The McGill Sisters Strike Back/Missouri Valley Wrestling House Show Review- May 16th


This Week’s Missouri Valley Wrestling House Show Review May 16th

Coming Off Last Weekend:

The MVW Title Picture
Besides Mr. McMann’s Appreciation Weekend, the other significant thing that developed over the weekend took place Sunday night when MVW Champion ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan and her manager/advocate Jill Berg decided to reassert themselves. Berg set the table by getting into it with Mr. McMann and Carrigan finished the job by announcing she has arrived and if the SEC gets in her way she will run right through them.

The Sports Entertainment Consortium’s Christa Carmondy already has the title shot locked up for MVWA 72 thanks to Mr. McMann. But with the recent changes in the factions, would new contenders rise up?

Main Street USA Reloads
Losing Christa Carmondy to the SEC was a tough blow to Main Street USA. However, the faction regrouped and added former MVW Television champion ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris and the current MVW Heartland Champion Kari Ferguson to the fold. Is this the moment that Iris makes another hard charge towards the MVW title? Or will it be the ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin who takes the step up?

The Resistance
Poison Penny remains the faction’s standard bearer. With Christa Carmondy in the SEC, will this stoke the flames of their feud again? But now, ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot joins the party. Harlot is a former TV champion who continues to make strides forward as a wrestler. Could this be Harlot’s time to jump into the upper echelon and contend for a MVW title shot?

The SEC vs. Regina McGill
Since the chances of Dawn McGill appearing again in MVW seem to be slim and none, the SEC has their venom towards the next best thing- Dawn’s younger sister Regina. On Saturday night, the SEC attacked McGill after she lost a tag match with Tessa Martin to the Korver Sisters but Main Street USA newcomers Iris and Ferguson made the save. Later on in the show, Regina got payback when she pushed Christa Carmondy off the top turnbuckle and helped MVW Champion Sheline Carrigan win the match.

On Sunday, the SEC struck back after McGill lost to Christa Carmondy in the main event. Regina took each one of the SEC’s finishers and was left unconscious in the middle of the ring.

The SEC’s List
The MVW wrestlers on the SEC’s hit list: 1) Regina McGill, 2) Heartland Champion Kari Ferguson, 3) ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin, and now 4) ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas

‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas
And speaking of the ‘Texas Cowgirl’, what will she do now? Cast adrift from the SEC and the bridges to both the Resistance and Main Street USA effectively burned, Dallas now finds herself completely on her own.

Wednesday May 11th – Special MVW Appearance at St. Louis, MO

Once again, Disco Loving, Jet Setting International Playboy from the East, Sheik Yorbouti, oversaw the shows featuring the younger wrestlers at The Post Sports Bar and Grill in suburban St. Louis.

Match Results:
Jennifer Findley defeated Mackenzie MacWilliams
Paige Powers defeated Shelley Briscoe
Mitzi Meyers defeated Janice Henry
MAIN EVENT: Bethany Stewart/Adrienne Banks defeat Tori Thomas/Andrea Allen

Friday May 13th – MVW House Show at Valparaiso, IN

Three thousand people turned out for Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Friday the 13th show at Valparaiso University’s Athletics-Recreation Center. The show would turn out to be a nightmare for the acting Executive Director of MVW Jason Carmondy. It took one week of being back on the job before he clashed with the acting booker and ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann.

McMann wanted to book Kari Ferguson’s Friday night Heartland title defense as a three way dance involving two wrestlers from his Sports Entertainment Consortium- former Heartland champion Prisoner #034291 and ‘The Argenta Rose’ Eva Perrin. Carmondy flat out vetoed the idea, explaining to McMann that MVW has never done three way title matches where the champion could lose the belt and not be pinned. McMann then argued that Dawn McGill allowed him to add ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas to the MVW title match at Arch Wrestling Madness. Carmondy responded that McMann blackmailed McGill to coerce her to add Dallas to the match.

After Carmondy then called his bluff in threatening to pull the SEC from the show, McMann stormed out of the office.

