MVW House Show- Branson, MO

MVW House Show
Branson, MO
Saturday July 18th, 2015

The Missouri Valley Wrestling road show traveled south from Rolla down to the resort town of Branson, Missouri for night #2 of the MVW Title #1 Contender’s tournament. The four survivors of first round matches in Rolla Friday night would find out soon enough who they’d be facing in Branson when co-bookers Corrina Romanov and Kevin G. Briscoe walked to the ring. Romanov drew out four balls from a bag to determine the semi-final matches and they were:

Carrieanne McDermott vs. Jill Berg
‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan vs. Harley Davisson

Briscoe announced that the winners of both matches would meet at MVWA 63 next Saturday for a shot at the MVW Title.

The MVW Tag Team #1 Contender’s match was also on the Branson card as ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas would meet two time MVW Tag Team Champions The Korver Sisters- the winner would face four time MVW Tag Team Champions Angels of Death at MVWA 63 for the tag belts.

Match results:

Airline Amie/Ninja Kitty defeat Kirsten Canfield/Desiree Davis
-a tag match kicked off the show with a pair of high flyers in Airline Amie and Ninja Kitty taking on the rookie Kirsten Canfield and Desiree Davis. Canfield, the Wichita State University sophomore interning with MVW over the summer, looked to impress early on as she tried to match Airline Amie high flying move for high flying move. Then Ninja Kitty tagged in and wore out the young Canfield with her agility and speed. Davis didn’t fare much better. Airline Amie delivered a devastating missile drop kick from the top rope that led to Ninja Kitty’s The Pounce and that wrapped the match up.

The Pinups (Sabrina James/Alicia Rowe) defeat The Beach Girls (Michelle Love/Brenda Johnston)
-Brianna Wilson begged off the show citing exhaustion so Brenda Johnston flew in at the last moment to take her place. Again, the Beach Girls are not the same team without Wilson in the ring. James and Rowe play the opportunist and pick up a nice win to jump start their momentum…that is until the Kentucky Deerhunters (Kellyanne Morris/Bailey Foster) ran down to the ring and attacked.

Morris and Foster bulldozed through the Pinups and threw them both out of the ring. Morris got on the microphone and lit up MVW Tag Team Champions Angels of Death after they screwed the Deerhunters on Friday night. In their match against ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas, the AoD came to the ring and took out Morris while Foster was being double-teamed by Tess and Dallas.

Morris promised retribution and ‘major payback’ for what happened Friday night and it all begins tonight.

Anna Conda defeated Maxie Perry
-Conda bounced back from Friday night’s loss to defeat Perry with the Constrictor submission hold.

Hallie Burton defeated Robin the Wonder Girl
-Jill Berg Enterprises’s newest colleague looked very impressive against Robin the Wonder Girl. The ring rust slowly going away, Burton dispatched her opponent in short order.

Paige McGillicutty talks with ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin about The Kentucky Deerhunters’s earlier statement. Martin says they had nothing to do with what the Angels of Death did. All she and Haley are focused on is getting a chance at the tag team title. “The Deerhunters were our opponents. We did what we needed to do inside the ring to get the job done. Now, we have to do the same thing tonight against the Korvers.”

McGillicutty then speaks with Peta from PETA from the Green World Order. She complains that the big corporation aka…Jill Berg Enterprises has too much money and too much power in their ranks and it’s not fair. Peta states they are still trying to find someone to lead their ranks to combat JBE but again- money- seems to be a huge issue.

MVW Title #1 Contender Semi-Finals #1 Jill Berg defeated Carrieanne McDermott
-this long simmering dispute between JBE and McDermott finally reached a boiling point in Branson as McDermott, long of memory and short of temper, still held a big time grudge against Berg and Jill Berg Enterprises over a disqualification in a Heartland Title match a couple months ago. This would be the match of the night by a long shot as you had a classic clash of styles working here. Berg’s forte was her mastery of martial arts and her kicks. McDermott was a classic ‘ground and pound’ style of wrestler who’d get you on the mat and grind you to pieces.

The early going saw Berg NOT try to rush in and take McDermott’s head off with one of her lethal Spinning Heel Kicks. This time, Berg smartly worked around McDermott, darting in and out, and made her defend from multiple angles.  McDermott doggedly drove forward, looking for an opportunity to take the former MVW Champion to the mat. She’d get her chance early on when Berg slipped and became stationary for a split second, more than enough time for McDermott to lunge in and take a single leg takedown. McDermott then pulled Berg out to the middle of the ring but found herself trying to defend a barrage of kicks from the former champion that weakened and then caused her to release the hold.

