McGill Sets #1 Contender’s Match For Next Weekend- 6/12 MVW Jefferson City House Show


JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI— The Sports Entertainment Consortium’s Phil Feinbaum went to the ring along with the rest of the streamlined SEC (Daisy Cutter-Bomb, Prisoner #034291, and the MVW Tag Team Champions Brandi and Wendi Bayless). Feinbaum wants to talk about Christa Carmondy and seems as if he’s a little upset that she bailed after he claims the SEC got her two title shots in the space of a month.

“Congratulations on your gut-wrenching moral victories,” Feinbaum sneered, noting that Christa should fall way back in the pecking order after blowing her two title opportunities. “It’s time Daisy Cutter-Bomb, a long time ring veteran who just had a run as the Television Champion, to get her MVW title shot.”

Not so fast though. Poison Penny, former MVW Champion, fresh off winning the Resistance Rumble the night before, strolled out and staked her claim to a MVW title shot.

Not so, not so fast. Mean Girl, Inc.’s Christa Carmondy stomped out with Dr. Annabel ‘From Hannibal’ Lecker and ‘The Original’ Shanna Barrett and laid into Feinbaum for ‘whining.’ “Maybe if someone from the SEC would have done their job, I’d be wearing the MVW Title belt right now,” Christa snapped at Feinbaum.


Executive Director Dawn McGill, back from Boston, came to the ring and told everyone to just shut up.


Dawn McGill

She announced that Sheline Carrigan would put the MVW title on the line in two weeks at the MVW House Show in Sioux Falls, South Dakota against the winner of a three way dance between Carmondy, Poison Penny, and Daisy Cutter-Bomb next Saturday in Lawton, Oklahoma. McGill then summarily dismissed everyone from the ring and sent them to the back so the show could actually get underway.

Match #1: Ninja Kitty defeated Robin the Wonder Girl in 6:43

Fast paced opening match saw Ninja Kitty get back on the winning track hitting the Pounce on Robin for the win.

Match #2/Handicap Match: Lt. Katrina Atcheson of the Highway Patrol (with D.B. Ruff and Connor Justice aka…Rough Justice- two former police officers fired because of their extreme brand of law enforcement) defeated Housewives of Chaos (Stacey Martin/Betsy Parker) in 4:00

Like the night before, Rough Justice got involved in the match and tased Martin, allowing Lt. Atcheson to hit the C4. Ruff and Justice then handcuffed the ‘perps’ and dragged both Martin and Parker to the back.

Match #3: Mean Girl Inc. (Dr. Annabel “From Hannibal” Lecker/’The Original’ Shanna Barrett) defeat Main Street USA (Television Champion Regina McGill/Kirsten Canfield) via DQ at 12:12

Nice match until The Korver Sisters charged down to the ring to exact a little pay back for what Mean Girl, Inc did to them the night before in Hannibal. Referee Davey Keels quickly called for the bell and disqualified McGill and Canfield. Christa Carmondy, Jen and Steph then raced down to join their MGI teammates which then brought down ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris for Main Street USA.

While MVW Security cleared the ring, Executive Director Dawn McGill again appeared to talk about the Heartland TV television deal. McGill told the crowd as many of the people here are shareholders in the MVW Supporter’s Trust, they had a right to know what happened and how she will try to fix the situation. Essentially, Heartland TV had their head turned by another wrestling company to put live programming on their airwaves on a weekly basis. Given MVW’s ups and downs the past few months, Heartland TV made a business decision to part company.

Dawn pledged that they would be back on the air somewhere by September 1st. What did that mean for the Television Title currently held by her sister Regina? McGill said that the Television belt would continue on and a weekly title match would be broadcast on the MVW website starting next Saturday night. “It’s not the best solution,” Dawn admitted. “But it’s the only one I’ve got right now.

McGill also announced that she and several other MVW wrestlers would be in Joe’s Bar in Chicago Monday night to watch High Octane Wrestling’s War Games show. Her husband, HOW ICON Champion Ray McAvay is wrestling in the event and McAvay’s Les Miserables are expected to be out in full force.

Match #4: The SEC’s Daisy Cutter-Bomb defeated Anna Conda in 9:39

DCB used the Daisy Cutter Powerbomb to subdue her opponent and pick up the win.

Match #5: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens defeated Gina Glitter in 7:35

Stevens avoided the Glitter Bomb and hit the Toxic Sting on Gina to pick up her second MVW win.

Match #6: ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris of Main Street USA defeated ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot (with the White Trash Posse- Shayne, Jaxson, Bobby Rickie) in 16:27

Match of the night. Iris and Harlot seem to always have lights out matches when they both step foot in the ring against each other and this was no exception. The White Trash Posse sat this one out and the two ladies went from pillar to post for over fifteen minutes before Iris finally hit the Pittsburgh Plunge to score the win.

Main Event/Non-Title: MVW Champion Sheline Carrigan defeated Kathryn Randall Collins in 10:17

Carrigan and KRC finished off the night with another barn burner. Collins nearly stole the win but in the end, the Canadian Destroyer spelled KRC’s doom as Carrigan got the pinfall.

Next weekend, Missouri Valley Wrestling is off to Oklahoma for a trio of shows.

Upcoming House Shows:
Friday June 17th – Ardmore, OK
Saturday June 18th – Lawton, OK
Sunday June 19th – El Reno, OK


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