Match Results:
**Main Street USA’s CJ Lewis/Kirsten Canfield defeated Gwen and Blake Varney- Canfield pinned Gwen after hitting the Wheatshocker Deluxe

-post match, the SEC’s Christa Carmondy, Prisoner #034291 and ‘The Argenta Rose’ Eva Perrin rushed to the ring and attacked Lewis and Canfield. Carmondy took Lewis down with the Mean Girl Crush. Prisoner #034291 delivered a vicious Two-Handed Choke Slam to Canfield. Perrin locked up Canfield in the Perrin Tap Out (modified White Trash Compactor) while Prisoner#034291 forced Lewis to watch.

-The Resistance (Poison Penny/Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson/Lani Harlot/Angel Scott/Angel Casey) decloaked from the crowd and descended on the ring. Poison Penny dueled with Christa. Harlot went after Perrin. McDermott and Davisson doubleteamed Prisoner #034291. But before things got completely out of control, security streamed to the ring and got in between the Resistance and the SEC.

-then ‘the Voice of the SEC’ Phil Feinbaum walked out and ‘tsks tsks’ the whole spectacle. Feinbaum denounced Jason Carmondy’s decision to block Mr. McMann from booking the three way match for the Heartland title. Feinbaum blamed…Dawn McGill for Carmondy’s decision and spun it that Dawn, in a jealous snit over being rejected by Mr. McMann after their one night tryst, was now trying to take everything away from him. Feinbaum said that instead, McMann will take everything from McGill in return. The music of the Tag Team champions The Bayless Twins hit, the lights dropped, and when they came back on Brandi and Wendi Bayless are in the ring with a straightjacketed Regina McGill. Feinbaum said if Dawn McGill continues to attack the SEC, her sister will have to pay the price for her. The Bayless twins proceeded to beat down a helpless Regina and knocked her out with the Total Makeover.

**Gina Glitter defeated Maxie Perry with the Glitter Bomb.

**The Missouri Valley Fight Club (Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson) defeat Housewaves of Chaos (Stacey Martin/Betsy Parker)- Davisson pins Parker after hitting the Kick Start.

**Kathryn Randall Collins defeated Lt. Katrina Atcheson of the Kansas Highway Patrol with the Gogoplata submission

-Main Street USA leader ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris led the group- minus Regina McGill- to the ring. Tessa there was nothing wrestling related about what the SEC did to Regina McGill and Mr. McMann has finally crossed the line. Tess admitted that at first blush, web she saw the photos of Dawn McGill that were published she thought the worst.  But Regina McGill convinced her that the photos were staged and an intoxicated Dawn was taken advantage of.   This brought out Phil Feinbaum again who interrupted Tess mid-sentence. He says he’s not impressed with Martin’s assertions and claimed her friendship with Dawn blinded her to the truth. Feinbaum then basically said that Main Street USA was in the way of Missouri Valley Wrestling moving forward and that if they didn’t get on the same page, the SEC would run through right them.

Feinbaum: “What happened to Regina McGill is just the beginning unless MVW stops resisting the sweeping changes Mr. McMann wants to make.”

**Poison Penny defeated Ninja Kitty with the Poison Kiss

-post match, Penny called out Christa Carmondy. Christa appeared on the stage with Mean Girl Inc. (Jen and Steph). Penny dared her to come to the ring. Christa responded that she has to stay fresh and get ready for her title opportunity at MVWA 72. She taunted Penny as she, Jen, and Steph leave.

**HEARTLAND TITLE MATCH: ’The Argenta Rose’ Eva Perrin defeated Kari Ferguson © via DQ- Ferguson retains the title.

-‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot of the Resistance attacked Perrin mid match causing Ferguson to be disqualified.

**MAIN EVENT: MVW champion ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris defeat The Korver Sisters (Kelly and Korey)- Carrigan pins Kelly after hitting the Canadian Destroyer

Saturday May 14th – MVW House Show at Lafayette, IN

Twenty-six hundred people attended the Missouri Valley Wrestling show in Lafayette, Indiana and witnessed the return of one Dawn McGill. McGill received a warm welcome from the MVW fans and she thanked them in return. Dawn said the reason she’s here to prove to Mr. McMann that she’s not afraid of him or afraid to show her face in MVW after the photo controversy. Most of all, she’s here to back up her sister Regina after what happened the night before.

