MVW House Show- St. Joseph, MO

MVW House Show
St. Joseph, MO
Wednesday July 15th, 2015

It’s getting down to crunch time with MVWA 63 less than ten days away as Missouri Valley Wrestling traveled to St. Joseph, Missouri for a big house show. The night would see two huge tag team matches to set up a pivotal Saturday night #1 contender’s match in Branson, MO and the main event would feature Heartland Champion Sheline Carrigan as she once again puts her title on the line.

Match results:

Airline Amie defeated Kirsten Canfield
-Airline Amie gained a measure of payback on the Wichita State intern following Canfield’s victory over her over the weekend. Last night, it was all Airline Amie who, like the name suggests, put on an aerial show for the folks in St. Joseph and won on a spectacular Sunset Flip from the top rope.

The Pinups (Sabrina James/Alicia Rowe) defeat Divorcees with Dangerous Intent (Stacey Martin/Betsy Parker)
-James and Rowe make their return to MVW after a brief hiatus and pick up the win over the DDI.

The Beach Girls (Michelle Love/Brianna Wilson) defeat Maxie Perry and Cheryl Parkman
-Brianna Wilson returned to the fold after a medical issue and once again the Beach Girls caught the wave all the way to victory.

Jill Berg defeated Regina McGill
-In the night’s most intriguing matchup, Berg faced off against the sister of her biggest nemesis, Dawn McGill. Unlike the previous three matches, Berg did not finish the match in less than a minute. Regina came out determined to show her that she was not going to be overawed by Berg or JBE’s presence at ringside. In the end, Berg finally caught McGill with a spinning heel kick and quickly wrapped it up from there.

Now, Jill will wait to see who she will meet Friday night as the process to determine the #1 contender to the MVW title.

The new Missouri Valley Wrestling champion Lady Halitosis comes out and thanks the crowd and all the MVW fans for their support over the past couple weeks. She says she’s having the time of her life and nothing will ever top winning the belt at MVWA 62.

Then the Green World Order come trooping out. Peta from PETA, Code Pink, and Soccer Mom along with New Age Sensitive Guy, ‘Extreme Vegan’ Brock Cole Lee, GreenPete, and PeaceNick. Both Peta and Brock Cole Lee criticize the champion for her ‘poor’ food choices and perhaps if she ate a more humane and politically correct diet she wouldn’t ‘waddle’ around the ring.

But that’s not all…acting CEO Kathryn Randall Collins strolls out with the rest of the colleagues from Jill Berg Enterprises (Tag Champions Angels of Death, Hallie Burton, and former host of ‘So You Want to Score with a Skanky Reality Show Host’ Mia Margarita). KRC taunts Lady Halitosis going ‘tick, tock tick, tock’ and telling her that her title reign is coming to an end soon…very soon.

Peta from PETA and Lee demand to know why JBE is out taking their time. KRC retorts that the GWO is actually using their time. Lady Halitosis just watches off to the side as both sides get more and more heated. The GWO: “Our time!” JBE: “Our time!” Elmer Fudd; “Wabbit Season!” Bugs Bunny: “Duck Season!” Daffy Duck: Rabbit Season. Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Season. Daffy Duck: Duck season! *KABOOM* Code Pink fires a Glitter Bomb into KRC’s eyes and instantly sets off a melee. Brock Cole Lee and GreenPete toss Mia Margarita and Hallie Burton out of the ring and start brawling with Angel Scott and Angel Casey. With KRC incapacitated it’s a seven on two mismatch. Then…


Jill Berg races past her bodyguards and slides into the ring. Spinning heel kick to GreenPete. Pele kick sends him reeling out of the ring. Lee swings at Berg. She ducks and sweeps his legs out. Then Berg drops a knee to the groin. Spinning heel kick back to Lee finishes him. PeaceNick ducks out of the ring. Casey and Scott Angel Death Drop Soccer Mom. Casey and Scott Angel Death Drop Code Pink.

Lady Halitosis grabs Peta from PETA and unloads a lethal dose of bad breath to her. Peta wilts and collapses to the mat. Then the MVW champion rolls out of the ring as security runs down to clear the ring.

The Korver Sisters (Kelly and Korey) defeat The O’Neders (Anita and Rita)
-The O’Neders brought their ‘A’ game to the ring and the result was a classic momentum swinging, back and forth, tooth and nail fight to the end. The Korvers relied on their technical advantage while the O’Neders tried to make it a pier six brawl.

The O’Neders went for broke and tried to end the match with ‘That Thing They Do’ to Korey but Kelly at the last possible second pulled her out of harm’s way and Anita ran into her sister. Kelly then systematically dissected Rita and one Korver Krusher later clinched the win for the Korver Sisters.

‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin/’Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas defeat The Kentucky Deerhunters (Kellyanne Morris/Bailey Foster)
-If the first match had a little contentiousness to it, this match headed straight into pugnacious. Tess cleared the ring early on with her oversized Pizza Box of Doom. Dallas threatened to Texas Lariat everything in her path. Morris and Foster mistook the match for a barroom brawl.

The match spent more time outside the ring than inside. Then the game turning moment arrived. MVW Tag Champions Angels of Death, the Deerhunter’s sworn arch-enemies, slid down to the ring and wiped out Morris while the referee was distracted.

Tess hit the Pizza Cutter on Foster and Dallas hooked the legs for the pin.

Saturday night, it’s The Korver Sisters against ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas for a shot at the MVW Tag Team Title.

‘By the Book’ Tiana Walker arrived to the ring first for her big match wanting to make sure the referee knew the rules to the Heartland title match. Referee Davey Keels tried to wave her away.

MAIN EVENT- Heartland Title Match: ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan © defeated ‘By the Book’ Tiana Walker
-Walker actually focused on wrestling early on instead of the rules and had a nice to and fro going on with Carrigan. But then, Walker tried to brain the Heartland champion with her rulebook and Carrigan got serious. The Canadian Cyborg premiered a new weapon to her arsenal- the suplex, and Walker learned what it felt to take mulitple suplexes in a short time period.

Carrigan delivered the fatal move with the Canadian Destroyer to finish off Walker and she would retain the Heartland title.

Now, on to Friday night in Rolla, Missouri. We know the following wrestlers will be involved in a tournament to determine the #1 contender to the MVW Title: Jill Berg, ‘Canadian Cyborg’ Sheline Carrigan, Carrieanne McDermott, ‘Trailer Park Queen’ Lani Harlot. But they will not their opponents until Friday night.

TV Champion Kathryn Randall Collins faces Hollywood Starlet Miley Vyrus in a Television Title match as well.

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