Missouri Valley Wrestling Presents MVWA 68 on Heartland TV

SIU Arena
Carbondale, IL
Saturday January 2nd, 2016

Match results:

Carrieanne McDermott © vs. Ninja Kitty

McDermott gives a clean break to start and she and Ninja Kitty do a series of armdrag reversals on the mat before McDermott gets a rollup for two. Criss-cross. McDermott gets a tornado DDT, but Ninja Kitty fires off the kicks in response and gets a seated dropkick. Exchange of chops. Ninja Kitty dropkicks the knee a couple of times, then rolls into a kneebar. Handspring elbow and baseball slide sends McDermott on the floor, and she follows with the Asai moonsault. Back in. Ninja Kitty goes for the Pounce but McDermott escapes and bails to the floor. She pulls Ninja Kitty to the floor as well. Moonsault off the railing by McDermott follows. Back in, McDermott takes her up in a Rita Romero special, then rolls her into a bow-and-arrow. Elbowdrop by the Scot but Ninja Kitty counters an armdrag and dropkicks the knee again, sending McDermott out.

Ninja Kitty goes up with a plancha, then kicks McDermott in the head afterwards. Back in, leg lariat by Ninja Kitty gets two. They trade suplex attempts and McDermott gets another rollup for two. Another try is countered by Ninja Kitty for two. They exchange chops and McDermott gives her a shot in the corner and moonsaults her for two. Dropkick puts her on the floor and he follows with a slingshot corkscrew tope. Nice. Back in, McDermott gets a missile dropkick and follows with a tornado DDT, then clotheslines her into the corner for ANOTHER one, this one inverted. Now that’s a cool transition. Powerbomb is countered by Ninja Kitty to a DDT, but McDermott recovers first and goes up, but misses the Sky Twister Press. Ninja Kitty then goes up, but McDermott catches her, so Ninja Kitty comes down with a sunset flip for two. Back up for a rana, but McDermott rolls through for two. Liger Bomb gets two for McDermott. Ninja Kitty comes back with the rolling cradle for two. McDermott lands a couple right hands and hits the Glasgow Handshake for the win.


‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris © vs. ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot w/the White Trash Posse (Jaxon, Shayne, and Ricky Bobbie)
Iris revved up the crowd as she strutted down to the ring to Donnie Iris’s epic ‘Ah Leah’; Harlot to Sammy Kershaw’s ‘Queen of My Double-Wide Trailer.’ That proved to be the highlight of the first few minutes of the match.

Around the middle things really pick up when Iris takes Harlot’s head off with a killer clothesline, sending Harlot to the outside. Harlot is out, or so it seems. She plays possum and gets Iris to come out and lift the dead weight into the ring. Harlot is “knocked out” and Jaxon gets on the apron to yell at the ref that she’s hurt. Harlot uses this as a distraction to low blow Iris and rolls her up to almost win. Harlot worked the knee briefly and rolled him up with a single leg Boston Crab. Iris made it to the ropes and referee Davey Keels calls for the break. Harlot then takes Iris’s head off with a superkick. Harlot put Iris on the top rope. Shayne came in with a chair and went to hit Iris. Iris blocked it and shoved Shayne off. Iris goes top rope. Harlot rips the chair away from Shayne only to turn with the chair still in hand, and get a top rope Van Daminator from Iris. Iris covers and Keels makes the three count.


‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas © vs. Lingerie Girls Brandi and Wendi Bayless w/the Sports Entertainment Consortium (Bo Stevens/Timothy Allen Tebow/Mr. McMann)
Big brawl to start as Tessa disposes of Brandi and Wendi goes after the Texas Cowgirl. Tess brawls out with Wendi in the meantime, as Brandi gets a rana on Dallas and takes her down with a cookie sheet. She chokes away on the ropes, but Dallas returns fire and headbutts her. Press slam by Dallas and Bubba tosses her out of the ring. Tess drags Brandi back into the ring again. Brandi comes back with another cookie sheet and staggers Tess while Wendi continues brawling with Dallas. Back in, Tess disposes of Wendi and hits a Pizza Cutter on Brandi. Wendi recovers and goes after Tess again. A miscommunication results in Dallas getting staggered by another cookie sheet. Dallas comes back with the Texas Lariat on Wendi on the ramp. Back in the ring, Tess fights on, hitting Brandi, Bo Stevens and Timothy Allen Tebow with Pizza Cutters. Tess goes for another Pizza Cutter on Stevens is blocked and chucked across the ring. As soon as Tess can get back up, Wendi goes low; Brandi goes high, and the Lingerie Girls hit the Total Makeover to win the tag belts.

WINNER AND NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Lingerie Girls Brandi and Wendi Bayless @ 8:26

MAIN EVENT/MVW TITLE MATCH Penny (formerly Lady Halitosis) © with the Green World Order vs. Kathryn Randall Collins
The opening of this features a super hot chain wrestling sequence. KRC keeps going after Penny’s arm. Penny craftly avoids getting her arm caught up. She stalls and rolls out when things get rough. KRC eventually goes after her and they brawl into the crowd. Penny keeps trying to send KRC through the broadcast table. KRC ends up stopping an Irish whip and sets Penny ready for a suplex, but PENNY BLOCKS IT AND HITS A SINGLE ARM DDT THROUGH THE BROADCAST TABLE! KRC stumbles around. Penny sets up for her Imploding Senton Bomb BUT KRC WAS PLAYING POSSUM! KRC SUPLEXES PENNY THROUGH ANOTHER TABLE! They’re both down — AND THE LIGHTS GO OUT!

The Green World Order (Code Pink, Emily S. List, Soccer Mom, and PeaceNic) bolt around the ring and Code Pink and List hit the most picture perfect springboard double lariat they’ve ever done. They totally MAUL KRC and chucks her into the steel barricade. Soccer Mom puts a table across the ring and the guardrail with KRC on top and Code Pink and List put her through it! Soccer Mom sets up another table and puts KRC on it. Penny hits the Imploding Senton Bomb through KRC! She gets up and flips KRC off. The GWO drag KRC back to the ring. Penny crawls in and puts an arm on KRC but KRC KICKS OUT! A beat up KRC sits up and throws her fist in the air. Penny and Code Pink go to attack KRC together, BUT THE FORMER MVW CHAMPION JILL BERG (whom Penny won the title from back in June) RUNS DOWN TO THE RING. SHE SPINS PENNY AROUND AND HITS A SPINNING HEEL KICK! As Penny slowly gets up, KRC IS ALREADY ON HER FEET! PENNY BACKS INTO KRC! GOGOPLATA! SHE’S GOT IT LOCKED ON! PENNY TRIES FLIPPING OUT OF IT WITH THE CORNER BUT KRC HOLDS ON! PENNY SWINGS HER LEG BACK TO LOW BLOW KRC- BUT KRC NO-SELLS IT AND LOCKS THE HOLD RIGHT BACK ON! THEY GO DOWN! AND PENNY PASSES OUT! KRC WINS! KRC WINS! KRC WINS!

WINNER AND NEW MVW CHAMPION- Kathryn Randall Collins @ 11:43


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