Missouri Valley Wrestling House Show Recap- Houghton, MI

MVW House Show
Houghton, MI
Friday January 15th, 2016

MVW Champions Roster:
MVW Champion: Kathryn Randall Collins
MVW Tag Team Champions: Lingerie Girls Brandi and Wendi Bayless of the Sports Entertainment Consortium
MVW Television Champion: “Queen Cool” Leah Iris
MVW Heartland (House Show) Champion: Carrieanne McDermott

You would think that the first Missouri Valley Wrestling House show since Kathryn Randall Collins won the MVW Title at MVWA 68 would feature the new champion.

However, Sports Entertainment Genius Mr. McMann isn’t restrained by the usual wrestling convention. He brought out the NEW MVW Tag Team champions Lingerie Girls Brandi and Wendi Bayless- who looked stunning in their new, sparkly outfits that left not a whole lot to the imagination. At the outset, McMann discussed the long road the Bayless twins had traveled over the years in pro wrestling to finally reach this point. The Houghton, Michigan crowd respectfully showed them appreciation.

But then Mr. McMann kept talking. He said the Bayless twins’ win at MWVA 68 wasn’t just a personal victory for them; it was a full out win and vindication of his vision of how sports entertainment should work.

Tessa Martin and Haley Dallas may be better technical wrestlers than Brandi and Wendi. But in a true sports entertainment sense, the belts belong on the Lingerie Girls. They are stars. Tess and Dallas are supporting players.”

McMann then added that this is one more reason why he should be in charge of Missouri Valley Wrestling instead of Dawn McGill.

No offense to Dawn, but she’s good at the nuts and bolts of wrestling. She knows how to build wrestlers up and teach them the ropes. I, on the other hand, know how to build stars.”

Ring announcer Kimber Marshall came out next and encouraged the fans on hand to join the Missouri Valley Wrestling Supporter’s Trust. At last report, the trust membership is rapidly approaching the 7500 mark.

Match results:

‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot def. Marianna – Coming off the loss at MVWA 68 to Television Champion Leah Iris, Harlot was back to her usual self tonight. She asked Dawn McGill for the opening match of the night and came out and does what she does best- taunting and trash talking her opponent.

The match was a decent, fun opener. Harlot’s White Trash Posse (Shayne, Jaxon, and Bobby Rickie) channeled the Monmouth basketball team with their off the wall cheering outside the ring. Harlot Knox got the win with a top rope cross body block that led to the White Trash Compactor.

Kari Ferguson def. Alexandria Wolf – Ferguson defeated Wolf in a pretty good, if unspectacular match. Wolfe came out with a unique look to her entrance gear. Top hat and a giant coat, she looked like a Civil War re-enactor.

The Missouri Valley Fight Club (Harley Davisson/Carrieanne McDermott) def. The Egos (Dawn Henley/Gwen Frey) – This turned out to be surprisingly fun match- mainly because the Egos not only had to contend with the MVFC but also former Ego turned arch enemy Dawn Felder. Felder ran out mid-match and helped swing the momentum of the match back to Davisson and McDermott.

‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan def. Hannah Lancer – Surprisingly, this ended up being the match of the night. Carrigan, trying to get back up to speed after a two month stint away, and Lancer had a hard hitting match of which Lancer more than hung in there with the Canadian Cyborg. Carrigan wins with the Canadian Destroyer.

Dawn McGill, now starting the eighth month of her pregnancy, spoke to the assembled crowd from ringside. She thanked everyone for coming to the show and apologized to the MVW fans in LaCrosse and Green Bay, Wisconsin because MVW had to push back their shows one month. McGill noted that it’s been a tough couple of months and held out hope that after the board is elected and the permanent leader is chosen that MVW can get back to concentrating on putting the best wrestling product out there on a nightly basis.

‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin def. Kirsten Canfield – They worked hard; they worked a good pace and the match worked. From the attack at the beginning, where Canfield hit a top rope hurricanrana in the opening moments to catch Tess off guard, the match had a lot of action to it. They had a great near fall as Canfield went for a super rana, but had it countered into a Pizza Cutter by Tess only to have the young Canfield somehow grab the bottom rope to prevent a pin. In the end, Canfield went for a Stardust Press and again Tess hit the Pizza Cutter to pick up the win.

