New Alliances Form/Lisa Barbosa-Stevens Debuts-6/11-MVW Hannibal, MO House Show


HANNIBAL, MISSOURI— With Missouri Valley Wrestling Executive Director Dawn McGill in transit back to Missouri after seeing off her husband, High Octane Wrestling’s ICON Champion Ray McAvay, for his flight to Rome, Italy for HOW’s War Games Pay Per View, Jason Carmondy took the reigns one more time and kicked off the Friday night show by announcing that he was bringing out MVW Champion Sheline Carrigan and her manager/advocate Jill Berg.

But it’s wasn’t Carrigan and Berg who came out. Instead, Christa Carmondy walked out with Jen and Steph from Mean Girl, Inc. much to the Hannibal, Missouri audience’s displeasure. Carmondy recounted a list of excuses why she lost to Sheline Carrigan at MVWA 72 last week but added that’s not what was bugging her the most. The addition to the MVW roster of Lisa Barbosa-Stevens really raised her hackles. Carmondy tells the crowd that she’s been through this before. She recounted past MVW Champions who were brought in: Miss USA, Jackie Daniels, Valora Salinas, and Callie Urban and were put over at her expense.

Christa said she says things that some people may not want to hear, but she says what needs to be said and what most are thinking. The past few months, it’s been The Sheline Carrigan Era, but she believes it’s time for a change. The New Era of Missouri Valley Wrestling has arrived and the first order of business is taking out Carrigan- no matter if Dawn McGill has brought in another high-priced outsider to stop her. When Christa decided to re-sign with MVW, she made sure that Mean Girl, Inc. was part of the deal because she knew she’d need back up. “So Lisa Barbosa-Stevens…beware. And stay out of my way.”

Match 1/The Resistance Rumble: Poison Penny defeated Carrieanne McDermott, Harley Davisson, Angel Scott, and Angel Casey in 11:02

And thus the Resistance was no more. With the firing of Mr. McMann at MVWA 72 by Dawn McGill, the glue and common purpose that held the rag-tag group together disappeared. A pre match meeting of the minds in the ring went south fast and an impromptu five woman elimination match ensued.

Match 2: Main Street USA’s Kirsten Canfield defeated Andrea Allen in 7:49

The Wichita State Junior-to-be continued her on-the-job training and picked up a win over Allen with the Wheatshocker Deluxe.

Match 3: The Korver Sisters (Kelly and Korey) defeated Dr. Annabel (From Hannibal) Lecker (with FBI Special Agent Charlize Starling)/’The Original’ Shanna Barrett via DQ in 5:22

The Korver Sisters faced off against the returning Dr. Lecker (who received a warm ovation from her hometown) and Barrett in what seemed to be a run of the mill tag match. That is, until Christa Carmondy, Jen, and Steph showed up ringside. Jen and Steph attacked the Korver Sisters causing the disqualification and then Christa took the microphone again. She said she knows Lisa Barbosa-Stevens is wrestling next so Mean Girl, Inc. will give Stevens something she can look forward to. Then Dr. Lecker, Barrett, Jen, Steph, and Christa destroyed the Korvers in the ring and tossed them out just as the referee arrived for the next match.

Match 4: Lt. Katrina Atcheson of the Highway Patrol (with D.B. Ruff and Connor Justice aka…Rough Justice- two former police officers fired because of their extreme brand of law enforcement) defeated former Hooter’s waitress CJ Lewis in 3:38

Lt. Atcheson had Lewis tased during the match and ended it with the C4. Post-match, Lewis was roughed up a little more by Rough Justice and then handcuffed and led away.

Match 5: Lisa Barbosa-Stevens defeated ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas in 9:37

The wife of HOW’s Scott Stevens made her official Missouri Valley Wrestling debut by taking on fellow Texan Dallas. With Christa and the rest of Mean Girl, Inc. watching from the ramp, Stevens got a good workout from Dallas and finished the Texas Cowgirl off with the Toxic Sting for the win. A brief stare off followed before Stevens made her way to the back.

Match 6: Main Street USA (‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris and Television Champion Regina McGill) defeated Gwen and Blake Varney/Gina Glitter in 8:35

Regina hit the McGill Bomb on Blake Varney for the win.

Match 7: ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot defeated “High Flying Intercontinental Flight Attendant” Amie Velasco in 12:13

Harlot won with the White Trash Compactor.

Main Event/Heartland Title Match: Main Street USA’s Kari Ferguson (c) defeated Ninja Kitty in 7:45

Both Ferguson and Ninja Kitty went fast and furious to start things off. Ninja Kitty frustrated Ferguson at the outset, using her speed to keep the Heartland Champion off kilter. But Ferguson made a comeback and cut off Ninja Kitty when she tried for The Pounce. But Ninja Kitty would continue to drive Ferguson to distraction until she got caught by a pop up powerbomb from Ferguson. Ferguson went for a suicide dive, Ninja Kitty rolled away and Ferguson hit the mat awkwardly. Ninja Kitty hit a top rope frog splash and nearly got the three count.

Ninja Kitty avoided the pop up powerbomb again from Ferguson and immediately hit a missile dropkick. Ferguson somehow dodged The Pounce and hit the pop up powerbomb on Ninja Kitty. Ferguson took Ninja Kitty to the mat and locked in the Crossface Chickenwing for the win.

Upcoming House Shows:
Sunday June 12th – Jefferson City, MO
Friday June 17th – Ardmore, OK
Saturday June 18th – Lawton, OK
Sunday June 19th – El Reno, OK


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