McGill also said that Mr. McMann is more interested in pushing his sports entertainment agenda and his SEC at the expense of everyone else in MVW.   Dawn also added that Mr. McMann wished she would have done the things to him he’s been spreading all over the place. McGill: “if McMann even dares to come within ten feet of me, I guarantee that I will make him regret it.”

Dawn finally said that if this is the last time she stepped foot in a MVW ring, she appreciated everything that the fans have done to support Missouri Valley Wrestling.

Match Results:
**“High Flying Intercontinental Flight Attendant” Amie Velasco/Bethany Stewart/Adrienne Banks defeat Terry Sargent/Cheryl Parkman/Elaine Brazier- Velasco pins Brazier with the Kamikaze Dive

**Main Street USA ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris defeat Anna Conda/Gina Glitter- Tess hits the Pizza Cutter on Conda for the win.

**Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey) of the Resistance defeat The Lancer Sisters (Hannah/Katie)- Scott and Casey hit the Angel Death Drop on Katie for the win.

**Kathryn Randall Collins continues to try to climb back into MVW title contention with a win over Harley Davisson using the Gogoplata submission.

-‘The Voice of the SEC’ Phil Feinbaum, accompanied by Mr. McMann’s hired guns Bo Stevens and Timothy Allen Tebow (no, not him), strolled out to offer a rebuttal of Dawn McGill’s earlier remarks. Feinbaum is ‘shocked that McGill actually had the gumption to show up at a MVW’ after she was driven from her job by shame over what she did to Mr. McMann that night in Rolla.’   Feinbaum derided Dawn for ‘trying to deflect what happened that night when she sexually harassed Mr. McMann’ by blaming him for what happened.

Tebow enthusiastically agreed with everything Feinbaum said; Stevens not as much.

Feinbaum claimed if Mr. McMann was as vindictive as Dawn claims he is, he would never have booked her sister Regina in a Television title match against Daisy Cutter-Bomb like he did for tonight’s show. He concluded with a veiled warning to Dawn- “you’ve said your goodbyes, you’ve made it clear you’re not returning, so you probably shouldn’t show your face anymore in MVW.”

**The SEC’s Christa Carmondy/Prisoner #034291 defeat ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas/Bethany Stewart- Christa hit the Mean Girl Crush on Dallas for the win.

-Post match, Carmondy hit a second Mean Girl Crush on Dallas. Stewart pushed her from behind and ended up eating a Two-Handed Choke Slam from Prisoner #034291.   But that’s where it ended. Watching for any sign of the Resistance coming out of the crowd, both Christa and Prisoner #034291 head to the back.

**’Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot defeated Anna Conda via DQ when ‘The Argenta Rose’ Eva Perrin clocked her from behind with a steel folding chair. Both the Resistance and the SEC raced down to the ring and there’s a brief skirmish but nothing more developed.

MAIN EVENT/TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Main Street USA’s Regina McGill defeated The SEC’s Daisy Cutter-Bomb © with the McGill Bomb to win the Television Title. One night after being paraded out to the ring in a straitjacket and still showing the bumps and bruises from the ensuing SEC beatdown, Regina somehow pulled off a huge upset win- with a little assist from her sister Dawn. Late in the match, Daisy nailed Regina with not one, but two Daisy Cutter Powerbombs. Instead of going for the pin, Daisy got on the microphone and called Dawn McGill to the ring so she could get a front row seat of the end of the match. Dawn obliged and came down. Daisy leaned over the ring and taunted her. Dawn reached up and slapped her in the face. Daisy went to go after her but Regina had revived enough to hit her with a low blow and then hit the McGill Bomb for the win.

-Mr. McMann streaked down to the ring as the show ended as Regina grabbed the TV title belt and escaped with Dawn into the crowd.

