Classic MVW- MVWA 12- Evansville, IN and MVWA 14- Carbondale, IL

Missouri Valley Wrestling Presents MVWA 12
Roberts Stadium
Evansville, Indiana
Sunday, October 25th, 2009
Hosts: Johnny Suave and Dame Judith Carmondy

Suave: “Good evening, everyone.  Welcome to Missouri Valley Wrestling.  Yes, I am not Tessa Martin.  If you weren’t stuck under a rock the last week, you know why I’m here.  If you were…well…here’s the reason I’m here…

…KirK back in the ring and Tessa works on her arm again. Tessa grounds KirK and drives her knee into the shoulder. Kirk powers to her feet. Tessa works the arm and backs KirK into a corner. She chops the hell out of her again before KirK ducks out of the corner and breaks away. Reverse Irish whip by KirK throws Tessa into the corner. KirK advances on Tessa. Tessa calls for her oversized pizza box. Dawn McGill grabs the box. KirK gets closer. Tessa again calls for the box. Dawn climbs up on the apron, raises the box, and then blasts Tessa in the face with it. 


Capp: “I can’t believe it either.”  


The referee immediately calls for the bell. Dawn climbs in the ring and lifts Tessa up and power-bombs her to the mat. The crowd can’t believe what they are seeing. 

Lucien Walker: “Winner of this match by disqualification, TESSA MARTIN! Still DREAM Women’s Champion, Lora KirK!”

McGill mouths to Tessa. “I’m sorry. It’s not personal. It’s business.”  

Sin: “Tessa will win the match by disqualification but Lora retains the title.” 

Capp: “See. I told you Lora would come through.  


Dawn drags an unconscious Tessa back up. 


She slams Tessa down a second time with enough force that Tessa’s body bounces several inches up off the canvas and the momentum sends her over to a corner ring post. Tessa’s leg whiplashes off the ring post with a sickening ‘crack’. The referee immediately raises his arms in the ‘X’ signal to the back.  

Capp: “She’s hurt.” 

Sin: “You could hear that sound all over the arena.” 

A stunned Dawn looks down at Tessa. She bends down to check on her.  Lora KirK runs up from behind and rams Dawn, who goes through the ropes out to the floor.  EMT’s rush by Dawn and pile into the ring to attend to Tessa. 

Sin: “This is not good. Look at McGill.”  

McGill is now standing. Her hand is on her forehead as she looks on in disbelief. Debris flies at her from all directions. She finally backs her way up the aisle towards the back…

Suave: “I just got word that the Missouri Valley Wrestling Champion Miss USA is going to come out and address what happened on Tuesday night.  Also on the docket for tonight, Amy Mason and Caroline Kelly, both formerly of Dream Wrestling Federation, will debut here tonight on MVW.”

Judith: “Who in the world is THAT?”

Two armed guards wheel a gurney with someone strapped onto it.  The person wears a mask a la Silence of the Lambs and is straitjacketed.

Suave: “Oh.  That’s Dr. Annabel Lecktor.  She’s wrestling here tonight.”

Judith: “Oh…my…God.”

Dr. Lecktor is unstrapped from the gurney by her handler, FBI Special Agent Charlize Starling.

Suave: “Yeah, she just signed over at HOW but she’s getting a couple matches in here to get back in wrestling shape.”

American Pi climbs into the ring.

Judith: “Poor, poor American Pi.”

MATCH #1: Dr. Annabel ‘The Cannibal’ Lecktor w/FBI Special Agent Charlize Starling vs. American Pi.
[“…Dr. Lecktor climbs to her feet. Dr. Lecktor and American Pi go to the floor Davey Keels starts the count (.1) FBI Special Agent Charlize Starling gives American Pi an Ace Crusher thru a table! Dr. Lecktor puts American Pi in an arm grapevine submission. Dr. Lecktor applies an arm wrench to American Pi. They head back into the ring. Dr. Lecktor puts American Pi thru a table with a beautiful Senton Bomb! Dr. Lecktor is up again. Dr. Lecktor sets the chair on American Pi…Dr. Lecktor hits a Big Splash on the chair and American Pi!! Dr. Lecktor choke slams American Pi. American Pi looks to be out cold! Dr. Lecktor puts the chair on American Pi’s body…Dr. Lecktor climbs up top…Splash onto the chair!! The ref starts the count. …1 …2 …3”]

WINNER in 8:05- Dr. Annabel Lecktor


Miss USA in the ring.

