MVW Weekend House Show Report: Sioux City, SD and Albert Lea, MN

MVW House Show
Sioux City, SD
Friday September 11th, 2015

On the fourteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America, Missouri Valley Wrestling ran a special show on Friday night to commemorate the occasion along with several former wrestlers from PCW (Political Championship Wrestling).

The show started off with a moment of silence and a ten bell salute.

Ninja Kitty and Regina McGill defeated ‘The Original’ Shanna Barrett and the returning (for one night only) Molly Hatchett

‘American Girl’ Sarah Mae Smith also returned for one night, teaming with PCW’s Ken Worth- the American Trucker as they defeated Terry Sargent and PCW’s FUBAR in a mixed tag team match.

The shocker of the night. Kevin Scott aka Starz N. Stripes, who’d dropped out of sight for some time following the demise of PCW, showed up and defeated SNAFU in an all PCW match.

The Bomb Brothers (A. Tom Bomb/Hy Drogen Bomb/Newt Tron Bomb) w/Daisy Cutter Bomb defeated Charlie Blackwell/William Daniels Bryan/’The Wall Street Market Analyst with the Man Crush on ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit’ Kirk Walstreit in an all PCW six man tag team match.

Jill Berg defeated Maxie Perry

Heartland Champion Lani Harlot defeated Hannah Lancer in a non-title match

MVW Tag Team Champions ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas defeated Desiree Davis/Robin the Wonder Girl in a non-title match

Yamamoto Tanaka stunned the crowd when he walked out to wrestle. Tanaka defeated the ‘One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism in another PCW match.

MAIN EVENT: MVW Champion ‘American Luchador…Insane Bad Breath’ Lady Halitosis and her brother Halitosis defeated ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris and ‘Not Just Unbearable…Not Just Intolerable…He is…’ Justin Sufferable in a mixed tag team match.

MVW House Show
Albert Lea, MN
Saturday September 12th, 2015

So now, following the September 11th show, Missouri Valley Wrestling got back down to business the next night in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

Jill Berg and the colleagues of Jill Berg Enterprises came out before the first match to take care of some corporation business. Berg, who appeared at the PCW Reunion show last week, came back from Chicago with a brand new, old, friend who was joining Jill Berg Enterprises- Daisy Cutter Bomb. “The numbers never lie,” Jill said. “The Green World Order had a numerical advantage over us and I felt it was time to bring in a sixth person. Daisy had been out of wrestling for a few years and was interested in getting back in. I had an opportunity. Everything worked out.”

Berg then announced to the crowd that Mia Margarita had left JBE and Missouri Valley Wrestling. So, did that mean JBE was back down to five? That question was answered when Wichita State student Kirsten Canfield strolled down to the ring. Canfield, who worked for MVW over the summer as an unpaid intern, signed a six month, part time deal with Missouri Valley Wrestling and Jill Berg snapped her right up. “Kirsten showed that she was ambitious, willing to put the work in, and most of all, willing to learn,” Berg said. “Dawn McGill did a great job of laying the foundation for her career. By associating herself with JBE, Kirsten will continue to further her education at the highest level.”

Then, with the rank and file matters resolved, Jill introduced the former four time Missouri Valley Wrestling tag team champions Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey). Scott took the microphone and told the crowd that in the spirit of teamwork and unity, the AoD had put aside their personal desire to destroy the Kentucky Deerhunters for JBE’s greater good. With Berg nodding her approval, Scott called out the Deerhunters, saying they’d waited long enough and it was time to settle this once and for all.

Of course, the Deerhunters obliged. The rest of JBE cleared the ring and the show was off and running.

Match results:

The Kentucky Deerhunters (Kellyanne Morris/Bailey Foster) vs. Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey)- no contest
-Referee Davey Keels gave both teams a little more latitude and the fans on hand were treated to all the stiff, bloody, brawling action you would associate with this type of blood feud as both teams spent little time actually in the ring. JBE steered clear of any interference and simply watched as both teams tore the house down for seventeen minutes. Then the Green World Order showed up.

Leader Kathryn Randall Collins attacked Kristen Canfield for ‘taking the easy road to greed instead of traveling the hard road to help humanity.’ KRC went on for a couple more minutes. The Deerhunters and the AoD had stopped wrestling and both teams looked at each other, nodded, and then attacked the GWO.