This was the chess game for much of the twenty minute match. Berg working outside. McDermott trying to get inside. Finally, McDermott slipped up trying to go for a fireman’s carry and Berg stepped back, set, and snapped off a Spinning Heel Kick that connected below the ear. Temporarily wobbled, Berg went head hunting again with a Savate kick to the jaw that dropped McDermott to her knees and followed that up with a Pele Kick that sent the Scot into Dreamland. Berg again eschewed the spear and Jackhammer slam and went right to the finish-hooking the legs and moving along to MVWA 63.

MVW Title #1 Contender Semi-Finals #2 ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan defeated Harley Davisson
-this one was over as quickly as it began. Carrigan, who came to the ring red-eyed and bleary from what appeared to be crying before the match according to backstage sources, walked out and destroyed Davisson in less than two minutes. Whatever took place backstage, Carrigan used the energy and channeled it into an awesome display of destruction on poor Davisson who was the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. Carrigan suplexed the hell out of the biker babe for a minute and then hit not one but TWO Canadian Destroyers to seal the deal.

Medical personnel came to the ring to check out Davisson after the match and helped her to the back.

MVW Champion Lady Halitosis/Regina McGill defeat Miley Vyrus/’Trailer Park Queen’ Lani Harlot
-the MVW Champion came to the ring lugging her grocery bag of food that fuels her extremely lethal bad breath. McGill, who’s big sister Dawn McGill has been working extensively with Lady Halitosis, took great care to stay away from being downwind to her partner’s breath. Vyrus was coming off a big DQ win over TV Champion Kathryn Randall Collins in Rolla the night before while Harlot came up just short against Harley Davisson in the MVW Title #1 Contender’s tournament.

Vyrus and Harlot did not come out full guns blazing, a byproduct or result of the tough matches they’d faced the night before. Lady Halitosis continued to show improvement in her in-ring abilities and Regina McGill was her usual gritty, brawling self. In the end, Harlot got too close to Lady Halitosis and took in too much of the toxic wind from her bad breath. Lady Halitosis then hit the Imploding Senton Bomb and wrapped up the match.

MAIN EVENT- MVW Tag Title #1 Contender’s Match ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas defeat The Korver Sisters (Korey and Kelly)
-the Korvers are unarguably the best technical tag team MVW offers. But, Tess and Haley have clicked real nicely as a tag team. They picked up a ton of momentum after they appeared on High Octane Wrestling’s Monday Night Mayhem show and have suddenly placed themselves in a position to win a title shot against Angels of Death.

The match began with a lot of chain wrestling and reversals. The Korvers had a game plan to try and isolate either Tess or Haley early on and wear one of them down. Haley landed a couple big shots early on and tagged Tess in. Again, the match swung back and forth until the Kentucky Deerhunters (Kellyanne Morris/Bailey Foster) walked down to the ring looking for payback from the team that eliminated them the night before.

Morris got on the ring apron and started shouting at Tess. Dallas came over and pushed Morris. Foster shoved Dallas off the ring apron and both Morris and Foster started stomping away at her. This brought out Angels of Death (Angel Scott/Angel Casey) and they began to brawl with Morris and Foster. The Korvers took advantage of the referee’s attention being diverted to the outside by doubleteaming Tess. They flung her into the corner- which fortunately for the Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl just happened to be her corner. Tess grabbed the Oversized Pizza Box of Doom (road sign inside an extra large pizza box) and as Korey came flying in for a big splash, Tess nailed her in the face with the box.

Kelly Korver started screaming at the referee. The referee then turned back around and by then Tess had ditched the box and hooked Korey’s leg…1…2…3.

Post match, the Korvers then went after the Kentucky Deerhunters and joined the AoD in four versus two beatdown until MVW Security finally arrived to separate the three teams.

Romanov and Briscoe came back to the ring and announced the MVWA 63 card for next week:

Grudge Match:
Hollywood Starlet Miley Vyrus with Hollywood SuperAgent Brock Ray vs. ‘By the Book’ Tiana Walker

MVW Tag Team Title Match:
Angels of Death © vs. ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas

MVW Title #1 Contender’s Match:
‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan vs. Jill Berg


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