Miss USA: “Dawn.  I know you’re here tonight.  Please come out here.”

Suave: “Oh boy.

Judith: “Johnny, even I am shocked by what happened to Tess.  I’d like to hear Dawn’s explanation for what happened.”

Dawn slowly comes out to a chorus of boos from the once friendly crowd.

Suave: “This is kinda of hard to watch.  Dawn’s been such a fan favorite no matter where she’s been.”

McGill climbs into the ring.

Miss USA: “Dawn, I’m…I’m shocked and appalled by what happened Tuesday night.  All I want to know is…why?   Why did you do this?”

McGill looks down and away.

Dawn: “Amy, no one feels as bad about what happened to her as I do.”

Immediately, the cascade of jeers and catcalls roll in.

Miss USA: “Yeah.  I have to agree with the crowd.  There’s no excuse for what you did.  None.”

Dawn: “Okay.  There’s no excuse for what I did.  Is that what you want to hear, Amy?  There, I said it.  I screwed up.  Now I know how YOU felt when you bailed on Dream Wrestling a few months ago.”

Miss USA: “Ex-excuse ME?  You’re trying to equate what I did a few months back with THIS?  I didn’t HAVE any friends over at Dream.  I didn’t DO this to any of my friends.  YOU did.  Your friend is still laid up in Charlotte, North Carolina because of what YOU did.  Don’t even try to connect the two, Dawn.”

Dawn: “Then what do you want from me?  I can’t apologize to Tessa because she won’t talk to me.  Do you want me to apologize to you too?  Fine.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry this all happened.  I wish I could go back in time and take it all back.  If that’s not good enough for you, then…I quit.  Find yourself another manager.”

Dawn slides underneath the bottom rope and leaves the ring.  Miss USA simply stares at her as she walks back up the aisle.

Suave: “Wow.  I’ve known Dawn McGill for over five years and I’ve never seen her like this.”

MATCH #2: Amy Mason vs. Caroline Kelly
[…Mason moves back to her feet. Mason kicks Kelly in the gut, takes a few steps back, and scissor kicks him to the mat. Kelly moves back to her feet. Mason get nailed with a double axhandle chop from Kelly. Kelly jumps off the turnbuckle with the flying bodypress on Mason. Kelly is up again. Kelly knees Mason and rolls back to her feet. Mason stands up. Mason kicks Kelly in the gut, takes a few steps back, and scissor kicks her to the mat. Mason gets taken down with a corkscrew armdrag. Mason gets back to her feet. Kelly gets back into the match with a jumping neck snap on Mason. Kelly punches Mason in the gut. Mason kicks Kelly in the gut, takes a few steps back, and scissor kicks her to the mat. Now Kelly standing. Mason kicks Kelly in the gut, takes a few steps back, and scissor kicks her to the mat. Kelly climbs to her feet. Mason kicks Kelly in the gut, takes a few steps back, and scissor kicks him to the mat. Mason knee drops Kelly. Mason is up again. Mason gorrilla presses Kelly. Mason covers Kelly hooking the leg. Davey Keels counts. …1 …2 …3]

WINNER at 9:41: Amy Mason

Suave: “So, in a battle between two refugees from Dream Wrestling’s women’s division, it’s Amy Mason prevailing over Caroline Kelly.

Judith: “Nice little match there.  These girls have some potential.  I hope they stick around.”

Jackie Daniels is in the back talking with Dawn McGill.

Jackie: “Come on.  Let’s do this.  You and me.  Tag team.  You need an outlet for all this crap going on.”

Dawn nods.

Dawn: “Give me a second to go get ready.”

Suave: “Well, this ought to interesting.  Jackie Daniels teaming up with Dawn McGill?”

Judith: “Two troubled ladies teaming together.  I’m not convinced this is the best of ideas.”

Suave: “Well, we’ll find out in just a couple moments.”