At that point, Keels threw the match out and it took security a few more minutes to restore order.

Ninja Kitty/Airline Amie/Hannah Lancer defeated Maxie Perry/Terry Sargent/Desiree Davis
-This match also got a bit of time as the high flyers Ninja Kitty, Amie, and Lancer took on the veterans Perry, Sargent, and Davis in a battle of contrasting styles. Lancer pinned Davis to give her team the win at the twelve minute mark.

‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris defeated Soccer Mom
-Following a disappointing MVWA 64, Iris got back on the winning track with a relatively easy win over the GWO’s Soccer Mom despite attempts at interference from her partner- New Age Sensitive Guy. New Age Sensitive Guy apologized to Iris before taking a swing at her with Soccer Mom’s loaded purse and missing badly, nearing taking out the referee. Iris hit the Pittsburgh Plunge and scored the victory.

‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann surprised the building when he walked to the ring. McMann again touted his ‘genius’ in sports entertainment and said that MVW co-bookers Corrina Romanov and Kevin G. Briscoe didn’t know what they were doing. McMann especially questioned how Romanov and Briscoe could allow the face of MVW to be someone who was overweight and didn’t project a positive image. Of course, McMann was referring to the MVW champion Lady Halitosis.

McMann then brought out the Lingerie Girls- Brandi and Wendi Bayless and touted them as the ones who MVW should be pushing as the face of the company. “Women’s wrestling isn’t about ability,” McMann said. “Women’s wrestling is about looks. And it doesn’t get any hotter than the Bayless twins.”

Brandi then got on the microphone and reminded the crowd she and Wendi were both MVW Originals and they were tired of being passed over for other wrestlers and ignored. “If this is what it takes to finally get our due,” Brandi said, “then that’s what we’re going to do.”

McMann then reiterated that the Bayless twins should be the future faces of MVW- not wrestlers like Lady Halitosis or the ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin.

This brought back out the GWO who objected to the objectifying of women by McMann. KRC offered up her choice to be the new face of the MVW, the GWO’s newest member- PeaceNic (short for Nicole) who replaces PeaceNick in the lineup. “PeaceNic is the most politically acceptable choice to be the face that Missouri Valley Wrestling builds around,” KRC said.

Thankfully, the action returned.

Backman Taylor Powerdrive (Charlene Backman/Brianna Taylor) defeated Anna Conda/’By the Book’ Tiana Walker
-MVW newest tag team defeated Conda and Walker handily. Once again, Walker’s ‘by the book’ mentality meant that she spent most of the match debating the MVW rulebook with Referee Ron Martin instead of wrestling. This left Conda on an island fending off Backman and Taylor and the Michigan girls took full advantage of the situation to pick up the win.

After the match, an enraged Conda slapped her Constrictor submission hold on Walker and it took several people to pry Conda off her.

Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey) defeat The Missouri Valley Fight Club (Harley Davisson/Carrieanne McDermott) via DQ
-And here we go…again. The MVFC and AoD were having another proper back and forth battle royal when the Green World Order rolled out to the ring and interjected themselves into the match. KRC and ‘Extreme Vegan’ Brock Cole Lee attacked Scott and Casey from behind and Referee Davey Keels immediately called for the bell. Davisson and McDermott because incensed with the GWO intrusion into their match and they took out KRC and Lee. Then the Kentucky Deerhunters ran out and they took out GreenPete, Soccer Mom, and Peta from Peta. The rest of the GWO ran for their lives to the back and left poor Code Pink on her own for the next match…

TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan © defeated Code Pink
-Carrigan made short work of Code Pink.

MAIN EVENT: MVW Champion ‘American Luchador…Insane Bad Breath’ Lady Halitosis © defeated Kari Ferguson via DQ-non title match
-It was supposed to be a match up between a young champion in Lady Halitosis and a rookie looking to make her mark (Kari Ferguson). Instead, it ended up being the first shot Mr. McMann’s war to bring sports entertainment to MVW. The Bayless twins arrived on scene and hit Lady Halitosis with a double chairshot from behind. Referee Ron Martin called for the bell and the disqualification. Brandi and Wendi continued their assault on Lady Halitosis and then to everyone’s surprise- Ferguson joined in.

Mr. McMann came to the ring and announced Ferguson as the third member of his new triumvirate. Then the group took its leave when Regina McGill, ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas, and ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin raced down to make the save.


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