MVW Possible Return Soon?

Is there a return in the cards for Missouri Valley Wrestling?

This past Friday night at a PCW house show, the reigning MVW Champion Sheline Carrigan faced off against Christa Carmondy in what was termed a ‘non-title’ MVW match and went to a 20 minute time limit draw.

It’s been six months and a half months since the final MVW, MVWA 73.  The Missouri Valley Wrestling Supporters Trust shut down operations ‘temporarily’ following the loss of their TV contract and the inability to find a new one.

Executive Director Dawn McGill has been tight-lipped up to this point and she’s been juggling her responsibilities between getting PCW up and running and keeping MVW alive. But word did get out of two weekends of unofficial, under the radar shows that took place the past two weekends that could be setting the stage for a return.

McGill may finally have a TV deal in place and could be using the ‘unofficial’ shows to get everyone back up to speed. Time will tell.




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