MVWA 71 on Heartland TV Preview

When Arch Wrestling Madness hit the airwaves four weeks ago, newly named permanent Executive Director Dawn McGill was riding high and she prepared to take control of Missouri Valley Wrestling. McGill provided the steadying hand as MVW survived a rough stretch of road at the end of 2015 and emerged in 2016 full of optimism. Her attention to detail in getting the younger wrestlers up to speed paid off with a bevy of new talent ready to stake their claim to glory and climb up the card.

But in a blink of an eye and an after show party in Rolla, Missouri at the beginning of April, McGill came crashing back down to earth.   At Arch Wrestling Madness, she inexplicatively reversed earlier decisions and appeared to acquiesce to the ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann. McGill replaced: Kari Ferguson with the Sports Entertainment Consortium’s Prisoner #034291 in the Heartland Title match, Carrieanne McDermott with the SEC’s Daisy Cutter-Bomb in the Television Title match, took down the ban against the SEC being at ringside during the tag team title match and added ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas to the MVW Title match.

But as the SEC ran wild in the early stages of the month and McGill not lifting a finger to put a stop to it, a new force coalesced and rose up- The Resistance. The SEC and the Resistance would spend most of the month at odds with each other while the third main MVW faction, Main Street USA, seemed to get lost in the shuffle. Sensing that Dawn McGill was somehow subtly sabotaging his efforts to establish the SEC as THE faction in Missouri Valley Wrestling, McMann played his ultimate trump card on her and at the same time revealed the true reason why McGill went along with his booking decisions at Arch Wrestling Madness- he released several photos taken after the Rolla house show on April 1st showing McGill in various stages of undress and in compromising situations to Jason Whatley, host of the wrestling podcast “You Know I’m Right” and no particular fan of Miss McGill.

The firestorm that came down resulted in McGill being suspended indefinitely by the MVW Supporter’s Trust Board of Directors. However, after the Resistance’s Poison Penny came out and pointed out the hypocrisy of suspending McGill but not Mr. McMann, acting Executive Director Jason Carmondy not only concurred but he suspended McMann as well for an indefinite period of time.

Now, as MVWA 71 is just about here and again, the landscape seems to be shifting, Missouri Valley Wrestling returns to the heartland of America- Wichita, Kansas for a big three match card.

MATCH ONE: ‘The Argenta Rose’ Eva Perrin with Colonel John Perrin vs. ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot with the White Trash Posse (Shayne, Jaxson, and Bobby Rickie)
Perrin and Harlot have been feuding over the past month over who is the true ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ and who is the true master of the White Trash Compactor. Newcomer Perrin already has a big scalp on her resume, defeating ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin earlier this month at Arch Wrestling Madness. Harlot had a nice three month run as the Heartland Champion in the fall of 2015.

Perrin got the win over the weekend over Harlot. But acting Executive Director Jason Carmondy booked the pair again after a wild post-match scuffle between Perrin’s descamisados and Harlot’s White Trash Posse to hopefully settle their differences once and for all.

MATCH TWO: MISSOURI VALLEY WRESTLING TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH The Bayless Twins (Brandi and Wendi) of the Sports Entertainment Consortium © vs. the Missouri Valley Fight Club (Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson) of the Resistance
This match features a battle between the two main protagonists of Missouri Valley Wrestling throughout the month of April- the SEC versus the Resistance.

Brandi and Wendi Bayless are one win away from extending their title reign into a fifth month- far longer than anyone remotely expected from them. Joining the SEC has been one of the best things the Bayless Twins have done career wise and they have grown as a tag team over the past few months. On Saturday night, Brandi and Wendi face an experienced tag team in McDermott and Davisson aka the Missouri Valley Fight Club.

McDermott still seethes over Dawn McGill pulling her out of the Television Title match four weeks ago at Arch Wrestling Madness and wants desperately to get her hands on the SEC. Davisson is an unorthodox brawler who’s more than capable of delivering big things in the ring.

The Resistance will be looking to make a statement as well as snag the tag belts away from the SEC.

MAIN EVENT: MISSOURI VALLEY WRESTLING TITLE MATCH ‘The Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan with Jill Berg © vs. Christa Carmondy of Main Street USA
Carrigan has found her title reign overshadowed by the ongoing issues with Dawn McGill and the battle between the SEC and the Resistance. This month, she gets an experienced opponent in Christa Carmondy who’s been in this position before.

In Missouri Valley Wrestling’s first incarnation, Christa lost title matches to the likes of Miss USA, Jackie Daniels, and Valora Salinas. On Saturday, she aims to put her past failures to rest by knocking of Carrigan and winning her first ever MVW title.


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