McGill ‘Congratulates’ HOW ‘Co-Champions’ at MVW Showcase Event


Disco Loving, Jet Setting International Playboy from the East, Sheik Yorbouti, hosted this week’s Missouri Valley Wrestling showcase featuring the younger talent at The Post Sports Bar and Grill in suburban St. Louis. But it was the Executive Director Dawn McGill who stole the spotlight at the show.

One night after her husband Ray McAvay lost the High Octane Wrestling World Title in controversial fashion to Brian Hollywood when former teammate Scott Stevens turned on him late in the match, a clearly angry McGill went to the ring and offered a few observations about what had gone down in Chicago.

Here is some of what Dawn had to say:

Allow me to be gracious here for a second and congratulate the new co-champions of High Octane Wrestling- Brian Hollywood and Scott Stevens. It took every ounce of effort from both of them to defeat my husband.  Actually, it took three people if you count Nigel Lette- but who’s counting- well, not Nigel. Obviously, he was having an issue with that last night…

“Personally, I think Hollywood and Stevens make almost as cute of a couple as Brennan Devlin and Ramona Lee Epps (former Boardwalk co-champions)…

“…I’m sure some of you know what went down last night at the Best Arena. I knew Ray was in trouble when his scheduled in-ring interview with Blair Moise was axed in favor of an in-ring segment by Brian Hollywood. Hollywood refused to leave the ring and then the EPU tried to get the Les Miserables away from ringside but God bless them they stood their ground.  Despite the disadvantage and the chicanery, it still took three people to beat Ray last night…

“…the sad thing is Ray only had thirteen days to repair the prestige and honor to the World Title that Brian Hollywood had singlehandedly destroyed…

“…I would love to talk about how once again Brian Hollywood couldn’t get the job done by himself and needed outside help to win. But, the match speaks for itself and Brian Hollywood just isn’t worth my time. He’s not a pro wrestler and quite frankly, I would rather talk about pro wrestlers. Brian Hollywood is a sports entertainer pretending to be a pro wrestler and what happened Tuesday night proved it to the world. When the going gets tough, Brian Hollywood calls in the cavalry because he simply can’t get the job done by himself. Congratulations on the title co-champ!

But things got interesting when McGill turned her ire towards Scott Stevens.

…I wish I could say that I was shocked and stunned when Scott Stevens did what he did last night. But let’s face it, for all the Texas bravado that you’d hope would arm Scott Stevens with a little common sense, the fact is Stevens is afflicted with the silly ‘x’ chromosome that causes him to do really stupid things. Like turning on the man who basically won him War Games.

“…let’s go back to last year’s little brouhaha that got Stevens banned from Boardwalk. He was also suspended from HOW and no one in the wrestling industry would touch him with a ten foot pole. I…let me repeat…I gave him a lifeline and let him main event last year’s PCW Reunion show because Ray felt some sort of loyalty to the guy. Ray wanted to be on Scott’s War Games team this year because he wanted no part of teaming up with Brian Hollywood. And this is how Stevens repays him. Stupid is what stupid does, I guess.

“…and as for the upcoming match Lee Best booked between Stevens and Ray, if I had my way, I’d walk to the ring with a life-size cardboard cut-out of Ray, stick it in the corner of the ring, and tell Scott what he can do with it. Maybe we’ll send a midget to the ring and make a mockery of the whole thing- just like Brian Hollywood, and now his co-champion Scott Stevens, has made a mockery of the HOW World Title.

Quite frankly, neither Scott Stevens or Brian Hollywood deserve to be in the same ring with Ray McAvay.”

Suffice to say, there was an uncomfortable silence when Dawn returned backstage and passed by Scott Stevens’s wife, and MVW wrestler, Lisa Barbosa-Stevens. Onlookers report that Stevens glared at McGill as she walked by and later on there was a heated exchange between the two in McGill’s office.

Match Results:
April O’Neal w/The Beer Bellied Softball Ninja defeated Jade Jenkins
Jennifer Findley defeated Sandra Ecklestein
Paige Powers/Mitzi Meyers defeated Janice Henry/ Mackenzie MacWilliams
MAIN EVENT: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens defeated Bethany Stewart


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