MATCH 3: The Mercenaries: Jackie Daniels and Dawn McGill vs. The Star Trekkies: Missy Halverson and Sierra Jacobson
[…Daniels stands up. Jacobson tags Halverson. Daniels tackles Halverson and pummels her head. Halverson is up again. Halverson nails Daniels with a springboard dropkick. Halverson stands up. Halverson drags Daniels to the floor. Davey Keels starts the count (.1) Halverson chokes Daniels with a microphone cable. Halverson fist drops Daniels on the floor. McGill over and  hits Halverson with a back fist. Daniels back up and takes Halverson into the ring. Halverson gets snap suplexed by Daniels.  Daniels runs and tackles Halverson. Daniels punches her in the head. Twist of Fate by Daniels. Daniels covers Halverson. The ref starts the count. …1 …2 …3]

WINNERS at 8:48: The Mercenaries

Suave: “So, the tag team of McGill and Daniels win their first outing.  Honestly?  They looked pretty damn good.”

Judith: “Let’s wait and see.  Jackie Daniels has a lot to prove before I’m ready to pronounce that team as a legitimate threat to the MVW Tag Team Champions, Angels of Death.”

Suave: “All right.  The TV Title on the line next as Carrieanne McDermott makes her first title defense right after this.”


Politically Incorrect- Al Cahall and Nic Koteen w/’The Princess of Political Incorrectness’ Andrea Doria (Politically Incorrect) vs. Jack Schett and Bull Schett w/Horst Schett and Hans Gruber- The Extreme German Schnauzer (Ron Paul’s New Libertarian Army)

NCIF’d vs. Guys With Unfortunate Last Names- Michael Hunt and Richard Headd

PLUS: Barack Obama answers questions concerning the arrest of High Octane Wrestling’s Lee Best and his connection to him

Keith Olbermann’s Special, Special Comment

SNAFU address Dawn McGill and the Tessa Martin incident

PCW Champion ‘Hollywood A-Lister’ Stone Chism calls out Starz N. Stripes

This and more political wrestling this Sunday Night at 10 PM



MATCH #4- Missouri Valley Wrestling Television Title Match: Champion Carrieanne McDermott vs. Corrina Romanov
[…McDermott climbs to her feet. Romanov gets up. McDermott grabs Romanov by the arm and breaks it over her shoulder. Romanov hits McDermott with an inverted atomic drop. Romanov delivers a stiff inverted power bomb send McDermott hard to the mat. Romanov slingshot elbow drops McDermott. Romanov hits McDermott with an elbow drop from the second turnbuckle. Romanov gets up. They lockup. McDermott sends Romanov to the corner of the ring. McDermott kicks Romanov in the back of the leg. Romanov is up again. McDermott with the hammerlock on Romanov. Davey Keels is checking for a tap out. … McDermott tightens the hold. …… Romanov is fighting the hold. …… McDermott tightens the hold. … Romanov taps out.]


Missouri Valley Wrestling Presents MVWA 14
SIU Arena
Carbondale, IL
Sunday November 15th, 2009
Hosts: Tessa Martin and Dame Judith Carmondy

REPLAY:  MVW Champion Miss USA vs. DWF Champion Jill Berg (From the Dream Wrestling Federation Golden Dreams PPV)
…Tessa: “This is just a mess. We’ve got multiple battles going on all over the arena between the Missouri Valley Wrestlers and Jill-Berg’s bodyguards. Berg is slowly making her way back to the ring. Security and medical staff attended to both men who went over the railings. And there…there she is.

Miss USA gingerly steps down the stairwell leading back to the floor.

Berg hits the ring first and demands Referee Davey Keels start the count. He does (.1) Miss USA chants start as she walks between sections 1 and 2 on the floor. (..2) (…3) Berg flops back into a ring turnbuckle to catch her breath. (….4) (…..5) Miss USA now at the corner of the ring. Berg runs over and leaps through the ropes. Miss USA gets hit with a diving elbow smash. Berg takes her by the hair and flings her back into the ring.

Jill-Berg pops right back up, chops from Jill-Berg exchanged with leg kicks by Miss USA. Whip by Miss USA, she charges but Jill-Berg lifts her to the apron. Jill-Berg catches a kick from Miss USA and dragon screws the leg through the ropes! Miss USA goes to the floor and Jill-Berg follows, whipping Miss USA to the barricade and following up with a couple of chops.

Tessa: “Miss USA just got her second wind!”

Judith: “Both women have, Tess.”

