrigan rolled out of the ring and right into the clutches of Prisoner #034291. Two hands around her throat. Lift. And then Main Street USA came running out to make the save. ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris, Heartland Champion Kari Ferguson, and Kirsten Canfield attacked the SEC. Canfield had a steel folding chair and she blasted Prisoner #034291 in the back causing her to release Carrigan. Iris went right after her former tag team partner Tessa Martin and tackled her on the floor. MVW Tag Team champions Angels of Death (Angel Casey and Angel Scott) decked Ferguson and then hit the Angel Death Drop on her on the floor. That brought out the Missouri Valley Fight Club (Harley Davisson and Carrieanne McDermott) and they tackled Casey and Scott.

8th Minute:
Carrigan gained valuable time to regain her senses and gather her strength during the scrum on the outside. The referee started the ten count on her and Carrigan climbed back into the ring. Collar and elbow tie up. Carrigan rocketed a right hand and staggered Christa. Christa fired right back with a right of her own. Then Carrigan. Then Christa.

9th Minute:
Carrigan with the armdrag takedown. Christa popped back up and a Carrigan armdrag took her down again. Spinebuster by Carrigan and she covered- Christa kicked out at two. Knee strike by Carrigan. Christa whipped into the ropes but she held on to the top rope. Carrigan charged at her. Christa stepped up and back body dropped the champion over the top to the floor.

10th Minute:
Christa on the top turnbuckle.   Suicide dive onto Carrigan on the floor. Christa whipped Carrigan into the steel barricade and delivered forearm shots to her back. Then back to the ring before the ten count.

11th Minute:
Carrigan rolled back in. Christa went for the kill with a lariat. Cover. Carrigan kicked out at two. Christa to the top turnbuckle. She spread her arms wide and jumped…Mean Girl Crush…no! Carrigan rolled out of the way. Both women down on the mat. Who got up first?

12th Minute:
Carrigan up. Belly to back suplex on Christa. Carrigan launched her into the corner turnbuckle. Carrigan went over and whipped Christa back across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle. Discus clothesline by Carrigan and now Christa in trouble. Carrigan lifted her up for a big vertical suplex…and drived her to the mat. Carrigan covered. Christa kicked out at two.

13th Minute:
Double foot stomp by Carrigan. Christa doubled over and tried to roll out of the ring. Carrigan pulled her back by the arm and brought her back to her feet. She wrapped her arms around Christa and hit a Corner Exploder Suplex. Christa looked to her corner for help. Main Street USA and the Missouri Valley Fight Club had the other SEC members occupied on the outside. She staggered up and Carrigan placed her head between her legs. Wrapped her arms around Christa’s stomach. Leapt up and over spiking Christa’s head on the mat- Canadian Destroyer.

14th Minute:
All Mr. McMann and Phil Finebaum could do was watch. Cover. One. Two. Three.

WINNER AND STILL MVW CHAMPION: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan @ 14:04

Mollie Myers: “Unbelievable. Christa couldn’t finish off Sheline in the early going and it cost her in the end.”

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: “Sheline survived the early going and once Main Street USA and the Missouri Valley Fight Club evened the odds up- she slowly took control of the match.”

Christa sat in the ring, head down, hands on her knees, dejectedly shaking her head.

‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall: “This is one that Christa Carmondy is going to rue.”

Main Street USA hit the ring and celebrate with Carrigan as the show ended.


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