MVW House Show- El Reno, OK

MVW House Show
El Reno, OK
Saturday August 15th, 2015

The atmosphere outside the El Reno High School gymnasium last night for the Missouri Valley Wrestling house show could be summed up in one word: tense. From the moment the wrestlers began to file into the high school, the buzz in the air slowly became more and more palpable.

Once again, the Green World Order set up a picket line of sorts by the entrance to greet the challenger who would be facing their leader, Kathryn Randall Collins, for the MVW Television Title in the evening’s main event. And unlike the night before in Miami, Oklahoma where the GWO were loud, proud, but generally hands off, on this night the fireworks went off way before the show began.

Heartland Champion and the challenger for the Television title Sheline Carrigan arrived early at the High School wearing her ear buds and listening to her favorite music- just like the night before. Carrigan again ignored the picket signs and tried to get inside as soon as possible. However, this time, ‘Extreme Vegan’ Brock Cole Lee grabbed Carrigan by the arm and attempted to spin her around. Carrigan spun around all right. She unleashed a backfist that produced a loud ‘smack’ sound when it connected with Lee’s face. Soccer Mom, Peta from PETA, Code Pink, GreenPete, and New Age Sensitive Guy immediately jumped Carrigan and things got out of control quick.

Jill Berg Enterprises CEO and Corporate Predator Extraordinaire Jill Berg rolled into action and sent her ten bodyguards into the muck to extract Carrigan and get her to safety. Berg started unloading spinning heel kicks left and right. She took down New Age Sensitive Guy and GreenPete very swiftly. Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey) waded into the fray and the former host of the reality show ‘So You Want to Score with a Skanky Reality Show Host’ Mia Margarita started kissing everything in sight. The drug laced ‘bandage’ over Mia’s lips did their job and dropped GreenPete, PeaceNick, and Peta from PETA.

Eventually, security streamed out to separate everyone and herded everyone into the high school.

And so it begins…

Match results:

Airline Amie defeated Bonnie Eagles
-The rookie gets the win over the local product getting a tryout with MVW

Hannah Lancer/Ninja Kitty defeated Maxie Perry/Storm Fitch
-Fitch is another wrestler getting a tryout. She teams up with Perry but Lancer and Ninja Kitty are too much for the team.

Carrieanne McDermott vs. Harley Davisson- time limit draw
-For the second night in a row, McDermott and Davisson stage a classic brawl except this time they kept the action primarily in the ring. The match went a full twenty five minutes before the referee declared the bout a draw.

After the match, McDermott and Davisson shook hands.

Hollywood SuperAgent Brock Ray went to the ring and dropped a major bombshell. Ray stunned everyone when he said that MVW co-bookers Corrina Romanov and Kevin G. Briscoe’s ‘proposal’ to settle his client Miley Vyrus and ‘By the Book’ Tiana Walker’s differences once and for all in a ‘Loser Leaves MVW’ match in two weeks was ‘dead on arrival.’

Ray said there’s no way in hell he will allow Vyrus to be in the same ring again with a psychopath like Walker and again threatened to have the Hollywood Starlet walk out of MVW if her demands aren’t met.

Of course, this meant an appearance by the MVW co-bookers. Briscoe made it clear to Ray that if his client is that aggrieved with Walker that she feels she needs to leave- he won’t stop her. However, Briscoe added that he won’t pay her either. Ray became red-faced and started to sputter. Briscoe stood firm and threatened Ray with a breach of contract action if Vyrus walked out and expected to be paid.

Before Briscoe turned to head backstage, he told Ray he hoped Vyrus would be there in two weeks so they could settle this feud once and for all.

‘By the Book’ Tiana Walker defeated Hallie Burton
-And speaking of Walker, she faced off against Jill Berg Enterprise’s colleague Hallie Burton. Burton dominated the early going and that sent Walker into a tizzy. She pulled out the official MVW rulebook and began to chirp incessantly at the referee about the myriad of violations in the match. Referee Davey Keels tried to redirect Walker back into the match. Finally, while Walker had Keel’s full attention, the Green World Order snuck down. Code Pink got onto the ring apron and hit Burton with a Glitter Bomb. Walker saw what happened and broke off her conversation with the referee. She hit the Scorpion Deathdrop on Burton and took the win.

Jill Berg Enterprises streamed down to the ring and the second skirmish of the night took place. Again, security tried to restore order so the next match could go off.

Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey) defeat The Korver Sisters (Kelly and Korey)
-Jill Berg’s bodyguards literally surrounded the ring to prevent any more GWO interference. The Korvers started strong but it just doesn’t seem to be working for them right now. Scott and Casey took control and hit the Angel Death Drop for the win.

MAIN EVENT- TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Kathryn Randall Collins © defeated Sheline Carrigan
-Both JBE and GWO were ringside. The crowd roared when the match started and for at least ten minutes, both women put on a show. The problem started when the GWO and JBE started to co-mingle outside the ring and things escalated. Referee Ron Martin had a hell of a time trying to keep order on the outside of the ring and maintaining order on the inside. Things finally kicked off in earnest and Martin again was distracted. KRC reached into her tights and slipped on a pair of brass knuckles. Then she nailed Carrigan in the jaw and knocked her out cold. KRC covered. Martin was alerted and made the count…1…2…3.

Things degenerated from there as the show came to an end.


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