Back inside Jill-Berg goes to work on the leg with a step over toehold. Leg grapevine applied now. Miss USA fights her way free so Jill-Berg drops a fist on the knee. Miss USA tries to go to the floor but Jill-Berg drags her back in and drops a knee to the inside of the leg. Cover…1…kickout. Jill-Berg then applies the Achilles lock. Keels checks for a tap-out. Miss USA makes it to the ropes after some wrenching. Jill-Berg wraps the leg around the ropes for a few seconds before elbowing Miss USA in the face. Scoop slam by Jill-Berg and now we have a chop battle. Miss USA hits a couple of kicks to the chest, selling the bad leg. she charges but Jill-Berg blocks and BACK SUPLEXES HER OVER THE TOP! Jill-Berg ties the leg of Miss USA in the barricade and hits a running knee strike into it. Shinbreaker by Jill-Berg, she puts Miss USA on the apron and tries a shinbreaker off the apron but Miss USA blocks. Kicks by Miss USA and she drops the arm of Jill-Berg over the edge of the apron! Miss USA whips Jill-Berg to the rail, ties up the arm and returns the favor from earlier, kicking Jill-Berg’s arm in the railing. Back inside now and Miss USA hits a hammerlock slam. Whip and a clothesline by Miss USA, who is still limping. Arm wringer and a series of chops by Miss USA followed by a kick to the chest and an armlock submission. Jill-Berg makes the ropes so Miss USA hits a snap mare and locks in a cloverleaf-Tequila sunrise combo! She nearly has Jill-Berg almost vertical. Berg slips out of it. Running forearm in the corner by Miss USA, a round kick and a snap suplex. Miss USA goes up top and HITS the diving headbutt. She hooks the legs…1…2…kickout again by Berg.

Tessa: “Incredible action, Judith. You were right. Both women have gotten their second wind.”

Miss USA goes for the cross armbreaker! Jill-Berg blocks by clasping her hands but Miss USA manages to lock it in! Jill-Berg makes it to the ropes immediately. Miss USA obliges but Jill-Berg is still shaking it off! Berg blocks a kick and catches the leg…ENZUIGIRI by Miss USA. Berg is staggered but catches Miss USA with a release German suplex! Berg with some stinging jabs and a Mongolian chop. she charges Miss USA and eats a boot but shrugs it off and clotheslines her in the corner. Whip into the corner by Berg. Miss USA responds with a series of round kicks that drive Berg back. Handspring spin kick. Cover. 1…2…Berg kicks out. Miss USA gets a couple of kicks to the elbow of Jill-Berg but runs into a Flatliner! Jill-Berg has her up for a vertical suplex…Miss USA lands on her feet! BUZZSAW KICK by Jill-Berg. She hooks the leg…1…2…2.887!

Tessa: “I don’t believe she kicked out of that. Unbelievable.”

Judith: “Tess, both ladies have really taken it to the next level. Very few people would have survived that kick.”

Scoop slam by Berg, she goes to the top. Miss USA also up with a stiff chop. Both women fighting up top. Miss USA gets some elbows and tries a sunset bomb. Jill-Berg manages to block it but Miss USA hits an enziguiri with Jill-Berg still on the top! Up goes Miss USA again, she jumps…SUPER RANA! Cover…1…2…Berg somehow kicks out. Miss USA calls for the DR Driver but Jill-Berg drops to a knee, then back drops out of it. Jill-Berg blocks a kick but Miss USA rolls into the cross armbreaker! Jill-Berg rolls into it so Miss USA transitions to a triangle choke! Jill-Berg is fading, the arm drops twice…NO! Jill-Berg stands up on the third check! she flips Miss USA across her shoulders and goes to the top turnbuckle. Berg hooks the leg and wrist and turns Miss USA upside down. She falls to the sitout position.

Tessa: “LAST FALCONRY? How in the hell did she pull that off!”

Judith: “Dangerous move! Very dangerous! Especially when she can barely see with all the blood on her face.”

Berg covers. 1…2…2.902!!!!! Berg can’t believe it. She pulls Miss USA back up. Hard forearms by Jill-Berg, she whips Miss USA in but Miss USA handsprings into a standing drop kick! Jill-Berg measures…LARIAT!!! Cover…1…2…2.955!!! Jill-Berg tries a hilo kick but Miss USA counters with a rollup! 1..2…no! Jill-Berg runs into a back kick. Miss USA locks her arms around Berg’s waist and lifts her up, flipping her over, and slamming her down to the mat back first.


Judith: “She didn’t get all of it though!”

