Missouri Valley Wrestling Presents MVWA 64 on Heartland TV

Roberts Stadium
Evansville, IN
Saturday August 29th, 2015

Last night, Missouri Valley Wrestling’s MVWA 64 aired on Heartland TV live in front of a near capacity crowd at Roberts Stadium in Evansville, Indiana- Johnny Suave and Dawn McGill commentating.

The night started off with a quick recap and clips from the earlier matches before Heartland TV went live:
-Airline Amy/Hannah Lancer/Kari Ferguson defeat Terry Sargent/Maxie Perry/Desiree Davis
-Ninja Kitty defeated ‘The Original’ Shanna Barrett
-Backman Taylor Powerdrive (Charlene Backman/Brianna Taylor) defeat Robin the Wonder Girl/Blake Varney
-Regina McGill defeated Anna Conda

The live part of the show started with a review of the ongoing feud between ‘By the Book’ Tiana Walker and Hollywood starlet Miley Vyrus, managed by Hollywood SuperAgent Brock Ray. Last month, Walker and Vyrus met at MVWA 63 in a match that was supposed to settle their differences that’s been raging since the Fourth of July weekend. Vyrus won the match when Walker, ironically, broke the rules by using a foreign object (aka…the MVW rulebook) as a weapon.

Even after losing to Vyrus at MVWA 63, Walker continued to press on until MVW co-bookers Corrina Romanov and Kevin G. Briscoe booked a rematch with Vyrus to settle their issues once and for all- a ‘Loser Leaves MVW’ match. Hollywood SuperAgent Brock Ray then dropped a huge bombshell at MVW’s El Reno house show when he told the crowd that either Walker goes or Vyrus would walk out- there was no way in hell he’d let Vyrus ever be in the same ring again with Walker. Romanov and Briscoe set the match anyways.

‘By the Book’ Tiana Walker walked to the ring ready to go. Would Miley Vyrus show up?

No. Referee Davey Keels did the obligatory twenty-count. Vyrus did not appear. Walker wins. Vyrus is gone from MVW.

‘By the Book’ Tiana Walker defeated Hollywood Starlet Miley Vyrus- countout in :20

Backstage, Paige McGillicutty interviewed the Missouri Valley Fight Club (Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson) before their upcoming match against MVW Tag Team Champions ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas. McGillicutty asked them to explain how the team came into being. McDermott, a former Heartland and Television champion, explained that the MVFC came together after she faced Davisson in a series of hard fought matches where neither woman gave no quarter and literally threw everything they had with each other. Davisson said the mutual admiration and respect gained for the other afterwards evolved led to the new tag team pairing.

McGillicutty then asked about the match. McDermott said that the tag champions would be formidable foes. She knows Tessa Martin is very experienced and has been in some big time matches. Davisson added that the MVFC will just go in and do what they’ve been doing and let the chips fall where they may.

Suave and McGill recap how the MVFC arrived here tonight. Last week’s selective moments from the three way #1 contender’s match between the MVFC, The Kentucky Deerhunters (Kellyanne Morris/Bailey Foster), and former four time MVW Tag Team Champions Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey) is replayed. The Green World Order goes to ringside during the match to distract both teams (the GWO cost the Kentucky Deerhunters a shot at the belts before screwing the AoD out of the tag belts at MVWA 63) and succeed in getting both teams eliminated setting up the tag match.

Both teams are over with the crowd. Tess and Dallas have also been grinding out wins as a tag team while the MVFC have created the buzz the past couple weeks. Tess and Carrieanne start and McDermott immediately tries to go ground and pound with the Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl. Tess tagged out to Dallas quickly and the Texas Cowgirl matched McDermott strength for strength. While McDermott is rough and tumble, she’s a polished wrestler and overcomes the strength of the Texas Cowgirl with her mat wrestling ability. However, when she tagged Davisson in- things changed. Davisson is an out and out brawler with little technical skill.

Dallas and Davisson literally wore each other out for the next five minutes. Finally, an exhausted Dallas tagged Tess back in and the Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl went on attack. Tess used her experience to outwit Davisson and a Sunset Flip by Martin nearly pinned her. Tess went for a Pizza Cutter but McDermott made the save. McDermott eventually tagged back in and she and Tess traded move for move. Tess countered a lariat from an Irish Whip and transitioned into an armbar.   Tess tried for another Pizza Cutter but McDermott countered by grabbing her by the head and driving it down hard to the mat. McDermott went for the pin. Tess kicked out and McDermott went to the ground submission game plan.

McDermott started with the Surfboard and then locked Tess up with the Seated Surfboard and the Cross-arms Surfboard. Dallas couldn’t get into the ring and the Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl was fading fast. McDermott tried to slap on a Cross Kneelock submission but Tessa somehow kicked herself free and made the hot tag to Dallas. And once Dallas hit the ring, she started lariating everything sight. Texas Lariat to McDermott. Texas Lariat to an onrushing Davisson. Texas Lariat to McDermott again. Body Slam. Leg Drop. Spinebuster. Cover. Davisson went to break up the pin. Tess intercepted her and hit the Pizza Cutter taking Davisson out. Referee Ron Martin counted to three and the tag champs retained.

‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas retain the MVW Tag Title over the Missouri Valley Fight Club at 21:23

After the match, both McDermott and Davisson went over and shook hands with Tess and Dallas as a sign of respect.

The Green World Order (former TV champion Kathryn Randall Collins, Peta from PETA, Soccer Mom, New Age Sensitive Guy, ‘Extreme Vegan’ Brock Cole Lee, GreenPete, and PeaceNick) invaded the ring and threatened to stay there until MVW returned the television title to KRC. Peta from PETA took to the microphone and said that the politically correct thing to do was to give the title back to Collins because Jill Berg Enterprises has backstage clout and use it to their advantage.

This brought former MVW champion, CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises, and Corporate Predator Extraordinaire Jill Berg out. Jill openly laughed at the GWO because if JBE truly had backstage clout to use to their advantage, the GWO would never have been allowed to compete in Missouri Valley Wrestling. Berg pointed out if anything, it’s the GWO who have been interfering in matches and influencing the results a lot more than JBE has. Berg used the MVW Tag Team title as example number one. The GWO cost Angels of Death the tag belts. She told KRC the reason she lost the TV belt was because Sheline Carrigan outclassed her in every conceivable way. Collins did not take that news very well and repeated the threat to stay in the ring until they got their way…which lasted a whole twelve seconds.

The new Television Champion (Carrigan) bull rushed the ring and started tearing through the GWO. After Carrigan nearly disemboweled GreenPete with a kick right to the family jewels, Peta from PETA and Soccer Mom wisely evacuated KRC from the ring.

Suave and McGill recapped MVW Champion Lady Halitosis’s rise and replayed the night she defeated Jill Berg for the title. McGill pointed out that Lady Halitosis not only faced Berg but also ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris for the MVW Title. Suave wondered if the young and inexperienced champion would be up to the task tonight. McGill replied she didn’t know but that Lady Halitosis had worked real hard to be ready for this moment.

Suave then talked about Jill Berg, the CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises and corporate predator extraordinaire. Everyone knew that wanted the belt back in a bad way but Suave wondered if her focus and attention have been split too much between fending off the Green World Order and pushing ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan towards the Television Title. McGill thought Berg was one of the best at compartmentalizing and was convinced she’d bring her best effort.

Then they discussed the wild card- ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris. Suave explained that Leah was supposed to wrestle Berg two months ago until a hamstring injury scuttled her title opportunity. McGill pointed out that Leah’s injury opened the door for Lady Halitosis. McGill stated Leah was back in good health and form and that Iris has been driving herself to this particular moment.

No Jill Berg Enterprises at ringside…for now. The bell rang and early on the action was fast and furious. The best spot came in the second minute when Lady Halitosis kicked out of a move only for Iris to turn it right into a Koji Clutch. Leah came out smoking hitting a German suplex on the champion and a pair of shining wizards on Jill Berg for two. Iris locked Berg in a figure four but this backfires when Lady Halitosis unleashed her lethal breath on her. Berg then connected with superkick to Iris and Queen Cool barely kicked out.

Now Jill Berg Enterprises (Angels of Death, Mia Margarita, and Hallie Burton) file their way to the ring. Iris, seeing the JBE reinforcements, went top turnbuckle and bowled into all four of them with a wild suicide dive. McGill couldn’t believe what Iris was doing stating that she’d been begging for months to get this title shot and now she’s brawling with JBE? With Iris outside the ring fighting with JBE, the current champion and former champion went at it. Lady Halitosis had Jill Berg’s Spinning Heel Kick well scouted and countered each time Berg tried the move. Berg had Lady Halitosis’s lethal breath scouted well and made great care not to end up face to face with her.

Well, if JBE is ringside…that could mean only one thing- the GWO would show up at some point. And they did. Referee Davey Keels now had a huge headache on his hands. Iris staggered back into the ring after JBE turned their attention to the GWO and Berg greeted her with a DDT. Lady Halitosis then swooped in and hit a sick lariat to Berg that sent her out of the ring. Angels of Death (Angel Scott and Angel Casey) rolled into the ring and tried to hit a double suplex on the MVW champion. Lady Halitosis showed just how much she’d grown in the past couple months and blocked the double suplex. Then Iris walked over and hammered Casey from behind. The champion turned Scott towards her and unloaded some of her insane bad breath on her. After both Scott and Casey were tossed out of the ring, Iris tried to catch the champion sleeping with a superkick. Lady Halitosis ducked and rolled Iris up. Keels made the three count and Iris was eliminated.

Keel then turned his attention to Berg and began to count. The former champion was in trouble. When Angels of Death attacked Iris, it left the GWO with a numbers advantage outside the ring. KRC had Berg in the Gogoplata on the floor while the others kept Mia Margarita and Hallie Burton at bay.   Lady Halitosis went top turnbuckle and nailed a 450 Splash to the floor taking out KRC and Berg in one fell swoop. Lady Halitosis rolled Berg back into the ring and went top rope a second time. With JBE neutralized, she had all the time she needed to hit her Imploding Senton Bomb and hooked Berg’s legs. Keels made the count. And Lady Halitosis retained.

Lady Halitosis retained the MVW Title against Jill Berg and Leah Iris at 15:41

Keels handed Lady Halitosis the belt and she thrust it high in the air as the show ended.


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