MVW House Show- Joplin, MO

MVW House Show
Joplin, MO
Friday October 23rd, 2015

Last night in Joplin, Missouri Valley Wrestling began two mini-tournaments to determine the new #1 contenders for the MVW Title and the MVW Tag Team Title.

Match results:

Gwen Varney/Blake Varney defeat Elaine Brazier/Andrea Allen @ 7:02
-Gwen Varney, Brazier, and Allen all three made their official MVW debuts last night after being signed on by Director of Talent Enhancement Dawn McGill.

MVW TITLE #1 CONTENDER FOUR WAY ELIMINATION MATCH 1: Jill Berg defeats Harley Davisson, Anna Conda, ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot @ 16:49
-the former MVW Champion fought off a fiercely determined Lani Harlot to advance on in the MVW Title Mini-Tournament. Harlot pinned Davisson and Berg pinned Conda in the early stages of the match.

MVW TITLE #1 CONTENDER FOUR WAY ELIMINATION MATCH 2: Kathryn Randall Collins defeats ‘By the Book’ Tiana Walker, ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin, ‘The Original’ Shanna Barrett @ 18:08
-KRC and Tessa Martin, old rivals from their days at PCW, rekindled those old feelings in the final seven minutes of the match. KRC kicked out of Martin’s Pizza Cutter finisher after the Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl had somehow escapes Collins’ Gogoplata submission hold. KRC finally finishes the job the second time around with the Gogoplata and advances on. Tess pinned Barrett after a Pizza Cutter. KRC eliminated Tiana Walker.

MVW TAG TEAM TITLE #1 CONTENDER SEMI-FINAL MATCH: The Missouri Valley Fight Club (Harley Davisson/Carrieanne McDermott) defeat The Mercenaries Mach 2 (Svetlana Kovaleski/Regina McGill) @ 9:42
-Both members of the MVFC are doing double duty tonight with Davisson participating in an earlier MVW Title elimination match. It did not keep her from teaming up with McDermott (who also wrestled later on in the show in another elimination match) and edging past the Mercenaries for a date tomorrow night in Kansas City against the winner of the Kentucky Deerhunters (Kellyanne Morris/Bailey Foster) vs. Spiders and Snakes (Anna Conda/Natasha ‘The Black Widow’ Littell) match.

MVW Television Champion Sheline Carrigan comes to the ring and looks a mess. She calls Jill Berg Enterprise’s CEO, former MVW Champion, and Corporate Predator Extraordinaire Jill Berg to the ring. Berg walks down and joins Carrigan and the first word from the Canadian Cyborg is “why?” Why as in why did Jill Berg deliberately try to have her parent’s farm foreclosed to force Carrigan to come to work for JBE?

Berg, to her credit and keeping in line with her recent face turn, admitted to everything. She apologized and told Carrigan that it was the wrong thing to do. Jill asks for her forgiveness. Carrigan simply stares at her and then turns and leaves the ring. While Berg watches, Carrigan walks to the back.

This brings out ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and the Sports Entertainment Consortium (Kari Ferguson and the Lingerie Girls Brandi and Wendi Bayless with Bo Stevens and Timothy Allen Tebow…no, not THAT one)   McMann ‘tsk…tsk…tsk’s’ Berg and spins this as reason one why MVW needs new leadership and a new direction. Holding up his briefcase full of cash, McMann again tells the MVW faithful that he’s the one for the job.

There’s a brief flare up of hostilities when the Bayless twins and Ferguson corner Berg but Jill Berg Enterprises (Daisy Cutter-Bomb, Kirsten Canfield, Svetlana Kovaleski, and Regina McGill) swiftly ran to the ring and the SEC backed off.

MVW TITLE #1 CONTENDER FOUR WAY ELIMINATION MATCH 3: Kari Ferguson defeats ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas, Airline Amie, and ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris @ 15:26
-With the help of Bo Stevens and Tebow, Ferguson pulls off a pinfall on Iris to advance on in the tournament. Iris was getting ready to hit her Pittsburgh Plunge on the young wrestler when Stevens climbed up on the ring apron and distracted her. Tebow discreetly hit a superkick on her and Ferguson rolled her up for the win. Dallas eliminated Airline Amie and then Iris pinned Dallas.

MVW TITLE #1 CONTENDER FOUR WAY ELIMINATION MATCH 4: Carrieanne McDermott defeats Ninja Kitty, Daisy Cutter-Bomb, and Code Pink @ 14:50
-McDermott ground through and pinned Code Pink very early on. Daisy Cutter-Bomb caught Ninja Kitty and nailed a Daisy Cutter Powerbomb on her to eliminate the Heartland Champion. Then McDermott and DCB went at it for a good ten minutes. McDermott finally wore down her final opponent and delivered a Glasgow Handshake to seal the win.

MAIN EVENT-MVW TAG TEAM TITLE #1 CONTENDER SEMI-FINAL 2: The Kentucky Deerhunters (Kellyanne Morris/Bailey Foster) defeat Spiders and Snakes (Anna Conda/Natasha ‘The Black Widow’ Littell) @ 8:23
-With Angels of Death taking an extended hiatus, the Deerhunters are the last team left from February when MVW reopened. Morris and Foster used their experience to overcome the challenge of Spiders and Snakes and will face the Missouri Valley Fight Club tonight in Kansas City for a shot at the MVW Tag Team Title at MVWA 66.


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