1/28-Unofficial MVW Show in St. Louis

all-four-in-ringFrom left to right: Tessa Martin, Angel Scott (standing), Leah Iris, Angel Casey

‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris defeated Angels of Death Angel Casey and Angel Scott in a wild, hard fought tag team battle last night at an unofficial Missouri Valley Wrestling house show held in St. Louis, Missouri last night.

tess-and-angel-caseyTess Hits the Pizza Cutter on Casey

The show was a MVW show in everything but name featuring wrestlers who will be part of the promotion once it starts back up.

There was also two big MVW announcements made last night. First, the MVW Supporters Trust board came out and revealed the new MVW logo.


Second, the board announced that Jill Berg, the former corporate predator, will be taking the reins as Executive Director taking the place of Dawn McGill.


Jason Carmondy, representative of the board and himself a former MVW owner, commented: “Dawn’s focus at the moment is one hundred percent on PCW. She felt she couldn’t give the job the proper amount of time and when the decision was made to go forward, made the call that someone else should take the lead. Jill Berg is experienced in the business world and the wrestling realm. She will be a good pick to take MVW forward.

Berg’s first order of business is to shore up a potential TV deal to get MVW back on the air.

Ninja Kitty defeated Gwen Varney and Tori Thomas
Kirsten Canfield of Main Street USA defeated ‘The Other’ Shanna Barrett
Yosemite Samantha defeated ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot
The Korver Sisters Kelly and Korey defeated The O’Neders (Anita and Rita)
Lisa Barbosa-Stevens defeated Andrea Allen
MVW Champion Sheline Carrigan and Christa Carmondy go to a time limit draw.


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