Cover…1…2…NO! Miss USA tries for another Doctor Driver but Jill-Berg blocks, Miss USA with a series of short kicks to the head and another Doctor Driver attempt. AGAIN Jill-Berg counters, this time doing a 540 spin and delivering a kick on the button!!!! Berg covers. 1…2…2.988! Jill-Berg is stalking Miss USA, HUGE corner clothesline. Jill-Berg puts Miss USA up top, goes up on the outside behind her but Miss USA fights off. Miss USA looks for a superplex but is pushed down. She charges back in with a head kick and again goes up top and AGAIN is knocked down.

Jill-Berg lifts her up. Miss USA blocks and out of nowhere hits a back suplex! Berg retreats to the floor.

Tessa: “MISS USA!!! I don’t believe it! She flew between the ropes with a tope con hilo but WAY overshot it and only caught Jill-Berg a glancing blow on the shoulder before flying into the crowd!”

Judith: “Somehow Miss USA is alive.

Tessa: “She’s able to roll Jill-Berg back in. Berg charges. Miss USA moves! Jill-Berg hits the post shoulder-first!”

Miss USA gets up. A Frankensteiner by Miss USA tatoos Jill Berg’s forehead with the mat’s texture. Miss USA going up top. She moonsaults from the top rope and crushes Berg. Cover…1…2…2.9999. Miss USA stands up.

Tessa: “OH!!! Air Sabu by Miss USA hits its mark!”

Miss USA is up again. Miss USA leg drops Jill Berg thru a table! Patriot Missile dropkick from Miss USA off of the top rope. Jill Berg gets hit with the shooting star press from Miss USA. Referee Davey Keels makes the count. …1 …2 …3

Tessa: “That’s it! She’s done it. We’ve got ourselves a winner!”

Zenk: “The winner of this match, and the Missouri Valley Wrestling Champion, Miss USA!”

Tessa: “Judith, it’s hard to believe that five short months ago, Miss USA’s wrestling career was in question. Tonight, on her finest night as a professional, she came through with an epic performance that should erase any doubts. ”

Judith: “I completely concur, Tess. Miss USA proved herself a champion tonight. However, let’s not forget the effort of Jill Berg. She came in here tonight with a lot of hype and not a lot of substance behind her. That should change after tonight. Berg’s martial arts background came to the forefront tonight as she used various moves you don’t usually see in professional wrestling. She was hurt early but fought hard and valiantly in defeat.” 

Paige McGillicutty

Paige: “Paige McGillicutty here with the undisputed Missouri Valley Wrestling Champion Miss USA.  Miss USA, how did it feel for you go back to DWF and get that big win over Jill Berg?”

Miss USA: “Honestly, Paige?  I was totally focused on getting the win.  One of the biggest things I’ve learned over the past four months is not letting little things distract me from my goals.  Dawn McGill and I came up with the game plan for the match, knowing full well that Jill would have her hired goons come out in force.  We didn’t figure they’d come out with twenty but thankfully, we had enough back up to keep them busy.”

Paige: “Having  the ‘Hellcat’ Kirsta Lewis didn’t hurt there didn’t hurt either.”

Miss USA: “Oh, yeah.  Right before I ducked underneath the ring, I saw Kirsta and Dawn McGill mowing through the bodyguards.  I don’t think Jill accounted for that.”

Paige: “Now what?  You’ve unified the PCW Women’s title and now the Dream Wrestling Federation’s Women’s title.  What will you do for an encore?”

Miss USA: “Right now, Paige, I’m the Missouri Valley Wrestling champion and plan on holding the title for a long time to come.”

Paige: “So, Miss USA…a big winner last week at DWF Golden Dreams-



The video screen goes to just outside a dressing room in the back. A police escort is waiting at the door. One of the policemen knocks on the door.

Policeman: “Ms. Berg. It’s time.”

The door opens and four large male bodybuilding types walk out of the dressing room surrounding a petite woman and her male assistant in the middle. The woman is busy talking on her cell phone while the man furiously scribbles down notes as the group makes their way towards the ring.


The procession emerges from the back and starts their way down the ramp.

The male assistant has a microphone and a portable tape recorder. He flips it on.


The group then continues towards the ring leaving the police escort behind.


The four bodyguards assist Ms. Berg into the ring. She and her assistant immediately go to a corner.


Berg continues to talk on her cell phone while protected by two of the bodybuilders.


