MVWA 64 Preview

Missouri Valley Wrestling and Heartland TV present MVWA 64 live this Saturday night from Roberts Stadium in Evansville, Indiana.

On the three match card:

Grudge Match-Part Two: ‘By the Book’ Tiana Walker vs. Miley Vyrus w/Hollywood SuperAgent Brock Ray
‘By the Book’ Tiana Walker and Hollywood starlet Miley Vyrus met at MVWA 63 in a match that was supposed to settle their differences.  Since the Fourth of July weekend, they’ve been at each other’s throats. Why? Vyrus walked out of a tag match while teaming with Walker because the Hollywood Starlet became fed up that Tiana spent more time arguing rules with the referee then wrestling. Vyrus won the match when Walker, ironically, broke the rules by using a foreign object (aka…the MVW rulebook) as a weapon.

Even after losing to Vyrus at MVWA 63, Walker refused to give up. She and Vyrus continued to battle until MVW co-bookers Corrina Romanov and Kevin G. Briscoe booked a rematch with Vyrus to settle their issues once and for all- a ‘Loser Leaves MVW’ match. But then Hollywood SuperAgent Brock Ray dropped a huge bombshell at MVW’s El Reno house show when he told the crowd that either Walker goes or Vyrus would walk out- there was no way in hell he’d let Vyrus ever be in the same ring again with Walker. Briscoe’s response?  He told Ray if Vyrus doesn’t show up this Saturday then ‘don’t ever come back.’

So what now? Walker says she’s going to be there. The question is: will Hollywood SuperAgent Brock Ray allow Miley Vyrus to be at MVWA 64? And if so, who will walk away the winner and who will just…walk away.

MVW Tag Team Title Match: ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas vs. The Missouri Valley Fight Club (Carrieanne McDermott/Harley Davisson)
This match features a tag team that wasn’t in existence three weeks ago (Missouri Valley Fight Club) versus a tag team that just came together for the first time last month (Tess and Davis).  Missouri Valley Wrestling’s tag teams had become a little stale. Both teams have come in and helped to freshen up the division. Now, they face off against each other with the tag team title on the line.

It’s hard to believe that Tessa Martin is now the ‘grizzled’ veteran of the group. Ten years ago, the Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl was a raw rookie learning the wrestling ropes at Political Championship Wrestling.  Six years ago, Tess was in her prime and a big player in the women’s division at Dream Wrestling.  Now, she’s had a late career resurgence in MVW’s tag team division teaming up with a MVW Original and fellow PCW alumni ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas.

The MVFC came together after a series of matches between McDermott and Davisson where neither woman gave no quarter and threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other. The mutual admiration and respect both gained for the other afterwards evolved quickly into a new tag team pairing. The MVFC then took advantage of the ongoing strife between the Green World Order and Jill Berg Enterprises to gain an upset win in a three way tag match in DeKalb, Illinois to earn their shot at the tag title.

Tag Champions Tess and Haley seem to have settled in as a tag team. Have McDermott and Davisson had enough time together to do the same? And will it be enough to dethrone the champions?

MVW Title Match/Three Way Dance: Lady Halitosis © vs. Jill Berg vs. ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris
Two months ago, Lady Halitosis stunned Missouri Valley when she defeated Berg to win the Missouri Valley Wrestling Title. Now, after working extensively with Dawn McGill since then to hone her skills and gain valuable experience, can she deliver a performance that’s worthy of the MVW Champion? We will find out Saturday night if Lady Halitosis is truly ready for the big time.

Jill Berg, the CEO of Jill Berg Enterprises and corporate predator extraordinaire, wants the belt back in a bad way but her focus and attention have been split between fending off the Green World Order and pushing ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan towards the Television Title. Carrigan defeated GWO leader Kathryn Randall Collins last Saturday night in a cage match to win the TV belt- check one task from Berg’s list of things to do. Can she compartmentalize and bring her best effort this Saturday night?

The wild card of the mix- ‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris. Leah was supposed to wrestle Berg two months ago but a hamstring injury scuttled her title opportunity- opening the door for Lady Halitosis. Now, back in good health and form, Iris has been driving herself towards this particular moment. Is this finally the night she ascends to the top of Missouri Valley Wrestling?

We will find out the answer to these questions and more in Evansville this coming Saturday night at MVWA 64.


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