Christa Carmondy def. Adrienne Banks – A solid match. Christa worked hard over the holidays to shake off the ring rust. There was a little too much of her offense that consisted of using hair pulling though. Banks is coming along and looked good against the veteran. Christa and Adrienne traded a ton of cradles and roll ups, all of which were kicked out of. Finally Banks was about to hit the ropes, Christa grabbed her by the hair and slammed her to the mat and covered for the pin.

Some habits are hard to let go apparently- referring to Christa’s old penchant for using every dirty trick in the book to win a match.

Former MVW Champion Penny came to the ring next and she was accompanied by the Green World Order (Code Pink/Emily S. List/PeaceNic). She was still seething over her loss to Kathryn Randall Collins and demanded an immediate rematch.

Dawn McGill walked out and told her to shut up and wrestle.

Penny def. C.J. Lewis, Ninja Kitty, and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas – Ninja Kitty came out using her speed and quickness to deliver leg kicks to her opponents. Ninja Kitty and Lewis then did a nice series of counters, with both looking good. Penny meanwhile tossed Dallas to the floor. Penny and Lewis locked up next. Both teased their finishers and worked a series of counters until Penny some sort of wacky pose which stopped Lewis in her tracks. She eventually snapped out of it and hit a big boot on Penny. With Lewis maintaining control over Penny. Ninja Kitty barged in and hit a basement dropkick on Penny which did not make Lewis very happy. Penny would counter a suplex by Ninja Kitty into a roll up. Ninja Kitty kicked out and battled with Dallas next. Ninja Kitty worked over both Lewis and Dallas with uber-swift kicks to their legs, but was stopped when Penny hit a delayed German Suplex on Ninja Kitty for another near fall. It broke down from there, with everyone brawling and bodies falling out to the floor, Dallas connected with a moonsault from the top to wipe them all out.

The Green World Order raced over to try and revive Penny. Dallas and Ninja Kitty back in, landed kicks and a RANA, but Lewis broke that up. Ninja Kitty fought back with a spear to Lewis, but then ate a missile dropkick from Penny. Dallas jumped right back up and charged at Penny. Penny ducked a Texas Lariat and hit a reverse RANA on the Texas Cowgirl. Penny went up top while the GWO fanned out to distract the other two and hit the Imploding Senton Bomb for the win.

‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris © def. Daisy Cutter-Bomb –
Early tie up with both locking horns to grapple. Daisy used her power to dominate in the early go but Iris came back with a backdrop and hit a clothesline. Daisy came back with kicks and strikes but Iris connected with an overhead belly to belly suplex. The champion covered but DCB kicked out easily. Iris wrapped the head and tried to hold Daisy down. DCB tried to rise and rocked Iris’s ribs with punches to seize up the lungs. Daisy tore into Iris and there was a tremendous spot where both women simultaneously connect with a double lariat.

DCB jumped up first and came off the ropes with a clothesline. But Iris ducked and Daisy missed. Iris rolled up Daisy with a Sunset Flip. Two count and for some reason this revved Daisy up. She wrapped up the TV Champion and planted her with a German Suplex. And then a second. And then a third. And a fourth? No…this time Iris somehow escapes and hit a reverse neckbreaker. Daisy staggered back up right into an Iris DDT. Cover…nope, two count. Iris went for the Pittsburgh Plunge but DCB reversed and slapped on the Trap Arm Crossface. Daisy has the leg for the lock and Iris is in big trouble in the center of the ring. Will we have a new champion?

No. Iris somehow squirmed out and rolled out of the ring. Nonetheless, would the effects of the Crossface hinder the TV Champion?

Daisy doesn’t wait to find out. She climbs out of the ring and charged at Iris on the floor. But Iris saw her coming and suplexed her over into the guardrail! Iris then wisely rolled back into the ring leaving Daisy to beat a ten count. DCB dived into the ring at the count of 9 and Iris immediately stomped away at her. Iris for the Pittsburgh Plunge…NO….again Daisy powered out of the move. Clothesline by the challenger into a Daisy Cutter Powerbomb…but NO this time Iris blocked the move. Roll up by Iris…immediate kickout from Daisy! Daisy slammed Iris into the corner and set her on top. Daisy with strikes and then climbed up for a top rope suplex. But Iris beat her back and sent her tumbling off the rope to the mat. Daisy struggled up and walked right into a flying missile drop kick by Iris. Daisy desperately tried a clothesline. Iris ducked down! Iris grabbed Daisy- PITTSBURGH PLUNGE! Iris rolled her up and hooked the legs…1…2…3.


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