Paige: “Ms. Berg, are you coming over-”  Jill-Berg’s personal assistant ‘shushes’ her.  Berg wraps up her phone call and then walks over.  Berg: “Well, Miss USA.  I certainly have to congratulate you on a hard fought win last week.”

Miss USA: “Ah…thanks, Jill.”

Berg: “But I’m putting you on notice.  You somehow showed enough resourcefulness to overcome my hired contractors at the Golden Dreams Pay Per View.  But this isn’t the end of this.  My plan was to win and I will win.  Mark my words, Miss USA.  I’m not going anywhere.  And I will be the champion.”

Paige: “Miss USA?”

Miss USA: “Jill, don’t worry.  I’m not going anywhere either.  I defeated you once and I’ll defeat you again.”

Tessa: “Well, a momentus match last week at DWF Golden Dreams and now the challenge layed down by Jill Berg.  As we head towards Night of Champion next month, Missouri Valley Wrestling will have to contend with the corporate ruthlessness of Jill Berg.”

Judith: “Tess, MVW will be stronger because of the addition of Jill Berg.  Miss USA has a formidable challenger now for the MVW Title.”

Tessa: “Let’s run down tonight’s card:

‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Chick’ Tessa Mason and Caroline Kelly vs. Sabrina James and Alicia Rowe vs. Katie Collins and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas

The Star Trekkies vs. Vatican Vice Squad vs. VIP Brin and Sky

Corrina Romanov vs. American Pi

‘Trailer Park Skater Girl’ Tanya Hardy w/The White Trash Posse and Trailer Park Barbi vs. Weathergirl Hallie

Extreme Pizza Delivery Chick’ Tessa Mason/Caroline Kelly vs. Sabrina James and Alicia Rowe vs. Katie Collins/Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas
Tessa: “Amy Mason tags in Caroline Kelly.”

Judith: “Tess, I am quite impressed with Sabrina James and Alicia Rowe.  They spent a lot of time with ‘Hellcat’ Kirsta Lewis while she was here and it’s paying off.”

Tessa: “It was Sabrina James who got the surprise pin on ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas to eliminate her and Katie Collins.  Kelly kicks Rowe in the back of the leg.

Tessa: “Caroline Kelly gets a quick shot in on Alicia Rowe and then brings back in Mason.  She grabs Alicia Rowe from behind.  Mason torques the arm with an arm wrench and tags in Caroline Kelly.  Rowe reverses.  Short lariat to Kelly sends her to the mat.  Rowe throws Mason through the ropes and climbs the top turnbuckle.  What is she going to do?  OH!!!  Rowe goes 450 splash!”

Judith: “That’s gotta hurt.  I’m always amazed to see that move pulled off.”

Tessa: “Rowe follows with an electrifying flying somersault headbutt on Kelly!  Rowe climbs back up to the top rope…she nails a reverse flying elbow drop!”

Judith: “Rowe is on fire, Tess.”

Tessa: “Caroline Kelly wants a time out and crawls from the ring.”  Ron Martin starts the count (.1)  Rowe slingshots off the top rope and hits Kelly with a flying elbowdrop.  Tessa: “Rowe goes right back on top…flying elbow drop to the gut!  Rowe right back up and drags Kelly back into the ring.”  Judith: “She’s going back up top again, Tess.”

Tessa: “UNBELIEVABLE!  Rowe with a frog splash on Kelly.   Rowe covers…1 …2 …3!”


Tessa: “Sabrina James and Alicia Rowe follow up with an impressive win here tonight over Katie Collins and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas and Amy Mason and Caroline Kelly.”

Judith: “Tess, the work that Kirsta Lewis did with James and Rowe was well worth bringing her in.  Missouri Valley’s tag team division is getting more depth.”  Tessa: “The fact that Lewis worked with both Mason and Kelly and James and Rowe and they were the final two tag teams in this match proves bringing Lewis in was a good idea.”

Paige: “I’m here with MVW Tag Team Television Champions Jackie Daniels and Dawn McGill, the new tag team- The Mercenaries.  Jackie, first you.  I know this has been a sore subject for you so let’s get it out of the way.  As you know, Kirsta Lewis spent two weeks here working with the younger wrestlers.  How did you feel about that and did you two interact at all?”  J

ackie: “How did I feel?  I really didn’t fell anything, Paige.  I’ve spent way too much of my life worrying about what Kirsta thinks.  She is a part of my past.  I have moved on with my life.  I have a new tag team partner.  A new outlook.  And a new family.  Kirsta Lewis taught me everything I know about wrestling.  But I never felt as part of a family than I have here in Missouri Valley Wrestling.”

