MVW House Show- Lincoln, NE

After a few days off to recuperate and digest what went down last weekend at MVWA 65, Missouri Valley Wrestling went back to work this weekend with a pair of Nebraska house shows and started the road towards MVWA 66.

Before a crowd of rabid University of Nebraska football fans, all decked out in red and black the night before their Big Ten showdown with the University of Illinois, the wrestlers arrived at the Bob Devaney Sports Center on the Nebraska campus in different frames of minds.

The MVW Tag Team Champions, ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Tessa Martin, each wanted a pound of flesh from ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and his brand new Sports Entertainment Consortium (SEC) after the SEC interfered in their match against Backman Taylor Powerdrive.

Conversely, the SEC arrived at the arena in high spirits following Kari Ferguson’s huge victory over Jill Berg Enterprises CEO Jill Berg, ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris, and the leader of the Green World Order Kathryn Randall Collins.

Jill Berg arrived backstage with her entourage and the colleagues of Jill Berg Enterprises (Hallie Burton, MVW Television Champion Sheline Carrigan, Daisy Cutter-Bomb, and two mystery people presumably new JBE hires) looking grim and subdued as they went straight to their locker room.

The Green World Order (KRC, Code Pink, Soccer Mom, Peta from PETA with PeaceNic, ‘Extreme Vegan’ Brock Cole Lee, GreenPete, and New Age Sensitive Guy) also walked right to their locker room without any comment. However, following KRC’s admonishment of the GWO last week, Code Pink, Soccer Mom, and Peta from PETA did show up Wednesday in St. Louis for extra training from MVW’s Director of Talent Development Dawn McGill.

Heartland Champion ‘Queen of the Trailer Court’ Lani Harlot arrived in Lincoln in an older model pickup truck with a stitched together camper cab tied down to the cab with copious amounts of bungee cords and rope. Harlot and her minions the White Trash Posse (Jaxson, Shayne, and Bobby Rickie) strolled into the Devaney Center proudly holding up the MVW house show title belt.

And last, but not least, MVW Champion Lady Halitosis was dropped off by a rental vehicle. The champion, who now has a date on October 17th against Kari Ferguson for her MVW Title, looked relaxed and chipper as she strode past outlookers and well-wishers before disappearing inside the arena.

So with that backdrop in mind, MVW hit the ring Friday night.

MVW House Show
Lincoln, NE
Friday October 2nd, 2015

Match results:

Airline Amie defeated Blake Varney @ 6:42
-Airline Amie got back onto the winning track with a nice win over Varney. Amie hit her finisher, a top rope Kamikaze Dive, on Varney and managed to hook her legs at the same time to finish the match.

Code Pink defeated Hannah Lancer @ 7:25
-The GWO pick up a victory here. Code Pink, who worked with Dawn McGill earlier in the week, looked a little cleaner and more comfortable in the ring this week. Lancer, still young and inexperienced, held her own but left herself open to Code Pink’s Glitter Bomb. Code Pink took advantage and rolled up the rookie Lancer for the win.

Ninja Kitty defeated Peta from PETA @ 6:20
-The GWO lose one here. Peta from PETA, also coming off a work session with McGill, did look a little better in the ring but let’s face it, it’s hard to look good when you go up against the ultra-quick Ninja Kitty. Peta became visibly frustrated late in the match and left herself wide open for Ninja Kitty’s closing move- The Pounce.

‘By the Book’ Tiana Walker defeated Cheryl Parkman @ 8:33
-Walker, who’s now writing her own rules, stretched the MVW rules to their limit before connecting with the Book End Slam to close out the match against Parkman.

Post match, Walker jotted down a few more rules into her rulebook before heading to the back.

Jill Berg Enterprises CEO Jill Berg came to the ring by herself. No entourage. No colleagues. Just her. Berg had a bunch of things on her mind following her loss last week at MVWA 65.

