MVW Weekend Update

Weekend Wrap Up

‘Queen Cool’ Leah Iris survived the weekend with no problems with her hamstring. She is now zeroed in on earning a title shot at MVWA 64.

Former champion Jill Berg is dead set against Leah’s possible addition to the MVW Title match. Berg was also warned on Sunday by MVW co-bookers Corrina Romanov and Kevin G. Briscoe that any effort by Jill Berg Enterprises to eliminate Iris from title consideration would result in ‘dire consequences.’

Berg also was talked to again about the Great Parking Lot Kerfluffle on Friday night. Jill was reminded of the time when she was champion where she’d thrown a major fit when someone accidently parked in ‘her spot.’

JBE is pushing hard for ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan to get a shot at the Television Title against Kathryn Randall Collins. Not surprisingly, the Green World Order are cool to the idea.

Rookies Hannah Lancer and Airline Amie continue to receive good grades on their in-ring work.

Former MVW Tag Team champions The O’Neders bid Missouri Valley Wrestling farewell over the weekend.

MVW on Heartland TV’s One Hour Syndicated Show This Week:
Opening sequence in the parking lot involving Jill Berg Enterprises parking their limo in the ‘champion’s spot’ involving MVW Champion Lady Halitosis and the Green World Order.
-taped Friday night at Edwardsville, IL House Show

Highlights from Regina McGill/’Queen Cool’ Leah Iris vs. ‘Trailer Park Queen’ Lani Harlot/Miley Vyrus match
-taped Friday night at Edwardsville, IL House Show

MVW Tag Team Champions ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas vs. Anna Conda/’By the Book’ Tiana Walker- non-title match
-taped Saturday night at Springfield, IL House Show

In-ring promo- Jill Berg Enterprises over vandalism of the limo by the GWO.
-taped Friday night at Edwardsville, IL House Show

Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey) and Hallie Burton vs. The Green World Order (Kathryn Randall Collins/Code Pink/Soccer Mom)
-taped Friday night at Edwardsville, IL House Show.

Kathryn Randall Collins © with Jill Berg Enterprises vs. ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’ Lani Harlot with the White Trash Posse
-taped Saturday night at Springfield, IL House Show


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