Paige: “She was quoted as saying that when she saw the match last week where you and Dawn won the Tag Team Television Title that it was ‘the old Jackie that she could rely on.’  But then she added until you screw up.”

Jackie: “The old Jackie would have let her get under my skin.  The new Jackie…and I hate that…the real Jackie doesn’t let little things like that bother her.  Kirsta’s entitled to her opinion.  But I’ve decided that it’s in my best interests to concentrate on the bigger picture here.  Dawn and I just won the Tag Team Television Title.  And now, I think it’s time to set our sights even higher.”

Paige: “Dawn, you’ve had quite the couple weeks with the success you’ve had over at High Octane Wrestling.  You’ve been in two matches there and both were for the ICON title held by Max Kael.”

Dawn: “I wouldn’t call losing both matches ‘success’ Paige.”

Paige: “Most people don’t debut in a wrestling federation with three consecutive title shots either.”

Dawn: “Well, look.  We’ll see how it goes after next week.  We-ah…we’ve had quick success here too.  I agree with Jackie.  Now it’s time to take it to the next level and that’s the Tag Team belts-”

*AC/DC’s ‘If You Want Blood’ starts up*

Out walks the MVW Tag Team Champions Angels of Death- Angel Casey and Angel Scott.  Both women eyeball Daniels and McGill as they deliberately stroll towards the ring.

AoD climb into the ring and join the festivies.

Scott: “Let me get this straight.  Just because you two lucked out last week and won the Tag Team Television title, you think you’re just going to roll over us and take our titles?”

Paige: “Angel, I don’t think they said that in so many words.”

Dawn: “Yes, we did.  Don’t think that you two are going to come out here and intimidate us.  I’ve been around the block a few times and so has Jackie.  If you’re that concerned, let’s set the match up and just see who’s the better team?”

Casey: “Whoa, whoa.  Why should we just hand you a title shot when there’s other deserving tag teams in MVW who are battling right now for the #1 contender’s spot?  Get in line.  Go win the spot.  And then we’ll do it.”

Jackie: “That’s funny.  Many of those same teams we just steamrolled last week to win the TV belts.  It sounds like you guys don’t want any part of us.”

Scott: “Daniels.  We’ll beat your ass anytime…anywhere.”

Jackie: “Then let’s do it next week.  MVWA 15.  If you really think you can beat me and McGill, show us.”  Casey and Scott confer.

Scott: “Fine.  We’ll do a non-title match next week.  If you can beat us, we’ll put the belts on the line against you.”  AoD turn and leave.

Paige: “There you have it.  Next week, our main event will be MVW Tag Team Champions Angels of Death against the Mercenaries- Dawn McGill and Jackie Daniels.”

Star Trekkies United vs. Vatican Vice Squad vs.
VIP Brin and Sky
Tessa: “Judith, who do you think will come out of this one?”

Judith: “VIP are wrestling very well of late.  I give them the edge.”

Tessa: “Sky goes for a fireman’s carry but she can’t lift Sister Mary Marlboro.  Sister Mary kicks Sky in the groin.   She tags in Sister Sandy Scarboro.”

Judith: “A nasty little parting shot there on the part of Sister Mary.”

Tessa: “Sister Sandy gets right in there and suplexes Sky.  Sky now back to her feet.  Sister Sandy goes behind her…she slaps on a bearhug on Sky.  This is a submission hold.  Referee Ron Martin is checking to see what’s happening.”

Judith: ”I doubt a bear hug will get the job done.”   … Sister Sandy breaks the hold.  Sky staggers over and tags in Brin.

Tessa: “It’s VIP Brin’s turn.  She comes out and clotheslines Sister Sandy.  And now…Brin tags Sky back in.  I don’t quite understand that.”  Missy Halverson of the Star Trekkies hits Sister Sandy with a back fist.  Sister Sandy pushes her down.  Sister Mary throws in a chair…Sister Sandy lays the chair down.  And then she decks Halverson with a right hand shot.”

Halverson is pulled up on Sister Sandy Scarboro’s shoulders.

