MVWA 73 Card Announced/Missouri Valley Wrestling House Show Weekend Review


Missouri Valley Wrestling headed up north for a three show swing through South Dakota and Minnesota.

Highlights of the weekend include the return of former MVW tag team champions that took place at Friday night’s house show in Rapid City, South Dakota…

TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Prisoner #034291 © with the Sports Entertainment Consortium (Daisy Cutter Bomb, Brandi and Wendi Bayless) vs. Adrienne Banks (MVW Young Guns)
15 seconds. Prisoner #034291 clocks Banks from behind and then a two handed chokeslam puts an end to it. Post-match, SEC Leader Phil Feinbaum shouts out ‘MY FACTION IS BETTER THAN YOUR FACTION’ and calls out Main Street USA’s Kari Ferguson so Prisoner #034291 can murder her and put her out of the SEC’s misery. Instead, MVW Champion ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan comes out and Carrigan kills both Brandi and Wendi Bayless with Canadian Destroyer. Daisy Cutter-Bomb goes to attack but Carrigan murders her with the Canadian Destroyer as well. Prisoner #034291 attacks Carrigan from behind and starts raining lefts and right on the champion.

Main Street USA (Regina McGill, ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris, ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin, and Kari Ferguson) stream out from the back. Iris and Martin hit an awesome double springboard back elbow on Prisoner #034291 and McGill locks on the Camel Clutch to Feinbaum- making his ears quiver and turn red. Ferguson then hits a super running dropkick to Feinbaum’s face.

But then Mean Girl, Inc. (Christa Carmondy, Dr. Annabel ‘From Hannibal’ Lecker, ‘The Original’ Shanna Barrett) bolts out from the back and Carmondy starts caning everyone in sight. Lecker and Barrett lay out Iris and then McGill. Martin tries to help but she gets cut down by Carmondy. Then two new members of Mean Girl, Inc. come to the ring- former MVW Tag Team Champions The O’Neders (Rita and Anita). The O’Neders hit ‘That Thing They Do’ on Ferguson…then Martin…then Iris…and then McGill.

After a brief break, Christa gets on the mic and is sick of all of this SEC crap about their faction being better than everyone. Christa challenges the SEC to a match right NOW to determine just who is the best faction.  Feinbaum responds that the SEC does what it wants whenever they decide to want. And the way he sees it, the SEC been doing just fine taking out whomever they decide to take out whenever they decide to.   So ‘tough shit’ says Feinbaum and he leaves with the SEC. MVW Executive Director Dawn McGill’s music hits and she tells Christa if she and Mean Girl, Inc. want a five on five fight than that exactly what they’re going to get- against Main Street USA WITH MVW Champion Sheline Carrigan.

Carrigan immediately attacks Carmondy and both teams start brawling to begin the match.

MAIN EVENT: Mean Girl, Inc. (Christa Carmondy, Dr. Annabel ‘From Hannibal’ Lecker, ‘The Original’ Shanna Barrett, and The O’Neders) vs. Main Street USA (Regina McGill, ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris, ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin, and Kari Ferguson)/MVW Champion Sheline Carrigan
All 10 women paired off with Christa and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris showcasing in the middle of the ring. Barrett and Martin the same, as did The O’Neders/McGill and Carrigan and Dr. Lecker and Ferguson. Eventually, Carrigan destroys Rita O’Neder with a Canadian Destroyer and McGill takes Anita O’Neder into the crowd. McGill gets a Rocket Launcher from Christa and Dr. Lecker on the outside. Carrigan stands on the apron and demands a tag from the Tess because she’s a traditionalist. All the while, Mean Girl, Inc have isolated and are absolutely dismantling Heartland Champion Kari Ferguson. Then then run over and steamroll Carrigan but she gets right back up and ask for the tag some more. Finally, Tessa Martin eventually rolls through and tags in the MVW Champion!

Carrigan cleans house and finally gets Carmondy in the Kimura Lock. Barrett runs out so Carrigan immediately puts her in the Kimura Lock.  The SEC suddenly run down to the ring and that causes the locker room to clear out.

During the free-for-all Poison Penny (MVW Champion Sheline Carrigan’s opponent Saturday night for the title) sneaks up on the champion and plants a Poison Kiss on the Canadian Cyborg, knocking her out as the show came to an end.

6/24-MVW Rapid City, SD Results:
Yosemite Samantha d. Terry Sargent
Bethany Stewart d. Andrea Allen
The Korver Sisters (Kelly and Korey Korver) d. Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey) and the Missouri Valley Fight Club (Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson)
Poison Penny d. Anna Conda
Lisa Barbosa-Stevens d. Ninja Kitty
TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Prisoner #034291 © d. Adrienne Banks
MAIN EVENT/10 WOMAN TAG MATCH: Mean Girl, Inc. (Christa Carmondy, Dr. Annabel ‘From Hannibal’ Lecker, ‘The Original’ Shanna Barrett, and The O’Neders) vs. Main Street USA (Regina McGill, ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris, ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin, and Kari Ferguson)/MVW Champion Sheline Carrigan- no contest

Next up, Sioux Falls, South Dakota for a big Saturday night show that featured a MVW Title Match with Champion Sheline Carrigan defending against former champion Poison Penny in the Main Event.