Jill discussed losing the #1 Contender to MVW Title Match at MVWA 65 to Kari Ferguson of the SEC and frankly admitted: “I didn’t get the job done. I haven’t been getting the job done. I take full responsibility for that.”

Berg then stunned the crowd with this:

Berg: sometimes, you have to sit down and reevaluate your life and the things that you’ve done. After an incident at the recent PCW reunion show, I sat down and did exactly that.

What incident was she referring to? Let’s go back in time…

PCW End of the World Reunion Show- Sunday September 6th
[…Jill goes to the mat as Dawn rolls into the ring and grabs her leg. Jill tries to shake her leg loose but Dawn’s not letting go. Finally, Jill starts to kick out at her but in the process of rolling in, Dawn’s shirt had moved up exposing her midriff…and a tiny baby bump. Jill’s jaw drops and she immediately pulls back. Shaking her head, she realizes there’s only one thing she can do. She lets McGill pull her out of the ring…]

Berg: The fact that I was willing to kick out at a pregnant woman was an eye opening experience. And sobering. Let’s be honest here, I’ve fallen way short of the mark. Earlier this year, I paid Austin Reeves of High Octane Wrestling $100,000 to take Dawn out of a match in order to secure her services to JBE. Upon further reflection, I categorically regret everything I did and I’ve offered to donate $100,000 to a military charity of Dawn’s choice. So what does that mean going forward? It means as the founder and leader of Jill Berg Enterprises, I am holding myself to a higher standard to start doing the right thing. It’s okay to be ambitious. It’s okay to want to succeed. It’s okay to push yourself to becoming the best person that you can be. But it’s not okay to take short cuts. And it’s not okay to use other people as collateral damage to further your agenda.

Jill also then apologized publicly again to HOW wrestler Ray McAvay for her involvement in the sports entertainment vs. pro wrestling debate they recently had.

Berg: I was completely out of line with McAvay and I regret the way that I acted. And then I see other female wrestlers like Julliet Brooks and Aidan Carlisle who think the way to success is shortcuts and playing dirty to get ahead in wrestling. I see men like ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann, a man I once did business with, using women as eye candy and not bonafide pro wrestlers to further his vision of pro wrestling. And I’ve decided that I’m not going to associate with him anymore or any other group who pushes a negative message of that sort. I want to be a positive role model for women. I want JBE to be a positive role model for all companies.

Berg then announced that Angels of Death requested and was granted their release from JBE. She’s brought in Svetlana Kovaleski, a former MVW Tag Team champion with Dawn McGill, and signed Dawn’s little sister Regina to team with her.

The Mercenaries Mach 2 (Svetlana Kovaleski/Regina McGill) defeat Divorcees with Dangerous Intent (Stacey Martin/Betsy Parker) @ 8:10
-Kovaleski is a Russian wrestler who left wrestling in 2013 to raise her child. She just re-signed with MVW last Thursday and immediately was snapped up by Jill Berg. In her return match teaming up with Regina McGill, Kovaleski looks a little rusty but Regina carries the match with her usual tenacity and fight and the Mercenaries Mach 2 overcome the DDI.

‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris vs. Carrieanne McDermott of the Missouri Valley Fight Club- time limit draw @ 20:00
-Iris, extremely disappointed with her performance at MVWA 65, matched up with a McDermott, a Scot who’s as tough as they come, and put on quite a show. With her fellow MVFC teammate Harley Davisson in her corner, McDermott took the fight to Iris early on only to have Queen Cool seize the momentum late in the match. A series of close pinfalls in the final moment highlighted a hard fought affair.

MVW Tag Team Champions ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas defeat Backman Taylor Powerdrive (Charlene Backman/Brianna Taylor) via DQ in a non-title match @ 5:17
-This was supposed to be a rematch from last Saturday’s truncated Tag Team title match. The good news is that the match went on longer than last week’s. The bad news is towards the four minute mark, ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann and his SEC come out.