Tessa: “Sister Sandy…Death Valley Driver on the chair!  Halverson’s head hit the back of the chair and I think she’s out.  Sister Sandy covers…1…2…3.   The Star Trekkies are eliminated.”

Judith: “Tremendous feat of strength there by Sister Sandy.  But they’re not done yet.”

Tessa: “No.  Sister Sandy now has Sky in a side headlock.  Watch out….Side Suplex on the chair!!”

Judith: “The steel is unforgiving, Tessa, as you already know.”

Tessa: “Now, Sister Sandy with another side headlock…reverse DDT directly onto the chair!!!”

Judith: “Sky has got to get out of there.”  Sister Sandy Scarboro wraps her arms around Sky and squeezes hard.

Tessa: “Bearhug on VIP Sky.  This time, she’s in real trouble.”  Referee Ron Martin asks VIP Sky if she quits…she screams out ‘NO!”

Tessa: “Sky is holding on…here comes Brin…OOOOH.  Steel chairshot to the back of Sister Sandy and she breaks the hold.”  Sister Sandy slingshots  Sky to the floor.Tessa: “Sister Sandy in a lot of pain after that chairshot to the back.”

Judith: “She never saw it coming, Tess.”   Referee Martin starts the count (.1) (..2)

Tessa: “Sky in the wrong part of town.”  Sister Sandy clotheslines VIP Sky. (…3) Sister Mary sets a table up.  She then lifts the exhausted Sky from behind.  Tessa: “She got her up…face buster thru the table!!!”  Sky lays in what’s left of the table.  (….4)  Tessa: “Forget it. VIP Sky isn’t moving.   Sister Sandy Scarboro is already back in the ring, waiting for the count to hit 10. (…..5)  Brin over to try and revive Sky.  (……6)    (…….7)

Tessa: “I don’t think she’s getting up.”  (…..8)

Judith: “Me neither.”  (….9)  (….10)  Martin calls for the bell.


Corrina Romanov vs. American Pi
Tessa: “Corrina Romanov slingshots herself off the ropes…elbow drop to American Pi.  Romanov is total control of this match.”

Judith: “I hate to beat a dead horse, but really, American Pi is better suited for tag team or managerial work.  She simply does not have the strength to stay with a Corrina Romanov.”

Tessa: ”Romanov with the spinning mule kick on American Pi and I think you’re right, Judith.  Pi really needs to get into managing.   Elbowdrop by Romanov and how much more can American Pi take?  THAT’S IT!  ROMANOV’S GOT IT!  THE INDIAN DEATHLOCK SUBMISSION!  American Pi taps out.”


Tessa: “I think Corrina’s getting her groove back, Judith.”

Judith: “Bad news potentially for the Television Champion.”


November 18th MVW/PCW House Show…Show
November 22nd MVWA 15 from Terre Haute, IN
December 2nd MVW/PCW House Show…Show
December 6th MVWA 16 from Cedar Rapids, IA
December 9th MVW/PCW House Show…Show
December 12th MVW/PCW Night of Champions from Muncie, Indiana  ________________________

Tessa: “And now it’s Main Event time.   Let’s go to Jack Zenk in the ring.”

Zenk: “This match is a one fall, thirty minute time limit.  On her way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 128 pounds, from Arlington, VA, Weathergirl Hallie!!!”

Hallie raises her arms and bounces up and down trying to get warmed up. 

Zenk: “And in the other corner, weighing in at 175 pounds, from Sullivan, OR, a member of Independent accompanied by the White Trash Posse- ”Trailer Park Skater Girl” Tanya Hardy!!”

Weathergirl Hallie vs. ‘Trailer Park Skating Queen’ Tanya Hardy w/the White Trash Posse and Trailer Park Barbi
Tessa: “Weathergirl Hallie on fire and dominating this matchup.  ‘Trailer Park Princess’ Tanya Hardy gets elbowed to her midsection by Hallie. “Now, Hardy slaps Weathergirl Hallie.  OOOOH…Hallie just Mule kicked Hardy right back.  Judith: “Weathergirl Hallie might have knocked the air right out of her.  Weathergirl Hallie hits “Trailer Park Princess” Tanya Hardy with an earringer. Weathergirl Hallie chops Hardy. Weathergirl Hallie with the Flying Elbowdrop on “Trailer Park Princess” Tanya Hardy!  Ron Martin counts the pin. …1 …2 …3!  That’s it!”



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