MVW TITLE MATCH: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan © with Jill Berg vs. Poison Penny
Carrigan comes out red hot and Penny takes some good shots from the champion. Penny takes a couple shortcuts to slow down the Canadian Cyborg and tries to plant the Poison Kiss on Carrigan but Jill Berg hits a missile dropkick that sends Penny back against the ropes. Berg then distracts the ref and Carrigan decapitates Penny with a lariat and tries to drain the fight out the challenger with a Full Nelson. But Penny escapes. She goes for hurricanrana, but Carrigan turns it into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb and goes for the pin. Penny kicks out. Carrigan stalls and talks strategy with Berg. She regains control of the match and tries going up top but Penny crotches her, spins her and breaks out an Alabama Slam. Penny goes for the pin but Jill Berg pulls out the ref and nearly gets Carrigan disqualified. Penny follows up with an awesome tope suicida out of nowhere and goes for the pin. Carrigan kicks out and takes charge of the match. She hits a powerbomb on Penny and finishes her off with the Canadian Destroyer for the win.

6/25-MVW Sioux Falls, SD Results:
Hannah and Katie Lancer/Ninja Kitty d. Blake and Gwen Varney/Tori Thomas
Jennifer Findley d. Maxie Perry
Kathryn Randall Collins d. “High Flying Intercontinental Flight Attendant” Amie Velasco
Carrieanne McDermott d. Gina Glitter
Regina McGill/Lisa Barbosa-Stevens d. The Korver Sisters (Kelly and Korey)
SEC (Daisy Cutter-Bomb/Brandi and Wendi Bayless) d. Main Street USA (‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/Kirsten Canfield/Kari Ferguson)
MAIN EVENT/MVW TITLE MATCH: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan © d. Poison Penny

And then Sunday night. MVW went east and crossed into the Land of a Thousand Lakes for the final show of the weekend in Mankato, Minnesota. Kari Ferguson put her Heartland title on the line in the main event against ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot but it was a wild twenty minute tag match stole the show.

Main Street USA (‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris) vs. The Korver Sisters (Korey and Kelly) vs. The O’Neders (Rita and Anita) vs. The Missouri Valley Fight Club (Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson)
MVW Executive Director Dawn McGill came out earlier in the show and announced that the winner of the four way tag team match would face Wendi and Brandi Bayless for the MVW Tag Team Titles at MVWA 73 on July 10th.

This match gets bullet points because there was so much action and lasted a solid twenty-five minutes:

– Martin/Iris vs. O’Neders started out solid enough. Some brawling took place around the outside. Martin/Rita did some half decent chain wrestling as well.
– The new tag team of Regina McGill and Lisa Barbosa-Stevens watch the match from the stage.
– The Missouri Valley Fight Club came out and Davisson hit an AWESOME running senton bomb to the outside on the O’Neders and Iris.
– McDermott and Martin threw down the weapons and stared at each other. McDermott nodded and Martin said she’s got nothing else to lose and they absolutely maul each other for a good 2 minutes.
– Tables and chairs start getting involved as Referee Ron Martin briefly loses control of the match.
– Davisson hits the Five Star Frog Splash on Martin through a table!
– The Korver Sisters Kelly & Korey are out last and beat the crap out of Davisson.
– It starts moving just ridiculously fast with people in and out and all doing high spots, crowd is losing it.
– The Missouri Valley Fight Club and O’Neders eventually brawl a bit out of sight. – Then the MVW Tag Team Champions Brandi and Wendi Bayless of the SEC comes to the stage and attacks McGill and Stevens. And with the Bayless Twins comes the SEC’s Leader Phil Feinbaum, with two black eyes, who tees off on McGill on the microphone for her role in getting drop kicked in the face Friday night- hence the black eyes.
-Back in the ring, the Korvers destroy Iris. Kelly locks her in a Camel Clutch and Kelly hits running dropkicks not one, not two, but FIVE TIMES.
– To end it, the Korvers hit the Korver Krusher and they will face the Bayless Twins again for the MVW Tag Team Title in two weeks.

MAIN EVENT/HEARTLAND TITLE: Main Street USA’s Kari Ferguson © vs. ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot (with the White Trash Posse- Shayne, Jaxson, Bobby Rickie)
Harlot brings it early and Ferguson isn’t as solid here as she’s been during her title run. Harlot works the knee but Ferguson surprises her with a roll up.   Ferguson then hits a top rope spinning heel kick to Harlot and covers but Shayne hits the ring to break it up. Then Jaxson charges at Ferguson, the Heartland Champion drops down and avoids him and he almost collides with Harlot. Ferguson “accidentally” back drops Jaxson over the top to the outside! Shayne charges at Ferguson and she politely side steps and moves so he can run into the corner turnbuckle. Ferguson dives at Harlot dramatically and covers her to pick up the win and retain the belt.

6/26- MVW Mankato, MN Results:
Jennifer Findley d. Desiree Davis
Yosemite Samantha/Bethany Stewart d. Blake and Gwen Varney
Lt. Katrina Atcheson w/Rough Justice (D.B. Ruff and Connor Justice- two former police officers fired because of their extreme brand of law enforcement) d. Gina Glitter -after the match, Ruff and Justice tasered Glitter and took her away in handcuffs.
Mean Girl Inc’s Christa Carmondy d. Anna Conda
#1 CONTENDER’S MATCH: The Korver Sisters (Korey and Kelly) d. The O’Neders (Rita and Anita), The Missouri Valley Fight Club (Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson), and Main Street USA (‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris)
MAIN EVENT/HEARTLAND TITLE MATCH: Main Street USA’s Kari Ferguson © d. ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot (with the White Trash Posse- Shayne, Jaxson, Bobby Rickie)

Upcoming House Shows:
Friday July 8th – Pittsburg, KS
Sunday July 10th – MVWA 73 Springfield, MO

After the Mankato show, Dawn McGill came out and announced the card for MVWA 73.

Main Event/MVW Title Match:
‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan (c) vs. The winner of an elimination match to be held at the MVW House Show in Pittsburg, KS on July 8th

MVW Tag Team Title Match:
The SEC’s Brandi and Wendi Bayless (c) vs. The Korver Sisters (Kelly and Korey)

A third match will be announced.


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