Mr. McMann’s Appreciation Weekend/Missouri Valley Wrestling House Show Review-May 10th

This Week’s Missouri Valley Wrestling House Show Review May 9th            

Saturday May 7th – MVW House Show at Sioux City, IA

‘Mr. McMann Appreciation Weekend’
The de facto booker of Missouri Valley Wrestling ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann starts the show off in the ring and he welcomes everyone to ‘Mr. McMann Appreciation Weekend.’   Behind him, the members of Sports Entertainment Consortium claps.

McMann first brings up the Dawn McGill situation. He does not acknowledge the fact that she resigned as the Executive Director of MVW. All McMann says is that McGill is not coming back because of what took place in Rolla, Missouri last month. As the various photos published on Jason Whatley’s ‘You Know I’m Right’ website cycle through on the video screen, McMann boasts that McGill did things that night that she’s so ashamed of that she’ll never show her face in Missouri Valley Wrestling again.

That piece of business done, McMann announces that there will be three title matches on the card for the fans of Sioux City, Iowa tonight.

The Heartland Title will be up for grabs as the ‘luckiest’ champion in Missouri Valley Wrestling- Kari Ferguson, takes on a true potential champion in the ‘Argenta Rose’ Eva Perrin with Colonel John Perrin.

The SEC’s Daisy Cutter-Bomb puts her Television Title up against ‘“High Flying Intercontinental Flight Attendant” Amie Velasco.

And McMann crows that tonight is the night the MVW Title is brought to the SEC when ‘our own’ Christa Carmondy…the crowd interrupts him and boos…defeats ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan.

Christa Carmondy Explains Why She Joined the SEC
That’s the cue for Christa to come to the ring. She’s serenaded with heckles, hisses, and catcalls. Christa says she understands the adverse reaction. She tried playing the face, she tried being the good girl and found that she totally sucked at it. Christa says she wasn’t getting any closer to winning the title. Main Street USA wasn’t helping her to getting closer to winning the title. That’s why Christa made the change. At the end of the day, Christa says she had to do what she had to do for her career. And that’s joining up with the premier faction in Missouri Valley Wrestling- the Sports Entertainment Consortium.

With that done, McMann says he’s looking forward to a weekend celebrating his contributions to Missouri Valley Wrestling.

Match Results:
**Housewives of Chaos (Stacey Martin/Betsy Parker) defeat Hannah and Katie Lancer- Martin hits a body slam on Katie and makes the pin

**Adrienne Banks/Bethany Stewart with the “Disco Loving, Jet Setting International Playboy from the East” Sheik Yorbouti defeat Gwen and Blake Varney

**Kathryn Randall Collins defeated Lt. Katrina Atcheson with the Gogoplata submission hold

**The Korver Sisters (Kelly and Korey) defeat Main Street USA’s ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/Regina McGill- Kelly pins McGill after the Korver Krusher

-post match, Mr. McMann strolls out with the SEC. McMann proclaims what better way to celebrate ‘Mr. McMann Appreciation Night’ than to watch two of his most hated rivals losing. Tess, who’s had a long, long history of fighting with the ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ flips McMann off. McMann laughs and sends the SEC in. Tess gets a couple shots in on ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas but gets waylaid from behind by Prisoner #034291. Two hands to the throat…two handed choke slam by Prisoner #034291 leaves Tess motionless on the mat.

-meanwhile, Daisy Cutter-Bomb holds Regina McGill in a full nelson and sets her up for the tag team champions Brandi and Wendi Bayless to hit her with a Total Makeover. But then Kirsten Canfield…’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris and Heartland Champion Kari Ferguson run to the ring. Mr. McMann bails. McGill back kicks DCB in the groin. Iris tosses Wendi Bayless from the ring. Ferguson chases Brandi from the ring.   Regina takes the microphone and tells the Sioux City crowd that Main Street USA took a big hit last weekend at MVWA 71- but they aren’t dead yet. McGill welcomes Iris and Ferguson to Main Street USA.

**HEARTLAND TITLE MATCH: Kari Ferguson © of Main Street USA defeated Eva Perrin with Colonel John Perrin via DQ to retain the title- Ferguson had Perrin with the Crossface Chickenwing when Perrin’s descamisados attack Ferguson.

-post match, Perrin stops and talks with the SEC’s official announcer/cheerleader Phil Feinbaum. Feinbaum talks up the SEC’s ‘great achievements’ at MVWA 71 and tells Perrin that she should join forces with Mr. McMann. Perrin acknowledges the SEC and tells Feinbaum she would be honored to sign up.   This brings out a very pleased Mr. McMann along with the others. McMann welcomes both Colonel and Eva Perrin to the SEC. But then, McMann now affirms the need to cut one current SEC member loose.   Who would it be?

-Feinbaum points at ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas. Dallas gets steamrolled by Prisoner #034291. Christa Carmondy grabs the Texas Cowgirl’s bull rope and wraps it round her neck, choking Dallas. Then Perrin locks her in the Perrin Tap Out (modified White Trash Contractor). Dallas passes out but Perrin refuses to break the hold. Finally, the Resistance (Poison Penny/Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson/Angel Scott/Angel Casey)- quiet all night long- decloak in the audience and hit the ring. Poison Penny locks lips with Phil Feinbaum and turns out his lights with a Poison Kiss. Carrieanne McDermott and Harley Davisson aka the Missouri Valley Fight Club- drag the Bayless twins out of the ring and start whomping on them on the floor. Angel Scott and Angel Casey double up on Christa Carmondy and go for an Angel Death Drop. Christa slips out and gets out of the ring.

-‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot runs down and attacks Eva Perrin. They roll out of the ring. Harlot’s White Trash Posse (Shayne/Jaxson/Bobby Rickie) brawls with Perrin’s descamisados. Security finally separates both sides and we get to the next match.

**TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Daisy Cutter-Bomb © of the SEC defeated ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot- Daisy wins with the Daisy Cutter Powerbomb.

**MAIN EVENT/MVW TITLE MATCH: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan © defeated Christa Carmondy of the SEC

-Regina McGill throws the match to Carrigan when she runs down and pushes Christa off the top turnbuckle when Carmondy is about to hit a senton dive. Carrigan hits the Canadian Destroyer and finishes Christa off.

-post match, the SEC and Main Street USA finish the night off with a full on fracas in the ring.

Sunday May 8th – MVW House Show at Fort Dodge, IA

‘Mr. McMann Appreciation Weekend- Part Two’
Night two of ‘Mr. McMann Appreciation Weekend’ started with the ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann in the ring discussing what happened the night before.   He says Regina McGill stuck her nose in and cost Christa Carmondy the MVW Title and for that she will have to pay. So McMann books Christa against Regina in tonight’s main event and bans Main Street USA from ringside. “I’ve already taken down one McGill and driven her to her knees,” McMann brags, “I have no problem doing it to a second one.”

Jill Berg / MVW Champion Sheline Carrigan Crash the Party
But then the Corporate Predator Extraordinaire Jill Berg walks out with the MVW Champion ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan. Berg apologizes for interrupting Mr. McMann’s ‘pat yourself on the back’ celebration but she has a problem with the SEC dominating the air time at the expense of the MVW champion. McMann shouts at Berg and asks her ‘Do you know who I am?’ Berg says McMann is someone who was handed the book as a gift and he better not screw it up because if he does, the second McMann looks away, she’s going to do something about it.

Then Carrigan, who’s not known as much of a talker, gets into the act.   She asks McMann if he understands what the new era is all about. “I have arrived,” is not a cry for attention Carrigan tells him, it’s a promise. “I am the MVW champion, and as of right now, you and your SEC friends are on notice. If you get in my way you’d better think twice about it because I will run through you.”

Match Results:
**C.J. Lewis of Main Street USA defeated Tori Thomas with the Last Round

**Ninja Kitty defeated Desiree Davis with the Pounce

**The SEC’s Prisoner #034291 defeated Adrienne Banks via DQ when ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas interferes in the match.

-Dallas, furious at being unceremoniously kicked out of the SEC the night before, hits the ring and attacks Prisoner #034291 with a cowbell- even though Phil Feinbaum and the rest of the SEC are also at ringside. After the referee disqualifies Banks, Daisy Cutter-Bomb runs in and decks Dallas from behind. Then the rest of the SEC join in. Banks tries to help but Prisoner #034291 drops her with a two handed choke slam.

-Feinbaum then gets on the mic. Christa Carmondy, who took the Texas Cowgirl’s place, holds Dallas up to Feinbaum. He tells the Texas Cowgirl she simply wasn’t good enough to be in the SEC. “You got Poison Kissed by a mediocre wrestler at MVWA 71 and nearly cost the SEC the match!” Feinbaum scolds her. “That’s not good enough.” He reminds her that the SEC is better than every faction in Missouri Valley Wrestling and the reason why is that they don’t accept mediocracy. That’s why Christa Carmondy is in the SEC now and you’re not. Feinbaum motions to the MVW Tag Team Champions The Bayless Twins. Wendi goes low; Brandi goes high- and Dallas eats a Total Makeover. The SEC then leave her unconscious in the ring.

**Main Street USA’s ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin defeated Lt. Katrina Atcheson of the Kansas Highway Patrol with the Pizza Cutter.

**The Resistance’s Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey) vs. The Korver Sisters (Kelly and Korey)- twenty minute time limit draw

**The Bayless Twins (Brandi and Wendi)/’The Argenta Rose’ Eva Perrin of the SEC defeat Anna Conda/Gina Glitter/Kathryn Randall Collins via DQ

-‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot, now with the Resistance, jumps Perrin on the outside setting off a pier six brawl between the SEC and the Resistance. Once the factions are separated, Mr. McMann walks out and bans the Resistance from ringside for the main event.

**MAIN EVENT-Christa Carmondy of the SEC defeated Regina McGill of Main Street USA with the Mean Girl Crush.

-post match, Regina gets jumped by the Bayless Twins and gets a Total Makeover. Then Daisy Cutter-Bomb nails her with a Daisy Cutter Powerbomb. Prisoner #034291 drives her to the mat with a Two Handed Choke Slam. And Eva Perrin locks her in the Perrin Tap Out until she loses consciousness. As the show ends, Main Street USA defy McMann’s ban and hit the ring to make the save.

House Shows This Weekend:
Friday May 13th– Valparaiso, Indiana
Saturday May 14th– Lafayette, Indiana
Sunday May 15th– Marion, Indiana

MVW on Heartland TV’s One Hour Syndicated Show This Week:
-Mr. McMann announces ‘Mr. McMann Appreciation Weekend’
-taped Saturday in Sioux City, IA

**The SEC’s Prisoner #034291 vs. Adrienne Banks
-taped Sunday in Fort Dodge, IA

-‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas attacks SEC after Prisoner/Banks match followed by Phil Feinbaum promo
-taped Sunday in Fort Dodge, IA

**TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Daisy Cutter-Bomb © of the SEC vs. ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot
-taped Saturday in Sioux City, IA

-Jill Berg/’Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan promo
-taped Sunday in Fort Dodge, IA

**MAIN EVENT/MVW TITLE MATCH: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan © vs. Christa Carmondy of the SEC
-taped Saturday in Sioux City, IA


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