First, McMann sent in T-BO (Bo Stevens and Timothy Allen Tebow…no, not THAT one) and they attacked Tess and Dallas again. Referee Davey Keels immediately called for the bell and awarded the match to the champions. Backman and Turner were both incensed by the intrusion and went after T-BO. Stevens threw Backman over the top rope. Tebow whipped Turner through the ropes to the outside. With the ring cleared of BTP, the Lingerie Girls Brandi and Wendi Bayless, climbed in and stomped away at the champions. Then Stevens hauled Tess up while Wendi went down on all fours in front of her. Brandi then executed a spinning heel kick and sent Tess over Wendi and face first to the mat. Tebow then pulled Dallas up. Wendi went down on all fours. Brandi hit the spinning heel kick and sent the Texas Cowgirl face first to the mat.

McMann got on the microphone and explained to the booing crowd that he’s been working with the Lingerie Girls on a killer new finisher he personally named the ‘Total Makeover.’

Brandi and Wendi both posed above the fallen champions until the Mercenaries Mach Two (Svetlana Kovaleski/Regina McGill) and Jill Berg came to the ring.

MAIN EVENT/HEARTLAND TITLE MATCH: ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot © vs. Hallie Burton
-With Berg and the Mercenaries staying at ringside, joined by Daisy Cutter-Bomb and Kristen Canfield, Burton set forth to relieve Harlot of the MVW house title aka the Heartland Title. Harlot was backed by a posse of her own- The White Trash Posse (Shayne, Jaxson, and Bobby Rickie).

Burton wasted little time and attacked Harlot from the outset. She hit the flying splash and then ran her across the ring and smashed the Heartland champion head first into the corner turnbuckle. Burton then clotheslined Harlot coming off the ropes and makes the cover. One…two…kick out by Harlot. Burton lined up for a kick into the side of Harlot’s head. She connects and covers, two count again.

Burton goes to whip Harlot into the ropes. Harlot reversed and sent Burton in and nailed a huge right hand. Harlot comes back throwing forearms and connected with a spinning forearm to send Burton to the mat. Harlot then ran the ropes to dropkick Burton. Harlot made the cover…Keels reached two before Burton got the shoulder up.

Harlot nailed a couple more kicks to Burton’s leg setting up a kick to the head. Harlot followed with a running neckbreaker and hooked the legs. Keels counted to two before Burton again got the shoulder up. Burton rallied and ran the Heartland champion into the buckles. Harlot sent for the ride but she held on to the ropes. Behind Burton, the White Trash Posse climb up to the ring apron getting Keels’s attention. Her opponent distracted, Harlot took advantage hitting a dropkick. Finally, Jill Berg sent JBE colleagues Kirsten Canfield and Daisy Cutter-Bomb over to deal with the White Trash Posse. DCB used her strength to pull Shayne and Jaxson off the ring apron. Canfield low bridged Bobby Rickie and then yanked him to the floor.

With Keels paying more attention to the action outside the ring, Harlot followed up with a kick to the stomach and sent Burton to the mat. Harlot put a boot on her throat for the blatant choke while the White Trash Posse and JBE continued to distract Keels. Harlot pulled Burton up…snap suplex. Running kick to Burton. Harlot covered for the pin. Jill Berg slid into the ring and nearly took the Heartland champion’s head off with a spinning heel kick.

Keels then noticed Berg in the ring and ejected her. Harlot taunted Burton who finally jumped up off the mat and missed a roundhouse kick. Atomic drop by Harlot followed by chops. Burton sent to the ropes and ran into a knee to her kidneys. Jaxson handed something to Harlot. She threw powder into Burton’s eyes and face planted her with a running bulldog. Harlot slid in and hooked the legs and bent Burton back towards her in the White Trash Compactor. Burton quickly tapped and that’s the match.

WINNER AND STILL HEARTLAND CHAMPION: ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot @ 11:20


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