Sunday May 8th – MVW House Show at Marion, IN

No opening promo shenanigans Sunday. Nope, an angry ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann stormed into acting Executive Director Jason Carmondy’s office an hour before showtime. In the aftermath of Regina McGill defeating the SEC’s Daisy Cutter-Bomb the night before to win the MVW Television title belt, a raging McMann held up the alleged ‘script’ of last night’s show and demanded that the TV title match the night before be thrown out due to a ‘deviation from the finish’ and Dawn McGill’s blatant interference in the match.

Carmondy told McMann to ‘stick it in his ear.’ He reminded him that it was Daisy Cutter-Bomb who called Dawn to the ring in the first place AND MVW did not do ‘scripts’ or that kind of ‘sports entertainment crap.’ McMann then demanded an immediate rematch. Carmondy again turned him down flat and told McMann that he’d given the new Television champion the night off.

Now incensed, McMann reportedly tossed the script at Carmondy and exited his office.

Match Results:
**Ninja Kitty defeated Adrienne Banks, Cheryl Parkman, Gina Glitter, and Desiree Davis in a mini-battle royal match.

**Bethany Stewart w/“Disco Loving, Jet Setting International Playboy from the East” Sheik Yorbouti defeated Lt. Katrina Atcheson of the Highway Patrol with the Power Bomb.

-post match, Lt. Atcheson stunned the crowd when she tasered Stewart out of nowhere and then zapped Yorbouti for good measure before exiting the ring.

**Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey) of the Resistance defeat Backman Taylor Powerdrive (Charlene Backman/Brianna Taylor) with the Angel Death Drop.

**The Missouri Valley Fight Club (Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson) defeat The Pinups (Sabrina James/Alicia Rowe)- McDermott submitted James with the Indian Death Lock

-‘The Voice of the SEC’ Phil Feinbaum came out to dueling chants of “Main Street USA” and “thank you Dawn.” Feinbaum said that the crowd should be thanking the SEC instead for being the only source of excellence in Missouri Valley Wrestling. He addressed the Daisy Cutter-Bomb vs. Regina McGill match last night and how ‘Regina cheated’ when her sister Dawn got involved in the match. Feinbaum then blasts Jason Carmondy for ‘protecting’ the McGill sisters instead of helping his own flesh and blood (sister Christa Carmondy) gain MVW gold.

-This brought out Corporate Predator Extraordinaire Jill Berg and the MVW champion Sheline Carrigan. Berg said the DCB/Regina McGill could have gone either way, but due to Daisy’s major screw up in calling Dawn McGill to the ring, Regina won the title fair and square. Feinbaum tried to spin it again but gets shouted down by a mercilessly booing crowd. Berg challenged the SEC to ‘tear up their script’ and send out three of their best to face Carrigan and two wrestlers of her choosing.

**’Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot from the Resistance vs. the SEC’s ‘The Argenta Rose’ Eva Perrin with Colonel John Perrin- double disqualification when Harlot’s White Trash Posse (Shayne, Jaxson, and Bobby Rickie) and Perrin’s Descamisados get into it and it spills into the ring.

**Poison Penny of the Resistance defeated Main Street USA’s ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin with the Poison Kiss

MAIN EVENT: MVW Champion ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris/Kathryn Randall Collins vs. The SEC (Christa Carmondy/MVW Tag Team Champions Brandi and Wendi Bayless)- 20 minute time limit draw

House Shows This Weekend:
Friday May 20th– Decatur, Illinois
Saturday May 21st– Champaign, Illinois
Sunday May 22nd– Kankakee, Illinois

MVW on Heartland TV’s One Hour Syndicated Show This Week:
-Jill Berg/Sheline Carrigan promo challenging the SEC to a six person tag match -taped Sunday night in Marion, Indiana

**MVW Champion ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris/Kathryn Randall Collins vs. The SEC (Christa Carmondy/MVW Tag Team Champions Brandi and Wendi Bayless) -taped Sunday night in Marion, Indiana

-Recap of SEC vs. Dawn McGill taped Saturday night in Lafayette, Indiana

**MAIN EVENT/TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: The SEC’s Daisy Cutter-Bomb © vs. Main Street USA’s Regina McGill -taped Saturday night in Lafayette, Indiana


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